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The Constant Wife #2020

The Constant Wife There is something Constance Middleton s friends are dying to psst her husband is having an affair with her best friend Despite their hints Constance remains ever cool and seemingly oblivious Or is

  • Title: The Constant Wife
  • Author: W. Somerset Maugham
  • ISBN: 9780573010774
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Constant Wife By W. Somerset Maugham, There is something Constance Middleton s friends are dying to psst her husband is having an affair with her best friend Despite their hints, Constance remains ever cool, and seemingly oblivious Or is she In this comedy of unfaithful manners, Constance a not desperate housewife has surprising ideas of her own about extra marital activity.

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    1 thought on “The Constant Wife

    1. Oh, how amazing indeed was this play I loved it to death It is a play in three acts, where it is discussed between a mother and daughter that their son brother in law, John Middleton, is having an affair, with his wife Constance s best friend, Mary Louise Durham They are on the verge of divulging this to her, yet she non nonchalantly dismisses every attempt, apparently leading her no where closer to the truth However, in the following act, the temptress own husband discovers the personal effect [...]

    2. I knew about W Somerset Maugham s serious novels The Razor s Edge, The Painted Veil, The Moon and Sixpence, and Of Human Bondage but I didn t know he d written any humorous pieces nor that he had penned so many plays The Constant Wife reminds me of No l Coward s plays, particularly Blithe Spirit with its surprise ending In Maugham s play, a woman with the symbolically bourgeois name of Constance Middleton appears unwitting of her husband s flagrant affair with Constance s best friend, Marie Loui [...]

    3. Ahhh me There really is nothing like a good dose of intelligence and sheer wit Especially concerning a well crafted revenge served cold Simply delicious Constance is the model of all that I admire in a woman manipulating her vulnerable position in society to its fullest free state, not to mention keeping every inch of her dignity the entire way through John was finished from the beginning, and only knows at the very end just how deeply he s trapped in the web he himself began And Marie Louise Ha [...]

    4. A copy of this play was shelved in the incorrect section at my local library, where I stumbled upon it and realized I ve never read any of Mr Maugham s work I decided the universe was telling me to rectify this literary omission I know nothing about the man, but I do know I really like this play It s a 1920s comedy of manners with an unexpected dash of feminism and misogyny I finished it not knowing if I should be cheering or appalled The play opens with friends and family of Constance Middleton [...]

    5. Listened to an LA Theater Productions recording of this play and it was WONDERFUL Great writing, fun, light story and great audio cast.

    6. I could never understand how literary critics assign tags to pieces of literature This seems to me as obscure as wine label descriptions notes of cassis with hints of vanilla oak Often one can see some resemblance, but leaves the tasting room with a feeling that two dozen other notes and hints would fit just as well For instance, I could never understand what literature gets to be tagged as feminist The correspondent page lists such works as Pygmalion some feminism female fulfillment through mar [...]

    7. Loved listening to this play on audio A very realistic experience of being inside the theater The play is good and funny.

    8. I was unsure whether I had read this play before or not somehow I kept getting it mixed up with Lady Windermere s Fan I also thought he was the author of Tales of the City this confusion has an explanation they sit right next to each other on the bookstore shelf.I enjoy the witty word play and the strong female characters The titular character s view of marriage is a tad to harsh for me to accept in whole, but she makes plenty of valid points There are a few clumsy plot points, but on the whole [...]

    9. A couple of Maugham s novels are among my favorites There is a focus on a unconventional approach to life that I really like along with what I consider his excellent use of language.I like the language of the play and particularly enjoyed the first act, but then it almost seems to rely entirely on the unconventionality of Constance s approach to marriage, which I get early on and think is great, but it is not unconventional enough for me in the 21st century to to carry the whole play.

    10. Written in 1926, this play is still engaging with clever word plays and dialogue The dramatized audio version, which features Kate Burton Richard Burton s daughter as one of the main players, includes cleverly timed exchanges, timeless questions to ponder about marriage, and a twist at the end Highly entertaining

    11. The Constant Wife was an enjoyable story and was performed quite well by Kate Burton, Rosalind Ayres, and John de Lancie I thought it was an insightful examination on the limitations that women had in marriage during that period But, it was also quite funny and I did relish Constance s benign yet devilish manipulations.

    12. This lovely two hour comedy reminded me of Oscar Wild s style I laughed and found it rather enjoyable The story begins by stating that everyone knows Constance s husband is having an affair but her What she knows will surprise you, her unique views on infidelity will entertain you, and maybe even prove a fun topic for discussion The end result is rather delightful Enjoy

    13. Gate Theatre Tara Blaise as Constance, Susan FitzGerald in the role of Mrs Culver and Stephen Brennan as Bernard The stellar cast also included Simon Coates, Michael James Ford, Laurence Foster, Caitr ona N Mhurch , Judith Roddy, Jade Yourell.

    14. Very entertaining, I imagine this is how Oscar Wilde s writing would have ended up sounding had he lived another thirty years A little less refined than Wilde but a little contemporary in humor, obviously.

    15. Recorded as a theater production Very witty Upper class period piece Takes pointed jabs at philandering husbands through the personage of The Constant Wife appropriately named Constance Enjoyed listening to this as theater.

    16. Listened to the audiobook The concept must have been radical when written but not outstanding in the modern era.

    17. The audiobook version was entertaining I recommend it for those looking for a lighthearted book I cleaned the house while listening to it.

    18. I thoroughly enjoyed the witty and clever play It makes me wish that Maugham was still alive writing for us.

    19. This story is in the style of Oscar Wilde, intelligent and witty A very quick read with lots of laughs I listened to it as a play on two CD s and found it most pleasurable.

    20. Constance is a savvy lady Some of the lines in this play were perfectly timed, and I would have loved to have seen them delivered Smart.

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