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The War Between the Tates: A Novel #2020

The War Between the Tates A Novel The first shots are fired when Erica discovers that her husband is sleeping with a blond student named Wendy Brian tries to make peace by announcing that he is breaking off the affair and his wife pr

  • Title: The War Between the Tates: A Novel
  • Author: Alison Lurie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The War Between the Tates: A Novel By Alison Lurie, The first shots are fired when Erica discovers that her husband is sleeping with a blond student named Wendy Brian tries to make peace by announcing that he is breaking off the affair, and his wife promises to forgive him, but both fail to observe the terms of the truce Erica frets and spies Brian not only takes up with Wendy again, but makes her pregnant and the war bThe first shots are fired when Erica discovers that her husband is sleeping with a blond student named Wendy Brian tries to make peace by announcing that he is breaking off the affair, and his wife promises to forgive him, but both fail to observe the terms of the truce Erica frets and spies Brian not only takes up with Wendy again, but makes her pregnant and the war between the Tates is joined.

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      467 Alison Lurie
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    1 thought on “The War Between the Tates: A Novel

    1. Lurie is a wonderfully good writer in the sense that she is a precise stylist and also very intelligent The omniscient third person point of view is her typical narrative positioning, and it suits her well there is something rather God like all knowing, but detached about the way she observes and depicts the flawed mortals who are her characters.This is one of her best known books Set in the fictional university town of Corinth New England, not quite Ivy League , it depicts the breakdown of a tr [...]

    2. My favorite type of book A campus novel, written in the early 1970 s and set in 1969 The protagonists are a couple in their 40 s watching as as a rapidly changing world comes literally to their doorstep in the form a new subdivision being built right at the edge of their vintage farmhouse But things get worse as the husband has an affair with a hippie student, and the war is on This is a wonderful time capsule of that turbulent times anti war protests, astrologers, an uneasy foray into abortion [...]

    3. Published in 1974, the story is definitely a period piece It s entertaining, although none of the characters is particularly likable and I didn t find it as hilarious as reviewers seemed to It was pleasant and kept me reasonably interested.

    4. I picked this up at Goodwill remembering reading Alison Lurie many years ago, plus it was a first edition and I always like having those no matter the value A good read Much of it is very dated now but I have to say I enjoyed that part about it too.

    5. Really just couldn t get on with this at this time Had absolutely no pull to continue reading The characters are unlikable which isn t normally a bad thing for me and it simply didn t seem to be going anywhere Wrong book wrong time for this one I feel.

    6. As a fan of humorous novels about academia, I ve wanted to read this novel for a while It was written in 1974 and the action takes place in a loosely disguised Ithica, New York in 1969 when people are attending rap sessions and beginning to talk about the oppression of women Some of it, particularly the language, feels very quaint Could there really have been a time when a Krishna Bookshop would upset people But some of it is timeless Conflicts in gender roles are hardly dated or quaint they are [...]

    7. In the tradition of Great American Novels i.e failing marriages in the burbs , Lurie s story is a sniggering yet fair minded dispatch from the front lines of a household in the throws of an adultery spurred civil war Although written and set in the social upheaval of the early 70s, the novel s attention to emotional and social nuance makes for a universal account of relationship tensions, foibles, and redemption between cuckold and mistress, between parents and children, and between husband and [...]

    8. Not the best Alison Lurie book I ve ever read, but still entertaining Although I am not sure if it s a good thing that I didn t realize I d read this before until I got to page 281 And I am also not sure what it says about me that these are the lines that triggered my memory Brian hugs her back but he cannot help noting the physical contrast, and wondering why, for the second time in his life, he has become involved with a relatively flat chested woman It is not as if he preferred small breasts [...]

    9. This novel jumps out of the gate like gangbusters, with crackling narrative, incisive wit, and hilarious descriptions that echo Lucky Jim or Pnin However, the plot bogs down about two thirds the way through and, while showing signs of life towards the end, eventually sputters to a close, a la TS Eliot, not with a bang, but with a whimper It is a shame, for Ms Lurie s observations throughout are spot on, but that is the risk one takes when neither of the Tates are particularly likeable.

    10. Although I believe there is still a great deal of inequality in the world, I am very happy to live now, and never so than when I read books like this one Alison Lurie describes a stultifying pre feminist world, with a lead character who has subsumed herself completely in her children, her home and her husband When she realises her kids no longer need or even like her, and her husband is having an affair, she is forced to confront the hollowness of her domestic fantasy.

    11. Written in 1974, this book feels a little dated now It is however easy to forget the attitudes to and prejudices against women that existed in the 60s I found it hard to get into the cerebral style, but once I did, was greatly in awe of the author s insight into the different thought processes of male and female regarding adultery and relationship breakdown

    12. An immensely entertaining story of a marriage falling apart, set in academia during the late 1960s, when the Vietnam War was the big national issue and all the standard cultural rules seemed up for grabs Alison Lurie manages to be wickedly truthful but still compassionate toward her characters I thought this was one of her best books, and deserves to be a classic.

    13. This was an engaging bit on the battle of the sexes, set at the dawn of the women s movement and taking full advantage of that era s quirks Beautifully written, but the men were a tad one dimensional or perhaps that was the point Enjoyable, preposterous fluff.

    14. Tedious and unpleasant I could not get through it Maybe it is dated I liked another book of Lurie s, Foreign Affairs.

    15. Read this book many years ago, seem to remember it started out amusing but got increasingly depressing and desperate.

    16. Familiar with Alison Lurie s well known novel brilliant by the way Family Affairs , I was similarly pleased with The War Between the Tates though it lacks something the former seems to have Literary contraception is the first phrase to come to mind thinking of this book Do not have children, so for the risk of them developing into insufferable teenagers The children, actually my mistake The Children are deplorable Lurie is unsympathetic and very funny Though they had considered themselves agnos [...]

    17. TATE CONTRA TATEErica i Brian Tate sunt un cuplu academic aparent fericit i de succes au o cariera solida si doi copii adolescenti Cel pu in, Brian Tate are succes el este titularul catedrei de stiinte politice la Universitatea Corinth din New York Pe m sur ce ajunge la v rsta de 40 de ani, ncepe s sufere o criz de mijloc si este atras, n special, de frumoasa t n r student Jenny Tes tura confortabil a vie ii Tates ncepe s se destrame treptat.Pe fondul destramarii vietii familiei Tate este descri [...]

    18. I came across this book because it was recommended on BBC Radio4 s A Good Read, and I ve found many a good book from listening to that programme This book, I m afraid, is very dated, and very much of its time, although it is a good snapshot of that time It isn t funny, and yet it is supposed to be There is no doubt that Alison Lurie is a good writer she must have taken acid, because her description of a trip is the best that I ve ever read , but this book is not for me

    19. Guilty pleasure paradise a cheap, bitchy novel that trashes the hippies, bashes the teenagers, and worships the long suffering housewives of the world I was rooting for Wendy all the way

    20. Very enjoyable I like her less than pat endings, the sense of irony Reminds me of David Lodge, but with a fully developed female characters.

    21. The book starts off with an enigmatic Jorge Luis Borges quote right then the reader is thrown instantly into a domestic drama a mother, Erica, is left alone with her rude, coarse, selfish, insolent, nasty, brutish and tall children at breakfast Ok, this frigid and snobby U.S housewife doesn t like her teenage children fair enough, but soon things get worse when Erica finds out her college professor husband has a young and pretty stupid student, Wendy Erica burns cookies while reading a letter fr [...]

    22. Entertaining and insightful, but not as good as the first two books that I read by Lurie Foreign Affairs and Truth Consequences , both of which were written after this one I would describe them as pitch perfect , but this one is a bit off key if you will Lurie is clearly finding her voice in The War and she hits a few false notes with her prose It s just a bit forced and doesn t flow nearly as easily as the latter two works That said, it s still a well written, witty, and ever interesting read.

    23. Satisfying satire of academia in the late 1960s I also really enjoyed the character of Wendy and what she represents in the conflict between the sexes The scenes between Zed, the Zen bookshop owner, and Erica Tate are also incredibly humorous.

    24. A bit dated but still a good readimordial chick lit from the early 70s, set in the late 60s I can personally relate to much of what goes on in this book Also reminiscent of The Women s Room, but not as deep.

    25. I was wild about this story of a married professor who falls for one of his students It was later made into a film.

    26. Hilarious Plus it s fun to read about a university that is so obviously Cornell The vet school professor is particularly funny.

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