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An Alpha's Kiss #2020

An Alpha s Kiss Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B GIWXQZA When Charmaine Vella rescues her friend Scottie from bullies of the Kreuger pack at a party hosted by the rival pack she had ex

  • Title: An Alpha's Kiss
  • Author: EvelynGlass
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An Alpha's Kiss By EvelynGlass, Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00GIWXQZA.When Charmaine Vella rescues her friend Scottie from bullies of the Kreuger pack at a party hosted by the rival pack, she had expected nothing else to come of it She certainly didn t expect Parker, the son of the Kreuger Alpha to come looking for her She certainly didn t expect him to be handsome.Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00GIWXQZA.When Charmaine Vella rescues her friend Scottie from bullies of the Kreuger pack at a party hosted by the rival pack, she had expected nothing else to come of it She certainly didn t expect Parker, the son of the Kreuger Alpha to come looking for her She certainly didn t expect him to be handsome And she most certainly didn t expect her own desire to burn so fiercely when Parker came closer.But there was a problem the Vella and Kreuger packs hate each other and have hated each other for centuries.An unexpected kiss will propel Charmaine and Parker down a grim fated path Can they keep their love a secret from their respective families and can they bear the consequences if it s discovered

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    1. Those who would enjoy a lot of shifter sex without much plot may enjoy An Alpha s Kiss I found myself skimming through the explicit scenes in search of plot Evelyn Glass world building has some unique attributes Her wolf shifters do not have an extended lifespan They suffer from human disease and do not have increased or accelerated healing ability Mating seems to be by mutual decision, and there is no mention of a claiming bite They do, however, have what other series would call true mates mate [...]

    2. Charmaine is only twenty she s not ready to be mated for the rest of her life and granted she hasn t done a lot of dating When her best friend Scottie is attacked at a party hosted by a rival pack she at last has an encounter with the stranger she s been dreaming about The stranger who makes her toes curl, but he s from the rival pack so neither family will go for it Instead of following the rules she takes the risk falling for Parker hard sealing their fate What will happen when the secret gets [...]

    3. This book was a really good read.It was steamy, sexy and very hot.I enjoy the plot and the characters were amazing.Now I m going to read the next in the series.

    4. Obviously this is an erotica, and I got it for free from Anyone who had got this paranormal erotica book thinking it s going to have phenomenal writing needs to rethink their expectations I did not get this book for the amazing, thought provoking story and fantastic writing I knew a free, short, erotic story would not be these things I did however enjoy this story a great deal and it lived up to my expectations I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to read a quick hot and steamy [...]

    5. Never have read anything by this author before I did enjoy the action packed plot which made this a quick page turner I ve always loved PNR, especially shape shifters so this one I would recommend on those reasons.

    6. Sometimes I have to remind myself not to expect too much from erotic books If you don t expect too much beyond the sex then you won t be disappointed with Untamed The plot was basic, the characters bland and the ending rushed.But the sex was hot.

    7. Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge A book with non human characters I do love wolf shifter romances so went for a kindle freebie Found it a fun short read to get into on a sunny afternoon in the garden Good news is that it doesn t really finish on a cliff hanger but like a chapter break to what might happen next.Charmaine has done everything her father has asked of her Works every hour she can for the family business with the hopes of being included with pack business He [...]

    8. It s ok book Not one of my favorites by any means but not horrible I m not sure if I m going to read the rest of the series or not yet This first book didn t really captivate me and I wasn t left with the feelings that I have to know how the story ends Parker Kreuger and Charmaine Vella are both Lycan s but from different packs Their packs have been enemies for centuries but as fate would have it they are mates They first come in contact at the hospital that Charmaine brought her friend Scotty t [...]

    9. Charmaine Vella is the alpha s daughter She has been told her whole life that she will find her mate but she s only twenty and what she wants is the wolf she dreams about Oh boy that first sentence wait I can t copy from Kobo goddammit muted the sounds of the tiny downtown nestled at its center What Downtown is part of a larger town or often a city You can t have a downtown off by itself And its unlikely to be nestling in a valley.I recently updated my PC to windows10 and now I can use the Kobo [...]

    10. First, page numbers misleading Got it on my Nook and it was only 56 pages, not 110 That being said, it was a sweet story This story is like reading Romeo and Juliet but with shifters Which isn t necessarily a bad thing There are thousands of books out there following that train of thought Hell, Romeo and Juliet is one of my favorites by Shakespeare So I was not at all turned off by this I was however turned off by a few other points The characters young and at times it is glaringly obvious in th [...]

    11. I liked this book, but everything seemed to move a little too quickly for me Charmaine never wanted a mate she didn t even be leave in them then all of the sudden she meets Parker and everything goes down hill and rather quickly She leaves her best friend who has just been beaten up to run off with her mate something she I again repeat didn t even believe in they sleep together and you know sparks and the whole nine She doesn t tell anyone she had a mate till her best friend asked to marry her, [...]

    12. A good rainy day read I love a good romance with a hint of paranormal Parker was great His mate Charmaine, well really, what can you expect She s young I guess but loyalty to your mate would be a nice quality She doesn t seem to have that Since they are supposed to be somehow fated to be mates, and then their culture is supposed to be geared to be ga ga crazy over it How come nobody accepted it I get the whole Romeo , Juliet concept but geez being mates should have been accepted than it was If [...]

    13. I can get on board with a little PWP on occasion, but this was beyond flimsy in terms of any excuse for a plot The elements are there for something interesting Romeo and Juliet with werewolves , but all of that gets bypassed in favor of sex Which is fine, but it s not a story A story needs conflict, it has to make you care about the characters, particularly if we re supposed to watch them f cking I found myself skimming the erotica the entire point of the book in the interest of seeing if anythi [...]

    14. As far as shifter stories go, this was OK I haven t read many paranormal romances lately that have made me want to stay up all night reading them, except J.R Ward s BTB series I find a lot of PNR are predictable, but I honestly have a special place in my heart for them because they are what brought me back to my love of reading I liked the idea of true mates in this book, because it made the insta love believable The characters were likable and their chemistry was good This book did need some p [...]

    15. An Alpha s Kiss by Evelyn GlassRead April 25, 2015April 28, 2015When I found this book for free on the Google play store, I hoped I found a Harlequin love novel, which I quite enjoy together with my mom Boy was I wrong This book had a lot of potential for a good story plot, but alas, this book contained sex scenes than a well written story The language bothered me, it reminded me of porn stories which it probably was It was a simple read and I could ve bought the second part in hope for of a s [...]

    16. 3.5 out of 5 stars Two enemies find themselves in unusual territory when they learn they are each other s mates, now they ll have to fend off both their packs, friends, and family s until everything settles with hopes that everything will work out for the bestI really liked the premise of this novella Read of this review and two teasers here frommetoyouvideophoto 2013 11 made grade untamed alphas kiss byml

    17. Pretty Good Shifter RomanceThis is a short read, so it s got that insta love factor The way it happened didn t bother me, but if that s not your thing, be warned This is basically the shifter equivalent of Romeo and Juliet, and it s a good story The characters aren t complex, but they aren t frustratingly simple either The romance sex is decently hot, and it fits in the story without it being too little or too much While I m somewhat intrigued with the story, I m not sure if I ll read the second [...]

    18. Too young for meGah The book is probably not that bad, but the characters are so young and immature that I couldn t finish it If you like these young adult novels and can relate to that age group, then you ll probably like this book If you re a grumpy old adult like me who wants to read about characters that don t careen from dramatic overreaction to hormonal explosion, then I would recommend something else.

    19. Intense drama, smoking hot loveThe plot for this book is so absorbing Charmaine is a likeable, believable character and when she meets her mate, her whole lives feel gets twisted Her best friend is a jerk, her brother is a misogynist jerk and her parents treat her like a baby But when she decides to make a change, boy, did this story get good I enjoyed reading about Parker and Charmaine and will continue on to the next book too

    20. This book is a free download which I love It was really good but short Unfortunately it will be the only one I read since the next two are just as short but cost 2.99 each I feel like that s not worth it for it only taking an hour to read I would probably not even recommend it for that reason Hopefully it will go on sale one day soon and I can get it then.

    21. Enjoyed this story and will continue to read the rest of the series Easiest way to summarise it is to call it a modern twist on Romeo and Juliet except set in the supernatural world of werewolves However this is a series and a modern romance so I am not anticipating a double suicide at it s conclusion.

    22. Really enjoyed this book, and the whole forbidden relationship thing I like how Charmaine is determined and has such a strong drive to her The characters are all developed well and can t wait to read about them, and see how Parker and Charmaine s relationship goes I definitely recommend this book Can t wait to read book 2

    23. An Alpha s Kiss Another teen geared erotica that shouldn t be written for teens to begin with I couldn t get into the story and the characters weren t working for me Needs a lot of editing and a lot of work It has the beginnings of a good idea but not much else Another book for my DNF pile.

    24. Romeo and Juliet of the supernatural worldCharlemagne and Parker are fated mates All should be right with the world Right Wrong Their packs hate each other for years and the treaty between them is rocky In order to be together Charm and Parker have to work on keeping the peace between the packs or all hell is gonna break loose.

    25. ok lets see if it really is a trilogy.Charmine is the overly protected daughter of the Valle pack When she has an argument with her dad she decides to go to a forbidden rival packs partywith Scottie her bff he gets drunk into a fight at the hospital the rival packs son, Parker, shows up to assess its instant mate connection, But its forbidden to mix with other packs

    26. SteamyTypical werewolf story Girl and boy fall in love but can t have each other What are they going to do It is a good story though Only draw back for me is too much sex in the middle of the book Like okay sex scene and then two pages later another sex scene and three pages later ANOTHER sex scene and so forth and so forth But again, not a bad book.

    27. Parker and Charmaine found out they were mates, when Scottie got hurt and had to the ER Their love went off the charts, and Parker s parents knew they were mates from the beginning And accepted Charmaine as part of the family And Parker s father knew Charmaine was having a son before she even knew.

    28. Captured I really liked this intro story I could incision the characters and really want to see where the story takes them Packers hot and he and Charmaine are a cute, steamy couple looking forward to the rest of the story, love werewolf alpha tales

    29. A predictable read I mainly read it because I figured there would be some hot sex scenes, and there were It was fast paced but you know how it will end Just like paranormal erotic novellas But the characters were solid.

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