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The Sleeping Warrior #2020

The Sleeping Warrior LONDON solicitor Libby Butler s life is in a mess Her affair with her boss is going nowhere as is her position in a city law firm A narrow escape from the knife of south London s elusive serial murder

  • Title: The Sleeping Warrior
  • Author: Sara Bain
  • ISBN: 9781910692363
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Sleeping Warrior By Sara Bain, LONDON solicitor Libby Butler s life is in a mess Her affair with her boss is going nowhere as is her position in a city law firm A narrow escape from the knife of south London s elusive serial murderer, The Vampire Killer, has challenged her outward bravado and left her nerves in tatters.When duty calls Libby to a police station in the middle of the night, she meets theLONDON solicitor Libby Butler s life is in a mess Her affair with her boss is going nowhere as is her position in a city law firm A narrow escape from the knife of south London s elusive serial murderer, The Vampire Killer, has challenged her outward bravado and left her nerves in tatters.When duty calls Libby to a police station in the middle of the night, she meets the enigmatic Gabriel Radley Dressed like an ancient warrior, Gabriel has a habit of disappearing from police custody and danger appears to dog him.Gabriel is searching for a stone , its value beyond human imagination , that will help bring a monster to justice When Libby agrees to help him, she plunges her life into grave danger where no one is safe.A cult who call themselves The Awakened, a gangland thug and his henchman, a female assassin, a detective chief inspector from Scotland Yard, and even the serial killer, all become inadvertently embroiled in the chase for the stone and the pivotal force of Gabriel.As the death toll rises, Libby is forced to face herself, learn the true value of life and the potent significance of the Sleeping Warrior within.

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      264 Sara Bain
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    1. The Sleeping Warrior by Sara Bain had me reading well past my bedtime, I was so gripped by the thrilling storyline I still can t stop thinking about Gabriel Radley ah the enigmatic and mysterious Gabriel all that leather, dark eyes, taut muscles, telekinetic mind swoon and sighs what a character He s an ancient warrior from Vascara searching for a stone that has power beyond human imagination that will help bring a monster to justice The story is a very original idea, that is well written with f [...]

    2. What a freaking awesome book I started this last night and was up to 50% with my eyes closing and nearly falling out of my head, I was fighting sleep to finish it but alas, The Sandman got to me I woke this morning and didn t even have breakfast or coffee before I got stuck back into it again I loved the fact that I went in to this book with hardly any expectations of it and it turned out to be one of my favourite reads of the year 2014.Let me tell you why shall I LONDON solicitor Libby Butler s [...]

    3. This really is an intelligent, clever book And that s precisely the sort of sentence that could put off potential readers so let me qualify it I don t mean that it uses long, posh words or that its characters sit around sipping absinthe and talking about Plato No, the intelligence is that of the author, who s deliberately set out to follow a piece of advice one often hears write what you d like to read In one of her author interviews, she revealed that she s always read fantasy and so wanted her [...]

    4. Do we all have a sleeping warrior within ourselves Does it take one significant event to bring it out Libby is a London solicitor whose life is in turmoil When she just barely escapes from the clutches of The Vampire Killer, her life takes a turn that will lead her into a dark world she never thought could exist, as well as a man who is than he seems Gabriel is on the hunt for a stone, one that is beyond imagination in worth and this ancient warrior has Libby standing up and paying attention Is [...]

    5. When I travel, I enjoy dining at eateries that reflect the local flavor of the area I m visiting, and I tend to bypass major restaurant chains whenever possible I used to wonder why someone visiting small town, USA, for example, would choose to stop at a McDonald s over the one and only small town diner that you wouldn t find anywhere else McDonald s restaurants are practically everywhere and you can always eat there, so why pass up an opportunity to sample some local cuisine I now see that it s [...]

    6. When duty calls Libby to a police station in the middle of the night, she meets the enigmatic Gabriel Radley Dressed like an ancient warrior, Gabriel has a habit of disappearing from police custody and danger appears to dog him.Thoroughly enjoyed this you know in the kind of way that makes you remember the joy of your first of any type of novel I dived right in and found myself caught up in a strange and wonderful world sitting right next to reality Libby is such an engaging character and Gabrie [...]

    7. This book came highly recommended by a fellow bookworm I couldn t wait to read it so a huge thank you to Sara Bain for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review.As any of you that know me will be aware, my TBR list sits at about 4 years long so it takes a pretty interesting sounding read to push its way to the front of the queue This is what happened here What the blurb says LONDON solicitor Libby Butler s life is in a self inflicted mess Her affair with her boss is going nowhere as is [...]

    8. I know, you see three stars and you pause, should you read this My answer is yes The is a wonderfully written piece of supernatural fiction The characters have many flaws they must overcome in order to try and catch a killer Flaws of vanity, hypocrisy , moral values, just to name a few They are all brought together by a supernatural being who shows them how to get past their shortcomings Along the way, the discuss many moral and religious issues confronting society today These conversations are [...]

    9. The 1st novel by Sara Bain and what an excellent story, well written and a page turner.Having met the heroine Libby in Sara s 2nd novel The Ghost Tree, I was intrigued to find out where Libby had started her literary form I will say that at no point whilst reading this book did it feel like a 1st novel, the story ripped along with twists and turns keeping the suspense right up to the end.What I liked was that all the characters were well rounded, evil or otherwise Very clever tension scenes with [...]

    10. Sara Bain s debut novel for Ivy Moon press is an exciting compilation of modernity and fantasy Complex strands of theme and plot are woven together London lawyer, Libby Butler, is a sharp modern success, but beneath her fa ade lies a troubled soul She first encounters Gabriel Radley when called to a police station to defend him Is he a serial killer Is Libby on his hit list she s certainly on someone s At times the novel reminded me of a great river, like the , seen in aerial shots Progress is d [...]

    11. What a fabulous book A truly original story, one I couldn t put down A wonderful way to spend my Sunday evening Once I started reading I was hooked and would not be swayed until I had read the last page This book has everything a serial killer, a Russian assassin called Rose Red, an ancient warrior in Gabriel, mystery, intrigue and action all served with ladles of humour I absolutely adored Libby She is the funniest, bravest, most original heroine I have had the pleasure of getting to know in a [...]

    12. I really enjoyed reading this book The main character, Libby Butler, is very unique I liked that she s flawed, it brings much realistic trait to her Gabriel Radley is an interesting character also and I couldn t wait to find out about his mysterious life I m glad that it wasn t just a typical fantasy story, that it had a crime mystery compelling enough to keep me at the edge of my seat It was a very good debut novel and I m sure I ll read other works by Sara Bain Thnaks for sending me a free c [...]

    13. Woken up in the middle of the night, Libby Butler has no choice but to rush into work as the on duty solicitor and offer her services to a very strange man wearing battle attire With a killer on the loose appropriately named Dracula , a beautiful warrior searching for a powerful stone, and a cult rampaging about the city, she has no idea just how much her life is going to change from that night on, with herself in the centre of it all I received this book from the author in exchange for an hones [...]

    14. 4.5I generally thought this was an entertaining story with a number of interesting, seemingly independent threads that eventually wind together into a neat little package There were some interesting characters I particularly liked Libby, Gabriel, Rose and Lars as we re supposed to It was also interesting to see, what would otherwise be considered bad guys, fighting on the side of good That seems to be a sub theme is there such a thing of the book Actions alone aren t enough to judge the shade of [...]

    15. Libby, the duty solicitor, answers her phone one night and finds herself embroiled in a fight of good vs evil But she isnt too sure which side she needs to be on, and who else is on which side Searching for the stone that will help, the death toll rises, and Libby is forced to find herself, and face who she has become.Interesting, different, gripping but left soooooooooo open ended Sara Bain tells me, she meant to leave you with questions, since life doesnt always provide the answers, but but bu [...]

    16. Okay, so I ve just finished reading The Sleeping Warrior What an amazing debut Author Sara Bain writes in a beautifully captivating way, enticing the reader to turn page after page until the book is finished Just when you think you have the story line all figured out, the author takes you off in a different direction To start with, I connected with the gritty South London vibe Every place mentioned, I know well, which drew me in even The author s description is spot on, it really felt as if I w [...]

    17. Libby Butler was attacked by the serial killer the police are calling the Vampire Killer and it leaves the tough lawyer with shot nerves After that, it all seems to go downhill for her her boss and lover was seen with another, younger, employee and her new client just might get her killed.Gabriel Radley is enigmatic, accused to be the killer Scotland yard is looking for, but all be wants is to find this stone be has lost which, be claims, has unimaginable value.A cult is now after him and Libby [...]

    18. This book is just a really bad Law Order episode And I fucking hate Law Order Can t stand that stupid show This book does have some supernatural elements, but still, it s mostly procedural bullshit.The book starts like this some guy shows up at a police station in London, looking like a bum, smelling like a bum, and pretty much ruining everyone s day So, this lawyer chick comes to the rescue, at like 2 AM in the morning Who needs a lawyer at 2 AM Nobody does.The lawyer chick finds out that this [...]

    19. I was given this book by the author for the purposes of providing an honest review.It took me a couple of chapters to get into this book, however once I did I loved it There is a mix of Police procedural crime, with fantasy, a serial killer, a little romance and some cracking twists.I loved the fact that the novel had the classic Good v Evil conflict, but also took the main character on a personal journey of reform She along with most of the other main characters emerge at the end, significantly [...]

    20. The Sleeping Warrior tells the tale of Libby, an alcoholic 28 year old London lawyer who is suddenly catapulted into the criminal underworld after she meets the dark, handsome and mysterious Gabriel Radley Gabriel has no memory of who he is but it quickly becomes apparent that a lot of people want him dead Libby was a great protagonist and I hope she appears in a sequel Instead of being a clich of the typical female heroine, Libby is much rougher around the edges She drinks too much, has an ongo [...]

    21. I really enjoyed The Sleeping Warrior for its mix of crime and fantasy Libby is a feisty, solicitor, and well drawn character, who develops as the story unfolds She isn t immediately likeable but she is a flawed, interesting character, and one I warmed to as I read on Gabriel is an enigmatic, attractive character right from the off, and the connection between Libby and him is clear The mystery of what Gabriel might be helps to give the narrative impetus A particular highlight for me was the ques [...]

    22. I was sent a copy of this book by the publisher in return for an honest review.Libby Butler s life is in a bit of a mess Working as a solicitor in a prestigious London law firm her career appears to be at a standstill Her rather ill advised affair with her boss isn t really doing her any good either To top it all off Libby has a terrifying encounter in a park late at night with what is presumed to be the Vampire Killer, an evil knife wielding maniac She is lucky to escape but this incident obvio [...]

    23. ExcellentI read the second book before this, the first book but thankfully both are complete stories in their own right.I enjoyed book 2 but loved this one Libby is my kind of woman and I enjoyed her acerbic wit which makes you smile even when she s in danger.The story is well written, fast paced and very believable and entertaining It s a book that has you wondering what s happening while you re busy doing other things You can understand, like and or loath the characters, their reactions and ho [...]

    24. This book had me hooked from the very beginning I don t want to give away anything about the plot, I love the way the story is laid out, you are just given enough information about the plot and characters to keep you hooked but not enough to predict what is going to happen The book is superbly written and I cannot wait for her next novel.Libby is introduced to us as a chaotic character, whose life is a mess but there is something vulnerable about her that makes her extremely likeable and draws y [...]

    25. This is a great story of good versus evil in a modern world infused with fantastical touches Author Sara Bain weaves different genres and styles together nicely The book took a few good, unexpected turns I liked the complexity of varying characters driving the plot, but for me, the compelling centerpiece was the character Gabriel, and the ending left me wanting to know Who is this mysterious man

    26. The characters were well written, but I had trouble liking most of them Enjoyed the supernatural story but found nothing was ever really explained.

    27. Great bookA really good read with twists and turns I was not Disappointed Good characters Read this in a day Go on buy the book.

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