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Eucalyptus #2020

Eucalyptus Winner of the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best BookA New York Times Book Review Notable Book of the YearOn a property in New South Wales a widower named Holland lives with his daughter Ellen Over

  • Title: Eucalyptus
  • Author: Murray Bail
  • ISBN: 9780312427313
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eucalyptus By Murray Bail, Winner of the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best BookA New York Times Book Review Notable Book of the YearOn a property in New South Wales, a widower named Holland lives with his daughter, Ellen Over the years as she grows into a beautiful woman, Holland plants hundreds of different eucalyptus trees on his land, filling the landscape, making a virtual outdoor museum ofWinner of the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best BookA New York Times Book Review Notable Book of the YearOn a property in New South Wales, a widower named Holland lives with his daughter, Ellen Over the years as she grows into a beautiful woman, Holland plants hundreds of different eucalyptus trees on his land, filling the landscape, making a virtual outdoor museum of trees When Ellen is nineteen, Holland announces that she may only marry the man who can correctly name the species of each and every gum tree on his property A strange contest begins, and Ellen is left unmoved by her suitors until she chances on a strange young man resting under the Coolibah tree whose stories will amaze and dazzle her A modern fairy tale, and an unforgettable love story, that bristles with spiky truths and unexpected wisdom about art, feminine beauty, landscape, and language Eucalyptus affirms the seductive power of storytelling itself.

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      131 Murray Bail
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    1 thought on “Eucalyptus

    1. I found this to be an enjoyable modern day fairy tale written in a rather unusual way The prose is outstandingly beautiful and needs to be read slowly and carefully but at the same time the central story demands the reader s attention and there is an urgency to get to the end and find out what happens Then the author introduces a character who tells stories These are necessary to the overall story but at the same time I was a little annoyed at having to take constant diversions But then there wa [...]

    2. There go those blurbs again, tricking me into thinking that I could actually enjoy the book Best courtship story , it said New York Times Notable Book of the Year , it said.Holland acquires a land, and then eventually becomes obsessed with planting eucalyptus trees in it His daughter, Ellen, grows up to be a beauty, and he decides he will let the man who can name all species of eucalypti in his land marry his daughter Dozens of suitors tried to no avail Until Ellen meets a mysterious man under a [...]

    3. After getting a hefty insurance cheque because he wagered his wife would have twins one is still born , Holland buys an almost treeless property in western New South Wales His wife has passed away he has only his little girl, Ellen He s no farmer He starts planting eucalyptus trees on the farm and it soon turns into a hobby, then an obsession Holland, son of a baker and a boiled lolly maker, becomes a leading expert in the field , and has managed to get a specimen of all the species, and got the [...]

    4. Nothing else, I guess Eucalyptus lives up to its title It s about a man whose wife dies while giving birth to their daughter The man collects the life insurance, moves to a small town in western New South Wales, and plants eucalypts lots of them Apparently there are over 200 specie of this plant Once his daughter is of a marriageable age he makes an Atalantan as in the golden apple race myth deal to marry her off to the first suitor who can name all the various eucalypts on his land That process [...]

    5. There s a very fairy tale like quality about this book that I liked a lot, and the very Australian flavor of the narration made it a highly unusual read for me as well I have some issues with the passivity of the heroine which isn t a terribly surprising thing given the heavy fairy tale flavor of the story , but found it a worthwhile read anyway.This novel s all about how a man named Holland in Australia has planted hundreds of species of eucalyptus trees on his ranch, and how he proclaims that [...]

    6. Jan 2015 I ve recently read this for the third time and relished the opportunity to slow down and enjoy Bail s language, and the slow and intricate windings of the multiple stories which make up this treasure of a book.The main narrative line is a clever and gentle adaptation of a traditional folk tale form transformed in its relocation to an isolated Australian farm The seemingly impossible quest set by a father for suitors of his daughter is to name all the Eucalyptus trees he has planted on h [...]

    7. Eucalyptus is a fairy tale and contains all the elements you would expect in a fairy tale, recast in a rural Australian setting there s mythical beauty, a princess trapped in her castle, suitors from distant lands and an enchanted forest Whether it s the Australian setting or Bail s cleverly created characters, the story comes across as wholly believable which in itself is magical.Each chapter is named after a species of eucalypt and includes a string of short, intricate and seemingly inconseque [...]

    8. This peculiar, unique book really appealed to me, and when I finished, I considered starting it all over again It s a physically short book I don t know how many words , but the mix of short anecdotes, little stories and botanical information that pop up unexpectedly actually don t interrupt the flow of the main story, they add depth I m never going to remember all the interesting bits I WILL have to read it again someday.Disclaimer I have lived among the eucalypts of NSW for most of my adult li [...]

    9. 2 hour trip to botanical gardens fun and interesting 200 page book about every eucalyptus known to man dreadful.woman allowing father to marry her off to stranger who wins an insufferable tree naming contest a fairy tale quaint modern society substantially irritating.

    10. A very nice read The story almost gets lost in the stories A book like Damascus Nights by Rafik Schami where the stories teach us about the character I enjoyed this a lot.

    11. This was a reread for me and I loved it just as much as I did some years ago when I first read it Funny and charming it is entrancing I can t recommend it highly enough.

    12. I was really surprised by this book.I had to read it for a book club, and I wasn t really holding any high hopes for it But it s beautiful The writing is incredible It s lyrical, it s magical, and I found myself highlighting so many passages and wishing I had written them.This book is distinctly Australian it talks about gum trees and eucalyptus trees in a breath taking way If you re looking for some distinctly Australian literature that has very evocative, rhythmic writing, this will be an awes [...]

    13. Keista knyga Ir traukia savo istorijomis, ir supainioja savo od iais, sakiniais, mintimis, kai negali j pagauti ir suprasti Viena vertus, istorija apie jaun mergin , jos t v , j pir lyb i k ir bandan ius j veikti vyrus, ta iau kartu ir istorija apie Australij , apie eukaliptus, ir dar daugyb s moni gyvenimo istorij atkarpos pabarstytos en ir ten pasakojim intarpais O alia viso to od i ir min i aismas, toks, kaip saul s zuikutis, lyg ir matai, bet negali pagauti Ir dar visame tame pintos detal s, [...]

    14. Several years ago, a good friend in Australia sent me a package of Bush Tea When I opened it, the pack contained a number of bags of black tea and a bunch of eucalyptus leaves The idea being to brew a pot of tea and add a leaf to the pot These were about 4 inch long skinny leaves I have no idea what type of eucalyptus they were from, but there sure were aromatic I loved the tea No one else in my house did, so I didn t have to share.Shortly after relating this story to my sister, so sent me a cop [...]

    15. I listened to this book I really enjoyed listening to it, but I don t think I would have kept up with it had I read it It did remind me of the beauty of the Eucalyptus and that I need a few up in the backyard The Corymbia Eucalyptus ficifolia is flowering around Wodonga at the moment I think I will have to plant a few.Years ago, I m talking 1989 so my memory is a little sketchy, I travelled a few countries with a couple of mates We spent 2 days in Rawalpindi, Pakistan I don t recall the polluti [...]

    16. Eucalyptus is the third novel by prize winning Australian author, Murray Bail A man called Holland comes into money and buys a property in NSW, west of Sydney The previous owners spent much time clearing paddocks On the curvaceous back paddocks great gums slowly bleached and curled against the curve as trimmings of fingernails Here and there bare straight trunks lay scattered and angled like a catastrophe of derailed carriages , but Holland soon changed that His young daughter, Ellen, came to li [...]

    17. I spent most of this book wishing I had someone there to explain it to me As it was, I think I got about a fourth of what the author was trying to say Bail doesn t ever just say something, first he tells a story or gives a detailed description of a specific eucalyptus tree, and expects you to extrapolate When he was telling stories they were odd a man who spends his life planting every kind of eucalyptus, a girl who is beautiful because she is covered in moles And like all of the stories within [...]

    18. A friend of mine recommended this book to me because she knows just how much I love stories within stories And I loved it It s a fable, or a fairy story, but in the real sense not airy fairy but psychologically accurate about the way we are which is, of course, the reason so called fairy tales have lasted down the ages And the fact that the young woman s suitor has to earn his right to ask for her hand by learning the names and attributes of one hundred different kinds of eucalyptus makes for an [...]

    19. The author obviously knows nothing of women I personally do not know of any women who stand around naked holding their breasts all the time I mean all the time And what is this fascination with peeing I mean really I did not like this book at all And by the end you would think that maybe the ending would even be a bit satisfying Nope

    20. This book was not an easy read In the beginning I did not appreciate the style jumping here and there and requiring an immense amount of concentration to follow the story But somehow it all came together in the middle, when the stories took over and were better woven into the main plot And thank you Murray Bail for the ending, anything else would have been a disappointment.

    21. This book is beautifully written However, I imagine that the aspects of this book that I found whimsical and charming may seem dull and arduous to those that are not biologist or lovers of the Australian landscape If you are neither of these, I invoke you to work past these to find an enchanting story I particularly loved the stories told within the main story.

    22. Normally fables are compelling because they have a sort of magic that rivets us In this case , soon enough too soon the magic runs out and what we thought it was an interesting premise to win the hand of a freckled beauty , the suitor has to name all the eucalypts planted in her father s property becomes a dull tale Such a pity I was really expecting something from this novel

    23. There were many lovely things about this book, and it certainly takes the reader to a place Australian outback very effectively However I found the female character to be tiresomely passive d a real drag on the plot, and so the three stars.

    24. A delightful story of stories built around a collection of eucalypti on a spread in NSW Part adult fairy tale but full of tales many of which get lopped at the tip For some reason a forward momentum prevails in the telling and the reader lurches into a series of truncated tales from the enigmatic story teller Wonderful images intertwine with the genus and species names of eucalypts as various visitors endeavor to identify the trees to acquire the hand of the lovely spotted daughter of the collec [...]

    25. Beautiful writing and cleverly orchestrated but I would actually only give it 2.5 stars Just didn t appreciate the bombardment of small little stories that seemed to go on for two thirds of the book, and the purposeful dragging things out, and I mean why did the lover wait so long to rescue her from her fate of marrying Mr Cave no explanation given for why he disappeared for so long towards the end And while the characters were interesting, the plot line was pretty annoying the arranged marriage [...]

    26. This book has won a number of literary awards, and I can see why the prose is interesting and beautiful and the story weaves together in a unique way, ending in a nice little twist But to be honest, I found it tough going which reduced my enjoyment hence only three stars

    27. This is one of my favorite books I ve read it several times and love the language and gentle story.

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