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What's It Like to Be Married to Me?: And Other Dangerous Questions #2020

What s It Like to Be Married to Me And Other Dangerous Questions Linda Dillow asks readers to think deeply about What is it like to be married to me Dillow understands that most women want to be faithful wives but don t know how to get there In her biblical and ent

  • Title: What's It Like to Be Married to Me?: And Other Dangerous Questions
  • Author: Linda Dillow
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What's It Like to Be Married to Me?: And Other Dangerous Questions By Linda Dillow, Linda Dillow asks readers to think deeply about What is it like to be married to me Dillow understands that most women want to be faithful wives but don t know how to get there In her biblical and entertaining style, she shares the best and worst things she ever did in her forty seven year marriage She also shares responses from her survey of five hundred wives about cLinda Dillow asks readers to think deeply about What is it like to be married to me Dillow understands that most women want to be faithful wives but don t know how to get there In her biblical and entertaining style, she shares the best and worst things she ever did in her forty seven year marriage She also shares responses from her survey of five hundred wives about choices they ve made in their relationships.A reflective Bible Study with life changing projects is included This is not a book about marriage it is a book about how to live out marriage, day by day and year by year Readers will come away with hope that they can be the wives they want to be, in a marriage filled with passion, intimacy, and joy

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    1 thought on “What's It Like to Be Married to Me?: And Other Dangerous Questions

    1. I enjoyed this book up to around the 60% mark It had really great advice and made me stop and think about a lot of the things I do and say in my marriage One story on forgiveness really stood out and really bothered me Perhaps, I am not capable of understanding the true meaning of forgiveness, but I would have a difficult time forgiving my husband for molesting our daughter, much less continuing our marriage and it being wonderful I know it took a lot of time and effort for this woman to reach t [...]

    2. I m not sure when I last finished a book cover to cover This amazing book, I didn t miss a single word As I read the final words of the last chapter I held back tears, sad that is was over I began reading this book when our third daughter was about a week old I needed to change for my husband, for my kids I had seen this book so many times in bookstores and just was NOT ready to ask these hard questions but with a newborn sleeping next to me, I was ready, I had to be ready We needed change I can [...]

    3. I think growing in maturity as a Christian requires a willingness to let God change you No one ever arrives as a Christian that won t happen till we see Jesus One area that women are reluctant to really let God change is our marriage We want things our way and we expect our man to do what we say when we say it I ve never heard a group of women criticize themselves for chores left undone or needs not met but boy will they criticize their husbands for it I decided to read this book because I know [...]

    4. I liked many things about this book I am impressed that Dillow is a true Titus 2 woman an older woman, married almost 50 years, and sharing the wisdom she has learned in life s experiences I think she is right on in many areas, and I liked the way she encouraged women to examine their part in a marriage rather than focusing on what they wish men would or would not do since we only have control over our own actions and responses I really appreciated many of her thought provoking questions, such a [...]

    5. On The FenceI loved the appreciation factor with this book and learning to love what you have Also thought some of the scripture references were enlightening On the other hand book seemed to place absolutely no responsibility on the husband side of the marriage So although I did enjoy the book and gained something from it I don t think it would be right for all situations.

    6. Really good and practical book on marriage, and specifically my part in my marriage I have read a lot of marriage books over the years and this is one of my favorites.

    7. I really liked the beginning of the book and I think the dangerous questions she encourages women to think about are very thought provoking and helpful in a nonabusive marriage, including my own I had planned to give this book a higher rating, but I, like others who have reviewed this book, had a lot of trouble with her radical examples of forgiveness in the forgiveness chapter While we serve a great God who is absolutely capable of redeeming any situation, I was very uncomfortable with the stor [...]

    8. I really like Dillow, she s optimistic and has a lot of consistent and applicable advice, but I had some problems with this book There was one story where a woman forgave and reconciled with her husband who SEXUALLY ABUSED THEIR DAUGHTER when she was a child teenager There seemed to be insinuations that the woman was at fault no details but I could guess failing to fulfill his needs and was hypocritical in her anger towards him Unless she was also molesting children, I don t see much space for h [...]

    9. This wasn t my favorite of the marriage books I ve read entering this brand new season of marriage Stylistically, the text was a little illegible to me A few pages were journal entries in a cursive font that was nearly impossible to read Sometimes multiple paragraphs and lines and sometimes entire pages were italicized, which frustrates my easy reading preference Changing font styles just isn t easy in terms of reading a book It was also full of acrostics, lists, and charts that distracted from [...]

    10. My marriage is benefiting from my having read this book.I discuss it on my blog seminary2016.wordpress 20

    11. Not many women will buy this book.Few will read it Almost none will put it into practice I know those are strong statements, but this is a counter cultural book It is written by a woman that has been married for than 50 years She has spent most of her life learning to live out what she teaches and helping others do the same Almost all the stories in this book are from her ministry with women They are women she knows As a pastor I was intrigued by the title and have read other books by her that [...]

    12. This book was dangerous The questions were hard, really hard Reading the chapters didn t take much time but the questions They took a lot of time Some chapters had the same amount of reading to be done, but had 2 weeks worth of questions double the hard questions Yikes Some parts had me thinking hard and long For DAYS Some questions I answered over weeks, even months, doing a little at a time before I finished But it was good It was very good I felt God prompting me to read this at this time He [...]

    13. Two good friends of mine are leading a book discussion bible study right now with this book and the title was so intriguing that I thought I d give it a shot as well plus one of those friends told me I should read it I think it takes a brave heart and a smidge of humility to ask the question, What s it like to be married to me I think we are all just enough self deceived to think that being married to us is fantastic and we aren t the problem, it s our spouse Fortunately I got over that particul [...]

    14. I thought this book would be fantastic While parts of it were excellent, most of the middle dragged The group study in the back wasn t easy to follow I gave up early on and just read the book I m interested in reading by this author, in case this was just a complete miss.

    15. I love Linda Dillow s books She s just a little bit different than other ladies studies I ve done, and she teaches me well Maybe she s blunt, but I need that So if you re wanting to be the best wife you can be, and you re ready to be brutally honest with God and yourself, this book is for you.The reason I didn t give 5 stars is because the book was a bit confusing at times, fault going to both the author and editor For example, in use with the study guide the author shared a passage of scriptur [...]

    16. I wasn t sure what I was getting into when I was thinking about leading this book at church in a small group I was either going to have everyone laughed at me and say no way, I want to know the answer that question or I was going to have a full group The group was full The book went deep right away It scared us a little bit lol but it got everyone out of their comfort zone immediately My advice is to pray fervently order this book at all times Satan did everything he could to get in between marr [...]

    17. My husband and I have a very good marriage, but of course, it hasn t been without struggles I read this book because I don t want to become complacent in this happiness and forget to look for ways to be a better wife for him even in the good times The author s advice and insights were good, and I think this is an excellent book to read if you believe your marriage is missing something and are willing to make the adjustments yourself instead of just expecting your husband to change The real life [...]

    18. I read this as part of a bible study It taught me to include God in our marriage, and how to handle things , problems, etc by including God and asking Him for help and provided scripture to refer to in those particular times Some of the chapters issues are relevant to me than others but I have a feeling as the years go by I could read this again and other parts will be relevant then Definitely a good way to view marriage, by trying to see how we are to our husbands, how we support them, how we [...]

    19. My favorite bit of advice from this book came from a chapter about the toll complaining can take on a marriage Take captive gripes and a complaining spirit by wearing a bracelet that you switch to the other arm each time you catch yourself complaining, and PRAY the Lord will help change your attitude It sounds cheesy, I know, but something so small can change so much The Holy Spirit is working on me as I practice this I am glad I read this book and recommend it.

    20. Cam change your life and marriage if you apply the principles and do the homework I will continue to use these principles and excited to write my renewed marriage purpose statement for our 10 yr anniversary I gave four stars because some bible verses ate not referenced correctly editing flaws but still right on with being biblically correct.

    21. I am currently reading this book as a group study I have to say this book has made me think Think long and hard about my marriage and how I am Ms Dillow asks some dangerously hard questions but they are 100percent worth the time and effort I can t wait to see how much I grow from reading and studying this book

    22. Linda Dillow is an honest, inspiring writer I appreciated her own marriage stories as well as the stories both tragic and encouraging of other marriages I think I ll be able to apply when we go through rocky and hard times, but I appreciated the perspectives so that I can be prepared for when they come It was challenging and humbling to read this book, but I m so glad I did

    23. This book is great I really enjoyed the word studies Linda included throughout, because I like seeing what the original Biblical texts meant I was deeply challenged to be intentional in my marriage.That being said, I have heard read much of what Linda said in a variety of other books I don t feel it was a waste of time read, though.

    24. A wonderful book, there is tons of advice on how to live your marriage, make it stronger with the guidance of God and his word I know I have taken a lot from this book and hope it helps me to be a better wife.

    25. I don t know what else to say besides this book changed our marriage I would recommend it to anyone There was one story in the book about sexual abuse that I 100% disagreed with Besides that it was fantastic

    26. Challenging book with great, applicable questions I differ with her on the complementarian issue, but that was mainly confined to just one chapter The rest of the book was full of good insights and opportunities to grow.

    27. Tough but importantThis book is thought provoking, exhausting, necessary and life changing I don t recommend it for you if you aren t serious about change I highly recommend it if you re interested in growing.

    28. Lots of good stuff mixed in with a little theology that doesn t quite line up with where I stand Overall, thought provoking book that incites self review in how one handles their marriage relationship.

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