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An Honest Thief #2020

An Honest Thief

  • Title: An Honest Thief
  • Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 358
  • Format: None
  • An Honest Thief By Fyodor Dostoyevsky, , 1848 , 1848

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      358 Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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    1 thought on “An Honest Thief

    1. Although it was sad, when you turn the last page you are left with a sweet sensation The story as a whole didn t have this spark that makes it distinguishableIf it wasn t written by Dostoyevsky probably it would have been just another short story.

    2. Dostoyevsky s story within a story gives us the character, Emelyan Ilyitch, maybe the saddest, most pitiful person I ve come across That s saying something because literature is full of them, especially Russian literature.

    3. I was supposed to be moved by this story but I amNot.Good story though which also happens to be my first Fyodor Dostoyevsky story.

    4. For a man given to wickedness, sir, scents trouble far off, like a bird before a storm An Honest Thief is a touching story within a story A lonely man with a tiny room to spare decides to take in a lodger, an old soldier, on the insistence of his cook When a cloak is stolen from the house, under the eyes of everyone, the old man is deeply upset while discussing the event with the master of the house, the old man remarks that there are thieves and there are thieves, and that he remembers coming a [...]

    5. I didn t rate the book highly although the story is interesting The idea of an honest thief is an oxymoron and yet the thief was honest in his heart The fact that he had stolen from his friend seemed to bring about the final demise of the thief A case of to thine own self by true In desperation the thief went against his own standards and paid the ultimate price His deathbed confession was the final act.

    6. To be straightforward, this story isn t the HOTTEST THING SMOKING, but it s definitely a good read with the right perspective Despite it being a fairly short story, it s assured to teach a great lesson in a fundamental aspect of life It starts off as a flashback of the narrator s Who goes unnamed throughout the whole story , which foreshadows an incoming guest into the narrator s house you could assume he is wealthy or just well off The narrator s has basically been living alone for ten years wi [...]

    7. The plot is simple But I didn t quite get something about the story Why did Dostoyevsky choose Astafy Ivanovich as the storyteller instead of the narrator himself Why did he need some another frame for storytelling I think Emelyan s story is not about the Astafy It is about the narrator Dostoyevsky tried to make the narrator out of his shell by using Emelyan s miserable story The narrator seems asocial, very lonely, rarely go outside of the home Having Astafy as a lodger makes him someone new Ma [...]

    8. When talking about short stories and specifically about plot this is how Aristotle defined it A plot, says Aristotle, must have a beginning, a middle, and an end The beginning is not necessarily that which is after, or caused by, something else, but is that which causes what follows it the middle is that which is caused by what precedes it and is the cause of what follows it the end is that which is caused by what precedes it but does not cause something to follow after it In other words, a plo [...]

    9. A short, but moving piece of fiction by Dostoevsky detailing the account of two men, the tailor Astafy and the lodger thief Yemelyam While I m not terribly sure why Astafy is detailing this story to the narrator later in his life and as a lodger himself perhaps to show a reversal of fortune , I think Dostoevsky was trying to convey the depths of personality and he existence of both good and evil in people, rather than absolute morality or depravity that he demonstrated the extremes of in The Idi [...]

    10. The key to the story is the title However, the story would not be worth much if it were just about the narrator explaining the reader that a thief can be honest So, the story is embedded in another story Both have sufficient similarities and also differences that justify their place within the same framework Both of them are humorous but pointless on their own.The end is an anticlimax if the reader had expected to be left with some grandiose logical conundrum like the liar s paradox what is the [...]

    11. It is a story within a story written in 26 pages the Arabic version translated by Sani Aldoryby.The 1st story told by the narrator had my all focus it was captivation to my taste I loved the storytelling way as a tale told by a dear friend.Moving to the 2nd story I somehow lost interest it was like he was repeating the same over over again And it ended ambiguous ,maybe he intended so or he wanted to point out his ever confirmed belief that the seed of good is always there in the hearts of people [...]

    12. It is always so, sir, when a man is guilty, he always feels beforehand when trouble approaches, as a bird feels the coming storm There s a story within a story in this short story of Fyodor Dostoyevsky The story is about a poor fellow who s a drunkard One day he stole a pair of riding breeches of his companion on whom he relies for bread and shelter, this guilt of him torments him so much that it takes his life.The beautiful question or rather a message of the story is if someone should be forgi [...]

    13. Ich wurde mit dieser Erz hlung nie richtig warm Vielleicht lag es daran, dass ich versuchte sie in Originalsprache zu lesen, was bei der vielen w rtlichen Rede in russischer Umgangssprache sehr schwer war letztendlich habe ich auf eine zweisprache Ausgabe zur ckgegriffen Vielleicht empfinde ich aber auch nicht die Verst ndnis f r die Trunksuch, die traditionell den Slawen innewohnt.

    14. Yes, at last I finally get my revenge on this book I read it and I didn t like it one bit While the story was somewhat moving it was overshadowed by the fact that the names of the two protagonists have been uttered pretty much in every sentence It was a succession of Astafy Ivanovitch here and Emelyanoushka there, over and over again Just thinking about it makes me so angry that I want to scream into a pillow Reading those seemingly absurd dialogues was pure torture and it really tested my resol [...]

    15. This appears to be a very simple short story at first However, it has a deeper meaning revolving around the emotional transformation of the narrator The narrator is shown to be aloof and emotionally distant in the beginning But through his interactions with Astafy, he seems to have developed empathy for human emotions, which leads to him narrating the story Otherwise, there would have been no point in introducing the short plot before Astafy and Emelyan s story I think the author wanted to imply [...]

    16. Kisah An Honest Thief, atau yang diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Indonesia menjadi Maling yang Jujur ini hanyalah satu dari tiga cerita karya Dostoevsky yang ada di dalam buku ini.Ide ide di dalam setiap karya Dostoevsky bisa dikatakan sederhana sekali Simple dan tidak rumit Ide idenya dekat sekali dengan kehidupan sehari hari kita Tetapi, Dostoevsky mengangkat dari sudut pandang eksistensialisme para tokohnya Bagaimana para tokoh ini memandang diri mereka dan keberfungsian diri mereka sendiri Keb [...]

    17. El gran valor de esta obra radica en conmovernos Esta peque a historia dentro de otra historia, nos muestra la tragedia de Iemelian y su cuidador Astafi.Iemelian, un borracho y un vago, no trabaja, se queda en casa de Astafi, hasta que un dia se pierden dos pantalones que Astafi que esperaba vender Aqu comienza la cadena de sucesos que nos llevan por situaciones de reprimendas, enojos, tristeza, compasi n un mar emocional el cual alcanza su cenit cuando este le ofrece su nica posesi n, dejando t [...]

    18. O Ladr o Honesto outro conto do escritor russo que apresenta uma hist ria bastante simples, mas bem escrita, que relata um homem que diz ter conhecido um ladr o honesto este, que era alco lico Fyodor Dostoyevsky conta nos, assim, uma hist ria que relaciona a pobreza com a amizade e, consequentemente, com a honestidade.

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