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Tripped Up #2020

Tripped Up Karen James accepts and enjoys her generous curves but still lacks confidence when it comes to the opposite sex She s perfectly capable of flirting with the pumped up fake cover models her partner ph

  • Title: Tripped Up
  • Author: Nicole Austin Allie Standifer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tripped Up By Nicole Austin Allie Standifer, Karen James accepts and enjoys her generous curves but still lacks confidence when it comes to the opposite sex She s perfectly capable of flirting with the pumped up, fake cover models her partner photographs But real men, like the handsome SEAL her best friend tasked her with babysitting, put her on shaky ground He ramps up her snarky attitude and keeps her body hummiKaren James accepts and enjoys her generous curves but still lacks confidence when it comes to the opposite sex She s perfectly capable of flirting with the pumped up, fake cover models her partner photographs But real men, like the handsome SEAL her best friend tasked her with babysitting, put her on shaky ground He ramps up her snarky attitude and keeps her body humming with a constant arousal that won t be sated.Garrett Trip Trippington is the easiest going, most laid back, steady member of Team Arapahoe Nothing ruffles his feathers or causes him to falter not even being shot while on a mission All that changes the moment he first sees Karen, a curvy vision of feminine perfection with a razor sharp tongue He s tripped up, falling hard, and experiencing feelings that make his head spin For the first time, his duties as a SEAL seem an easier mission.

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      275 Nicole Austin Allie Standifer
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    1 thought on “Tripped Up

    1. I picked this up for FREE yesterday during one of my one click sessions I thought that the blurb sounded pretty great and added it to the pile of 400 books to be read on my Kindle Last night I finished the book I was currently reading and wasn t quite ready for bed or ready to start a long book, so I thought what the heck, I started reading Tripped Up.Karen is preparing to help with her best friends wedding and part of that duty is to help babysit, Tripp one of her friend s fianc s navy seal fri [...]

    2. 4 starsThis was a very good story I liked Trip and Karen and their story was short but well written and it worked considering the length of the story.Karen is a BBW that after some dieting and struggles accepts her body as is Unfortunately, she doesn t have much luck in finding guys that appreciate her curves Karen works with her BFF, Syn, who is getting married and Karen is one of her bridesmaids Karen promised to look after the groom s only single friend and fellow SEAL, Trip, while he s in to [...]

    3. 3 shortie starsAll you have to do is say yes, and he ll make you his entire world.Sexy Navy Seal Cowboy, Sexy curvaceous cynical woman, set up to spend time with each other as they attend the wedding of their friends Karen isn t used to the attention that Trip sends her way, but he s gonna make sure when their time comes to an end she see s how crazy she makes him As things heat up quickly they both are taken by surprise with what they find in each other Sexy playful banter and a healthy dose of [...]

    4. This the last book of the series With all of the books, there s a lot of hot sex, great characters but the story goes too fast There s many mentions of SEALs but there are no missions other than getting laid with the possibility of forever I did like this one a bit as it closed the loop on one of the other books in the series.

    5. Tripped Up SEALs On Fire 8 What can you say bad about a Navy SEAL Cowboy Nothing But what I can say is this is a short but sweet story but mainly about guess what you surely won t guess SEX Gasp I have loved most of the other SEAL books that you all had Really strong back stories to go with them, sizzle too but this was not bad I love the whole insecure full figure girl storyline That is great and how he likes everything about her but comes on just a little rushed don t you think Even for a cowb [...]

    6. I liked this a lot cause I liked the characters Trip and Karen but I would have liked it if it was longer and the characters got to build their romance relationship It feels like they got really serious really quickly despite not really talking much and spending most of the book in bed I mean they had great chemistry together but I d have liked time with them to see the attraction and strong feelings for each other mature into love I can see that they re heading that way and I m glad their we [...]

    7. Karen James a generous curvy girl has agreed to keep Garrett Tripp Trippington company for the wedding of her best friend and boss to his fellow SEAL In Tripped Up SEALs On Fire series Little did she know what she was in for when the irrepressible grinning SEAL comes upon her in an embarrassing situation that leads to an explosive developing relationship for these two Neither of them was looking for her razor sharp witty tongue and his easy flirty comebacks that lead to a night of mind blowing s [...]

    8. Karen James knows that men don t find her curves attractive, on the one side she is content with who she is but working with cover models does do a little dent to her pride when they don t glance her way When she is asked to take care of Garrett Trip Trippington a SEAL who is in town for his best friend s wedding.Trip wasn t expecting a goddess as his host, she is snarky, sensual and pure vixen Trip wants to get to know her better, but Karen thinks he is wanting a roll in the hay until something [...]

    9. 8 and last in the SEALs on Fire series2 1 2 starsTrip and Karen Karen is Syn s assistant from Melting Ice She and Trip hook up when they meet for Syn and Ice s wedding.Karen is kind of hard to like and both of them were all over the place with their feelings Luckily, the love scenes were hot and the Trip is a dirty talker so there you go.Overall the series is a 3 I got most of them for free or bought cheap so that counts for something In all the stories the instalove takes place in 24 48 hours a [...]

    10. I received this as a freebie on very short story of a curvy girl and Navy SEAL who hook up for their friend s wedding It s essentially PWP, porn without much of a plot Nothing wrong with that, as long as you know what you re in for Here, Karen and Trip have alright chemistry but the relationship felt kind of forced considering they know each other for literally hours There is very little buildup But there are very sexy scenes andat s about it Bottom Line if you re looking for a quick, sexy read [...]

    11. I actually really liked this short book a lot Karen is a girl with curves, and she is pretty happy with her body most of the time She has to babysit a friend of a friend coming in town fora wedding She is surprised that her charge Tripp is so sexy And apparently he finds her to be the sexiest woman he has ever met These two set the sheets on fire, and after some insecurities, fall for each other These characters are so realistic I loved that even though this is a short story, you come to underst [...]

    12. As I was reading this book, I was thinking wow this is a good book It has steamy sex, humor and a female main character with extra cushion As I was getting into the beach scene, I turned the page and the book was at its end So very disappointing for me I finished the book before I finished my lunch break Unfortunately, I will not purchase any of the other books in the Seals on Fire series for fear they will leave me hanging as this story did I feel like this story had potential, I want to hand i [...]

    13. I grabbed this Kindle Freebie this afternoon then I opened it up just to peruse before it went to on the bookshelf DUDE And one big fat YOWZA.This packs an immediate and uproariously funny sexy wallop Suffice to say I then devoured it in about thirty minutes, and, let me tell you what, it is delicious My only complaint is now I feel compelled to read the series of books that leads up to Tripp and Karen, and are there really 8 books Lordy.

    14. This is a great quick easy read, Karen and Trip are wonderful together she s curvy and mostly happy with her body but has a few lingering hang ups from past guys and he is well, six three, solid muscle and scorching hot plus he has the hots for Karen Could Trip be the answer to Karen s prayers could he want and desire her just as she is, if nothing else hot sex is definitely on the table, as well as other places.Well worth a read.

    15. I need to remember that I don t really care for Nicole Austin This isn t bad erotica really Its fine hot Navy Seal and curvy gal with self esteem issues He is likable than she is There is a of sex beginning with a self pleasure scene that has to get in there so we have sex of some kind ASAP.Happy for Now Ending Nothing terrible but nothing memorable.

    16. This quick read is filled with lots of passion and sex I didn t want this book to end But I have to say I wished the authors wouldn t have mentioned love After 5 minutes of talking it s not realistic to think of love But the humor in the story kept me laughing until the sexy scenes took over Great read WaAR

    17. Sexy sweet story of meeting the man and woman of your dreams For these two it was lust at first sightor was it Quick read about deciding to take a chance with your heart and see where it leads.

    18. It was fine Unfortunately, I read Jonesin story first It made all of the other ones seem a bit lackluster in comparison.

    19. Nice short read I got it for free so I cant complain Wish there was a little about them but it was a quick read.

    20. I grabbed a free copy of this short story from and enjoyed it It was a quick read with a good story line and pretty high steam factor.

    21. Kindle freebie I DID enjoy it what s not to enjoy when it features sexy Navy Seals but it has no real Story line But it is a nice NoThinkinRequired read

    22. As much as I liked Trip, something felt off about this one The other books in this series were mostly about the SEALs, but this one seemed to focus too much on the heroine.

    23. A hot erotic quickie for those with a busy schedule still craving a steamy read.Military cowboy fulfills the stereo type fantasy every girl will love.

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