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River Road #2020

River Road It s been thirteen years since Lucy Sheridan was in Summer River The last time she visited her aunt Sara there as a teenager she d been sent home suddenly after being dragged out of a wild party by

  • Title: River Road
  • Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
  • ISBN: 9780399165122
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Hardcover
  • River Road By Jayne Ann Krentz, It s been thirteen years since Lucy Sheridan was in Summer River The last time she visited her aunt Sara there, as a teenager, she d been sent home suddenly after being dragged out of a wild party by the guy she had a crush on, just to make it embarrassing Obviously Mason Fletcher only a few years older but somehow a lot of a grown up was the overprotective typIt s been thirteen years since Lucy Sheridan was in Summer River The last time she visited her aunt Sara there, as a teenager, she d been sent home suddenly after being dragged out of a wild party by the guy she had a crush on, just to make it embarrassing Obviously Mason Fletcher only a few years older but somehow a lot of a grown up was the overprotective type who thought he had to come to her rescue Now, returning after her aunt s fatal car accident, Lucy is learning there was to the story than she realized at the time Mason had saved her from a very nasty crime that night and soon afterward, Tristan, the cold blooded rich kid who d targeted her, disappeared mysteriously, his body never found A lot has changed in thirteen years Lucy now works for a private investigation firm as a forensic genealogist, while Mason has quit the police force to run a successful security firm with his brother though he still knows his way around a wrench when he fills in at his uncle s local hardware store Even Summer River has changed, from a sleepy farm town into a trendy upscale spot in California s wine country But Mason is still a protector at heart, a serious and seriously attractive man And when he and Lucy make a shocking discovery inside Sara s house, and some of Tristan s old friends start acting suspicious, Mason s quietly fierce instincts kick into gear He saved Lucy once, and he ll save her again But this time, she insists on playing a role in her own rescue .

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    1. Oh, look, Jayne Ann Krentz was Amanda Quick all along, who would have thought After loving her HRs, this is my first RS, and I cannot say I loved it as much The mystery part was pretty good, I didn t figure out whodunnit well, I didn t try very much either, I just went with the flow I loved the writing and the characters taken separately , but the romance part was so ridiculously bad it made my teeth hurt It s like the author remembered this was supposed to be a romantic suspense somewhere near [...]

    2. The last time Mason saw Lucy was when he rescued her from an evil trap It was a vivid memory for both if them for different reasons Mason was worried about Lucy and determined to protect her Lucy was mortified when her crush went into white knight mode and rescued her He was oblivious to her feelings and somehow that made it worse.Lucy leaves town Threats are made The Evil Mastermind goes missing Everybody has a theory about the suspect.But Lucy is back after thirteen years and she may have walk [...]

    3. I had such a hard time getting through this book When I read the summary it sounded pretty interesting and I ve read at least one other book by this author so I thought I d like itbut no such luck I just found the whole story to be boring and predictable and yet that still wasn t the thing that bothered me most about this book It was the actual writing that drove me crazy Every conversation in this book was so damn proper that it ended up sounding fake and stilted to me What I mean by this is th [...]

    4. I am a long time fan of Jayne Ann Krentz, and this book is a good example of why she is a must read author for me This book had just the right balance of romance and suspense It kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what would happen next, and I fell in love with the main characters, Lucy and Mason, right away Lucy has returned to Summer River, where she often visited as a teenager, to settle her aunt s estate She is unaware of sinister events that occurred as a result of her last visit [...]

    5. 3 StarsI am big fan of Jayne Ann Krentz, she is one my author on my auto buy list since i started reading and she was the second author i ever read after Sandra Brown but lately her books let me down, big time I am not sure why but they not seem to be as they were or maybe i just discovered so many amazing authors lately and i am picky cause i read so much Lately her books seems to be of a mystery romance than her old type of writing with almost no heat at all I might be wrong for judging a bo [...]

    6. This was a quick read although I wasn t pulled into the story as much as I wanted to be There were a few points where it felt like I had read it before one person dies and then it turns out another person is missing This is a common thread that all on it s own wouldn t make it seem like a re read What really made me feel like it was too familiar were the two MCs I had flashbacks to other novels by Ms Krentz Both MCs were described and talked like a lot of her other books MCs It was like I knew i [...]

    7. Lucy Sheridan visited her aunt during the summer 13 years before and now she is back in Summer River after the death of her aunt She encounters Mason Fletcher A man she now realizes saved her from a terrible situation Mason Fletcher is in town for reasons of his own Together they are discovering that there are many secrets that people would love to stay secret.I enjoyed this romantic suspense by Jayne Ann Krentz I think the romance and suspense was balanced nicely The characters were likable and [...]

    8. This story was Jayne Ann Krentz at her romantic suspense best The characters were amazingly life like Well, except for the fact that, if men life Mason Fletcher exist, they are staying well away from me.The story begins with a prequel Lucy Sheridan, age 16, is being hauled away from a wild party by her crush, the responsible and mature 19 year old Mason Fletcher She leaves town the next day and doesn t return to Summer River for thirteen years What Lucy doesn t know is that she has been targeted [...]

    9. Originally published at Reading RealityI enjoyed reading River Road so much that it was surprisingly difficult to crystallize my thoughts into a review One utterly marvelous thing is that this is a stand alone story, and sometimes those feel rare As well as this one weaves past and present, it is complete within the very tight confines of itself we have the beginning, middle and end wrapped up No cliffhanger, no next book, no loose ends.And this was definitely one of those I couldn t put it down [...]

    10. If you re a fan of Jayne Ann Krentz s books then you know that for the past few years she s woven a mixture of the paranormal into her contemporary novels including her historical and futuristic novels I was a bit unsure if I d enjoy RIVER ROAD because as much I liked her Arcane series, I was tired of reading about the paranormal There s been a lot of talk about Krentz s return to romance just plain old fashioned romance and it s refreshing to see her return to her roots.Thirteen years ago, Lucy [...]

    11. I was looking for an enjoyable light reading time and that s exactly what you get withJayne A Krentz sRiver Road A solid suspense coupled with a nice romance I liked Lucy and Mason, and thought they were good together Krentz s has the knack for this type of story, however I thought it wasn t her best effort and I suspect a forgettable experience If you like JAK s work and are looking for a fun, no stress reading this is the book for you.

    12. River Road4 StarsAs an innocent 16 year old, Lucy Sheridan was rescued from a wild party by Mason Fletcher, the older boy who always made her pulse beat faster Now, Lucy returns to Summer River and realizes not only that her attraction to Mason is still going strong, but there was to the events of that night thirteen years ago When the body of Summer River s resident sociopath is discovered in the house of Lucy s late aunt, she and Mason set out to discover the truth But someone is just as dete [...]

    13. Let me say upfront that I love JAK books, under whichever name she writes.However, River Road takes us down some familiar avenues there is always than one villain the young H h having a short crush before being separated for years Canyons of Night 2011 the middle aged women living together presumably as lesbians, though its never made clear in black white Deception 1993 the fight in the winery with the h throwing wine bottles to defend herself Witchcraft 1985 the H solves cold cases Light in Sh [...]

    14. Ms Krentz at her finest this latest romantic suspense is a page turning I enjoyed this book thoroughly In this book, Sara and Mason are memorable Their past and present are entwined What I liked about the character development in this one is that Mason isn t as domineering as some of Ms Krentz s male characters He is a partner to Sara without coming across as too weak or too asshat like From Sara s perspective, it is clear he feels he is too dominating, but from my perspective, he s just right H [...]

    15. Re read in OCT 2016 Thirteen years ago Lucy visited her aunt Sara at her home in Summer River and had to be rescued by Mason Fletcher Aunt Sara dies in an automobile accident and leaves her entire estate to Lucy Lucy arrives to sell the land and house not knowing that her life is in danger River Road was an outstanding read and would have been a five star read had Recorded Books made a better choice in storyteller Amanda Leigh Cobb, storyteller, could not do voices and often forgot which voice b [...]

    16. When Lucy returns to take care of her aunt s will she gets caught up in something that started years earlier Mason never forgot the summer Lucy spent in Summer River, and now that she s back, he s ready to reacquaint himself with her When danger starts lurking, they join forces to get through this mystery Contemporary romance, suspense and smutty fluff in a great combo.Listened to the audioversion and the narrator was great.

    17. I m always excited to read a new JAK book and it was nice to see one without a paranormal aspect for a change As always a great read.I do like that Lucy and Mason didn t try and solve the case on their own, when appropriate they brought in help I also enjoyed watching their relationship grow I really enjoyed Deke view spoiler and the flashback scene where he rescued his nephews was very sweet hide spoiler

    18. 3.75 Stars This was a good, solid romantic suspense read It s so obvious that Krentz is a seasoned author The story line was strong and distinct The past was revealed in a seamless way to power the current plot I really liked Mason and Lucy s charactersMason, especially The bad guy s weren t readily apparent until the end I did pick up on things before the reveal, but that s because I was told by someone else that it was a surprising twist.

    19. I really liked the book I ve read a book like this about a small town and the secrets and I loved it I really liked this one too the secrets that everyone knew, Glad Lucy and mason were together in the end.

    20. From my book review blog at kickinbooks.wordpress 2013I received a copy of this book via Penguin s First To Read program, so many thanks to them for making it available While it was provided to me at not cost to myself, I am not obligated to give a positive review.Somehow, I have managed to not read anything by Krentz before, whether it be as Krentz or under a nom de plume such as Amanda Quick or Jayne Castle I know she s perceived as writing romantic suspense, but that s not why I haven t read [...]

    21. newandusedbooks index.River Road By Jayne Ann Krentz PutnamJanuary 2014Lucy Sheridan spent summers with her aunt Sara in Summer River, California until she was sixteen Lucy can still recall her last night there with embarrassment Since she was an outsider she made few friends Nineteen year old Mason Fletcher lives in his older brother Zeke s house, and takes care of his brainiac younger brother, Aaron Mason has also appointed himself Lucy s protector, and the first time Lucy is invited to a Frid [...]

    22. 4.5 Krentz has a knack for creating strong characters that you instantly connect to Lucy is strong, and her instincts are quite good a skill that comes in handy as forensic genealogist Mason and his brother run a successful firm with his brother solving cold cases The man is everything that makes my knees buckle Smexy, noble, smart swoons The friends to lovers trope is one of my favorites and her characters Lucy and Mason were the perfect couple From the moment, they were reunited you could feel [...]

    23. I really wanted to love this book Generally, I really enjoy Jayne Ann Krentz s contemporaries But, this one just fell a little flat for me and I can t really put my finger on why I liked both main characters The romance built nicely I think part of it is that Jayne excels at adding a touch of paranormal to her books While I kept seeing glimmers and hints at her previous paranormal ideas, it was as if she had taken her whole previous Arcane society mythology, watered it down to apply to a non par [...]

    24. This is only my second Jayne Ann Krentz book I didn t much care for my first and in starting this one I had high hopes that it was better It is, but not by much I really hate it when a book telegraphs it s plot points like a blinking neon sign view spoiler I could see the body of Tristen Brinker in the fireplace the second Lucy said the fireplace was covered with a bad tile job hide spoiler The plot was interesting and the setting in Napa region of Northern California was great, but there were a [...]

    25. Ah, a traditional JAK tale, somewhat updated In this story we have a heroine returning to the small town she visited as a teen to stay with her aunt One night she was rescued from a party by an older teen, and her crush Years later she is back on town to take care of some family business, and runs into him again Not only does she learn about what really was going on that night, but the major players then become important again here This book departs some from the formula no breaking and enterin [...]

    26. It was nice to get away from the sillyness of her paranormals back to straight contemporary romance, but ultimately I felt about the same reading reaction as I do with those Her people are nice and likeable, but the plot was kind of silly melodramatic improbable I did enjoy the setting One problem for me was all of the names are genericly random and I couldn t be bothered to keep straight who the characters were When I can t remember the hero s name after almost finishing the book, or pick him o [...]

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