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Once in a Blue Moon #2020

Once in a Blue Moon Twice upon a time Prince Rupert and Princess Julia saved the Forest Kingdom They have earned the right to live happily ever after But there s a blue moon on the rise Hawk and Fisher famous for their

  • Title: Once in a Blue Moon
  • Author: Simon R. Green
  • ISBN: 9780451414663
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback
  • Once in a Blue Moon By Simon R. Green, Twice upon a time, Prince Rupert and Princess Julia saved the Forest Kingdom.They have earned the right to live happily ever after.But there s a blue moon on the rise Hawk and Fisher, famous for their years of keeping the peace in Haven, are really quite happy being legends They gave up the hero business when they decided they d grown too old for it Now they run theTwice upon a time, Prince Rupert and Princess Julia saved the Forest Kingdom.They have earned the right to live happily ever after.But there s a blue moon on the rise Hawk and Fisher, famous for their years of keeping the peace in Haven, are really quite happy being legends They gave up the hero business when they decided they d grown too old for it Now they run the Hero Academy, training young hopefuls to be heroes Legends never die, but it seems they cannot retire, either Hawk and Fisher s adult children, Jack and Gillian, have been kidnapped They were taken by the Demon Prince, an old enemy from the Forest Kingdom who challenges the couple to one final battle for their lives But Hawk and Fisher believe there s another motive behind the abductions, one connected to a case they worked in Haven many years ago a case they refuse to discuss They have no choice but to return to the Forest Kingdom, to be Prince Rupert and Princess Julia one last time in one last story of the kind of things that happen only once in a blue moon.

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    1 thought on “Once in a Blue Moon

    1. I want to preface this by saying I m a Simon R Green fan I ve read just about everything he s written, from the Nightside series to the Druids, to the Carnacki Institute books, the Deathstalker series to the Haven Forest Kingdom books.And if you have read any Green, then you know exactly what you re in for excellent naming conventions and concepts, characters who talk exactly the same as one another and twisty plots that get only get resolved in the last 20 pages It s pulpy, it s formula and mos [...]

    2. I love Simon R Green Blue Moon Rising was the first one of his I read, and I ve been hooked since, always fast, fun, but poignant in places If you haven t read any of the others in this series then go and start from the beginning, then you ll get all the little in jokes Green also brings back one of my favourites in this book.Hawk Fisher retired and set up the Hero Academy because running an inn would be too much like hard work handing their names to each succesive pair of leaders, now a hundred [...]

    3. Well it s a Simon R Green book all right There s the usual often repeated phrases and descriptions and constant monologuing from the characters, which nowadays I find incredibly annoying to read But I could have put up with it, if the plot wasn t so dull There s none of the horror with the weird places and creepy creatures that was present in the other Forest Kingdom books, it takes forever for the plot to go anywhere and there are way too many new characters to care about.

    4. The first thing I m going to say about this book is Simon R Green is the biggest troll in the whole history of creation Seriously I had so many problems with this book and then the climax came and all those problems just flew out the window and once again, it was like when I was fifteen and reading Blue Moon Rising for the first time It took me unusually long to finish this book That is because, and I quote one of my friends, it was 500 pages long prologue followed by the most epic battle of all [...]

    5. Blue Moon Rising, by Simon R Green, was the book that first got me into fantasy over twenty years ago I remember enjoying some of his other fantasy works Down Among the Dead Men, Blood and Honour, the Hawk and Fisher books I read Beyond the Blue Moon when that one came out, and seem to remember thinking it was a good addition to the Forest Kingdom series Then I heard that there was a third Rupert and Julia book in the set, with Once in a Blue Moon offering a final hurrah for the characters who f [...]

    6. I read and enjoyed the six Hawk Fisher Haven books some years ago, and I enjoyed this one as well, though it s quite different from what I remember The Haven books are relatively short, with fast pacing and lots of action and clever, witty dialog This one is quite captivating and well written, but has a huge cast of characters, conversation than fighting, and the plot unfolds quite slowly It s Princess Bride than Conan, or perhaps Whispering Swarm than Dorian Hawkmoon Years have passed, Hawk [...]

    7. A lot yes quite a lot of characters to follow and keep straight I have truly enjoyed the Hawk Fisher series, but this one seemed to be of an add on and not a true conclusion to the series It introduced many characters with a very simple plot fight eh Bad guys that seemed to be secondary to the number of characters involved In my mind, there really was not much of a plot at all I still enjoyed the characters and reading about Hawk Fisher, but it was only an okay type of story for me It takes som [...]

    8. Not a big fantasy reader but these books are great and the simplicity of the world and its names leaves plenty of time to enjoy the characters and situations they encounter The droll british humour also makes the characters appealing.

    9. Skip and read is the motto that I stuck to whilst reading the Hawk and Fisher series You can skip entire paragraphs,pages and even hop right over some books in the series and still have a general idea why everyone s got their panties in a twist Or whatever passed for panties in the dark ages Simon Green the man to whom I would like to give a high five while simultaneously fighting the urge to poke his eyes out with a sharpened end of an infested toothpick The one prequel that I read and five boo [...]

    10. This is a read in progress for some time now, but I really only just started it two days ago The reason for that is that my husband I meant to read it aloud to one another, but the days got busy and we hardly saw each other, and my asthma is too severe for speaking out loud than 20 minutes at a time This is also a review in progress I just wanted to jot down a few notes whilst thinking of them This is not a book for a newcomer to the Blue Moon Series to read While all of the others up until thi [...]

    11. After than 10 years, Simon R Green once again returns us to the Forest Kingdom, following the exploits of Hawk and Fisher, the only honest guards that once walked the streets of Haven It s been nearly 100 years since the Demon War and when Hawk and Fisher banished the Demon Prince in the land of Reverie before disappearing into legend Statues of Rupert and Julia decorate the Forest Castle, and people still live inspired by their deeds.Nowadays two people bearing the infamous names of Hawk and F [...]

    12. When I first picked up Once in a Blue Moon by Simon R Green I wasn t aware it was part of a series I also wasn t aware of how daunting the book would be to read That being said once I finally got through it I was very glad I did It is a very entertaining read I was very impressed by Green s ability to explain things for a reader who hadn t read the backstory of the involved characters While this is part of a series it is also a stand alone book That is not an easy thing to accomplish The plot st [...]

    13. The early Forest Kingdom books hold a special place in my heart as some of the best fantasy stories I ve read, and Simon Green is definitely among my favourite authors That said, this is definitely not Simon Green at his best it truly feels like he was bored when he wrote this.There s far too many characters it feels like they are just dropped into the book for the purpose of a meaningless twist later on When there is just a couple of heroes or even several that at least get air time you can st [...]

    14. Hawk and Fisher are legends in fact, everyone thinks they re long dead And the should be, if it weren t for the Wild Magic that changed them forever They can t quite manage true retirement, so they set up the Hero Academy training new heroes to win fight dirty if necessary, so long as they fight well.But the world hasn t forgotten them especially their enemies The Demon Prince, who they thought they had defeated, isn t as gone as they hoped He comes to them, and warns them that he will kill thei [...]

    15. This is the 4th book in the Forest Kingdom series which tells the story of Rupert and Julia later known as Hawk Fisher.The Demon Prince appears to Hawk and Fisher telling them that, unless they return to the Forest Kingdom, he will kill their grandchildren So, Hawk and Fisher go to reunite with their grandchildren, picking up some old friends along the way As they are journeying, the Forest Kingdom and Castle Midnight are on the brink of war and it is up to Hawk Fisher and their family to save b [...]

    16. This book was such a disappointment to me Simon Green wrote some of the first fantasy books I read as a teenager, books I would still list as favourites, but this was just badly written I m being generous giving it 3 stars, because I did enjoy the story, but I really struggled to get through it I don t know who edited it, but they did a very poor job It was full of sentence fragments a personal bugbear and plot holes, and it s such a shame that this is now Rupert and Julia s send off Quite frank [...]

    17. 2.7 stars actually.Well, I finally started this year s challenge with the last Hawk and Fisher book I did enjoy it It was full of action and there were enough fun parts to justify reading this 500 pages book But it was nowhere as good as the previous book.In fact, I can easily understand if people hate this book The plot wasn t special, there were no new memorable character, no new interesting ideas I personally loved the previous book I love how Green use abstract concepts to make his world int [...]

    18. The End for the Blue Moon This is the last in the Forest Kingdom series Spoilers contained The Hawk and Fisher academy is where hero s to be train and learn and the Hawk and Fisher run the academy soldiers and witches train side by side and periodically a new Hawk Fisher appear.A return of the Demon Prince reveals Hawk and Fisher for the hero s they are They are joined by their son and daughter,a monk doing penance and soldier and their children too a necromancer and a bravo in disguise.A peace [...]

    19. This is the latest in Green s saga of Hawk and Fisher or Rupert and Julia, if you prefer A century has elapsed since the end of the Demon Prince he has returned and so must other legends There is nothing deep here there is just good story telling, action and adventure, and a good deal of Green s not so tongue in cheek humor If you haven t read any of the Hawk and Fisher stories it is still a good read, although you ll miss a lot of the allusions to what has happened in the previous stories A goo [...]

    20. It was very good read ,its a been a long time that Simon R Green published a original work and i enjoyed it a lot though its look like the work of Karen Miller than Simon R Green but that s not necessarily a bad thing thought there is one flaw in the story it was made entirely clear than the demon prince is dependent on blue moon not the other way round and blue moon was completely destroyed though it was explained how demon prince survived but just because demon prince is there the blue moon i [...]

    21. This book was amazing from start to finish and it truly is the sum of the entire series The previous stories gave the characters a sense of long fought for status These characters aren t mere heroes, they are legends Hawk, Fisher and Chappie have had an epic life They have trained hundreds of heroes and now we get to meet the rest of their family, heroes and legends in their own right The action and magic set the tone for what is after all an extremely character driven story Characters you actua [...]

    22. Mit 744 Seiten ist der Roman definitiv 200 bis 250 Seiten zu lang Viel zu viel Gequatscht wird da, selbst in Situationen, in denen eigentlich h chste Eile geboten ist, wird noch ewig ber v llig belanglose Sachen gequatscht Das Buch kommt lange nicht an den ersten D monenkrieg Band heran, aber das gilt ja f r alle Teile danach Dennoch ist die Story recht unterhaltsam und nimmt auch gegen Ende mehr Fahrt auf Es gibt bessere Green s, doch wenn man die D monenkriege bis hierhin gelesen hat, kann man [...]

    23. That was intensely satisfying A fantasy fairytale by Simon Green, which means a happy ending, but also lots of excellent battles, a liberal dose of snark, send ups and plays on just about everything, and a subtle moral undercurrent that raises questions than it answers Hawk and Fisher may have just surpassed Harry Dresden on my list of favorite literary characters Lots of court intrigue, but also lots of damned fine sword axe work This book moves at a much slower pace than the Nightside, or eve [...]

    24. Just pointless book The beginning was promising but later it got bad and later even worse I am a huge fan of hawkfisher series with forest kingdom, but this book was terribly boooring completely failed to capture and keep my interest and attention for longer than 5 minutes at a time No new bright characters, a few potentially interesting ones appear and disappear momentarily Enemies just pathetic Even a dragon appears borings C mon how can you make our butterfly collecting Roberts and Julia s fr [...]

    25. Hawk and Fisher AKA Prince Rupert and Princess Juliet of the Forest Kingdom leave the Hero Academy when the Demon Prince threatens their grandchildren Meanwhile King William of Castle Midnight brokers a peace deal with the Forest Kingdom while plotting treachery The book climaxes in a great battle of the type which Green likes to write, but slightly constrained The bad guys get what they deserve mostly and Hawk and Fisher have to decide what to do next Enjoy

    26. This was contrived, and predictable, and occasionally goofy And Batman did have villains than just the Joker, you know Does it ALWAYS have to be the Demon Prince But stillis was exactly what I wanted This is the love note to Forest Kingdom fans, like Beyond the Blue Moon was for the Hawk Fisher crowd.Flawed Sure Loads of them But I don t care I loved every minute of it.

    27. Absolutely fabulous book, one final legend about our beloved Hawk and Fisher With all the bloody battles, dark magic, living gods and monsters, deadly intrigues, witty dialogue and surprisingly human characters which you can expect from Simon R Green He too is a legend, the Writing Man, the one who weaves magic, good and bad, from Heaven and Hell, with his words Thanks for the ride, Simon It was awesome.

    28. I loved this book Yes, the pacing was slow.Yes, the action is minimal.Yes, there are a lot of character interludes.I loved it all I was so happy to have the chance to read a story about a few of my favourite characters.One last time.

    29. I had no clue this was book eight in the series Which is annoying on the backside, but I can say with confidence that one does not need to be familiar with the other books in the series in order to enjoy this one.

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