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His Kind of Woman #2020

His Kind of Woman When Roy Girard went looking for Victor Varrano he never expected a woman to answer the door He soon discovers that Victor is now Venetia Roy s startled but even surprised by his attraction to her A

  • Title: His Kind of Woman
  • Author: Nona Raines
  • ISBN: 9781623004101
  • Page: 439
  • Format: ebook
  • His Kind of Woman By Nona Raines, When Roy Girard went looking for Victor Varrano, he never expected a woman to answer the door He soon discovers that Victor is now Venetia Roy s startled, but even surprised by his attraction to her As they spend time together, he doesn t want to let her go But she s sure to dump him when she learns his secret.Venetia s falling hard and fast for Roy But when sheWhen Roy Girard went looking for Victor Varrano, he never expected a woman to answer the door He soon discovers that Victor is now Venetia Roy s startled, but even surprised by his attraction to her As they spend time together, he doesn t want to let her go But she s sure to dump him when she learns his secret.Venetia s falling hard and fast for Roy But when she learns that his brother was the bully who tormented her in high school, she s shattered She can t wrap her head around the fact that the man who made such amazing love to her could so completely betray her trust.Note This short story is loosely connected to Uncollared

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      439 Nona Raines
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    1. A story about bullying is surprisingly moving Roy Girard is a reformed bully His brother, Travis is also a reformed bully Travis s past is a classic reason as to why he was so mean Travis s guilt weighs on him He wants to apologize to Victor, the main target of his youthful anger There is an added twist to Victor He is now known as Venetia.In addition to this heavy subject, Ms Raines mixes it with a tough transgender topic Talk about a double whammy This story is surprisingly light in touch when [...]

    2. This was first published back in June 2013 and I came across it when I was researching transgender romance to review, so to be then asked if I would like to take part in a blog tour for it just felt it was meant to be This was a relatively short but enlightening read This is only my second read of a transgender romance but again I am pleased to see it was done well Venetia has lived a turbulent past, especially her school days in relation to being bullied She has turned her life around and now s [...]

    3. This is my first trans romance, so I m coming from a position of utter ignorance I read this because it was a DABWAHA nominee and disclaimer I swapped MSS with the author It s a very sweet, short romance with an uncomplicated take it as it comes guy falling for a very complicated woman transgender, dealing with years of bullying even before transphobia, etc I liked the hero very much, with his very simple, straightforward approach to life, and the prickly, vulnerable heroine.The book was fairly [...]

    4. Book gifted from the author in exchange for an honest review.Cover 4 starsSex steaminess 4 starsStory line 4 starsCharacters 4 starsOverall rating 4 starsPersonal rating 4 starsBook Pairing M M M F Did it give me a book hangover NoIs this a review book or personal read Review ReadWhy I chose this book The blurb looked interesting so I signed up for the Blog tourWhat I liked about this book The unique storyline The writing flowed well The use and emotions surrounding difficult subjects.What I did [...]

    5. This book had a few firsts for me My first read by this author and also my first transgender read I must admit I jumped into this without reading anything about it When I read that Venetia was Victor I was shocked not in a bad way I really like Roy and Venetia Their story is a real quick story However I thought the author did a great job of portraying some real issues such as bullying and different sexualities A short story about forgiveness and being happy with who you are Great read.

    6. Title His Kind of WomanAuthor Nona RainesGenre Contemporary Romance, LGBTSeries or Standalone Series Spectrum 1 Rating 1 2 Stars rounded to 5 for and ReviewThis book was a first for me in a couple of ways First, this is my first experience with author Nona Raines and secondly, this book touched on something that as of yet other than currently attempting to write one , I d never taken the chance on So I suppose in a way, the author popped my proverbial cherry as it pertains to transgender stories [...]

    7. Roy goes looking for a man named Victor in order to right some wrongs that his brother had caused in his youth An attractive woman, Venetia, answers the door and Roy learns later that Venetia was once Victor Venetia and Roy can t fight their attraction to one another, but Roy needs to disclose that it was his younger brother who was so cruel to Venetia in her youth Venetia doesn t want to find a reason to forgive the person who caused her so much pain in her youth There were things I liked a lot [...]

    8. This story popped my transgender cherry, and didn t disappoint It s a powerful story about having the strength to be true to yourself.In spite of the physical pain that had accompanied her decision, in spite of friends and family she had lost, there was no doubt she d made the right choice Venetia put up with years of bullying but managed to turn that into something positive by opening a club and offering a safe place for other teens that didn t fit into societies norm The story between Roy and [...]

    9. I liked the book, it treats a very difficult topic in a delicate way It made me think about the need to stop putting people into little boxes and consider them just as individual and unique human beeings Thank you for helping me open my mind I think I would have liked it to explore a little about his feelings about accepting that She used to be a man, because I think that kind of prejudices are a severe social disease

    10. A short romance with a character who is trans something I always appreciate But this felt like a message put in the mouths of these characters than a story that rose naturally from the characters.

    11. A really amazing love story, that I can t call unconventional, due love is love, no matter gender, faith, nationalities Ms Raines was able to place me in context, due plot was well developed, with a lot of nice reality touches Why it was a 4, instead of 5 stars Ending too easy.

    12. His Kind of Woman is a fast, twisted and interesting story It deals with taboo subjects and tries to reconize and enlight us about a reality that modern world still needs to fully acknowledge This story is about a woman, who used to be a man, and a man trying to do the right thing When his brother asked Roy to contact Victor he never expected to fall for a beautiful woman.There were a lot of things I liked about this book and some others that didn t really work for me Let s start with the plot I [...]

    13. When I was first contacted about joining the review tour for His Kind of Woman, all I needed to know was that it was a M F transgender erotic romance It didn t matter that I d never read Nona Raines before, there simply aren t nearly enough romance novels out there involving transgender women, and I wanted to not only experience it, but help spread the word.I am delighted to say that this was a lovely read, a truly romantic tale that demonstrates a wonderful understanding of what it means to be [...]

    14. His Kind of Woman is the first book I have read by Nona Raines and I was not disappointed It was a quick and meaningful book about bullying and forgiveness along with some love Roy wanted to help his brother find the one person that he tortured the most in high school named Victor Roy wasn t sure if it was the best idea but after tragedy he is determined to find him and give him the apology that should have happened years ago What Roy wasn t expecting was Venetia When she opened the door to Vict [...]

    15. I rated His Kind of Woman by Nona Raines FOUR LEAVES For the year of 2015 I wanted to start reading books outside of my comfort zone A couple of things on my book bucket list is to read a gay romance and a Transgender romance book I have to admit the number one reason I read this book was that I saw it was tagged as Transgender I am very curious to this and I couldn t wait to get my hands on this book This is a very sweet short romance between Venetia Varrano and Roy Girard The story is about Ro [...]

    16. 4.5 StarsThis is a really great book to read if you haven t read a book with a trans gendered woman in it Venetia is a post op trans female, which means she is all woman I loved the way the bullying side of things worked out It shows just how hard bullying is on the bullied but sometimes on the bully once they grow up and realize what a horrible thing they had done The amount of damage that is done by bullying is so much than so many people realize Thankfully, Victor Venetia used it to become a [...]

    17. Title HIS KIND OF WOMANSeries N ACategory Genre M F transgender erotic romance Recommended for 18 due to sexual contentReceived from Nona Raines in exchange for an honest review Grammar editing ungraded book received as an unedited ARC errors excusedThis is a stand alone, erotic, transgender romance.I completely enjoyed this unusual love story I would recommend it to anyone, but especially to those who need a little push to understand a GLBTQ gay, lesbian, bi sexual, transgender, or questioning [...]

    18. 3.5 StarsA wonderful, quick read If this had been novel length and explored the characters with additional depth and complexity, it would have been a massive oh hell yeah five stars What attracted me to this book was that it featured a transgender female male romance My first encounter reading this genre I will certainly be checking out if the author has any similar novel length works Possible spoilers view spoiler Venetia is a transgender woman who has put the traumatic past behind her and forg [...]

    19. This is the first time reading anything by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed this amazing story The story will make emotions come flooding to the surface in us all, the emotions I felt was angry, sadness , outrage, happiness,pissed off, sympathetic and forgiveness was my finally one I find myself shaking my head lot of the time in disgust, this story has angst, along with some narrow minded bigots Roy had some in battle s to deal with well trying to keep Vee safe for prejudice, he inadvertent [...]

    20. When Roy s brother passed away suddenly, he decides to go to the person his brother tormented to no end in school and try to make amends What he is shocked to discover is the boy known as Victor in school, is now the beautiful woman, Venetia Startled over his attraction to her, Roy is determined to get to know her, not revealing his connection to her childhood When the guilt of his dishonesty starts to mount after making love, he reveals his true reason of seeking her out and she s devastated Th [...]

    21. So this book has a lot of issues being dealt with, bullying and finding out who you are in life Victor was bullied during his high school years and hasn t forgotten it, He just never fit in with friends and his family He realized shortly after school that he was supposed to be a girl He went thru the stages, stood up to his family and after a while become Venetia Roy doesn t know all this and shortly after his half brother dies, he wants to make amends and find Victor to make things right He fin [...]

    22. I loved this story Although, it was a bit short I wish the romance have had detail and his feelings for her been a bit thought trough I mean, internal battle would ve been nice I love gay love stories and I ve read a few with trans women on them, but this is the first one I read were the guy wasn t already into trans women, so that transition is what I wanted to see of Although, I understand the meaning of she s just a woman now , I think there had to be some click moment for him to realize [...]

    23. I was sent this short story for an honest review I always say yes to Nona when she asks me to read her stuff and after I got sent this one and was told what it was about, I was a little leary I ve never read a transgender type story before but honestly I m glad I read this one So you meet Roy and Victor who is now Venetia Venetia is a beautiful woman and the crap she goes throughI wanted to dive into the book and punch the crap out of some of the guys that are mean to her.Roy and VenetiaI love t [...]

    24. This was a nice quick read I picked it up and read it straight through in about an hour It really made me realize how little I know about trans people and GRS in particular Definitely motivated me to go do some research of my own As far as I could tell, everything in the book was really accurate and I really enjoyed reading about a different kind of couple than I see in most romances My only issue was that I thought the I love yous happened a bit too fast, given the short amount of time in which [...]

    25. Venetia Has dealt with being bullied through school for being different A woman trapped inside a man s body for years Several months after the final transformation surgery to be a woman her former bully s half brother knocks on her door looking for her former self Victor Roy falls in love with Venetia An helps her to overcome the years of bullying his brother did to her It s a great story of being true to yourself an forgiving those that hurt you in the past and finding love through heart ache.

    26. This story was simple yet fantastic My feels Omg, this was just a wonderfully written story featuring a transgender character It was real, it was raw, it was relatable Doesn t hurt that Nona Raines, the author, is a former librarian Book nerds rejoice This one goes into my favorites pile Off to read the follow up, Her Kind of Man Roy and Venetia were well developed characters you couldn t help but cheer for Perfect little story to satisfy my aww factor.

    27. Roy knocking on Venetia s door was a great beginning to this novella.The emotional honesty in this book is what makes this a book worth reading The characters are open about their fears, sadness, regret, and love None of the characters feelings are dismissed or ignored because they are difficult I really liked how Venetia was strong enough to anticipate Roy s hesitancy and strip down her clothes and boundaries and bare herself to him.There was a lot packed into this short novella.

    28. Think outside the boxThis was the first book that I have read by Ms Raines and I am so glad that I finally did It is a quick read, but enlightening dealing with issues that we all deal with to be loved accepted for who we are I ll definitely be reading from this author I was gifted this ebook by Indiesage PR on behalf of the author for an honest review Opinions in this review are my own.

    29. This book made me think I can t say that about most romance books I learned that my knowledge of transgenders was woefully outdated and I am so glad to be brought up to speed My only complaint about this book is that I would have liked it to be a full length rather than a novella I wanted to spend a bit time with these characters.

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