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The Mourning After #2020

The Mourning After A tragic accident will forever change the Keller family Fifteen year old Levon Keller survives though his older brother David star athlete and golden child does not As the fragile family mourns whi

  • Title: The Mourning After
  • Author: Rochelle B. Weinstein
  • ISBN: 9781484015584
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Mourning After By Rochelle B. Weinstein, A tragic accident will forever change the Keller family Fifteen year old Levon Keller survives, though his older brother David, star athlete and golden child, does not As the fragile family mourns while trying to move on, guilt ridden Levon finds himself lost between the memory of his brother and the constant attention his younger sister requires with a rare genetic afflA tragic accident will forever change the Keller family Fifteen year old Levon Keller survives, though his older brother David, star athlete and golden child, does not As the fragile family mourns while trying to move on, guilt ridden Levon finds himself lost between the memory of his brother and the constant attention his younger sister requires with a rare genetic affliction When the beautiful and unpredictable teenager Lucy Bell moves in next door, Levon finds a trustworthy friend one capable of providing salvation and true insight Their friendship leads the reader on a journey that reveals family secrets and painful truths, culminating in an astonishingly suspenseful realization when it comes to family, nothing is as it seems Compelling and rife with raw emotion The Mourning After captures the essence of a family in crisis and recovery It sings with the power of the human spirit.

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      456 Rochelle B. Weinstein
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    1 thought on “The Mourning After

    1. Talk about a heart wrencher This was my first audiobook in a hot minute, but I needed something for a solo trip to Savannah this weekend and it was the perfect length down to the minute While some parts were predictable, the characters were relatable and my heart truly went out to Levon This one was just a bit over 8 hours which made it a great length for a newbie to Audiobooks and it was one you could zone in and out and not fall behind Another great story from Rochelle I received my copy from [...]

    2. update 99 cent special today and tomorrow 7 26 and 7 27 out of 174 reviews on the average rating is 4.5 stars I like reading Rochelle s books she explores challenging situations I enjoyed The Morning After fast easy read but I didn t LOVE it but I liked it Young Adults would enjoy this story I felt there were too many themes in this story yet none fully developedWe have a loss of a child David Keller.We have a young teenager who was raped Lucy Bell.We have a young girl with Glycogen Storage Dise [...]

    3. Heart wrenching, powerful, moving story Honest, realistic book.As the Kellers deal with grief so so SO much grief , we learn about these flawed but real characters Their pain is actually palpable and each page and revelation, specially the ending and every twist, will have you shedding than a couple of tears I can t not mention that Lucy Bell is such a compelling creature, that will add freshness to the plot and get you thinking about pureness and forgiveness.

    4. This is a very powerful and heart wrenching book about a family dealing with loss I loved Levon and adored Lucy Bell, who becomes a great friend to Levon The writing of this book is beautifully done I wasn t sure how I was going to feel about it while reading as it really is quite sad, but I ended up loving this book So very well done

    5. I loved this highly emotional realistic book of a family dealing with grief and the secrets surrounding the circumstances of the grief Review coming up

    6. I know of a mother who lost her child to a lingering illness Though not unexpected, she was so grief stricken she almost succumbed and lost herself Nothing can ever prepare a parent when death takes away a child, unexpected or otherwise.I like that the title, though very simple, is catchy, and so apt The story examines all the facets of the storm that a family goes through after the tragic death of a child It presents the casualties of relationships gone bad It shows the divide in time, and how [...]

    7. At first, I wasn t impressed with this book Although the title CLEARLY says, The MOURNING After for some reason I expected, the sadness to last a lot less than it did With that being said, I couldn t put the book down, I was waiting for the moment to come when their sadness was no longer there and it didn t happen till the end Rochelle Weinstein, did a great job capturing the grief of ALL the family members, while I myself have never lost a child, I believe the way the mother was portrayed to be [...]

    8. This page turner is a must read I think that everybody can relate to the characters in this book Moms with teens, married couples and so many but most importantly the family with a child who has GSD The author has done an amazing job with the emotions and feelings of each character I couldn t put this book down reading it in 48 hours It tugs at your heart strings and has left me with tears in my eyes Dr Weinstein is a brilliant doctor and Rochelle your beautifully written story facilitates the [...]

    9. This is another wonderfully sensitive treatment of grief within the family unit The family is forever changed when one member dies What if it is the oldest child the golden boy good in sports, academics and social interactions and the driver of the car is his brother who describes himself as invisible to his parents The family dynamics change, then change again when the younger son shares his secret of the night his brother died It is an excellent story well told.

    10. I am still reading this book but can say that I am thoroughly enjoying the story line and characters I love the way the book slowly peels away the secrets within the characters lives I also like the way the story moves back and forth between the first day and the present I have a hard time putting this book down Now that I ve finished this book, I m wishing the story had not yet ended and that I could continue to read it today.

    11. Great page turner Forgiveness is the theme of this novel and let s face it, we can all benefit from forgiveness The author did a great job developing the characters Everyone was relatable I would highly recommend this book.

    12. Sad story Grief effects everyone differently Grief isn t just about death Great story about family and friendship and how time can heal pain.

    13. Very goodI like a novel that teaches me something This one did Interesting, believable characters in a storyline that actually led somewhere.

    14. Not sure how I chose a seemingly YA story but this really could apply to many family dynamics Told from the point of view of Levon, the often overlooked middle child, he carries a heavy burden after a tragedy that tears his family apart In comes the new neighbor with her own secrets, which after building trust with Levon, she is able to share and really show him how to heal and stand up for himself She is a breath of fresh air for him and challenges him on every level.This was well written with [...]

    15. Kept my attentionThis book was different Characters were well developed Even sometimes it was predictable, I appreciated the honesty of the characters.It kept me interested I would recommend it.

    16. I couldn t help but love and care deeply about Levon The secret Levon was keeping was probably why I finished it at all I needed to know what it was and I needed to know he was ok.

    17. The beginning and the end were engrossing the middle dragged a bit for this reader.I was initially engrossed in the story of two parents whose eldest son died when the car driven by his younger brother hit a tree under mysterious circumstances Adding to the pathos was the rare, potentially fatal disease, afflicting the young daughter The Keller family was forever changed.Or were they David Keller, the deceased son, was the Golden Boy, the apple of his mother s eye, the boy who could do no wrong [...]

    18. After I finished reading the very last word of this book, I closed it, hugged it to my chest, and just sat there on my couch, not moving for minutes, lost in thought Wow That s all I can say right now My mind and heart are still racing from the excitement of the story Never before have I read a book that was so powerful, so meaningful I felt emotionally attached to all the characters, especially Levon and Lucy, and I found myself happy when they were, sad when they were, worried when they, too, [...]

    19. I received this book for free through First Reads After the initial look at the title and book description, it seemed to me that the book would be really sad and depressing.While it is true that the book is sad, there is a lot to be learned from it The novel takes an in depth look at family dynamics, loss of loved ones, friendships, forgiveness, honesty, and other such traits.I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and would recommend it to anyone seeking something a little different, fresh, and new in [...]

    20. This book far exceeded my expectations I expected to be crying through 75% of it and the sadness to be almost too much for me to handle I can t even explain how wrong I was It is an awesome book that is witty and humorous with simply a sad situation Mrs Weinstein did an amazing job of showing the main character, Levon s, transformation He was an excellent character with a lot of depth that I could imagine knowing in my own life The little sister, Chloe, was an eye opener and the perfect life mes [...]

    21. Good read but just a few notes.First, let me say that I liked this book It was well written, and the characters are likable However, I d like to mention two things 1 The grammar is incorrect in some different places For example, you re is used contraction for you are when it should have been the possessive your as in speaking about your mother not you re mother This is very irritating to me as irrational as that may be 2 At one point, GSD is explained as the opposite of diabetes This is incorrec [...]

    22. I began reading this book at night and became so ravenous to get further through this amazing, heartfelt story that I finished it before my husbands alarm went off which occurs at 4 30 in the morning This book touched my heart and spirit Not only did this amazingly talented author publish something so beautiful but she brought up awareness for a debilitating, life threatening, and obscure disease I felt the losses as this family endured them and I also lived through the disease symptoms and cons [...]

    23. A devasting loss in so many ways for the Keller family of Miami Two sons one car accident one boy lives.Levon grew up as the invisible middle kidndwiched between his golden boy big brother and his chronically ill little sister After tragedy tears his family apart fingers of blame and looks of disdain are all the attention he gets.Levon is sensitive, deep, and an intelligent young manhe s also hurting He has a secret that is eating him up from the inside out.Mourning After is several stories in o [...]

    24. This is a fantastic, powerful story about a family who is grieving the loss of their oldest son The family also has a daughter with a very rare genetic disease New neighbors move in and a teenage girls befriends the surviving son she has secrets and has been through some emotional trauma and the friendship they develop is sweet, beautiful and healing for both This is an extremely well written story about the grieving process, impacts on a family, secrets we keep and why they are so toxic, the im [...]

    25. Levon Keller and his brother David are in a tragic car accident that kills David His parents are devastated at losing their oldest child, and blame Levon, if not by words then by actions Levon is racked with guilt, guilt that eats away at him and has no one to turn to That is until Lucy Bell moves next door Lucy knows that Levon is keeping a secret about the accident that he tries to suppress I found Lucy a strong heroin of the story, she helps Levon deal with what he is going through, his only [...]

    26. I did not love this book actually, I couldn t wait for it to end and found myself skimming through the heavily detailed parts I think the issue is that the author tried to incorporate too many story lines 1 the death of the prodigal son, David, 2 Lucy s storyline, 3 Levon s love interest in Lucy, 4 Becky, David s girlfriend, 5 Chloe s disease 6 dad s dabblings it goes on and on She couldn t really devote ample time to any of the storylines because of how many there were.The most important storyl [...]

    27. I was lucky enough to have won this incredible book through for an honest review This was an exquisitely written book about the tragic loss of a child and how a family tries to mend, an impossible task to achieve The author captures the emotions with a vividness that will bring you to tears The characters are incredibly well developed, you will feel as if you know them What a heart wrenching story this was to read You know you have found an amazing author when they can grab you from the very fir [...]

    28. I read this book in 2 days I could not put it down I had to keep reading it to find out how it turned out I was lucky enough to win this book from in return for an honest review.The author does a great job bringing attention to the middle childs condition I don t want to mention spoilers here but there were 2 unexpected things in this story, one being a few pages from the very end Makes you want to love the ones you love a little This book grabs you and doesn t let you go even after you re done [...]

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