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The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook: Revolutionary Techniques. Groundbreaking Recipes. #2020

The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook Revolutionary Techniques Groundbreaking Recipes The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook

  • Title: The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook: Revolutionary Techniques. Groundbreaking Recipes.
  • Author: America's Test Kitchen
  • ISBN: 9781936493616
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook: Revolutionary Techniques. Groundbreaking Recipes. By America's Test Kitchen, The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook

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    1 thought on “The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook: Revolutionary Techniques. Groundbreaking Recipes.

    1. What I liked the most about this cookbook is its approach to gluten free cooking Instead of just providing recipes, America s Test Kitchen explains what they tried that didn t work as they developed each recipe Maybe that doesn t sound like a big deal, but gluten free cooking especially baking requires a completely different sort of cooking chemistry than what most people are familiar with Because they explained what the challenges of each recipes were, what they tried, why they tried it, and ho [...]

    2. Have been experiencing mild depression after adopting a gluten free diet for an auto immune thyroid disorder This book SAVED me Goodbye wheat, and good riddance there really is something to this wheat belly business but I honestly can t live on quinoa alone, and America s Test Kitchen says, yes, even though you shouldn t for reasons having nothing to do with wheat , you can still eat pancakes and cookies and a piece of bread once in a while And it s good

    3. It s not very often that I talk about the gluten free cookbooks that I try out, but if I were to recommend only one book to the baker who is missing their cookies and crepes, it would be America s Test Kitchen s How Can It Be Gluten Free.I ve read enough cookbooks now where the question, Why is incredibly important to me This book provides all the information possible on why your cupcakes will come out better with some white chocolate in the batter You have to think by bizzaro baker logic with g [...]

    4. America s Test Kitchen does this thing where they introduce each recipe by explaining the process they used to develop it, and thus share with you their toil and heartache It goes something like this We wanted to maximize the flavor so we doubled the thing, but our first attempt came out too flat, so we added stuff, but then it rose too much and collapsed, so we added an extra round thing for protein and lift and it turned out perfectly, and at first I m like, Oh, what a happy ending But after [...]

    5. I ve been a fan of the America s Test Kitchen for over a decade I ve always loved how they get into the science behind their cooking and explain why recipes work Even so, I ve never bought a cookbook from them been tempted in the past, but haven t done it Until now After previewing this cookbook from my library, I knew I d have to have it since I went gluten free last year I m a baker at heart, and have missed making breads and goodies that I can partake in or even simple things that suddenly be [...]

    6. This book was good and really interesting to readEven though I didn t try any of the recipes I really liked its scientific approach, with its failures and successes process I didn t rate it higher for two reasons The first one is because despite the scientific approach of the authors, instead of using the metric system who is so precise nowadays standard kitchen scales weight to the tenth of gram they used the imperial measurement system Good luck to weight 3 grams of yeast or whatever using oun [...]

    7. This is the third America s Test Kitchen cookbook I ve acquired and this time, it was out of necessity As a newly diagnosed Hashimoto s thyroiditis patient, I am having to go gluten free to help stop the anti thyroid antibodies And, as someone who loves bread, all I could think about was deprivation.Well, fortunately for me and other folks who are going gluten free for health reasons, ATK has created a book to help deal with that The first section talks about the science of gluten, and what this [...]

    8. This cookbook, from the American Test Kitchen, got me excited I ve been a long time fan of their Cook s Magazine.They flunked the gluten free test The recipes I ve tried so far are bland, and difficult to work up It s not good to work hard and get so little back on a recipe I m still working my way through, since I stupidly made up a bunch of their flour mix.The biggest drawback is one they think is their biggest plus using psyllium husk instead of xanthan or guar gum This item is used in every [...]

    9. America s Test Kitchen applied their extreme attention to detail and exhaustive testing to gluten free baking and created the ultimate reference book These are by no means healthy recipes, but for recipes that turn out right the first time, this will be my go to resource I m most excited to use their testing notes and techniques to improve my own gluten free baking, which relies heavily on almond and coconut flour and minimal sweeteners.

    10. I like the cookbook enough to buy it, but I didn t cook anything in it yet A lot of my family is going gluten free and this cookbook explain how to cook for them I like that the cooking processes are described why it works how different gluten free flours work in each recipe.

    11. I don t know about you but I want to serve gluten free meals I don t believe that anyone in our family has an intolerance for gluten, but I do think the American diet is a little gluten heavy.There are two reasons I haven t implemented my plan previously The first reason is simple and not really a huge contributing factor Truth is, I m an little timid to get started I ve always cooked and baked with flour and the idea of ruminating off into new, unexplored territory is a little intimidating The [...]

    12. America s Test Kitchen did a beautiful job in their efforts to create a cookbook filled with mostly baked goods that actually taste good While they seem to grasp the need for many of us to be on a gluten free diet, I didn t get the impression that they fully understood the severity of the health risks involved for some individuals They had one goal make gluten free treats that are as close to gluten based treats as possible.They have a flour blend that they came up with They recommend it over an [...]

    13. Every recipe I tried was good Have learned good techniques and ingredients I use Volume 2 as it has whole grain recipes.

    14. If your new to gluten free cooking, this may not be the best choice for a cookbook Like all ATK cookbooks, this one goes into great detail on why its recipes work and where others may fall short I imagine it could be overwhelming to someone who s just coming to grips with a diagnosis that suggests such a monumental dietary change I also found the recipes to contain many steps than similar GF recipes in other cookbooks and online, without the end product being any better That having been said, a [...]

    15. For those who eat gluten free, you know how hard it is to find recipes that result in food tasting as good as what you used to eat The wizards at America s Test Kitchen have come to the rescue Employing their vast knowledge of kitchen chemistry, and surprising themselves occasionally, they painstakingly tested various ingredients in numerous combinations and had non gluten free eaters taste test the results because if they liked the results, gluten free eaters would, too This cookbook contains t [...]

    16. I haven t tested any of the recipes myself yet, but I am very excited to do so As always, the research and ensuing recommendations are clearly and carefully explained, and any brand recommendations are well reasoned I m glad they were as happy with Bob s Red Mill brown rice flour as I have been I m definitely going to try out the flour blend suggested in this volumeI m currently using a mix recommended in another GF cookbook, that has sorghum, brown rice, cornstarch, and potato flour I ve found [...]

    17. I have only made two or three things from this cookbook, but it seems to be a great one The thing I like in particular is that I m a cook and yet cooking gluten free is a whole new way of cooking and this book explains the why and wherefore That s incredibly useful because at times I ve read the how to make something elsewhere and then not known the reason to do something a certain way and fallen back on my own cooking techniques and ended up with less than stellar results I need to know why to [...]

    18. It has some great recipes and the research is done well I myself am not gluten free and I used regular flour in replacement of their gluten free flour and additives The only recipe I ve made so far is the banana bread recipe, and it turned out great It was really delicious It has the perfect amount of crunch on the outside, dense banana around the edges, and soft cake like texture in the middle I ate than half the loaf myself and was very pleased with the results I am dairy free so I wasn t abl [...]

    19. Overall a good book, especially if new to gluten free cooking or cooking for someone else Also a nice change as the goal is to replicate things as close to taste texture as with it vs new recipes that are as good We generally cook things that wouldn t have gluten anyways but the times you want something you used to have, duplication is key.Good Recipes include notes on popular commercial flour substitutes and how they change the recipe In depth info on what why things are they way they are Range [...]

    20. This is our go to bible with my little celiac The recipes really work and I love that they compare them to those made with King Arthur gf flour and Bob s Red Mill gf flour I do wish their comparisons had also included cup 4 cup, and that there was broader discussion of subbing some of these flours into non gf recipes Like the rest of the ATK CI line, the and techniques are spot on, but not that exotic Because we can t eat in restaurants much any, and cooking is a major project, I would like eth [...]

    21. This work is one of the best gluten free books I ve seen They test both commercially available products as well as their own recipes, including a flour substitute And they explain why their recipes produce superior results So if your own food challenge is gluten, then I highly recommend this book If, however, you re like me and also have other food allergies, such as eggs and milk, then save your time and money Virtually every recipe has butter or powdered milk or eggs or cheese or or or I gave [...]

    22. This is an excellent cookbook meticulously researched with a great introductory chapter that explains what gluten is and how it functions in the foods we eat as well as going through all the different types of gf flours and grains There are even some product reviews like in the magazine best already made sandwich bread, etcI like that this isn t just about desserts Baked goods get than half the cookbook and rightly so, but there s all sorts of savory dishes and salads with grains that look amaz [...]

    23. This book covers perennial favorite recipes from blueberry muffins to pizza We ve adopted the pizza crust as our go to recipe I like that the recipe makes two crusts and we can freeze one I ve also made the deep dish apple pie awesomely delicious cornbread and sausage stuffing, crispy pan fried pork chops and the all american meatloaf Thus far, we ve been pleased with the outcomes, excepting the blueberry muffin recipe While the recipes cater to comfort food, I find myself wanting some healthier [...]

    24. I checked this book out from the library so I could bake for a family member who has celiac s disease It s not very hard to cook for someone with celiac s, but it s very hard to bake I thought the researchers and chefs at ATK did a phenomenal job of researching and explaining all the science necessary to bake well without gluten Their recipe for the gluten free flour blend worked really well in the recipes we tried apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and buttermilk pancakes I will proba [...]

    25. This is a great book on what makes for good gluten free recipies so I can understand when to use what kinds of flours as substitutes I ve been playing with gluten free cooking for a few years, so I like to play with different flours for different uses but didn t have a good sense on what to combine for specific purposes This should help me increase my success in cooking quite a bit I also like that the authors address the high glycemic index level i.e low protein level of much of the best substi [...]

    26. Great GF cookbook GF baking requires a bit of chemistry know how, and this book explains it very well It s a good technical manual with decent recipes The ingredients are expensive to make the flour mixes, but it is less expensive then buying cup for cup flour mixes or pre made GF baked goods The muffins, cookies, bread, and buns are as good as Udi s and you can DIY them for about 2 less then buying in the store Not a huge amount of money, but every little bit helps And they turn out as good or [...]

    27. An amazing gluten free cookbook from America s Test Kitchen If you truly want to bake gluten free you re going to have to relearn how and this book will tell you Most recipes use xanthan gum for stability and after mixing cookie dough you have to let it rest for 30 minutes before shaping or the cookies will spread There are tons of little tweaks that have to be made luckily, they ve done the experimenting and testing so we don t have to They also tested various brands of gluten free products and [...]

    28. So, I haven t made anything out of this cookbook, but can t wait to Reading the text that explains the scientific thought behind the various recipes and the time and effort that does into the process and ingredient selection really makes the whole book worth while Only downside, is that I might be getting older, but the text seems really small, which was awkward at times reading the explanations.

    29. Best gluten free cookbook ever Book explained very clearly what ingredients work best in each type of baking and why certain non gluten flours work or fail in each type Best recipes I have found yet in my GlutenFree search So good, I just bought the second in this series I think this cookbook is essential for anyone who wants to cook gluten free foods that truly taste as good as or better than those items made with gluten.

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