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The Killer Next Door #2020

The Killer Next Door No has a secret In this bedsit riddled south London wreck lorded over by a lecherous landlord something waits to be discovered Yet all six residents have something to hide Collette and Cher are o

  • Title: The Killer Next Door
  • Author: Alex Marwood
  • ISBN: 9780751550696
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Killer Next Door By Alex Marwood, No 23 has a secret In this bedsit riddled south London wreck, lorded over by a lecherous landlord, something waits to be discovered Yet all six residents have something to hide.Collette and Cher are on the run Thomas is a reluctant loner while a gorgeous Iranian asylum seeker and a quiet man nobody sees try to stay hidden And watching over them all is Vesta or soNo 23 has a secret In this bedsit riddled south London wreck, lorded over by a lecherous landlord, something waits to be discovered Yet all six residents have something to hide.Collette and Cher are on the run Thomas is a reluctant loner while a gorgeous Iranian asylum seeker and a quiet man nobody sees try to stay hidden And watching over them all is Vesta or so she thinks In the dead of night, a terrible accident pushes the neighbours into an uneasy alliance But one of them is a killer, expertly hiding their pastime, all the while closing in on their next victimAs a cloying heatwave suffocates the city, events build to an electrifying climax in this dark, original and irresistibly compelling thriller.

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      235 Alex Marwood
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    1. What a clever, entertaining read this was Some gory scenes, so not for the faint hearted I just saw that I forgot to review this, oops Now that some time as passed, this review is going to be generic than most, as I can barely remember what I had to eat last night let alone all the intricate details to this wicked thriller.The plot revolves around the tenants that reside in a run down boarding house All strangers who are forced to interact, even when they are trying their best to hide from the [...]

    2. Originally posted on The Book NymphoQuick summaryThe story centers around the tenants at 34 Beulah Road outside of London One of them is a serial killer, referred to as The Lover What s bizarre is that no one even knows the women he s abducted and killed are missing, let alone there being a murderer in their midst What I enjoyed Each tenant has their own circumstances that make this an interesting book Their backstories are told from each person s perspective, some heartbreaking and others chill [...]

    3. Wow I did not see that coming Not in a million years Great book Imogene Church narrated this book above and beyond, again, as is her trademark You really get to know the individual characters in the book whenever Imogene is telling any story She can make you FEEL the emotions surrounding the characters, the intensity, the drama Yes Read it Someone asked a question about rating this book, 1 being a book you could read to your children, 10 will give you nightmares I would rate it about an 6 But, i [...]

    4. Rating 4 StarsI had so much fun with this book This was my first audiobook experience so it could have went either way When I first heard the narrator changing her voice to suit the various characters including an old lady, a Middle Eastern man, and a 15 year old girl brimming with attitude I honestly didn t know what to think I ended up loving it The narrator was great I recall on a handful of occasions laughing out loud, or saying something like Oh no he didn t I noticed myself taking the long [...]

    5. This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.This was a little different than I thought it would be based on the title I saw this audiobook while it was on sale at Audible recently and decided to buy it largely because of the title and the narrator I thought that it would be a book completely focused on the killer alluded to in the title That s not exactly what the book was It s focus was not just on the killer but the entire building s tenants Everything came together in the end and I [...]

    6. This novel begins with one of the residents of a boarding house being interviewed about a crime which has taken place there so the fact that there is, literally, a killer next door, is not a plot spoiler However, this is much than a thriller or a crime novel it is a slice of London life and a story of the anonymity of the city Having revealed that one of the bedsits of the Victorian house in Beulah Grove have contained a murderer, the story slips back in time to reveal the inhabitants and what [...]

    7. A rundown boarding house in London is home to jaded, toxic tenants and appalling secrets.As the characters lives crumble before our eyes, Marwood slowly reveals the hideous secret that gives this compelling book its title.One of the most chilling books I ve read in years.

    8. What can I say except after reading The Wicked Girls, which was just amazing, The Killer Next Door was a huge disappointment I had such a hard time reading this novel as I found it quite mundane my interest kept wavering I almost gave up a few times but I trudged on, and on, and on Even the characters were lackadaisical The killer was of course screwed in the head, but even he came across as a bore What really bugged me was the way the story was written all from third person, and all over the pl [...]

    9. Sometimes you don t want to know your neighbors In this instance that is so true for at least five in this tenement of six That s because the odd person out happens to be a killer Of course the others don t know this yet They each have something to hide That makes them sound as sinister as the killer, which is not the case One is a recluse two or three are on the run, or hiding from the past and one has lived here all her life.That could make for a lot of stories, and therein lays part of the pr [...]

    10. I picked up this book, one of Audible s Daily Deals, on the strength of Alex Marwood s last book, The Wicked Girls, and now Marwood has joined my list of authors to follow she tells a good story, she s carving out a niche for herself, and so far she s avoided the series trap.Marwood s niche seems to be Lower class British crime thrillers Lower class referring to the characters, not the books In The Wicked Girls, we got a look at the lives of two girls who d gotten into trouble as teenagers, and [...]

    11. Brilliant Twists TurnsAlex Marwood who had critically acclaimed word of mouth success with The Wicked Girls has written another brilliant thriller which I am positive will also be critically acclaimed, The Killer Next Door This is a brilliant second thriller which covers all the bases for a psychological thriller of the highest order.Collette who has been on the run from her villainous ex boss whom she happened to steal a large quantity of money from has been chased all over Europe and is trying [...]

    12. 4.5 stars extra half star for pure entertainment value What an intricate and clever story Several unlikely characters come together in one house and lots of things happen I don t want to give away any spoilers but this is a mish mash of serial killer gritty realism mystery family drama.Set in London in hot summer this is a great holiday read I should mention that it is rather gruesome and graphic and a bit gross so may not be your idea of a holiday read yes there is something wrong with me that [...]

    13. I became attached to this motley crew of characters who are all so completely unique The tenants in this apartment building know and watch out for each other with the exception of their slum landlord Each of them have a secret that if revealed could be their demise This in itself makes them even closer and protective of each other The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the ending seemed rushed An entertaining read but not for the squeamish Imogen Church did an excellent job wi [...]

    14. Hm I m kind of on the fence about this one I didn t really enjoy Marwood s The Wicked Girls, so i waited a while to read this, and again emerge with mixed feelings On the one hand, I did like it better than The Wicked Girls simply because I found the majority of the characters so much interesting and I really rooted for a couple of them, which is a huge plus, even if the story was not so great It was gripping, but at the same time, I wanted to finish it quickly because the killer was particular [...]

    15. Un libro davvero inquietante con grandi personaggi Stephen KingMio caro Stevie, ma che ti sei bevuto, figlio mio Alcol etilico allo stato puro Questo non un libro inquietante, solo una favola con annesso e connesso lieto fine che, al posto delle principesse, delle fate e degli orchi, offre donne che scappano, affascinanti rifugiati politici, quindicenni con pi risorse di Wonder Woman, zitelle settantenni capaci di buttare alle ortiche un intera vita e un serial killer che pare lo scemo del villa [...]

    16. A mix of people, most hiding or running from something, all live in bedsits in one apartment building The landlord is so disgusting and predatory that I think I would have to be pretty darn desperate Woman are going missing and it becomes apparent that they have a killer in their midst.Creepy, graphic cringe worthy violence, the overall tone is dark and desperate Good characterizations of some of the tenants but definitely not for the faint of heart.Arc from publisher.

    17. A slow start made me dubious, but it moved right along after a bit Who doesn t love a man who studies Egypt.

    18. I read Alex Marwood s debut novel and as much as I enjoyed it, it made me feel uncomfortable This second book made me feel uncomfortable but on a whole new level I was bloody gripped from start to finish and felt like I was playing the world s most twisted game of Cluedo when you read it you ll get what I mean The characters in this book I really liked as they all have their own dark secrets which have brought them to No 23 Collet, Cher and Vesta made the core women and an additional 3 men plus [...]

    19. Coming 5th December ebook and 2014 paperback from SphereThank you to the author and publisher for the much anticipated review copy.No 23 has a secret In this gloomy, bedsit riddled South London wreck, lorded over by a lecherous landlord, a horrifying collection quietly waits to be discovered Yet all six residents have something to hide.Impressive Yes ok, this is crime fiction There is a mystery and things to discover here, but for me this was mostly a character driven novel and a rather addictiv [...]

    20. Thank you Netgalley and Penguin for providing this in exchange for an honest review This was excellent Collette has an easy job Sure, deep down she knows she is paid with dirty money, but its a lot of money One night she sees something she shouldn t have and has to go on the run After a few years of constantly moving around, she eventually makes it to 23 Beulah Grove At first, she thinks this is the perfect place to stay for awhile Due to a family issue, she must stay put for awhile She needed s [...]

    21. I really enjoyed the character development of the tenants who rent rooms in this sad, dilapidated rental in London They each have their own secrets and stories, and we learn these as the story evolves and they get to know and trust one another A destitute elderly woman, a teen runaway, a woman fleeing the mob, and a middle eastern refugeel four of the main characters were very memorable, and likable in their own ways This, and the ending, were five stars for me.The murder evil part of the story [...]

    22. A bedsit in London with the kind of occupants who wish to remain off the grid, a house of secrets and lies Everybody has something to hide, some than others This was a fantastic and gripping page turner that I consumed in one sitting Disturbing and creepy, great characters and a twisted killer, this is definitely worth reading if you like crime fiction.

    23. Wiecie co jest gorsze od braku ch ci na czytanie Trafienie na ksi k , kt re sprawia, e ju w og le masz ochot przesta czyta ksi ki Na ,,Zab jc z s siedztwa trafi am w bibliotece i pomy la am, e mo e to by fajna ksi ka, a e mia am ochot na jaki thriller to tym bardziej wzi am To by jeden z moich najwi kszych b d w czytelniczych Jedyni ludzie, kt rzy naprawd wierz w to, e ,,za pieni dze nie kupisz szcz cia , to ci, kt rzy nigdy nie musieli bez nich y Pocz tek ksi ki, no szczerze nie zapowiada si ci [...]

    24. Alex Marwood is an author to have caught my eye a couple of times in the past, but it s only when I needed another book to complete a deal that I picked up The Killer Next Door As the book had caught my attention a few times, I decided it was time to take the leap and see if it was what I was hoping for.In truth, I was rather let down by this one If I m being brutally honest, this book spent a lot of time sitting around the two star rating It was of a two point five star rating in the end, and [...]

    25. The residents in No 23 Northbourne, South London, are a mixed bunch of the forgotten and ignored before Collette turns up, she is the one resident that someone is looking for Unfortunately for Collette her past keeps catching up with her, someone wants her silenced and has been relentlessly tracking her for three years.The cloying atmosphere of London in a heatwave is the scene brilliantly captured as the repulsive, obese Landlord Roy Preece is persuaded to let out a room still partially full of [...]

    26. I tried to start this one a few times but had trouble getting into it so I set it aside for a bit and came back later I m so glad I did once I got into it, I really enjoyed this novel I liked the intermix of action and character study that I found in this novel I really like the character study piece and I think it made the story much impactful overall The primary reason for my 3 star rating is that I think the novel did have a bit too much action at times in other words, how much can one group [...]

    27. 3.5 stars Was waffling betwen ratings, when I realized that I liked Alex Marwood s author bio on GR better than her book Her novel takes place in a low income section of London, in a bedsit boardinghouse , with the fringe dweller tenants all seeking to escape something The lead character Collette Lisa , with a bag of stolen cash, is fleeing from her ex boss and a London police detective looking to put the ex boss in jail The other tenants are interesting, but equally secretive Cher, an underaged [...]

    28. I loved Alex Marwood s THE WICKED GIRLS because of the wonderful characters, and THE KILLER NEXT DOOR shines for the same reason The book is particularly good in portraying smart women down on their luck who must survive by using their wits Although the victims of the killer happen to be women, this is not your typical serial killer book where helpless young women are taken advantage of until they re rescued by a big, tough man Indeed, the suspense in the novel comes less from tracking the kille [...]

    29. 23 Beulah Grove is quite the house of horrors The tenants have secrets, the landlord is a nasty piece of work, and only people out of options would live there For me, this book suffered from not knowing what it was The icky bits dipped into horror, the tenants bonding over an unfortunate act was prime black comedy material with no intentional humour and the hidden backgrounds of a couple of characters brought a mystery feel to the novel Any one of those themes would have worked for me, but toget [...]

    30. Review also found at kristineandterri 2I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher Penguin Books via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review The expected publication date is October 28th, 2014 If I could describe this book in one word it would be creepy I mean, really really creepy Going back and forth from the perspective of the tenants in 23 Beulah Grove and The Lovers perspective added an additional element to the story We learn about the secrets of each of the resident s t [...]

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