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Prossia #2020

Prossia Where were you when you had to grow up For a seventeen year old Goolian named Aly it was on another planet a world where she had to adjust in order to fit her new surroundings Daydreaming got repla

  • Title: Prossia
  • Author: Raphyel M. Jordan
  • ISBN: 9781492940258
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback
  • Prossia By Raphyel M. Jordan, Where were you, when you had to grow up For a seventeen year old Goolian named Aly, it was on another planet, a world where she had to adjust in order to fit her new surroundings Daydreaming got replaced with nightmares Sparring got replaced with killing Singing to adoring crowds in her father s store turned into shouting for cover This is what fighting in the war haWhere were you, when you had to grow up For a seventeen year old Goolian named Aly, it was on another planet, a world where she had to adjust in order to fit her new surroundings Daydreaming got replaced with nightmares Sparring got replaced with killing Singing to adoring crowds in her father s store turned into shouting for cover This is what fighting in the war has given Aly, ever since her tribe was drafted This is the sacrifice she makes while defending galactic order against the Cyogen.However, there s a danger lurking right among the allies and friends Aly has sworn to protect It s worse than any Cyogen weaponry, or any being known in the galaxy It s wrath has the potential of crumbling enemy forces, and bringing allied troops to their knees That danger is Aly, herself, and the best part is this she doesn t even know it.

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      448 Raphyel M. Jordan
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      Posted by:Raphyel M. Jordan
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    1 thought on “Prossia

    1. Okay this is going to be a complex review There were a lot of elements that I liked about this story, but I had issues with it in equal turns It makes me uncertain about whether I actually liked it or not I was able to finish it, but between my issues and sci fi not always being my favorite, I might not have kept on with it had I not taken it for review.What I didn t like I had some problems with the language in the writing It would have been okay, since this is a sci fi book with no humans, but [...]

    2. A true sci fi book I liked Prossia because it has action and keeps the reader engaged in the storyline Aly encounters danger and enigma in her world Prossia kept me interested to find out what was next.

    3. WALKI S REVIEWPROSSIA is a sci fi novel about an inter planetary war in another galaxy Refreshingly it doesn t feature any Earthlings however the people featured are not so psychologically different, including when it comes to differences between genders The main character is Alytchai of the Kutenbriun tribe Aly She lives on the planet Gooliun with her father Shanvi Her best friend is Cattalice Catty They re referred to as greenies by peoples from other planets, as Gooliun is mostly covered by t [...]

    4. Confession, I m a sucker for an interesting book cover The cover of Prossia caught my eye It turns out the author is a talented graphic artist and therefore does his own artwork Neat, right Another ensnaring detail is Prossia does not revolve around humans In fact, there are no humans at all in the story Intriguing As a huge sci fi fan, I was officially hooked from the beginning I love the premise of the book The story s tagline is catchy as well Where were you when you had to grow up Aly Alytch [...]

    5. I found the work difficult, to say the least.The premise is well thought out, though the execution felt lacking The utopia type world the main character comes from was disconcerting and less than believable During the reading I found myself not being drawn into the story as I should have been Instead, my eyes kept looking at the incorrectly spelled words and grammatical mistakes that littered the pages.I struggled through as much as I could, finding myself stopping after one or two pages a day w [...]

    6. Prossia is an interesting scifi offering by Raphyel Jordan The story follows a young lady whose planet is filled with a people who have pretty amazing agility and are known for their martial prowess Aly seems to be pretty typical Goolian teenage girl, but life is about to change drastically She and a a whole lot of other Goolians are getting shipped off to another planet to fight in a war against the Cyogen Raphyel sent me a print copy of his book to review and the first thing that popped out at [...]

    7. I received this book from.I feel really lucky that I won this book from I honestly would never have given this book hardly then a half hearted glance nerveless checked it out and bought it If that was the case I would have missed out on a really good book.Okay, in the beginning I found the book boring and confusing then a Young One on a new planet Be that as it may, there was still something that made me keep turning the pages.I m glad I did.This book is intense It s action packed and witty We [...]

    8. I received this book as a First Reads win.I loved this book Lots of action The descriptions of the characters was greatand very creative I m a big sci fi fan so anything involving aliens of multiple different planets is a hit with me The ending is a bit of a cliff hanger, but it gives the reader the chance to hope fora sequel and or create their own ending I did both, LOL I don t like giving a summary of the book in my reviews as I assume anyone reading my review has already read the blurb about [...]

    9. As a part of the Prossia blog tour, Raphyel was kind enough to offer a copy of his book if I would do a review I m not a huge sci fi fan, but I thought I d give it a shot At worst, I would retract my offer of review At best, I d find an entertaining read.Prossia surprised me.Warfare is a large part of Prossia An alien girl, Alyichai, lives on the planet Gooliun Her people train from the time they are young to be warriors in case the call for war is sent out Aly is friends with Cattalice, another [...]

    10. I first encountered Alytchai, a female Goolian, and an anomaly among her people, in the prequel to the Prossia trilogy, Evaluations of the Tribe I was pulled into this remarkable story, hooked by the end of it, left wanting to know So, I progressed to Prossia.In part 1 of the trilogy, the Cyogen are on the march, wreaking war on nearby planets Alytchai and her best friend, Catty, along with the two girls fathers must go to the planet Argutas to defend against an imminent Cyogen invasion Ali enc [...]

    11. Alytchai Aly is seventeen and has been drafted to fight a war on a planet she has never been to amongst a people she has never seen against an enemy who would wipe out their entire civilisation Dealing with teenage hormones whilst trying to focus on the war and their mission, Aly has a harder time at it than her fellow Goolians who can make fireballs of hot plasma out of their hands On the way she learns to mix with other races the cheeky Ufrian called Gruago, the imposing Hethroycken, Lord Gury [...]

    12. Well, this is going to be the most conflicted and complicated review I ve ever written First off, I received this book for free through First Reads.All right, so, I hated the typesetting and the typos I know that most books have typos, but there were a ridiculous amount Sometimes words were omitted so that the sentence wasn t even a sentence This about drove me crazy The editor really should have caught these and I hope they will be corrected in future editions because they really detract from t [...]

    13. Prossia is the first science fiction novel I ve read not centered around humans I was hesitant when accepting to review it as I wasn t sure if I d be able to relate to the characters Instead, I was pleasantly surprised at how developed and relatable the characters really were Aly is a Goolian any reader can follow, a Young One with problems of both a basic and galactic nature I enjoyed her interactions with her companions, especially Catty who, despite differences between the two, is really a go [...]

    14. I read 100 pages before I gave up on this book It had a number of problems and I was just not enjoying it.Firstly the characters and story never drew me in There was just something about them which made me not interested in them.Secondly the speech of the characters was very odd, it was an odd mix of archaic and modern speech with some odd alien speech thrown in a combination of Yoda back speak and a bad translation program This made it at times hard to follow, or pulled me away from the story a [...]

    15. I received this through First Reads Giveaways.I have to admit, I wasn t a huge fan of this book I can t point to any one specific thing that I didn t like about it, but it took me a LONG TIME to read it because I kept stopping and starting other books on top of it It simply didn t hold my interest I don t know why exactly I LOVE sci fi But this one just didn t do it for me.I wish I could give a better review, but I just didn t care enough about the book to give a detailed review To be honest, i [...]

    16. Prossia is about a special Goolian teenage girl who along with friends and family and immediately thrown into a war that takes place on an allied planet The entire story was just ok for me, the characters were all really likeable though Most of the alien species introduced and described were like creatures created in Spore There was a decent amount of action in the whole book I wished there was detail in it, I was left wondering what the planet of the war looked like along with the terrain of s [...]

    17. One word to describe this book , SCI FI It takes place on another planet , not EARTH Can you believe that Jk p Whats better then aliens Aliens at war Alytchai is the main character and she is fighting for the Allies However, through out this book the point of view changes from Alytchai to the Prossia people Who are neutral, they are not evil but they are not good either This book is very action and has alot of betrayal All the elements to make this book a GREAT BOOK

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