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The Christmas Owl #2020

The Christmas Owl A Barred owl becomes injured and must ask others for help He promises to give back to those who have a generous heart and he is true to his word

  • Title: The Christmas Owl
  • Author: Angela Muse
  • ISBN: 9781492936732
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Christmas Owl By Angela Muse, A Barred owl becomes injured and must ask others for help He promises to give back to those who have a generous heart and he is true to his word.

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      237 Angela Muse
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    1 thought on “The Christmas Owl

    1. This is a lovely book about kindness and helping someone in need even when it doesn t suit you Owl is hurt and can t fly home, so he petitions the animals in the forest to let him stay in their homes for just one night each, while he mends Each animal is a bit apprehensive, as we know that Owls with their big talons can be quite the predators, but the animals share their homes and food Owl finally heals and on Christmas Eve, returns to thanks each animal with gift perfectly suited to them Thus b [...]

    2. The Christmas Owl is a gentle story written by Angela Muse and beautifully illustrated by Helen H Wu It shares the great message that, if you show kindness to strangers, it will be repaid.I found the rhyming story to be a bit forced and clunky at times, and the punctuation to be dubious There was also an error in vocabulary that I won t point out because most people probably wouldn t notice I do, however, find this a bit disturbing in a children s book of only 500 words or so.This book would mak [...]

    3. This short thirty two page book perfectly illustrates the reason for the season The story presents an owl protagonist who has fallen out of its nest and is now unable to fly This poor creature hops from place to place seeking refuge from the cold and snow He meets four animals on his journey, a rabbit, a bat, a mouse and a duck Each of them is reluctant to share its shelter and questions the owl as to what food will he eat But the owl does not mean to intrude and makes due with whatever that ani [...]

    4. The Christmas Owl is a sweet picture book that tells the story of an owl that has fallen out of his perch.He is hurt and cannot fly so he seeks out refuge in other animals homes.Each animal is leery of this owl but eventually allows him to come in and shares their meal The owl stays the night but moves on until he is eventually healed and can return home.On Christmas Eve as he returns home he stops at each of his new found friends and returns with gifts of gratitude The illustrations by Helen H [...]

    5. The Christmas Owl is a touching and heartwarming story that teaches children about compassion and good will As the owl treks through the forest in search of places to rest he meets many animals who are a bit uneasy at his presence, but the owl ensures them he will bring them no harm and instead offers to return kindness for kindness Will the owl keep his promise Told in verse, The Christmas Owl will capture the hearts of both children and parents while reminding us that when we decide to do good [...]

    6. This is a delightful children s book with amazing illustrations that you will want to see in full color to appreciate them Remembering that this book is intended for a young audience, I can certainly recommend it I am always one who appreciates a little meat in books even children s books However, it does point out that hospitality has its benefits, and being kind to others is a good way to live one s life This also celebrates the owl which has become a much celebrated part of our current cultu [...]

    7. We received this book to give an honest review I have to say this was a fun book to read You are following an owl whose neighbors are very willing to be kind and let him stay with them even though they seem a bit weary of him Only to be paid back in kindness every year With this book you learn that is good to always be kind and helpful to those even if you do not know them This is a must read for all to learn about being helpful to others when they need it, to being kind The illustrations were d [...]

    8. I adored this 5 star book It is a great story about the wonderful things that can happen when you help out others, who would be unlikely friends under different circumstances The owl encounters a rabbit, a bat, a mouse and a duck creating a lifelong friendships that started with helping a stranger in need I think this is a heart warming tale and one that will resonate over the holidays and any other time of year A must read

    9. This is a charming story filled with great illustrations and a flowing rhyme As I was reading this, I remembered the bedtime stories of years past, and could feel my kids snuggling in.This book certainly has the appeal that will delight the younger kids, and a message of friendship that parents will enjoy The perfect addition to a Christmas library or tradition.4 Stars

    10. I enjoyed the beautiful illustrations in this story as much as I enjoyed the simple message in the narrative An injured owl finds help and friendship from those who might normally fear him.

    11. Nicely illustratedI bought this to read out loud to my daughters 1, 3, and 5 They enjoyed, but I thought the rhyming was clumsy and awkward to read The story was nice enough, though, and the pictures were excellent.

    12. Sweet story for all to enjoyAn owl in trouble becomes a friend indeed I love all the animals of the forest and so will you.

    13. Nice storyBeautiful illustrations and an easy message for children to understand I would certainly recommend this book for children ages two to eight.

    14. This delightful book will warm your heart and remind you about the true meaning of the Christmas Written in rhyme it tells of acts of kindness and the rewards of being sympathetic and hospitable to others The story begins One December day a bitter wind blew steady.And snow fell thick like Jack Frost s confetti.A young Barred owl had fallen from his perch.Injured and cold for safe harbor he searched Cold and weak he finds he is too injured to fly so he needs to find shelter or else perish in the [...]

    15. The Christmas Owl is a beautifully illustrated rhyming book filled with warmth and an important underlying message about kindness and gratitude The story begins with an injured owl who must rely on the kindness of other animals some of which are naturally his prey to give him shelter and food until he is healed We witness how each animal is at first reluctant to help, but they each open their hearts and home and help the owl When the owl recovers, he repays his debt to each animal by giving them [...]

    16. It is rare that a children s book draws me in just from the cover but The Christmas Owl has such a beautiful image on front, I was intrigued by that alone My kids get tired of the same old Christmas stories day after day so it was nice to have such a unique one to throw in the mix Especially one with such a great message at Christmas time.The owl gets injured and is forced to ask others for help for food and shelter from the cold The response is typical of the world we live in where he is immedi [...]

    17. Book Description A Barred owl becomes injured and must ask others for help He promises to give back to those who have a generous heart and he is true to his word A sweet rhyming story filled with beautifully illustrated drawings The nice rhyming sentence structure made it a great choice for children to follow along with A worthy lesson at the end about helping those in need and giving back to those with a generous heart A perfect holiday choice for read aloud up to second grade Most of the child [...]

    18. he Christmas Owl is a delightful story about a Barred Owl that is injured when it falls from its nest It is cold and the owl must find a warm place to stay until it s wing is healed and it can fly back to it s tree It first comes to the home a a bunny, who is no doubt afraid that the owl might wish to eat it However, the rabbit allows the owl to spend one night, and shares all he has with the owl The owl then spends one night each with a mouse, a bat, and a duck, who also share what they have wi [...]

    19. In The Christmas Owl, a little owl falls out of the tree and hurts her wing Each night until she s better, she asks for one of her neighbors to help her She visits a rabbit, a bat, a duck, and even a mouse Each time, the other animals are nervous about allowing the rabbit in, but in the end, they all give her food and shelter for the night Once the owl heals, she returns the favor by visiting each animal with a special thank you gift.The Christmas Owl is the perfect holiday book for pre school c [...]

    20. What a wonderful addition for Holiday reading The tale begins with an injured owl needing refuge He visits several fellow creatures Will they help him Read and discover the answer for yourself.Key issues in this story is trust, understanding, sharing, gratitude and giving.The story is in partial rhyme It would have been effective if it had been in total rhyme with the same rhythm in stanzas However, it still is an effective, entertaining story for toddlers and young elementary age children Ange [...]

    21. When a owl becomes injured close to Christmas and needs to heal he makes three friends who are all weary of him being an owl It was a great book about being hospitable with others sometimes good things can come of it I really enjoyed this story as did my kids they loved the pictures.Natalie enjoyed the friends that the owl made Caitlyn loved seeing how it ended Alexis loved the pictures and the book trailer Below is the book trailer what a great book just in time for the holiday season

    22. Synopsis A Barred owl becomes injured and must ask others for help He promises to give back to those who have a generous heart and he is true to his word My Review This was a cute story but one I felt I have read before only with different characters It is interesting to see that the owl went to his typical prey for help The illustrations were lovely but as I said it was had just too much in common with so many other stories of the season.

    23. I love the way children s books often nail the true spirit of generosity and friendship This is one When an owl falls out of his nest and injures himself, he is shown kindness by four different animals and is eventually able to thank them in return What goes around comes around And the illustrations are delightful.

    24. I love all things Christmas It s a great time of the year and The Christmas Owl is a cute addition to any story collection It is all about the Christmas spirit of giving and saying thankyou To make it even better it is just plain cute Kids will love the little Christmas Owl.

    25. I m a little torn, because I love owls Like, really, really love owls But I m not too into kids books, nor do I have a kid to enjoy them It was a cute book that I m sure very young children will enjoy Personally, I found the art the best part.

    26. One of the most beautifully written and illustrated children s books I have seen, and purchased My youngest grandchild developed a great love for owls due to this book A great message to be read over and over I recommend it for every one, from birth to 90

    27. Nice story with beautiful pictures Kindle version Simple rhyming text that relays asking for help, generosity, gratitude, and ongoing friendship A very nice bedtime story for the young and this and other adults.

    28. A lovely bookThis is a lovely little book for parents, grandparents, or older siblings to read to younger non readers The rhyming makes sense and encouraging readers to be willing to enlarge our circle of friends The art work is excellent

    29. Wonderful book for all agesThis book was a good choice for a read to me, read to you book Owl lovers will love reading this with their loved ones.

    30. OwlJust your average kid story The plot is predictable without regard to how an owl would react to the other animals in real life.

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