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Gaddafi's Harem #2020

Gaddafi s Harem Gaddafi s Harem is the shocking true story of a schoolgirl s abduction into Colonel Gaddafi s secret harem of sex slaves Award winning French journalist Annick Cojean has given a voice to the horrific

  • Title: Gaddafi's Harem
  • Author: Annick Cojean
  • ISBN: 9780732298449
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gaddafi's Harem By Annick Cojean, Gaddafi s Harem is the shocking true story of a schoolgirl s abduction into Colonel Gaddafi s secret harem of sex slaves.Award winning French journalist Annick Cojean has given a voice to the horrific and moving story of Soraya, a 15 year old girl who was summoned to Gaddafi s palatial compound near Tripoli in Libya after the dictator chose her on one of his school visitGaddafi s Harem is the shocking true story of a schoolgirl s abduction into Colonel Gaddafi s secret harem of sex slaves.Award winning French journalist Annick Cojean has given a voice to the horrific and moving story of Soraya, a 15 year old girl who was summoned to Gaddafi s palatial compound near Tripoli in Libya after the dictator chose her on one of his school visits.There she joined dozens of young women who were systematically abused, raped and degraded by Gaddafi In public, the women were disguised as Gaddafi s security personnel In private, they were confined to basement apartments, on hand for the depraved and violent impulses of one of the 20th century s most malevolent dictators.

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    1 thought on “Gaddafi's Harem

    1. This is not an easy book to read, but it is a book that needs to be read nonetheless The atrocities committed by Gaddafi, both public and secret, need to be publicly aired so that the nation of Libya can begin rebuilding its cultural and social history Although a taboo subject, the sexual crimes that were perpetrated by the ruler and his followers cannot be forgotten or simply swept under the rug, as many would prefer It is quite interesting to see how religion and culture can even shape people [...]

    2. Political prisoners who have been beaten, humiliated, staved and chained are given a welcome back to society Not so for Gaddafi s sex slaves and slaves they were Upon release, none were feted, some were killed by their own families, all were labeled whores This is the case of the women in Gaddafi s Harem.This powerful content needs a better book I recognize that there are loses in translation as it goes from Arabic to French to English and I recognize the need to disguise the identity of those w [...]

    3. This book is very disturbing yet an important document of the Gaddafi years in Libya The bravery of this young woman and the savagery and cowardice of her countrymen is painful to read, I can only imagine what she herself must feel This story is an indictment of a brutal dictator and the system of men and women who facilitated his systematic rape and torture of young women and men many of them still children really and a society which despite ridding themselves of Gaddafi himself, continue to ig [...]

    4. This is the opposite of a light read French journalist Annick Cojean writes an important but hard to read account of the extensive system of sexual abuse sexual slavery that existed in Libya under the regime of Muammar Gaddafi About the first half of the book and in my opinion the most engrossing is a firsthand account of one of Gaddafi s girls Soraya s story is brutal but it turns out, not uncommon At the age of 15 she was selected from her school to present a bouquet of flowers to Gaddafi She [...]

    5. French journalist Annick Cojean met some girls who according to her lived in the palace of the Libyan dictator as sex slaves I read her newspaper article first and when she wrote the book I was interested in a glimpse into the real life of this dictator What a disappointing book It tells nothing then her newspaper article and gives no description or background at all And it is very badly written A total waste of money.

    6. Lunatic book, a complete waste of time and money full of lies, recommended only for perverts and disturbed people western cheap propaganda at its best or worst should have a label FICTION on its cover_One of the most bizarre and terrible books I had ever read The author probably was funded by someome interested in create a demonized figure of the former Libyan leader This book is intended for those manipulated people with low IQ who believe the world is a big western cowboy movie with good guys [...]

    7. It is not an amazing book.First, the flow of the story felt as fiction rather than testimony or documentary, particularly on Soraya s story that takes half of the book.The second part is much better, although, somehow, I feel it is not ordered well enough.Somehow, the fiction impression that I got makes me want to read its French version, since probably the writer uses expressions and dramatical words than those she used here.Second,The writer also missed to emphasize and to conclude one impo [...]

    8. The first half of this biography cum history is Soraya s story told in the first person, she tells us of her tragic kidnapping by Gaddafi s men and ian bodyguards and subsequent sexual enslavement at the young age of fourteen Though much shocked me throughout the novel, perhaps one of the surprising elements since I was not overly educated on his reign and downfall prior to reading was that Gaddafi advocated for women s rights in Libya, a country with a Muslim majority Ironically, Cojean argues [...]

    9. Respected French journalist, Annick Cojean, was in Libya shortly after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi Cojean was writing an article for Le Monde about the role of women in the Libyan revolution She found it curious that no women appeared in any films, photographs, or reports dealing with the ouster of Gaddafi While in Tripoli, she was approached by a young woman who, at great risk to herself, told Cojean her story Cojean was shocked and overwhelmed by the account, and she followed up on it by inter [...]

    10. A very interesting book, showing two worlds that were taking place in one country, two contradictory worlds, the suffering of women, the lavish expenditures and throwing of money away , while the real Populations is benefitting little of, the book showed what the real psycho character of the assissinated dictator was like , and the real face of Libya of today

    11. Uno de los tantos problemas que tiene el mundo es la lamentable y triste costumbre de muchas personas que ven y analizan las dictaduras como buenas o malas dependiendo del punto de vista y del vinculo pol tico que tenga quien las define as o los que las justifican diciendo es que al menos hizo algo, l fue un dictador progresista y eso ha generado o degenerado que muchas terribles historias hayan ocurrido, ocurren y seguir n repiti ndose en la historia del mundo Mao Zedong, Idi Amin, Nicolae Ceau [...]

    12. This was a very depressing book for me Having finished this yesterday, I have had very little motivation to go work out, write or do just about anything else How could I After I read Soroya s story and the other women like her A heart wrenching book that could leave one feeling very angry, sad and worried Angry with all the fucked up families of these women Here is your daughter coming to your home with bruises and blood all over her clothes and you are worried about the honour of your sons What [...]

    13. The Arab Islamic world has always been than a bit mysterious and misunderstood by the Western world and Americans in particular Other than Kipling tales and Hollywood stereotypes, my first glimmer of understanding came from Sir Richard Burton and his adventures in going undercover to really experience Arab culture first hand The latest eye opener was this book, an expose of Gaddafi s use of rape as a political and miltary weapon in a society that blames the victim and hides such crimes for fear [...]

    14. Annick Cojean d crit dans ce livre l histoire bouleversante de Soraya, une jeune fille qui a t enlev e par les sbires de Kadhafi quand elle avait quinze ans Cette fille a eu sa vie bris e, encore aujourd hui elle vit dans la honte car en Libye une femme qui n est plus vierge avant le mariage est un d shonneur pour la famille D ailleurs ces fr res ont envisag de la tuer un jour Sa captivit est d crite sans prendre des pincettes, la qualit d crite d Annick Cojean nous fait ressentir son humiliatio [...]

    15. Well, after all I am not sure it was a real book with real content It is something unbelievable, May be it categorized under a science fiction book rather than being a political book which tell real stories I can not understand or accept the fact that there was a man like the mentioned one in this book Mummar Qaddaffi How a human creature can be like the mentioned one with all this sexual mania and how was such a sluttish regime like the Libyan one able to stand all these years and being welcome [...]

    16. Deeply disturbing book and utterly shocking, especially for the fact that such a public figure can get away with such horrendous crimes for forty odd years The story itself tends to be repetitive and once one account by one witness is read you essentially don t really need to read the rest Certain facts seem implausible and it would have been credible if the author had checked her facts before writing certain things down which make her story dubious For example, I know for a fact that abortion [...]

    17. A disturbing book written sensitively and openly that exposes Gaddafi s persecution of women through sex This book gives a voice to the rape, brutality and perversion that was emblematic of Gaddafi s reign in Libya His maniacal demands took away the souls of so many people he systematically targeted and debased While publicly stating his support for women, in private he treated women and mere girls well as men and his own family members to a private hell that they may never recover from It s a d [...]

    18. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power, corrupts absolutely The 42 year reign of Muammar Gaddafi 1942 2011 in Libya proves this fact one time He was sex obsessed and committed an endliss list of sexual crimes No woman or man was safe in his country Rape for fun Rape for punishing Rape for lust Rape for manipulation Children Teens Woman He even raped the woman and daughters of his generals And if he had to the generals themselves too Complaining in Libya Tricky mostly it was a death warrant.W [...]

    19. This was one depressing read I always thought Gadhafi was an evil buffoon, but in addition to blowing up airplanes he seemed to treat the whole country of Libya as his own personal brothel even selecting his victims from middle schools Although inmates of the Presidential Dungeon were allowed brief trips outside the gates of the palace, anyone who tried to leave was generally coerced back usually by threatening the families It also seems as though the entire country knew about his atrocities and [...]

    20. Started off interesting, though very disturbing, and I was thoroughly disturbed once I googled what Gaddafi looked like After a while, though, the writing devolves into being very vague, repetitive and boring, which is kind of an amazing feat given the subject matter.

    21. We all knew the guy was insane but wow That said, I m uncertain about this book I believe the events described within but there s a lurid quality that cheapens the narrative Perhaps it s a bad translation.

    22. Another disturbing book reflecting on the corrupt and schizophrenic profile of a dictator A man who supposedly ruled a country but beneath it all was basically a sex predator and an addict The story behind all the glitz and glamour that was projected.

    23. Appalling It is just horrific to think what happens to many women in countries that have no respect for women This book makes it frighteningly understandable why we haven t heard on this subject.

    24. Soraya una quindicenne come tante, ha una famiglia che la ama, ha degli amici, va a scuola La sua vita scorre tranquilla almeno fino a quando Gheddafi non si presenta nella sua scuola e la ragazzina viene scelta insieme a sue coetanee, per accogliere la Guida portando gli omaggi dell intera scuola e dei fiori Quando la piccola si avvicina l uomo le accarezza la testa, lei non sa che quella sar la sua condanna, che quel gesto per molti affettuoso e dolce decreter l inizio di una nuova e crudele v [...]

    25. N o foi um livro em que possa dizer que n o me emocionei o facto de ser uma hist ria real e de Soraya ter narrado a sua hist ria ao pormenor n o se torna algo f cil de digerir horr vel saber como as mulheres na L bia foram obrigadas a esquecer toda a sua dignidade, a deitar para o lixo todos os seus sonhos e ambi es somente por mero capricho de um ditador o sofrimento dessas mulheres n o ser esquecido enquanto existirem escritores como Annick Cojean.N o propriamente o tipo de leitura que goste, [...]

    26. Les t moignage difiant, gla ant d horreur et combien essentiel pour ouvrir les mentalit s, d noncer l ind finissable et faire en sorte que cela ne se reproduise jamais plusLes j aurai aim en savoir plus sur ce qu est devenu Soraya et comment la Libye dans son ensemble a accueilli cet ouvrageLes premi res lignes du livre Au tout d but, il y a Soraya Soraya et ses yeux de cr puscule, ses l vres boudeuses, et ses grands rires sonores Soraya qui, avec fulgurance, passe du rire aux larmes, de l exub [...]

    27. Buku ni membuatkan aku stay di MPH dari lepas asar sampai sebelum balik Cerita tentang hamba seks kepada Ghaddafi dan pembongkaran sisi gelap Ghaddafi serta negara Libya Aku asyik dengan cerita ni seolah2 menonton documentary Vice News Tapi aku cuma percaya 60% je daripada cerita ni Tak semua.

    28. That s kind of my second experience with this kind of books, based on true story Honestly after reading Burned alive by Souad , some say it s not real memoir, I don t know what to believe as long as all our world based on lie Just now I finished Harem of Kadafi , the difference between books is just first woman has choice in life and she choose love after that she was treated as whor in her country, the second one didn t have choices at all Dictator made her choice and ruined her life, make her [...]

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