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Charlatan: America's Most Dangerous Huckster, the Man Who Pursued Him, and the Age of Flimflam #2020

Charlatan America s Most Dangerous Huckster the Man Who Pursued Him and the Age of Flimflam In after years of selling worthless patent remedies throughout the Southeast John R Brinkley America s most brazen young con man arrived in the tiny town of Milford Kansas He set up a medical

  • Title: Charlatan: America's Most Dangerous Huckster, the Man Who Pursued Him, and the Age of Flimflam
  • Author: Pope Brock
  • ISBN: 9780307339881
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Charlatan: America's Most Dangerous Huckster, the Man Who Pursued Him, and the Age of Flimflam By Pope Brock, In 1917, after years of selling worthless patent remedies throughout the Southeast, John R Brinkley America s most brazen young con man arrived in the tiny town of Milford, Kansas He set up a medical practice and introduced an outlandish surgical method using goat glands to restore the fading virility of local farmers.It was all nonsense, of course, but thousands of payiIn 1917, after years of selling worthless patent remedies throughout the Southeast, John R Brinkley America s most brazen young con man arrived in the tiny town of Milford, Kansas He set up a medical practice and introduced an outlandish surgical method using goat glands to restore the fading virility of local farmers.It was all nonsense, of course, but thousands of paying customers quickly turned Dr Brinkley into America s richest and most famous surgeon His notoriety captured the attention of the great quackbuster Morris Fishbein, who vowed to put the country s most daring and dangerous charlatan out of business.Their cat and mouse game lasted throughout the 1920s and 30s, but despite Fishbein s efforts Brinkley prospered wildly When he ran for governor of Kansas, he invented campaigning techniques still used in modern politics Thumbing his nose at American regulators, he built the world s most powerful radio transmitter just across the Rio Grande to offer sundry cures, and killed or maimed patients by the score, yet his warped genius produced innovations in broadcasting that endure to this day By introducing country music and blues to the nation, Brinkley also became a seminal force in rock n roll In short, he is the most creative criminal this country has ever produced.Culminating in a decisive courtroom confrontation that pit Brinkley against his nemesis Fishbein, Charlatan is a marvelous portrait of a boundlessly audacious rogue on the loose in an America that was ripe for the bamboozling.

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    1 thought on “Charlatan: America's Most Dangerous Huckster, the Man Who Pursued Him, and the Age of Flimflam

    1. Oh my God This arrived from and I just couldn t stop reading it It s hilarious, outrageous, informative, entertaining, and Pope Brock, despite his alarmingly ravaged looking jacket photograph, writes like an angel Or maybe it would be accurate to say that he has just the right demonic skill as a writer to do justice to his subject Goat testicles Monkey glands A larger than life scoundrel Doctor J.R Brinkley with his own personal Inspector Javert famed quackbuster Morris Fishbein Dirty campaign [...]

    2. I have to confess that prior to reading this book I d never heard of Dr Brinkley, the goat gland doctor If you want a book that is interesting, and tells a bizarre story, this is it I couldn t put this one down Brock s book focuses on one John R Brinkley, who made a name for himself by promising to restore the lost vigor of youth to men just after WWI and then during the Depression His treatment was simple remove a goat testicle, insert it into a man s scrotum and voila He used glands to cure in [...]

    3. This is the best book I have ever read about goat testicles As if that weren t enough to make you want to read it, let me add that it s about a quack doctor who pioneered advances in advertising, public relations, radio, and modern political campaigning For many years, his biggest problem was that other, inferior con men would steal the new ideas he came up with J R Brinkley would today be hailed as a genius, except that he was a con man, bigamist, demagogue, and anti Semite Also, he had terribl [...]

    4. This book has won a permanent place on my shelf, if just for the joy of seeing it there and being reminded of what an outrageous place is our country, and what roots lie beneath our current, so called civilization.Pope Brock, in perfect pitch, tells the story of John Brinkley, not just a quack doctor, but a man who had immense and lasting influence on medicine, politics, and radio Brinkley invented a scam so perfect no one who got fooled would dare admit it that he made millions upon millions in [...]

    5. There are some stories that are so outrageous they simply couldn t have been made up The saga of Dr John Brinkley is one such tale Brinkley crawled out of North Carolina poverty in the first half of the twentieth century with modest skill as a small time con artist Eventually, however, he stumbled upon the rejuvenation fad Science had figured out that the sex glands had something to do with youth and vigor, not to mention sexual potency, but they had not yet discovered testosterone In the interi [...]

    6. Either the iphone is destroying my attention span, or many popular non fiction books would have worked far better as long magazine articles.The story of Dr Brinkley sounds fascinating A major 1920s 1930s con artist with minimal medical training successfully passes himself off as a surgeon promising rejuvenation to lots of naive people, who all allow him to cut them open and sew goat glands into their bodies Far gifted as a business minded marketer than as a surgeon, Brinkley ends up pioneering [...]

    7. Amazing, beautifully researched book I only picked up this book because I loathe the Smiling Bob commercials that are constantly on, and now I realize how lucky we truly are Did not know that phony male enhancement crap has been forced on people since the dawn of time And that it used to be much, much worse Focuses on the terrible career of Dr Brinkley, who is possibly in the running as the most prolific mass murderer serial killer in American history Definitely killed 42 people, but probably de [...]

    8. Very entertaining and, at times, humorous book about Doctor John Brinkley who made millions during the Depression era by performing operations to insert goat glands into humans He never earned a degree from an accredited medical school, many of his operations went severely awry, and he sold expensive follow up medication to his patients that consisted of water and food coloring The author gives us the background on Brinkley, as well as Morris Fishbein, the editor of the Journal of the American M [...]

    9. Men, is your sex life not what it should be Have you lost that spark Dr Brinkley s Goat Gland surgery will turn you into a young man again If we saw that advertisement today, we would laugh but that was not the case in the 1920 30s John Brinkley who passed himself off as a physician which he was not and claimed graduation from various schools of medicine became one of the most famous men during the early 20th century with his ground breaking medical practices for everything from impotence to can [...]

    10. Charlatan America s Most Dangerous Huckster, the Man Who Pursued Him, and the Age of Flimflam by Pope Brock Imagine, in today s time, going into a doctors office He has no credentials except the ones he bought at degree mills Imagine he asks you for 8000 in today s money in exchange for rejuvenation health wise, sexually, and mentally You agree and he does the procedure by implanting a goat gland into your ovarian section or scrotal section depending on gender obviously And imagine that once rel [...]

    11. This book tells the incredible story of John Brinkley, a medical fraud who transplanted goat testicles into men to rejuvenate them Brinkley became unimaginably rich, bringing in a million dollar income at a time when most doctors were earning just a few thousand dollars a year A gifted flim flam artist, he was also a man of great imagination and creativity He was among the first to use radio to advertise, to campaign for political office using an airplane and to put country music on the radio As [...]

    12. Charlatan is a book about the goat gland guy John R Brinkley was a self proclaimed doctor from the 1930s who performed surgeries to implant goat glands into men and some women to rejuvenate them To be completely frank, this man was a charlatan or quack doctor who made thousands believe that by inserting goat glands into men s testes they could be young and revitalized, sexually and otherwise Rather than help them, many left his hospital in worse shape than they started if they even left his hosp [...]

    13. I don t condone starting a book and not finishing but I m vigorously opposed to self abuse, so I stopped after a mere two chapters I couldn t follow the story because something just didn t seem to be right, kind of like when you re not sure if you smell or taste something weird I finally realized the writing style had a choppy, Roaring 20s feel to it At that point I couldn t get the sound of Jimmy Cagney out of my head Yeah, flimflam, see Dames with nice gams, see as I tried to comprehend what [...]

    14. I ve started to realize I enjoy reading about the lives of charlatans and basically people who are able to acquire money or fame by fooling others It s probably because I personally suck at it I used to think it s because I m honest and principled, and maybe there is some hints of that in it, but mainly it is because I am just not good at it It s just easier to be honest Fooling people seems like such hard work I first heard about John Brinkley on the Reply All podcast It got me interested enoug [...]

    15. Well researched and well written book Probably not a book I would have normally picked to read, but very glad I read it This was a book club read and although it takes a bit to get into the book, once you do it is a wild ride Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction I learned a lot about not only Dr Brinkley and Dr Morris Fishbein, but the pop culture and settings of 1920 1940 Also the correlation between that times scams and con artist and those of current day are astounding Humans have not rea [...]

    16. I wasn t quite sure what I was expecting when I bought Charlatan America s Most Dangerous Huckster, the Man Who Pursued Him, and the Age of Flimflam, but the topic caught my attention I have to say that I loved it It was a narrative type of non fiction that I like to read and Pope Brock can tell an intriguing story.Of course, he also found a great subject to write about, which is half of the battle.In the early 20th century, confidence man John Brinkley came up with his ultimate money making sch [...]

    17. If you ever planned on reading a book on goat testicles, it should probably be this one It tells the story of John Brinkley, a master manipulator who made millions from the mania for manually mixing your own tired testicles with the most succulent slices of goat gonad for the bedroom blastin revivification of your lacking lovelife, ladies and lethargic Lotharios Basically, the book is the less effective surgical version of this Brinkley s story is a proper rags to riches tale, built on the back [...]

    18. In February, 2008, Crown will publish a book called Charlatan America s Most Dangerous Huckster, The Man Who Pursued Him, And the Age of Flimflam I wanted to read it from the moment I saw the cover, which I swear they must have cooked up just for me, because my picking up the book was a foregone conclusion once I saw the goat.The huckster in question, John Romulus Brinkley, pioneered the implantation of goat naughty bits into both men and women to reinvigorate them both generally and sexually Mo [...]

    19. Nonfiction Biography, True Crime Audiobook Discovered from Reply All podcast episode Man of the People.It s all been done before This book has given me insight into Trumpism and Trump s American than any other book and it describes events that happened 100 years ago The things change, the they stay the same, and the American distrust of experts remains stronger than ever.John R Brinkley was a man who earned his fortune by sewing goat testicles into men, claiming that they cured impotence at [...]

    20. This book is better than goat glands Charlatan is a wonderful historical masterpiece that pulls from obscurity the larger than life battle between flimflam artiste extraordinaire Dr J.R Brinkley and Morris Fishbein, quack buster in chief of the fledgling American Medical Association AMA Brinkley, a medical huckster of epic proportions, rose from impoverished obscurity in the early decades of the 20th century to become one of the most well known and richest doctors in all America The bedrock of t [...]

    21. If Pope Brock had simply written about Doctor John R Brinkley, his book on this medical huckster would have been interesting enough Brinkly made millions during a time in the early to mid twentieth century when his countrymen were unemployed and loosing everything they had Fortunately, Brock puts Brinkley and the real doctor who spent decades trying to expose him, Dr Morris Fishbein, into their proper place im the medical history of the U.S.Long before Bob Dole was peddling little blue pills and [...]

    22. Review Charlatan by Pope Brock.This is a book I enjoyed and found interesting bizarre There were a few slow pages to navigate through but the book was worth the read The book was well written, fun to read, and the fall of one of America 19s most fascinating con men that I have never heard of John Brinkley was considered, 1CAmerica 19s Most Dangerous Huckster 1D Brock focuses the setting after WWI and during the depression when Dr Brinkley was a goat gland doctor promising to restore the lost vig [...]

    23. For a while in the last Century John Brinkley was the most famous medical man in the world Whether he was actually a doctor is dubious What is undeniable is that his glorious rise and infamous fall has become the subject of a brilliant book, authoritative, widely researched, eminently readable and consistently funny Brinkley first made his name by offering rejuvenating procedures for the male inhabitants of Kansas who had lost their zest for life or precisely their zest for their wife The Docto [...]

    24. definitely very engaging i read the whole thing start to finish in like six hours, including the source notes it tells the joint tale of john brinkley, a quack doctor who made a fortune sewing goat tasticles into the testicles of men seeking rejuvenation a cure for impotence, aging, dementia, retardation, general ill feeling, etc , morris fishbein, editor of the journal of american medical association, a devoted quack buster who considered brinkley his everest the book charts the 25 years from b [...]

    25. I related to this book immediately I assumed before I saw the advance reader s edition, that it had something to do with Hadacol Invented in New Orleans, this was the product of choice when I was growing up It was a cure all, good for everything from colds to depression and no wonder, as it contained 12% alcohol The proponent of this miracle cure Senator Dudley J LeBlanc had much in common with John R Brinkley of Charlatan in that neither were medical doctors and both were attracted to public of [...]

    26. This might be one of the funniest books ever written Dr Brinkley was a guy with no medical training who became the nation s premier Goat Gland Specialist which promised a specific type of youthful rejuvenation for middle aged men What he lacked in skill he than made up for with a slick sales pitch and a 500,000 watt radio station After amassing a fortune, he almost became the Governor of the State of Kansas actually would have been except that as a write in candidate, many of his followers coul [...]

    27. This book is so fun It s written a bit sensationally, but then again how else do you tell the story of a psycho con man fake doctor who became one of the richest men America by surgically inserting diced goat balls into old men s scrotums, was cheated out of the Governorship of Kansas, basically invented modern day campaigning, revolutionized marketing, started and ran the most powerful and popular radio station in the country from mexico that featured astrologists and psychics, introduced Ameri [...]

    28. This was fascinating stuff that involves a lot of early medical flim flam done by doctors that term could be used very loosely in the early parts of the 20th century particularly one doctor in particular Dr Brinkley This guy pioneered the technique of goat gland surgery sort of the viagra of its day and spun his empire off to include made up phony prescription drugs what cost him 10 cents he charged 10 bucks a pill in the 1930s and the strongest radio signal in the world at one million watts Bri [...]

    29. This is an amazing history of a subject I knew nothing about It deals with medical fraud, false advertising not to mention the influence of money on politics and corruption How this man could fleece millions from trusting victims, kill hundreds and escape punishment while living the lush life, tells of the kind of things which were wrong in our country and still are problems It is an object lesion showing how hard it is for professional organizations to self regulate, the consequences of governm [...]

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