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The Stager #2020

The Stager The Stager is a comedy of rabbits and real estate in the D C suburbs from Susan Coll the author of Acceptance and Beach WeekDominique is one very bitter rabbit His owner Lars Jorgenson is a former

  • Title: The Stager
  • Author: Susan Coll
  • ISBN: 9780374268817
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Stager By Susan Coll, The Stager is a comedy of rabbits and real estate in the D.C suburbs from Susan Coll, the author of Acceptance and Beach WeekDominique is one very bitter rabbit His owner, Lars Jorgenson, is a former tennis pro who has blown out both knees, become obese, and is now addicted to a cocktail of prescription drugs containing the letters X and Z, one weird side effect of whichThe Stager is a comedy of rabbits and real estate in the D.C suburbs from Susan Coll, the author of Acceptance and Beach WeekDominique is one very bitter rabbit His owner, Lars Jorgenson, is a former tennis pro who has blown out both knees, become obese, and is now addicted to a cocktail of prescription drugs containing the letters X and Z, one weird side effect of which is that he has developed an omniscient point of view Both Dominique and Lars are going crazy in the affluent Maryland suburbs where their faux Tudor home is up for sale Idle on the market for months, the home is now being staged A professional has come in to redecorate and depersonalize the house so that others can imagine themselves living there Into the messy personal life of Lars and his beautiful wife Bella comes Eve, an unemployed journalist turned stager who immediately realizes, as she steps into the foyer, that she is in the home of her former best friend Eve knows way too much about Bella, including the questionable paternity of the meddling young child who lives in this house Questions of friendship, loyalty, fidelity, sobriety, and sanity are raised to hilarious effect in this dark comedy of how we live now in the age of planned communities, cookie cutter mansions, and cutthroat careerism.

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      432 Susan Coll
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    1 thought on “The Stager

    1. In her best novel yet, Susan Coll masterfully turns suburban life inside out To the stager hired to depersonalize a house, every knickknack tells a story namely, that Eve is beautifying the home of her former best friend, Bella, whose husband Lars is a top seeded tennis player gone to seed Fortunately for us readers, the way Lars downs his X and Z named meds renders him omniscient, a brilliant device that allows him to narrate his own struggles as well as his wife s shenanigans The Stager is a t [...]

    2. Susan Coll can craft beautiful sentence after beautiful sentence Her take on the Bethesda D.C area is laugh out loud perfect Plus she works at Politics and Prose and what s not to love about that My only complaint is that in the best books, you just need someone to root for and these characters are not admirable at all Read it for the writing and the situation, but go say hi to the author at P and P if you want to meet a really nice person.

    3. Every other chapter is written from a perspective of either the dad, or the daughter or as the book continues on, someone else I started skipping the father s point of view Kind of a weird, quirky bookbut I got thru it Don t know if I would recommend it to everyone, but I know a few folks would really get into the weirdness of this one Don t know if I ll read anything else by Susan Coll Was kind of hoping to get inside of the head of someone who was a home stager Didn t really happen for meI did [...]

    4. It takes roughly four to six minutes for prospective buyers to decide whether or not they like your home Maybe they don t like the color of the walls, your taste in decorations or your choice in monthly publications These are all things that could cause potential buyers not to purchase your home, even though they are all things that can be changed about the house This is where a stager comes in, or importantly our stager, Eve Brenner Eve is a stager working for Amanda, one of DC s best realtors [...]

    5. You can read my full review here leilarice 2014 07Susan Coll s The Stager is a wry and witty dark comedy about real estate, marriage, friendship, and modern life in upper middle class suburbia Coll sets her tale in affluent Bethesda, Maryland, where a professional stager has been hired to help prepare a house for sale The stager realizes that she has a tangled personal history with the owner of the house a hot shot banker named Bella Bella lives in the home with her husband Lars, a former tennis [...]

    6. If I were to rate this book as a comedy, it would get a very high score I can envision some of the scenes from this novel on a movie screen, and can guess where the audience would laugh If I were to rate The Stager for cleverness and originality high scores The first page surprised me I love books that open with a surprise and compelled me to read on An early scene of a girl following a rabbit and encountering cakes and twins struck me as a well written homage to Alice in Wonderland A much late [...]

    7. The Stager is a sophisticated, clever and laugh out loud funny social satire It s full of well observed details about suburban life, wealth and privilege, snobbishness, political correctness, class difference, finance and economics, travel, infertility, infidelity, middle age, celebrity, and, of course, shelter magazines, real estate and home staging Told mostly from two points of view a 10 year old field hockey playing private school girl, Elsa, and her has been former tennis pro father, Lars T [...]

    8. What makes this so appealing Quirky storytelling methods A character may or may not be omnisciently experiencing action through the eyes of another character Also, he may be at a tea party with a pet rabbit.The three characters who tell this story are likeable sorts There s the self conscious, precocious and emotionally vulnerable 10 year old who tries her best to enjoy the company of the adults around her while taking everything they tell her at face value There s also a once handsome, once str [...]

    9. The Stager grabbed me by the throat The writing is phenomenal, and while the humor is dark and wicked, at the core of this novel lies Susan Coll s huge beating heart She writes beautifully about the secrets and friendships that define us, and there is so much wisdom in these pages that about a third of the way through I started reading with a pad of post it notes.The novel moves seamlessly between three narrators, each of whom have been damaged by the same woman I don t think I ve ever cheered s [...]

    10. I picked this up after reading a favorable review that called it a comedy My worry was that it was going to be fluff ummm, no I did not laugh once, although it was clever It was an amazing portrait of a narcissist, from the differing viewpoints of those around her Having put in my own time with a narcissist, I was not amused, but I was incredibly impressed with the insight and description The ending is so satisfying, true to life, hopeful but with no big bow tying it all up Upon finishing I went [...]

    11. She started off well with an interesting situation, but then the author couldn t figure out how to do exposition without having the husband read the wife s mind from 3000 miles away I don t know of any psycho drug that has long distance mind melding as a side effect Then we get into the conversation with the stoner runaway rabbit, who is trying to do marriage counseling Not to mention the missing spleen And then we have the stoned stager, who passes out from the tea but still manages to get ever [...]

    12. I read The Stager and The Rockville Pike back to back These novel are peopled with characters who have first world issues than most but done with such intricate language, distinctive voices, I enjoyed them immensely admittedly, almost as a social study at times perhaps, akin to the way I read Updike these days on the rare times I read Updike But in my world, Susan Coll is a writer worth reading I ll be watching for her next book

    13. Very funny and touching Coll indulges in some meta fiction at one point a man and a rabbit have a lengthy argument about how to tell his story, but somehow it all works The rabbit even has the last word Satire of upscale real estate enclaves, kids raised by nannies, and themes of modern life is spot on A very enjoyable read

    14. Not into this book I had to skip the parts written by Lars Drug addicts don t get much sympathy from me I also didn t care about how the Stager knew the homeowner And the kid was annoying with her misbehavior It got very strange with all the talking rabbit business at the end Would not recommend this book I didn t see the point of it.

    15. This could have been funny, but wasn t I kept hoping things would improve, but alas the end was even worse No resolution between The Stager and Bella no fix for Lars no idea how the move to London went very disappointing It felt a terrible waste of time Should have washed my hair instead.

    16. Susan Coll s latest is a whimsical romp through through affluent suburban Maryland, London and the drug induced workings of one former tennis player s mind Her sharp wit and brilliance combine with a magical realism that is entertaining and unexpected Her best yet.

    17. This seemed like it could use a few revisions, or some additional chapters Intriguing premise, but not a lot of depth.

    18. Such a sensational read In the voices of just four characters, a father, a daughter, their rabbit and their home stager, we learn the intimate details of their lives and the lives of the realtor and the wife of the home that must be sold Part of what makes it such an interesting read is that these wise narrators are hyper aware of the impact exacted by the people they describe, and we learn about each person through the different narrators voices The effect of this unusual and highly successful [...]

    19. Modern day wanna be Alice in Wonderland For me, it was a miss in nearly every way I didn t like the drug use, the character s personalities, the rabbit, the neighborhoods, the house, the Stager, her staging, the memories, the adultery, the house I said house twice, and there are two houses 1 house in a rich neighborhood of Maryland, victim of destruction wrought by rabbit and child, and a place of terrible smells Man of the House, Lars, only destroyed the 2 house, the posh LONDON house The house [...]

    20. Despite how long it took me to finish this book, I loved it With that said, it s not for everyone It s trippy in places, but also very dark and offbeat I think it s wonderful, but I can see how the humor and cynicism would go over the heads of some.It s hard for me to fully describe my appreciation of this book I borrowed it from the library, but if I hadn t, I would have taken a highlighter to sections of it It resonated with me so deeply I was raised in Montgomery County, where this book takes [...]

    21. This is the third book by Susan Coll that I have read She writes about very wealthy, clueless modern liberalse type of people that no one really likes in real lifeis carries over into fiction as well This book was highly readable, but the changing viewpoints between characters is confusing This story would have worked so much better being told from one point of view, with maybe the rabbit parts thrown in Overall, the story shows how one selfish person has made ruins of the lives around her, alth [...]

    22. A tale of modern suburbia told in alternating chapters by Lars, a drugged out former tennis star Elsa, his ten year old daughter daughter who is distraught over her missing pet rabbit and an impending move to London Eve, the stager of the title with a secret connected to the family and even Dominique, the pet rabbit The rambling tale leaves the reader alternately feeling as if she,too, might be as whacked out as Lars or possibly has fallen down a rabbit hole ala Alice in Wonderland Ms Coll is pl [...]

    23. I ve liked this author s other books, but I m very lukewarm on this book Bella is selling her house and hires a stager Eve to come to the house and jazz it up Bella and her husband are in England for her job He is a former tennis player and addicted to a variety of anti depressives and anti anxiety medication, the combination of which lead him to be able to have somewhat of an omniscient viewpoint he actually can see through Bella s eyes the things she is experiencing Separately, their daughter [...]

    24. I never realized what an important person a stager is someone who is depersonalizing your home to market it to the max in the real estate game This book is the interweaving of Eve Brenner, the stager, her former dear friend Bella and her husband, who has fallen from the ranks of professional tennis players Then there s the pet rabbit, Dominique, who is the pet of a very precocious 10 year old Bella It s a slow moving, often bizarre, psychological look at what s real and what isn t in every day l [...]

    25. The Stager is one of those wonderful reads that takes you on a journey where you have no idea what will be the final destination Full of colorful characters in complex relationships and predicaments, the reader becomes intrigued with each dysfunctional personality I became particularly fond of Dominique the Rabbit who brings a kind of Alice in Wonderland aura to the storyline This book is for everyone who enjoys unique, quirky stories that entertain but also provoke you to reflect on your own li [...]

    26. I received an ARC, which had many typos, and made the reading a chore I hope they were corrected before the book was published, but I doubt the story changed much Hallucinogenic mind melding, a talking rabbit, miserable family dynamics and unlikable characters all made for a failed tale It started out strong however, it went downhill quickly I found myself skipping pages, knowing that I wasn t missing anything Can t recommend.

    27. Parts of this book were funny It reminded me a little of the movie Being John Malkovich in that, through a combination of prescription drugs, the husband character is able to enter the mind of his wife I had a hard time staying interested in and connected to the story, though And the ending was a bit of a fizzle for me.

    28. Three and a half stars, though I thought when I was reading the beginning, that it was going to be four or five stars Quirky and funny and wonderful character voices When did it break down It was definitely gone by the time Lars was talking to the rabbit and the rabbit was talking to him A disappointing ending for my two cents.

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