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The Merchant Emperor #2020

The Merchant Emperor The war that they had feared is now upon them Ashe and Rhapsody leaders of the Cymrian Alliance are gathering their allies to combat the machinations of Talquist who will soon be crowned emperor of

  • Title: The Merchant Emperor
  • Author: Elizabeth Haydon
  • ISBN: 9780765305664
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Merchant Emperor By Elizabeth Haydon, The war that they had feared is now upon them Ashe and Rhapsody, leaders of the Cymrian Alliance, are gathering their allies to combat the machinations of Talquist, who will soon be crowned emperor of Sorbold Gwydion Navarne remains by Ashe s side Anborn, Lord Marshal, has taken to the field And Rhapsody has been forced into hiding to protect the life of her infant sonThe war that they had feared is now upon them Ashe and Rhapsody, leaders of the Cymrian Alliance, are gathering their allies to combat the machinations of Talquist, who will soon be crowned emperor of Sorbold Gwydion Navarne remains by Ashe s side Anborn, Lord Marshal, has taken to the field And Rhapsody has been forced into hiding to protect the life of her infant son.The Merchant Emperor of Sorbold has unintentionally allied himself with a pair of demons and has begun targeting the dragons that remain on the Middle Continent Talquist will stop at nothing until the Cymrians are wiped out and the entire continent and the rest of the Known World is under his rule Assailed by danger from all sides, surrounded by lies and intrigue, Rhapsody is left with one undeniable truth if their forces are to prevail, she must join the war herself, wielding the Daystar Clarion, an ancient weapon whose power is nearly unparalleled As she struggles to reconcile her duties as a mother and ruler, a danger far devastating than Talquist is stirring beneath the surface of the land itself.

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    1 thought on “The Merchant Emperor

    1. OH SWEET MOTHER OF ALL THINGS HOLY I have NEVER been this excited over a book in all my life This series is the reason I am an avid devourer of books I had completely given up any hope of Hayden ever finishing it And in fact it is due to the MIA 7 that I outright refuse to read incomplete series I heartbreak I experienced was so much that about 100 pages before finishing Assassin King I had to stop because I couldn t bare leaving the story where it was headed I ve looked longingly and lovingly a [...]

    2. 2 and a half.I like the series I love some characters I was so glad to see the series continued and to meet all the cast again But But the book is so badly written, it s just painful Nothing moves Everything is drowned in overexposure and repetition.It s the 7th book in the series It stands to reason, that no one will start the series with this one Then WHY are we treated to the summaries of the previous 6 books in endless monologues Why Why every scene of importance is first shown and then reto [...]

    3. I had no idea this book was coming out or that it was even being made I have been waiting for ages hehe, see what I did there XD for this book to even hear rumors about a seventh one being made This was my initial reaction when I saw this in the newsletter.And then this ensued.So it s safe to say that I really can t wait for this to come out in paperback.

    4. I started screaming when I saw this I had absolutely no idea that it was coming out and so soon I have been waiting for this since Assassin King came out years ago I kind of want to call out sick to work just so that I can read the series again before I get the new book.

    5. It took a while for things to really get moving while I notice that many other readers have been complaining about the rehashing summaries in this book, I don t agree with them I love this series normally with such a great gap in time between book releases I would reread the series but I just didn t have it in me to do so as I was too impatient after such a long wait to read this book So the rehashing was very useful to remind me of a few things I had forgotten over the years Like I stated above [...]

    6. The Merchant Emperor is the seventh book in The Symphony of Ages series by Elizabeth Haydon With an 8 year gap since the release of book 6 and the couple years it took me to discover that Haydon has finally finished the series, this one has been a long time coming I was so happy to be back in this world that I ve come to love with characters that I ve missed The war for the known world has come Talquist, former merchant and now the Emperor or Sorbold, has two ambitions exterminate everyone invo [...]

    7. I just got too bored to even finish this, nothing seems to happen other than the author showing us that the bad guy is really bad and that none of his cohorts can be bothered to check his amazingly horrible stories.

    8. EDITAH MY GAWD.Come one, girlfiend please please please don t leave me hanging on like this Original Oh sweet June, come soonI ve waited so long, to complete this song

    9. It finally looks as if the disparate races might be drawing together, despite or maybe because of Talquist Dragon and Namer lore are coming together, and old enmities forgotten as they must concentrate on the ultimate goal Meanwhile Talquist s casual cruelty seems unending, the ultimate sociopath nothing will stop him getting what he wants, and everything everyone else is disposable.Rhapsody was the big surprise You know her so well by this point that the impact of her changing roles was huge, a [...]

    10. I was so excited for this book I have waited 10 very long years to read this book And it seems like Ms Haydon forgot everything that happened in the 5 previous books Seriously Rhapsody somehow doesn t know in this book why Achmed is treating her so poorly, despite the fact that he s never made it secret he s in love with her and thinks she should have chosen him over Ashe I agree Grunthor is an afterthought to Anborn, of all characters, who wasn t all that interesting to begin with The fact that [...]

    11. One thing Haydon has done well since introducing the series has been changing and scaling pun somewhat intentional, given the increasing number of dragons involved up the conflict from the first books of the series The main characters are now being confronted with a serious opponent who has many advantages, and yet isn t the at times overpowerful demons of the past Moreover, in this book, there are strong hints that the main characters are making some serious mistakes that will come to haunt the [...]

    12. Another gripping installment in the Symphony of AgesIf you ve been following the epic story told in Haydon s previous six books, then this next book in the series will pull you into the world of The Three once again The multilayer plots build as the Alliance is under attack by the scheming merchant emperor, Talquist.They also face dragons both friends and foe, old pantheon F dor, an evil indestructible monster made of living stone, Ashe losing his sanity, Achmed s anger at Rhaspsody, the protect [...]

    13. The first half was slow and reminded you of what happened prior The second half was interesting and action packed.

    14. I absolutely loved the original trilogy in this series and have enjoyed the other books in various degrees but, to make us wait 8 years for a book that takes close to 400 pages to really get going and spends most of it s time wallowing in soap opera ish melodrama, is nothing then a disappointment coming from a writer like Haydon.

    15. I really liked the first three, but the subsequent books slip into self parody Such wholly GOOD and wholly EVIL characters Though Achmed remains One moment with Achmed made me gasp and tear up I m still massively fond of Achmed, Grunthor and Anborn.

    16. Why oh why can t they put out the paperbacks at the same time I get so excited about a new title coming and then I have to wait an extra year to buy it in my format of choice

    17. She tried to reprise too much, but it s still good.The story continues, but Haydon, or likely, her editor had to bring people up to date as if the previous 3 books hadn t existed For those of us who have,it can turn into a slog.However, there is plenty to keep you reading I highly encourage you to do so.Don t let an editorial decision keep you from this last series.

    18. Great use of tension, without the nail biting anxiety I feel when a beloved character is seriously in harm s way We all know Meridion grows up, but how he s gonna get there is providing the underlying current of suspense.

    19. I wanted so badly to love this book I m not sure if it helped or hindered that I dove right in after a decade away from the characters On the one hand, I was indeed struggling to remember the current status of various characters as we left them last, or even about how old the kids were supposed to be On the other hand, I think the endless re capping and re hashing of previous events would have been even painful had I just read it all They even re hash a few things multiple times In the first ha [...]

    20. I received this book free through First Reads program.The first book Rhapsody is the only other book I have read in this series However, the author does a good job of covering the important points of what has occurred in the previous books as needed to help in understanding the events occurring within The Merchant Emperor I believe I could gain a lot by going back and reading books 2 through 6, but I don t feel that not having reading them slowed me down after the first few chapters It would pro [...]

    21. I have waited a while to read the next installment, but not as long as others because I didn t begin reading A Symphony of Ages until 2008, and I didn t read the middle books or The Assassin King until 2011 or about.I will agree with others in that the book is very repetitive in some spots, but it wasn t all bad because I haven t re read the other books in a while The battle scenes felt a little rushed after a lot of build up, and some scenes weren t described much at all which I m kind of thank [...]

    22. It was great to see a new book in this series it had been a long time So long in fact that I had forgotten quite a bit of what transpired before The author doesn t spend a lot of time jogging your memory but I persevered The writing is still on par with what you are expecting, unlike many other authors with new books for their massive series i.e Goodkind and Hobb There wasn t a lot of action in this book, in fact not much happens In the first battle scene, towards the end of the book, an enemy t [...]

    23. I, like many others, have been waiting forever for this book I absolutely loved the initial trilogy when I read it in high school, and continued to fall in love with them as the series continued This book was both a joy and a disappointment I was glad that my favorite characters were featured heavily then in the last book, and some of my less favored characters were absent I very much enjoyed reading it That being said, I only enjoyed reading it because I am already six books in, and so am inv [...]

    24. I read this series quite some time ago and it has been one of my favorites When I saw that the new one in the series was coming out I decided to reread them I was absolutely thrilled when I won this new one in a first reads drawing I know it was a long time in coming but I believe it was well worth the wait as the story continues of our beloved characters who have been doing a lot of planning for the beginning of this war as they try to hold onto all they hold dear All the while the evil Talquis [...]

    25. God, I missed these characters After so many years, the opening was a bit slow for my taste I would ve preferred to start at Rhapsody s side But as I settled back into the Symphony of Ages world, I lost myself in the story This is absolutely a series that must be read in order The majority of the story s emotional beats depend on knowing what has come before who these people are to themselves and who they are to each other Much of the plot here is preparation for war the advancement or regressio [...]

    26. I always loved this series I m really happy to see Elizabeth Hayden back on the map again after years of looking for books by her and always coming up with nothing.With that said, this book brings about the up coming war of the main continent, something I ve also been waiting for for books to come I loved reading it My only negative comment would be the amount of crying going on in the book It was a little much and unnecessary I m liking the change near the end, which kind of puts a lot of the [...]

    27. Here s what I have to say about this book it was almost, almost worth the wait Many questions still unanswered, obviously still great chances for beloved characters to die, but I tell you this what an ending I wanted to cheer out loud at the ending, as well as an earlier part FINALLY Several wrongs have finally been righted They re no where near out of the woods yet, but this book was a very satisfying read.Now to begin the wait for the next book I ve heard it won t be as long as this one was, a [...]

    28. Another good entry from Elizabeth Haydon After a long layoff, she does an excellent job of reminding you of what had happened several books earlier.Drawback this is definitely a set up for the 8th and final book in the series Lots of things in motion, and not much resolved other than two characters dying.One typo the editors missed Early in the book, a character felt like he had ants crawling on him The correct term for this is formication with an m The book printed it as fornication with an n B [...]

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