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Cyador's Heirs #2020

Cyador s Heirs Decades after the fall of Cyador its survivors have re established themselves in Cigoerne a fertile country coveted by hostile neighbors in less hospitable lands Young Lerial the second son of Duke

  • Title: Cyador's Heirs
  • Author: L.E. Modesitt Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780765374776
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cyador's Heirs By L.E. Modesitt Jr., Decades after the fall of Cyador, its survivors have re established themselves in Cigoerne, a fertile country coveted by hostile neighbors in less hospitable lands Young Lerial, the second son of Duke Kiedron, lives in the shadow of his older brother Lephi, the heir to their father s realm Lerial s future seems preordained He will one day command his brother s forces inDecades after the fall of Cyador, its survivors have re established themselves in Cigoerne, a fertile country coveted by hostile neighbors in less hospitable lands Young Lerial, the second son of Duke Kiedron, lives in the shadow of his older brother Lephi, the heir to their father s realm Lerial s future seems preordained He will one day command his brother s forces in defence of Cigoerne, serving at his older sibling s pleasure, and no But when Lerial is sent abroad to be fostered by Major Altyrn to learn the skills and wisdom he will need to fulfil his future duties, he begins a journey into a much larger world that brings out his true potential Lerial has talents that few, as yet, suspect He is one of those rare beings who can harness both Order and Chaos, the competing natural forces that shape the world and define the magic that exists within it And as war finally engulfs the fringes of Cigoerne, Lerial s growing mastery of Order and Chaos is tested to its limits, and his own.

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    1. This is another excellent addition to the Recluce series, the 17th book published, but it s currently the 6th chronologically has different characters setting than any others It s a coming of age learning to use The Force story Very enjoyable a different way of looking at handling the magic than others.There is a subtle conspiracy that must be handled as well as the complicated duties the obvious conflict As usual, all are handled very well I highly recommend it if you ve read others in the seri [...]

    2. This introduces Lerial, an heir to Cyadorans who fled to Hamor after Nylan s playing with chaos order destroyed the country in The Chaos Balance 4C, 7P He is the grandson of the empress who led her people to purchase lands to build a new duchy Their success means they have greedy enemies on all sides , as the second son of the duke, Lerial gets a lot of tough jobs.Lerial starts out as an early teen, so has a lot to learn which takes us through his world his view of order chaos It s an interestin [...]

    3. I honestly don t know why I keep reading Modesitt s Recluse series, as all the books are pretty much identical An idealistic, hungry for knowledge young man or in some cases, young woman struggles against the expectations of their station in life high or low to prove themselves, usually against the dark forces of whatever realm of this imaginary world they inhabit Usually this involves having some capacity for using chaos or order skills to heal wounds and conquer enemy armies basically, it s an [...]

    4. So far this is my least favorite of the books as I read them in internal chronological order Partly because the hero of this book is really unlikeable He is the grandson of the Emperor of Cyador who was defeated by Nolan the black Mage.It does give some interesting glimpses into why the emperor there was the fool that he was, and how the once mighty and advanced civilization of Cyador had fallen to its degenerate state After the fall of the empire, a few Cyadorans escaped to another continent or [...]

    5. Originally published at Risingshadow.I have to confess that L E Modesitt, Jr s Saga of Recluce has been a guilty pleasure of mine for a long time I ve enjoyed reading this saga ever since the first novel The Magic of Recluce was published, and I still enjoy reading new Recluce novels.Although Cyador s Heirs is the 17th novel of the Saga of Recluce, this series hasn t lost its freshness and hasn t gone stale like many other long running fantasy series It has stayed as interesting and original as [...]

    6. Another great volume in the Saga of Recluce Modesitt brings a completely new tale to the series, while building on the history of the previous volumes I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end Modesitt is a very good storyteller, with a skill for expounding intricate detail that draws the reader in as opposed to becoming boring.

    7. excellent stuff and very much LE Modesitt in style, hero, action etc also similar in many ways with the Imager series especially the Quearyt books than with the earlier Recluce starts a little slow and becomes a coming of age story to a great extent, though one that you cannot stop turning the pagesLerial, 16 year old second son of Duke Kiedron of Cigoerne small duchy where the refugees from the fall of Cyador led by Kiedron s mother and former Empress of Cyador, settled a generation ago and bo [...]

    8. If all works, even the greatest works, are doomed to fall and be forgotten, why does it matter for him or anyone to a good job, especially of digging a ditch Every time we are returned to the world of Order and Chaos, we know it s to see a significant event in the world, either building or destroying something in some cases both , but even that which is built now will ultimately fall We ve seen the Tower built and destroyed, Recluce be created, rise in power, and laid low, Fairhaven conquer and [...]

    9. RecluceThis is yet another brilliant addition to the saga of Recluce An engaging book with well rounded characters and plot The story kept me reading well into the night Highly recommended.

    10. I like everything LE Modesitt writes and this is no exception His main character is not quite as engaging as some others he has created, but he still has me wondering what will happen in next book Thank goodness that book is not too far away.

    11. This installment in the Saga of Recluce takes us back to the time soon after the fall of Cyador and the beginnings of the Hamorian Empire as the remnants of Cyador establish a foothold in Cigoerne It tells the story of Lerial, younger son of the Duke of Cigoerne and his growth as a handler of Chaos and Order and undercaptain in the Cigoerne Lancers.As in other books in the Recluce series, there is the requisite whining about one s fate and one s ability and inability to effectively use one s tal [...]

    12. This is an excellent coming of age novel in the Saga of Recluce series I enjoyed that in some cases, the main character was ahead of me in figuring things out, and in others, he came to sudden realizations long after I had This, and his active struggles with learning, meeting family expectations, and finding his place relative to others, made his youth particularly believable.Unfortunately, this book seems less thoroughly edited than others in the series The occasional alternative spellings of c [...]

    13. Very enjoyable As usual Modesitt makes a big leap in the history of the Recluce planet whatever its name may be and starts over with completely new characters but they are well built up, and one definitely feels for the somewhat downtrodden hero, Lerial The whole book is preparation preparation of Lerial for greater things to come, preparation of the various supporting characters and of the background and history of this part of the continent of Hamor.So I look forward to seeing what all this pr [...]

    14. I was a bit surprised by how the book developed, the twist seemed a bit strange, untill you reread or remember a few hints throughout the book Well written and wonderfully researched his books are accurate in how some jobs were done, as well as how primative culutures might have lived

    15. I ve been a big fan of L E Modesitt, jr s Recluce saga since The Magic of Recluce first came out in the early 90s Haters might find it hard to believe, but as was the case with Robert Jordan s The Wheel of Time, it was the Darrell K Sweet cover art that originally made me pick it up And since then, sixteen installments later, every new Recluce novel has always managed to scratch my itch.Once The Death of Chaos was completed, Modesitt maintained that no subsequent Recluce book would focus on futu [...]

    16. Saga of Recluce continues.Although maybe not my favorite book in the series I still enjoyed reading Cyador s Heirs I already look forward to reading the next book.

    17. These coming of age books in the Recluce universe are all very similar Still, a captivating read though.

    18. Another solid book in the Recluce series There were some thin points in the story, but I feel that these will be filled in as the future story unfolds.

    19. it had a bit of a slow slog through parts of it but its a good series and the narrator has been better about the verbal sound effects which makes it bareable to listen to

    20. I ve mixed feelings about this book, Cyador s Heirs It is a wonderful story, well written as is all L E Modesitt Jr s work, but it is published by one of the industry giants,TOR Quite frankly, the EBook book is outrageously over priced, and there are numerous, severe formatting and editing errors that make going the rough at times Proof reading may have been skimped on in the hurry to publish, because I read many Indie novels that are far better proofed and formatted than this book, every week D [...]

    21. A new twist in the anachronic series of the Saga or Recluce At first I was bothered by the non chronologically lineal order L.E Modesitt writes his books in the Saga of Recluce, but as I read the various books, I am constantly thrown back or forward in time in the History of that Mysterious planet that seems to be lost in a mysterious pocket universe, apart and perpendicular to all known parallel universes A throwback to the author s extensive background in traditional Sci Fi Yes this is Epic Fa [...]

    22. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Cyador s Heirs, the latest novel in L E Modesitt s amazing and engaging Saga of Recluce series The characters sprang from the page in my mind s eye, and the coming of age abilities storyline was immersive, engaging, and refreshing The thoughtful manner in which the main character, Lerial, progressed in his understanding of his abilities, place in life, and impact to those around him conjured feelings of empathy and made me want to care what happened to both him and t [...]

    23. The hero is classic Modesitt young, inexperienced, trying to figure out what he can and can t do, involved in subtle intrigue and not so subtle combat Lerial starts us out in this series There will be as Cigoerne develops into a power and as Lerial continues to grow He is almost or barely seventeen at the end of the book, so there is to come The people of the forest request annexation into the Duchy of Cigoerne, but the other three Hamorian groups don t like it, particularly the Meroweyans, wh [...]

    24. Cyador s Heirs by L.E Modesitt, jrThis is a continuation of the Recluce series, number seventeen to be exact Cyad, the capital of Cyador has been destroyed and the refugees have fled to Hamor establishing the Dukedom of Cigoerne Lerial is a second son in Cigoerne s semi feudal type of society where second son s are merely a back up or spare heir He has strained relationships with both his brother and his father and he is fraught with self doubt Modesitt s normal MO carries through in this book H [...]

    25. In this book we have a coming of age story of a second son to the Lord of an area He has to come to grips with who he is and what he must do in life, while at the same time helping to stop the upcoming battles coming to his land I ve read all of the Recluse books and I generally like what the author creates The writing was well done as usual He has written numerous fantasy and scifi novels I enjoy his technique I appreciate that he always tries to say something with his writing and asks that the [...]

    26. L E Modesitt, Jr returns to the world of Recluse after the fall of the empire base on chaos magic Lerial is on of Cyador s Heirs hard from Tor He is the second son of the Duke of Cigoern on Hamor and his Grandfather was the last Emperor of Cyador When we meet him at age sixteen he is a good kid, eager to learn fighting with sabers and envious that his older brother gets to patrol with the Mirror Lancers His father sends him to be trained by a retired major and that includes digging ditches and o [...]

    27. The first of a duology set in the Recluce series, this is a good one.As usual with Recluce we are taken on the journey of a young person that grows into the shoes of an adult, and we see the world, through the eyes as an adult would Not that Modesitt is trying to achieve that but he does not have Eddinggs mastery of writing how a young person sees the world All heroes that Modesitt gives us can think through problems like a wise old man, and then come up with a great solution to a problem.Not t [...]

    28. It s starting to get repetitive I ve read all the Recluse and Imager books This is just of the same You could substitute the hero s name and location, and they would be interchangeable.We start out with a new civilization in the same universe The younger son of the ruler is overlooked by his family only his aunt sees potential He goes off to train, then gets shipped off to a military campaign There he develops his ability to control order and chaos.Just as with other heroes in this series he s [...]

    29. Cyador s Heirs, the seventeenth book in the SAGA OF RECLUCE, takes place after the fall of the great nation of Cyador It tells the story of Lerial, the younger son of the current Duke of Cigoerne, the heir to the Malachite Throne of fallen Cyador L.E Modesitt Jr follows Lerial as he comes of age and is shaped by people and events around him.Lerial is an intelligent, angry, slightly jealous younger son of the nobility He is talented, insightful, and sick of his older brother getting preferential [...]

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