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Perfect Lie #2020

Perfect Lie Sometimes love burns so hot in your veins that it consumes all rational thought That s why Brock and I never had a chance I had to start my life over College was my chance to become someone new I chan

  • Title: Perfect Lie
  • Author: Teresa Mummert
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Perfect Lie By Teresa Mummert, Sometimes love burns so hot in your veins that it consumes all rational thought That s why Brock and I never had a chance I had to start my life over College was my chance to become someone new I changed everything about myself to fit in, but one person saw through my facade The attraction between Abel and I was undeniable, but I still hadn t healed from the painful sSometimes love burns so hot in your veins that it consumes all rational thought That s why Brock and I never had a chance I had to start my life over College was my chance to become someone new I changed everything about myself to fit in, but one person saw through my facade The attraction between Abel and I was undeniable, but I still hadn t healed from the painful secret I carried around with me Abel struggled to get me to face my past in order to move forward In doing so, he revealed a secret of his own one that changed everything I thought I knew A secret that would bring Brock back into my life and force me to face the truth of what really happened the day I lost him.

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    1 thought on “Perfect Lie

    1. 4 WTF stars I ve been thinking about this book ever since I finished it I had to re read the ending about 5 times, but now that I ve thought about it all day, I get it It s still just, wow My review will be spoiler free, and I think it s important if you re going to read this book you don t look at any of the spoilers The twist at the end is one I don t think anyone would see coming and you don t want it to be ruined for you.Meet Delilah aka Lie I m Delilah, the mistake Lie s biggest mistake in [...]

    2. Well that was different Agree with other reviewers Do not read reviews with Spoilers before reading the book You are better off going in blind Saw one bit coming but did not see the other major part coming at all Not sure why it was not than 3 stars for me That s all I have say on the matter

    3. 4.5 StarsPerfect Lie really caught me off guard I wasn t expecting to like it as much as I did I am still wrapping my head around everything that happened.Delilah Lie has grown up feeling like she was nothing, worthless, unwanted She was lonely, bullied, and friendless all her life On top of that, she is the product of a rape, making her mother hate her and want nothing to do with her Why can t you just love me What did I ever do to you You were born So she doesn t have to deal with Lie, her mot [...]

    4. Okay so I jumped on this right away to find out what all the talk was about My reaction once I finished wasOverall I liked the book, but I m still a bit shocked by the ending I did not see that coming at all I agree that you should avoid all spoilers and just read it if you are interested I think I need a nice, sweet romantic book now.

    5. 5 soul shattering I want my mommy starsI highly recommend that if you are interested in this book that you try to stay away from reviews and definitely avoid spoilers at all costs The experience of this book would be completely lost knowing too much about this book I will as vague as possible, but this has to be one of the hardest reviews I ve had to write There are so many lingering emotions still just beneath the surface that are trying to escape Delilah, or Lie, is escaping her past Blending [...]

    6. 2 starsWhat did I just read I just did not get this book I liked Lie, but the other characters just didn t do it for me Abel was all over the place, and I can t drum up any actual feelings for him I truly didn t like him And her friend Trish Bitch and a half, and not even an ounce of likability there either As for Brock, he may have been the only part of the book that I felt any true emotions for.The twist was definitely out of left field I did not see it going there However, it felt almost like [...]

    7. Where to start this book deserves than 5 stars Probably at least 20 It deserves to be made into a movie, a standing ovation, the works I am blown away and floored by the end of this book it has the BIGGEST mind f ever pay close attention to this story my friends I would of NEVER in a million years guessed what happened I am speechless This is probably the best book of 2013 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book Lie is a funny girl that is so broken and she is just trying to put the pieces back together a [...]

    8. I didn t get it Like completely over my head WTF was the point That was truly a horrible, pointless story Not a single thing was explained Delilah was a tragic piece of work People like that shouldn t be allowed to roam the streets alone Abel was horrible If I understand his job correctly, it just didn t fit Torturing insane people isn t helping anyone Nothing here fit I still don t get Brock s purpose I felt no love anywhere Perhaps my copy was missing about 20 chapters between the end and the [...]

    9. Please don t let my average rating deter you Yes, it s beautifully written and yes, it is very unique It just isn t my cup of tea.It started out slow, really really slow Nothing much happened till about 80% I hated to be left in the dark for so long There were so many flashbacks between Brock and Lie but never the whole story I felt like yelling C mon Just give it to me now many times.Character wise I really disliked Abel at first, of his seemingly playboy lifestyle But, the ending made me reali [...]

    10. A la shitSE SUPONE, que trata de Delilah, mejor conocida como Lie, es una chica que est en la universidad en California, que se ve con una terapeuta, huyendo de su oscuro pasado Habiendo estado en un correccional de menores conoci al amor de su vida, otro tipo conflictivo, que la mitad del libro no sabemos que fue lo que hizo, pero que era condenadamente lindo con ella Lie conoce a Abel, un vendedor de drogas que dice que no pero siempre tiene , en una de las fiestas que va con su supuesta amiga [...]

    11. 4 I m still in a Daze Stars I had no idea what was in this book No idea I had not read any spoilers and went in blind I had a couple of predictions but none of them were true I absolutely don t even know how to write a review without giving away crucial pointers Ms Mummert took an incredibly difficult content and twisted it into an amazing novel I have to be honest and say that as a reading teacher, even I didn t catch the clues Not a one I did not know what the ending even meant and had to go b [...]

    12. I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review NO SPOILER REVIEW I have to say, I loved Perfect Lie It probably is my favorite novel by Teresa Mummert The characters are so well developed and intricate There is so many things that I missed the first time I read it that when I went back through, stood out to me the 2nd time It is a novel you could read a few times over and pick up on new items you didn t think was important before The ending definit [...]

    13. maybe its just me but I just didn t get the ending the heroine drove me insane I almost quit many times but I wanted to know what the hell happened to brock and were the hell he was lol Just didn t do it for me the writing was great though just didn t like the story line 2.5 confused stars

    14. But for the ending, I would ve rated this book 4 or 5 stars I m a dialogue junkie And this book had golden nuggets of straight awesome dialogue The chemistry b w Abel Delilah Lie was so raw and electric I was drawn to the mystery of Lie s past with Brock Her flashbacks were intriguing and kept me guessing all throughout The build up was intense and noteworthy There s no denying that Mummert can write.But that ending Ugh.I had to reread that ending FIVE times That s just crazy And still, I didn t [...]

    15. I am in utter shock right now Where to beginLie as she wants to be called is a broken, unwanted, bullied and on the run from her own life Brock is the love of her life but has left her broken and alone.Abel is trying to move on from his own tragic past They come together by was of Lie s psycho bitch of a roommate, Trish The banter between Lie Abel is witty, fun, honest and heartbreaking They struggle between friendship and feelings for each other They fight each other due to their past.This book [...]

    16. 4 5el 4 es porque le agarr cari o a Abel pero el final fue como que no entend que m y falt m s romance.

    17. This story and the characters grated on my nerves The heroine nicknamed Lie is the type you want to smack because she can t get over the horrible life she has been dealt She s the product of rape, and because of that she is a consent mess I don t know how she gets into college, which isn t really explained because she has no money, although it appears she has enough to spend on drugs and alcohol I can t understand how she even graduated high school She acts out, but it s like a spoiled brat, no [...]

    18. 4 That s some cleaver shit stars This was me when I got done reading this bookAnd then I was likeI need to go back and re read the last chapter just so I could clearly understand what the hell just happened Well, after re reading the last chapter again I was like, That is some crazy shit, but what a great twist on a story That s all I m giving you folks You ll have to read this for yourself to understand what I m talking about, but trust me, it will be worth it I m just sorry I had this sitting [...]

    19. I received this ARC in exchange for a fair and unbiased opinion That being said is my review This book hands down deserves a 5 star rating would be if possible For avid readers such as myself, often than not we can easily predict what path the story is leading us down OH SO NOT TRUE with this book Just when I was comfortable with where the plot was headed in this story, it would be like WHAM SHUT THE FRONT DOOR NO, THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN This book was amazing, truly worth reading So emotion [...]

    20. Y all know my reviews are always vague cause they are always spoil freed this one will be the same The love story is an original that we are all familiar with but my gahhhhhhh The ending is the perfect definition of what a mindfuck is I had to read it over and over to make sure I was following exactly how it was being played out That, folks, is why I have it 5

    21. Sometimes love burns so hot in your veins that it consumes all rational thought You become a walking shell that can no longer function without your significant other whispering into your soul, telling your heart to beat Being bullied all of her life and unwanted by her own mother left Delilah Lie Monroe scarred and feeling unloved by everyone until she met Brock Brock was troubled, but he loved Delilah fiercely and for the first time in her life she felt worth something But Brock lied when he pr [...]

    22. CHRISTINA S REVIEW As I sit here trying to come to terms with what I just read, I am in awe over the ability of Teresa Mummert to write a book like this This book takes us through the story of Delilah A college girl trying to start fresh Wanting to build a new life, to become someone other than herself A person who she felt was unloved and unworthy Worthless It wasn t that I viewed my tears as a weakness it was that I knew what they d said was true I was a nothing No one looked forward to seeing [...]

    23. Source eARC for Honest Review from AuthorThis book is a tough book to review Because it really is of an experience than a story There were times I didn t know if I hated the book or loved the book In the end I was blown away with the.Holy Shit didn t see that coming at all.Reading this book is like watching the movie Fight Club and once its done you question every aspect of what you just read Now that I know the ending I will be re reading this to see it in a different light I liked the twist a [...]

    24. ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review Spoiler free review 4.75 5.00 stars.How can I review this book without spoiling it Hmmm I am not going to regurgitate the synopsis and try and let you guess what this book is about I don t think I could do it justice I am not going to ruin this book for you All I can say is this is a story about a girl who wasn t meant to be , the boy she fell in love with and the boy who brings some light into her dark and depressing exi [...]

    25. I received an ARC of Perfect Lie I was so sucked into this book from the beginning that I read it in one night The title Perfect Lie fits the story so well, Delilah has lived a rough life and tries to start over as someone else, giving herself the nickname Lie, which fits so well as her life is a lie Once a quiet loner who is bullied all through high school, she goes away college, hanging with the cool crowd, drinking drugs and partying, in an attempt to fit in But she eventually will have to fa [...]

    26. Holy Crap that was TWISTTASTIC I know I know that is not a word but its the only thing that comes to mind I had a million different scenarios running through my mind while I was reading BUT NEVER in a MILLION years would I have seen this twist coming Bravo Mrs Mummert Bravo You tricked my mind while keeping it thoroughly entertained Was I team Brock or team Abel Hmm well that depends on which part of the story we are at because by the end I think i actually despised one of them yet with out his [...]

    27. From the beginnig of the book I was so torn Brock or Abel Abel or Brock let s just say, what happened in the end cleared it up for me view spoiler Personally, I have no idea why she was so caught up on Brock after what he did She kept pushing Abel away and for what For a freaking psychopath hide spoiler I loved the writing style, but this was just one of those things that made me rate this book so low Plus, the fact that there was like one steamy scene A teeny tiny steamy scene I might add

    28. Before I started Perfect Lie I messaged my bff and said I kinda get nervous starting Teresa Mummert books cause they always go in a completely different direction than you expect LOL Perfect Lie was a classic example of Ms Mummert at work I did not see the twist It was brilliantly executed, a work of genius When you go to read this book, don t bother reading reviewsgo in blind and really get into the story Pay close attention, that s all I m going to say Enjoy

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