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Brazen #2020

Brazen Mary Howard has always lived in the shadow of her powerful family But when she s married off to Henry Fitzroy King Henry VIII s illegitimate son she rockets into the Tudor court s inner circle Mary

  • Title: Brazen
  • Author: Katherine Longshore
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Brazen By Katherine Longshore, Mary Howard has always lived in the shadow of her powerful family But when she s married off to Henry Fitzroy, King Henry VIII s illegitimate son, she rockets into the Tudor court s inner circle Mary and Fitz join a tight clique of rebels who test the boundaries of court s strict rules with their games, dares, and flirtations The Mary gets to know Fitz, the hardeMary Howard has always lived in the shadow of her powerful family But when she s married off to Henry Fitzroy, King Henry VIII s illegitimate son, she rockets into the Tudor court s inner circle Mary and Fitz join a tight clique of rebels who test the boundaries of court s strict rules with their games, dares, and flirtations The Mary gets to know Fitz, the harder she falls for him, but is forbidden from seeing him alone The rules of court were made to be pushed but pushing them too far means certain death Is true love worth dying for

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    1. This month, I kept picking up books that I couldn t get into, so my solution Pick up the biggest book on my shelf And which book was that Brazen by Katherine Longshore, the third book in a companion series set during Henry VIII s reign as king Tudor Times I read Tarnish a while back for book club, so when I was flipping through Penguin s catalog for upcoming releases, I knew I needed to request this beast of a book Both Tarnish and Brazen sucked me in with the world, the cast of characters, and [...]

    2. If you only do as others say, be who they want you to be, you will lose yourself And that will be the greatest loss of all Due to my extreme book hangover, I ve dedicated the past couple of days to befriending Google and stalking Mary and Henry Fitzroy and, naturally, proceeding to be a complete history nerd.I have to admit Fitz doesn t look that bad for a historical dudeYWAY No, I don t spend my time judging historical figures based on their portraits Who do you think I am chuckles nervously Af [...]

    3. I am a FitzRoy I am a duchess I do not need a man to give me my identity, Father I have my own History fascinates me, especially anything with the Boleyns, but I ve never been one to read much of it in fiction As much as history itself interests me, historical fiction has always been something I ve steered clear of But, with that having been said, I am so glad I gave Brazen a chance, because Katherine Longshore has the perfect voice for this type of story she embodies each of the characters and [...]

    4. I am so happy to be alive today By today I mean in the 21st century where women have a right to vote, a chance at making something out of ourselves, a chance at freedom, a chance at love Mary never stood a chance, and all she had was luck at her side At least in this book she did Katherine Longshore paints us an honest yet hopeful picture of 16th century England To me it sounds like a horrible place to be at but it does give us a great setting for an enthralling tale.Mary Howard is only a daught [...]

    5. I don t know I just have so many feelings right now and I can t get over any of them and I m just going to go curl up in a ball and cry forever because WHY WHY IS HISTORY SO CRUEL Just read this it s amazing and you ll get all the feels I swear.

    6. I was so excited to find an ARC of BRAZEN Penguin Viking by Katherine Longshore in my mailbox last week I ve read and absolutely loved her other two books, GILT and TARNISH, and I ve been looking forward to BRAZEN, which isn t due out until 6 12 14 I had a busy week planned, but I was intrigued by the tagline There s only one man Mary Howard wants the one she s forbidden from having her husband so I figured I d read Just A Few Pages That was it my busy week was shelved and I flew through 528 pag [...]

    7. Actual rating 4.5I m normally wary of historical fiction It doesn t make any sense, really, because a I always seem to stumble upon great historical fiction when I do dip into the genre, and b I adore history except for certain parts of American history, because they ve been bashed into my skull with those poorly written bricks the school system calls textbooks eyes YA historical fiction books with interest This was no exception, and it was, to be blunt and rather un sixteenth century like, frea [...]

    8. This review contains spoilers for anyone who doesn t know basic Tudor historyReading about history can be dull I don t mean dull in a this textbook is literally putting me to sleep, I am having a fabulous dream about dinosaurs right now kind of way, not for me I love history in every way, shape, and form, whether that s a textbook or a documentary or actually visiting historical monuments and buildings and walking where famed royalty walked hundreds of years ago.The kind of dull I mean is in an [...]

    9. I ve never been one to lean in the direction of historical fiction until I started reading Katherine Longshore s books and BRAZEN is my favorite to date Her writing just keeps getting better and better It s so rare to find a book that is historically educational while also as tantalizing and swoon worthy as a very popular romance An amazing read.Mary Howard and Henry FitzRoy are chess pieces in the very real and dangerous games being played in King Henry VIII s court But love has a power all it [...]

    10. I will read ANYTHING Katherine Longshore writes Her historical fiction is brilliant and very well done I have loved this companion trilogy and Brazen was no exception I d never heard of Mary Fitzroy but she and her story fascinated me I want historical fiction

    11. My new favorite in this series Beautifully executed har har and exquisitely told._______________________An advance copy of this novel was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.This review can also be found at The Starry Eyed Revue.I don t know as much about the Tudor dynasty as I probably should, given that it s one of my favorite historical periods to read about, but Katherine Longshore excels at bringing that period to life in a way that is romantic poetic, even and not at [...]

    12. I don t know why but I will always be intrigued and enad with the Tudor era I liked how Mary Howard s story was depicted I really wish that her love affair had been as magical and full of passion in real life I loved this book and I highly recommend it.

    13. My obsession with Henry VIII s court continues This series is by far my favorite historical fiction series I ve ever read They are fascinating I could not put this down

    14. The best historical fiction series I ve ever read Absolutely in love with this series I could get lost over and over again in King Henry VIII s world.

    15. An ARC of this novel was provided in exchange for an honest review Those crazy Tudors they re at it again Where do I begin When I won a beautiful copy of Brazen, I was ecstatic I ve always been fascinated by the Tudor court, and now I had the opportunity to read a book that comprised three of my favorite things YA, historical fiction and forbidden romance I remember happy dancing in my room, up until my mom came in and looked at me with a strange expression, to which I could only reply It s all [...]

    16. This review originally appears on my blog, Books, puppies and rainbowsThe Tudor court A pious playboy mansion with the strangest fashion sense.I wonder who went like, Oh look at those two giant footballs Let me use them as shoulder pads I like history, but it s depressing Not just because of all the beheadings and the witch trials seriously, witch trials This phrase should have only been in fantasy books On Mars History is depressing because of all the people that are remembered and importantly [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this read It was fast paced entertainment The writing and character development was well done I ve enjoyed the series Didn t seem like 500 pages at all.

    18. This book is exactly why I love historical fiction To say that I have been waiting impatiently for this book to get into my grubby little hands would probably be an understatement I have always loved historical fiction and when I stumbled upon Katherine Longshore s Gilt I was instantly a fan of hers She mixes in a great deal of history but as a reader, I am never overwhelmed and of course, there is the swoony stuff which I love.Brazen is about Mary Howard s life beginning on the day of her marri [...]

    19. To see full review click here.I am highly fascinated with the Tudor family.They are a bat shit insane family, and why wouldn t they be with that War of the Roses business.Then there s Henry the VIII.Oh, Henry the VIII how you are this enigmatic person who I can t exactly pinpoint why women found you attractive back in your day And why Ann Boleyn liked you because you were just plain Ugh.Don t get me started with Henry the VIII.I actually was interested in this book for a different reason, Henry [...]

    20. Read this review on my blog Brazen by Katherine LongshoreFor me, the thing about historical fiction that always grabs me is just how much I invest in the characters Especially when it s derived from actual history I ve always loved history and always loved losing myself in imagining what peoples lives were like then I first fell in love with the Tudor era after watching The Tudors series on Showtime If a character intrigued me enough I would spend time googling them and reading their Wiki page b [...]

    21. When I saw what this one was about namely an actual love story I got really excited I mean, FINALLY After reading the two previous books in this sorta not really a series, I was ready for a legit love story The other two were like courtly love stories, where there were elements of love but without the commitment But I didn t really get that to the extent I was hoping Longshore s strength the history is also a weakness in this element She s so focused on the history and getting the history right [...]

    22. Mary Howard was married off at a young age to Henry VIII s illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy You would expect this marriage to be awkward and horrible, and it is in the beginning, but as she gets to know Henry, she realizes that she has true feelings for him and vice versa So, what is the one problem Well, they can t be together even though they are married until Henry VIII decides it is appropriate They can t even spend too much time together alone, let alone a night together and as they grow up, [...]

    23. Can I just say that Katherine Lonshore is amazing She really is Mary is an awesome character Her story is a love story of two types, one for her and her child husband who she grows to love and one for her and her girlfriends Her girlfriends are interesting young women in their own right and watching the three of them play off and learn from each other was awesome Reading this also made me really curious about her actual life, considering the few things we know about her make her out as an unusua [...]

    24. Are you into stories of love, gossip and intrigue set against a real life historical backdrop Before Reign made history sexy and cool for youths, there was Katherine Longshore and her books set during the reign of the Tudors First Gilt, then Tarnish and now BRAZEN Now, looking at just the title Brazen, you might think that this is one of those seedy books that s nothing but sex and flirtation and YOU WOULD BE WRONG.Read the resst of my review hereReview goes live in July

    25. This book literally ripped my heart in half.I got so attached to the characters in this book It was beautifully written, and it captivated me from page one.I will definitely be buying of Katherine Longshore s books.Anyone who likes stories of kings queens, etc or historical fiction will enjoy this book.

    26. Bah I wanted to read this but it is too soapy and crap Is it YA I feel like that is the only way I could handle it Also, King Henry VIII s court stories annoy me for reasons I cannot pinpoint and wish they didn t Somehow they just seem too trite to me Not sure Anyhow, I kind of want to know what happens, but can t deal with how it s written I m horrible I guess The end.

    27. I read the first two books, they were awesome I can t wait to read this one But seriously this cover NOT ACCEPTABLE Amazing books deserve amazing covers, not this I just have to say it So shitty

    28. This and other reviews can be found at wovenwithwords.The GistAfter reading a little about her other books, I know Katherine Longshore definitely likes to set her stories in the Tudor era I love historical novels and I m a sucker for historical romance, too Geez, it doesn t take much to please me So the summary of this stand alone is very misleading I thought I was going to be thrown into a revolution OVERTHROW THE KING But I didn t get that I something tamed and simplified Not to say that s ba [...]

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