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No Regrets #2020

No Regrets What happens when you live your life believing in no regrets Life hasn t been perfect for plus sized Deborah Hansen Still reeling from her grandmother s death her increasing pile of debt and finally

  • Title: No Regrets
  • Author: Liliana Rhodes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • No Regrets By Liliana Rhodes, What happens when you live your life believing in no regrets Life hasn t been perfect for plus sized Deborah Hansen Still reeling from her grandmother s death, her increasing pile of debt, and finally graduating college, she decides its time to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer Working as a tailor in a fine department store isn t high on her list, but it haWhat happens when you live your life believing in no regrets Life hasn t been perfect for plus sized Deborah Hansen Still reeling from her grandmother s death, her increasing pile of debt, and finally graduating college, she decides its time to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer Working as a tailor in a fine department store isn t high on her list, but it has its perks and she meets one in the form of a man she calls Mr Sexy William King isn t just any sexy man though, he s the ultra private billionaire heir to a fortune Deborah knows nothing about.When Will s mysterious past puts the two lovers in danger, will the truth bring them closer together or finally tear them apart

    • [KINDLE] ò No Regrets | By ✓ Liliana Rhodes
      359 Liliana Rhodes
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    1 thought on “No Regrets

    1. DNFNothing wrong with the writing, but I m in a mood, and honestly, it s just not working for me Maybe I m being nitpicky, but I keep getting annoyed by things, ESP how slow the first chapters were and then how quickly things seem to move between the h and H Specifically, when The hero and heroine meet and have a conversation and Im using that term loosely that lasted all of a minute and suddenly the H knows how determined the heroine is, knows how smart and dedicated she is, and how different f [...]

    2. You will have No Regrets if you read this amazing book I enjoyed Will and Deb s journey to a happy future It a wonderful story of love and following your dreams Its a feel good, take controll of your own happiness Don t let fear stop you Dream come true I love this awesome story.

    3. 2.5 StarsThis was marginally better than book one A lot mystery and intrigue I wasn t to thrilled with Deborah s character as her self esteem was just at an all time low I usually adore plush female leads, but only when they keep it real, love who they are and don t require anyone to validate them Deborah was none of that, hell she even questioned her talent knowing how awesome her creations were She was quite literally a Debbie Downer I felt depressed every time it was her part of the story.Wi [...]

    4. No Regrets Deborah and Will Canyon Cove Billionaires Book 2 is by Liliana Rhodes This book is about one of the girls who is in the club with Cassie and her cousin Ashley It is about taking chances when they come up and having no regrets for not trying It is well written and although somewhat of a patterned book, it is still well written and full of fun Deborah Hansen had finally graduated from college The first thing she gets in the mail is notification to pay her student loans She has to find a [...]

    5. This is my first book review ever I ve always wanted to do reviews but, my epic laziness has prevented me from doing so Until now.That is the level ofireI have with this book That it has prompted my eternally lazy self to actually get of my arse and write a review Before I go on to actually review the book I should say that I am writing this review having not yet finished it I will inevitably finish it it s not because I want to though I will only finish it because I am incapable of not doing so [...]

    6. There is a lot to say about instant attraction and the depth of it Again you have a woman moving into a place with her Boss way too soon from knowing him for me to feel it is authentic.

    7. No RegretsAnother wonderful story I loved the way you took the past and intertwined it with the present It gave me all the right feelings for both characters.

    8. Only 3 stars I know, i don t understand what happened either There are people there who adore this book, but I just couldn t click with it I love the idea of a talented plump heroine who meets a hot rich guy that falls hard for her and I really liked the start of this book, but then everything just fell short I love a beautiful, light romance with little drama, but I ask for depth in the characters and even if the idea of the book seems almost surreal I just want real, I want believable I think [...]

    9. I received this series in exchange for my honest review.I m a little baffled by the reviews of this book I get that handsome, billionaire William King had a tramatic childhood but his repeated childish and ungentlemanly behavior is ridiculous He walks by Deb s bags letting her carry them herself, no mention of a condom is used, and his sulking, childish behavior when he doesn t like something became tiresome On top of that he can, with no than a days notice, displace a popular restaurants entir [...]

    10. I was gifted this book in return for an honest review.Another good book that I would give 3.5 stars I honestly did enjoy reading this book and knowing what to expect in terms of a HEA at the end I wanted to give it stars Unfortunately I did feel a little let down and felt that the relationship between Deborah and Will was rushed and a bit forced.This is the second book in the Canyon Cove series but can each be read as a standalone The main characters of Deborah and Will meet while she is workin [...]

    11. This is an awesome story full of secrecy, mystery and drama which starts at the beginning of the story until the very end The author writing definitely have a unique and smooth style which full of grace and confidence.Deborah was a damsel in distress and in need of emergency blessings in the form of a job, finance and housing She displays fiery rebellion against her present and desired future condition and at times I thought she was a little petulant and rapt Will is unknown to her as her boss a [...]

    12. No Regrets follows the relationship between Deborah Hansen and Will King as they fall for each other Deborah is a recent college graduate with a lifetime desire to be a clothing designer Unknown to Deborah, Will is the heir and owner of the clothing store she works for, the man she calls Mr Sexy Will makes Deborah, with her short stature and curvy body, feel sexy Deborah, the first woman Will has been interested in than physically, makes him feel like he is than his money.Will s past also crea [...]

    13. Deborah is just graduating from college after struggling to finish She has taken care of her sick grandmother and now only truly has one friend, Ashley Ashley introduces Deborah to someone who gives her a job offer, or another answer to her dreams She goes to that second chance instead and goes to to work for them There she sees Mr Sexy, not knowing anything about him He goes away as quickly as he enters, but she loved what she saw.Will can t get Deborah out of his mind and his driver Stewart re [...]

    14. This was really a nice read I was going to give it four stars but only gave it three because I would have liked for there to be resistance between Deborah and Will She meets him, she falls for him super fast and then moves in at the drop of a hat, no questions really asked so it seems unrealistic to me Most woman, even though they are trying not to have any regrets, would not just move in with a man they hardly knew She didn t even know what he did for a living before moving in So three stars A [...]

    15. Deborah impressed me as she works hard to get through school so she can follow her passion to design clothes This hasn t been an easy road and even when she feels like giving up, she doesn t it I wanted her to succeed Through a friend she gets connected to a designer which leads to a job at a high end department store, this isn t her dream but the store has a contest allowing an employee to show their designs at fashion week What Deborah doesn t expect is to cross paths with Will as she is worki [...]

    16. No Regrets reading this This book has everything you could possibly ask for It s exciting, romantic and loving I love how Will is attracted to Deborah He loves her curves She has self esteem issues like every other woman who is full figure but she also has confidence He is the one who seeks her out and I love that.This story is well written It has plot twists that keep you interested I love how These books combine characters from other stories It helps me stay connected to those characters that [...]

    17. I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review This story starts off as Deborah, a mid 20s graduating art student who has had a bit of a hard life However, her life is about to change for the good when she takes a job at a high scale department store that also has an annual fashion competition while working, she meets William King, a recluse who finds himself fascinated with her I ve read a number of this author s books and I can say that this one is probably my favorite so far [...]

    18. Will Mr Sexy and Deborah are so adorable Deborah just graduated from college and wants to pursue a career in fashion design She is encouraged to take a job at the high end dept store, Hargraves, because they have an annual design contest She sees Will in the men s department and she is just taken with his sexiness Unknown to her, she has caught Will s eye too She enters the contest and is also being pursued by Will, not realizing who he is or exactly how rich he is Their story is sweet and roman [...]

    19. Love a strong curvy womanThis is a wonderful story about a recently graduated women in fashion design Who starts to make her way in the fashion world starting a high end store in which she can then try for a design contest While working in the men s department and tailoring she meets Mr Sexy But who is he really After winning the contest with some other stuff happening along the way, she finds out who Mr Sexy really is This is a well written and self contained love story with a great ending I lo [...]

    20. another amazing read from LilianaReally love these characters from Canyon Cove Yes you have the millionaires and billionaires but these men usually have some kind of past and this defitnely the case with William Loved the different POVs not just from William and Deborah but a few secondary characters who come into play half way thru the story I could see why at first William was doing what he was doing towards Deborah but it seemed to work out in the end for everyone Very well written flowed ver [...]

    21. Liliana Rhodes has hit it out of the ball park with this one She s left her comfort zone of just romance and threw in a little danger and suspense into this novel and she nailed it Deborah is a plus size girl who owns her curves, she s just finished school in Fashion design, when she meets the handsome, private billionaire Will The sparks fly between these two and the chemistry is electric I just loved reading this book as the love developed through this book, pick it up and you won t be disappo [...]

    22. Deborah and Mr Sexy OH MY I worked retail for years if only I had ever run into a Will Mr Sexy I would have dropped my hubby who I met in my retail job and flown to Paris with him in a heart beat,Yes Liliana Rhodes knows how to write a romance that gets the heart pumping at the same time she gives us a strong Alpha female which tend to be hard to find, Thanks Ms Rhondes This book has romance and mystery and I once i started reading it I was up all night until I hit the last page of my kindle Par [...]

    23. Okay, so I had read this book when it first was published and I loved it then but I was lucky enough to receive it again as an ARC Revisiting Will and Deborah was fantastic Seeing their relationship start again, remembering oh yeah that s going to happen it was great It s suspenseful, it s romantic and it s fan your face sexy I loved getting to see Ashley, Joshua, Dianna and Stewart again The bonus scene at the end was perfect I love getting to see a snippit into the lives of the other girls

    24. FANTASTIC READ Loved the chemistry between Will and Deborah Even though their attraction was instant, it took awhile to develop,, which was great This story is romantic, has mystery, drama, action, and danger I love how both Will and Deborah finally figure out you have to live your life with NO REGRETS or miss out on so much Can t wait for next Canyon Cove book Once I start reading I can t put it down till I ve finished it Read these books You ll love them I received this book as a gift for an h [...]

    25. STRONG WOMANThis book spoke to me I too am a curvy woman who worked her way through college I too came from humble beginnings and had to build confidence in my chosen profession Now comes the wonderful fantasy I want to be Deborah I want the hot billionaire and the hot romance and the mystery and opportunity wonderfully set forth in this book This book had a great plot that kept me up late turning pages to get to the end Sigh Loved it.

    26. FANTASTIC READ I loved this book I have become quite a fan of this author She has such a smart and unique style of writing that captures both your attention and your heart Well Written Romantic Sweet Sexy Endearing A Dash of Suspense and Mystery A recipe for a great book

    27. What a fun read Really enjoyed the characters Deborah and Will Every girl needs a Will King in her life A little sexual tension would have only made it better Can t wait to read in the His Every Whim series Yea curvy girls

    28. Loved it Couldn t put it down I laughed through this book I can t wait to read of the Billionaires Loved everyone of them Thanks Liliana for giving me the chance and opportunity to read them I have fall in love with all the characters.

    29. I found this a great read Liliana did a great job I loved that Deborah was a plus size woman, I could definitely relate, especially that a sexy mr king finds her attractive You will enjoy the flow of the story and definitely want .

    30. Loved the story Again no protection Are authors not worried about pregnancies deceases any This story is kinda hard to relate to for myself.

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