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Shadowflesh #2020

Shadowflesh Torn from her home and fighting bouts of suicidal depression seventeen year old Aileen McCormick lands in the small coastal town of Redcliff North Carolina Her first day of school promises to be the

  • Title: Shadowflesh
  • Author: Shawn Martin
  • ISBN: 9780985123222
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shadowflesh By Shawn Martin, Torn from her home and fighting bouts of suicidal depression, seventeen year old Aileen McCormick lands in the small coastal town of Redcliff, North Carolina Her first day of school promises to be the worst day of her life when a menacing group of boys targets the new girl A stiff arm shoves Aileen into the arms of Addison Wake When he catches her, Aileen knows she willTorn from her home and fighting bouts of suicidal depression, seventeen year old Aileen McCormick lands in the small coastal town of Redcliff, North Carolina Her first day of school promises to be the worst day of her life when a menacing group of boys targets the new girl A stiff arm shoves Aileen into the arms of Addison Wake When he catches her, Aileen knows she will never be the same Addison s otherworldly charm and drop dead gorgeous face leave her breathless, but only for a moment Grim and painful secrets lurk in his dark soul Addison Wake isn t exactly like other boys Far from it He s dead and has been for 300 years, locked in an ethereal prison by a lethal enchantress named Donelle When she hungers, she blesses Addison s tortured spirit with moments of freedom, allowing him to roam the mortal world as Shadowflesh But that dark blessing comes at a price He must deliver the souls of five unsuspecting humans to Donelle Knowing he s here only for a short amount of time, Addison refuses to let himself fall in love and break Aileen s already fractured heart He pushes her into the arms of another, but destiny throws the two shadowy lovers back together In the darkness of her room, Addison confesses his love and his deadly secret to Aileen.When four dead bodies pop up in Redcliff, Aileen asks herself is her love for the mysterious boy unconditional Is the love worth the risk And will she be the next victim

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      Shawn Martin

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    1. Fans of dark, teenage, paranormal romance, are going to love the voice of Aileen and the powerful and romantic presence of Addison as they journey through both the treacherous waters of danger from beyond the grave and the treacherous halls of a small town high school.Aileen is suffering from new girl at school syndrome, the object of curiosity, jealousy and even lust as school begins 900 miles from where she wanted to be Enter Addison, another new student whose very essence oozes self confidenc [...]

    2. Originally posted at Strange Bedfellows PNR Reviewsstrangebf 2013 02Shadowflesh is the debut novel from Shawn Martin and the first of a series that I predict will be a hit with readers, especially the young adult audience With this book, Gothic romance meets the 21st century in a tale that s soulful, sweet, and kind of spooky.I loved this book Sure, it helped that I kept picturing Alex Pettyfer as Addison, but I really enjoy Martin s style of writing, too It s witty and holds just the right amou [...]

    3. Beneath the Moon and Stars reviewThis was an interesting read I really liked the idea of the story But it took quite awhile to get going It was a little hard to connect with This tells the story of Aileen Her life has taken a turn for the worst Now she s in a new house and a new school She doesn t have high hopes until she falls into the arms of Addison Wake It was hard to connect with Aileen She had moments where I really enjoyed her and vise versa It kinda felt like she didn t know herself com [...]

    4. What an enjoyable read Aileen McCormick is one of the few female characters in YA books that actually likes me She s sarcastic and funny, and doesn t take herself, or her problems, too seriously She s a really refreshing characters, and of course, her crush because apparently that could not change had to be as good as her Addison Wake To this day, Addison holds the title of best romantic declaration Of course, there are other very good characters Geoff, the football player that is not as a clich [...]

    5. I will be honest, I can t stand this book.The main idea of the story is quite good, but it s so bad written and expressed that I slept through many parts.The characters aren t that bad, but the female protagonist was so annoying She was the typical I m not pretty I m depressed Nobody is going to love me Girls are not like that, I swear well maybe some are, but not all.I totally trust that this book would be so much better if it was a Stand Alone, bc the ending doesn t really gives you any cliffh [...]

    6. I am a librarian at a juvenile detention facility I received this book for free through First Reads The following is a review from a student This book kind of reminded me of the Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick I like the way the author writes I am hoping to head books by this author Great read

    7. Shadowflesh which I won from Giveaways is a unique, well written paranormal novel with a touch of murder and mayhem The story revolves around three dead bodies, Donelle a soulless enchantress and forbidden love between seventeen year old Aileen McCormick and a three hundred year old phantom, Addison Wake As the plot unfolds Aileen the newest student at Redcliff High is confronted by three bullies tormenting Bonnie Fay, Nicola and Calvin Already dreading her first day at a new school, but hating [...]

    8. Okay, so this book Oh, this book Since I won this in a Giveaway given I give an honest review, I am going to be as honest as a can It was okay Did I love it No Did I hate it No I didn t particularly care for the main character s personality I found her to be rather irritating and kind of whiny She was very typical of many YA characters today in that No one will ever love me kind of way Unfortuately, I read a lot of books with aggrivating heroines like that It gets old, but can be overlooked with [...]

    9. Book Talk Reviewsfacebook VampiresBite2012michelle808205I was giving a copy of Shadowflesh for an honest review.I enjoyed this book the main character is seventeen year old Aileen McCormick Aileen and her family have moved across the US to live with her grand mother in her big spooky house, because of money issues her family is having Aileen is depressed but soon makes new friend on the first day at her new school and she also meets a handsome and mysterious boy named Addison Wake As the book mo [...]

    10. I won this book in a giveaway I really enjoyed this book It was confusing at parts because you don t really know what is happening until you get farther into the story I still am a little confused on how Addison survived at the end Doesn t seem possible to me but then again he isn t human.I was never completely sure of who the killer was I had my suspisions Addison, Sheriff Hannaford and Kerrick I knew one of them was involved but I wasn t completely sure who it was Aileen is portrayed as a teen [...]

    11. The book Shadowflesh had parts I didn t like and did First there is the characters The clings in this book remind me of the clings from Falling Under The popular ones were stupid, rich, always after the main boy character, and does that character have to be dead Correction Shadow flesh is very much like Falling Under I ll give the characters a 2 5.However, I did enjoy the plot It had a nice twist to it in the end It led you to believe one thing until it turn out to be an other.The plot deserves [...]

    12. Shadowflesh is a great read and I recommend it to anyone looking for an unusual paranormal romance The story unfolds quickly, flows at an exciting continuous pace and is speckled with moments of humor that bring lightness to a possible dark story How can two young lovers overcome an evil sorceress, a creepy creeper, and an amateur paranormal investigation team to come to a happy ending Not to mention that one of them is an apparition who appears as a fleshy shadow and people keep dropping dead u [...]

    13. I LOVE this book I cannot wait to read the second one The characters are amazing I love the house that the Grandmother has This book is wonderful Donelle is so evil Ah Addison was so frustrating at times, For example when Aileen was going to go to homecoming with Geoff, and Addison said that he hated her for going with him What lol He told her to go and not to like him any Even though Addison was a bit cocky at points and a little rude, I felt SOOOO bad for his poor, tortured soul I love this bo [...]

    14. I must say that I was surprised that I liked enjoyed this type of book I was engrossed to the final pages Only pet peeve is not knowing exactly what happened to Donelle in the end But truly I guess it does not really matter What I loved most about this bok had to be the dancing mustangs How I wish that they could in fact dance That is something I would love to see haha.

    15. Brilliant book has a twilight feel to itally well written won the second book on waiting for it to arrive cant waitcommend this book.

    16. 3.5 starsThe story was interesting and kept me turning the pages, but the characters were a little lacking.

    17. Completely unique and amazingly entrancing The author takes a man who should be dark and shows him in the brightest light possible I can t wait for .

    18. 4 5 Estrellas La verdad me gust La lectura se hace amena y tiene di logos muy divertidos El autor es muy ingenioso y los personajes me gustaron Sobre todo la abuela xD.

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