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Black Door #2020

Black Door William and his brothers are on their way to summer camp But when a wrong turn leads them to an abandoned campground things start to get weird in this nail biting tale of adventure and suspense Imagi

  • Title: Black Door
  • Author: Evans Light
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 176
  • Format: ebook
  • Black Door By Evans Light, William and his brothers are on their way to summer camp But when a wrong turn leads them to an abandoned campground, things start to get weird in this nail biting tale of adventure and suspense Imaginatively cryptic .will delight readers young and old alike with good old fashioned spookiness Highly recommended Appropriate reading for pre teens, teens and adults.

    • [E-Book] ↠ Black Door | by ✓ Evans Light
      176 Evans Light
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    1 thought on “Black Door

    1. This is my first all ages fiction gently spooky and dreamlike.Someday I d like to develop this story into a horror novel for adults, where things take a much sinister turn link BLaCK DooR eboo

    2. Black Door by Evans Light was a very interesting trip into a strange little idea.Being from the UK, I ve never experienced the phenomenon that occurs in the USA Camp However after reading this cautionary tale, geared towards the younger audience, I m not sure I d want to, either A great little fast read, that I would sincerely recommend to anyone who likes to let their own imagination run riot with what they are given to ponder.

    3. Not a great story, but it held my interest The ending kind of left me wondering, I will admit It reminded me a bit of the stories you might see on The Twilight Zone I read it right before I went to sleep and it didn t keep me up I get scared easily, so that tells you something right there.

    4. 2nd from light evans for mee other his Whatever Possessed You , read late last year, 2012eat covere colors up above or wherever it is located i m on an kindle color hered this cover is a bit different than what looks like a young persony on the end of a dock this one had a two rut passing by possibly three buildingsa camp or two three, a pock marked sign off to the side, welcome to camp.april, 2012, this onestory begins this summer has been a hot one the kind that shimmers with heat that looks [...]

    5. William and his brothers are on their way to summer camp But when a wrong turn leads them to an abandoned campground, things start to get weird in this nail biting tale of adventure and suspense.This book brought back lots of memories.When I was little, my parents took us on camping trips every summer It could be hectic and I imagine my parents wondered why they did it, as the proverbial, Are we there yet must have been yelled so many times from the back seat of our station wagon.We took everyth [...]

    6. Review of Black Door by Evans Light5 starsFrom reading the blurb and studying the excellent cover art, I had certain presumptions going into this story I expected something on the order of the B movie Sleepaway trilogy the set with the evil female serial killer preying on unsuspecting adolescent campers , or at minimum a set of directors akin to a Morticia and Lurch couple Not so, not so at all author Evans Light spun this story in a direction I couldn t possibly have imagined, and I am very tha [...]

    7. For my full review please chock out my website ashleyisee under Black Door.It s really tough to gauge which Prime books are worth reading during the month I can only hope that in the US there is of selection I don t know why the UK doesn t get choice I enjoyed this book although I would call it of a short story It s was light, engaging and the characters were true to their age range It s a perfect story to read to kids around the campfire A good option for young children learning to read and [...]

    8. I enjoyed this short spooky tale which kept me turning the pages The parts inside the camp were well described and I liked the ending although it was a little sudden I could happily have read of the story Maybe a sequel or a slightly longer version would be cool This is the second of Mr Light s stories that I have read and he is proving to be a talented and versatile writer I will certainly read of his work.

    9. This was kind of odd, with an almost fantasy feel to it as a whole, nothing overtly horrifying and a sense of magic If it weren t for the descriptions trying to heap on the dread before the reveal I d compare it to a fairy tale, or happy ghost story Not the best I ve read from Evans, but not bad by any stretch of the imagination.

    10. William and his brothers are supposed to be going to a new summer campwhich they do.rt offThe author has put together a very clever story that had me piqued all the way through Great descriptions of the surroundings as well as the characters themselves, you ll find yourself drawn in to the tale as if you were there too.Watch out for the twist too

    11. An interesting short story with a real Twilight Zone feel But I was enjoying it, and then it was suddenly over I didn t care for the abrupt ending at all.

    12. Well, this turned out to be one heck of a story and the ending was such a surprise that it put a smile on my face Not what I was expecting at all Yep, I d recommend this story and author.

    13. what a creepy little story nice, quick read and the ending surprised me who could have thought things would work out so well

    14. This would have been a good foundation for a adult, sinister story But, I thought it was cute for a pre teen book.

    15. Having put this on my Kindle and not knowing what it was about.I quickly read it and realized it was a children s book So, as an adult I would not even recommend this book to my children Very short without much context.

    16. This wasn t bad, but it was very short, and left some questions unanswered in my mind I ll have to try a few of his stories books before I decide if I like this author.

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