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Destiny's Surrender #2020

Destiny s Surrender The child he didn t know he had Andrew Yates has come to a decision it s time to stop sowing those oats and start a family But searching for a bride isn t as simple as he d hoped and many of the resp

  • Title: Destiny's Surrender
  • Author: Beverly Jenkins
  • ISBN: 9780062231116
  • Page: 337
  • Format: ebook
  • Destiny's Surrender By Beverly Jenkins, The child he didn t know he had Andrew Yates has come to a decision it s time to stop sowing those oats and start a family But searching for a bride isn t as simple as he d hoped, and many of the respectable women of his acquaintance feel lacking Then beautiful, feisty Wilhelmina Billie Wells arrives at the family ranch with a toddler in her arms, claimingThe child he didn t know he had Andrew Yates has come to a decision it s time to stop sowing those oats and start a family But searching for a bride isn t as simple as he d hoped, and many of the respectable women of his acquaintance feel lacking Then beautiful, feisty Wilhelmina Billie Wells arrives at the family ranch with a toddler in her arms, claiming Drew is the father The woman he didn t know he loved Billie had no choice but to show up at Destiny in search of Drew For the sake of their child, she s willing to leave him with his father so the boy can have a better life, but then, before she can blink, she s saying I do in front of a preacher in a marriage of convenience All Billie and Drew have in common is the heat that brought them together, but can their sizzling passion lead to an everlasting love

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      337 Beverly Jenkins
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    1 thought on “Destiny's Surrender

    1. Secret baby marriage of convenience trope y, soapy awesomeness I put some of this in a blog post on Friday, but to recap, I found this book refreshing, primarily because our heroine Billie has been working as a prostitute for quite some time, and the author does not a do some twisty retconning to make her a virgin despite her occupation, like giving her a regular client who never actually has sex with her, and b give Billie any shame about her life In fact, it s pretty early in the book when Bil [...]

    2. The first thing to know is when you pick up a Beverly Jenkins book, make sure your calendar is clear as you will not want to put the book down until you have read the last page And then you have to hope you do not start to re read the book from the beginning as master storyteller Jenkins enchants with captivating characters and fresh storylines.Billy Wells is spirited and unapologetic about who she Surviving on her own since a young girl, Billy has learned to survive by her wits and good advice [...]

    3. The heroine of this book was the best part Billie truly owned herself She didn t claim to be anything other than what she was a whore Even better, Drew and his family didn t attempt to hide her past They took her on her own merits and showed how courageous and compassionate she truly was.I couldn t get a good feel for what made Drew tick I wanted to know of his thoughts about the broken engagement, Billie as a mother, how he came to develop such tender feelings for Billie and his son However, I [...]

    4. I just finished this Destiny s and I enjoyed ever minute of reading this book The thing I love most about Beverly Jenkins books are she creates men that make you swoon but her female characters are just as exciting as the men they fall in love with Billie was not a woman waiting for a man to rescue her ,she rescued herself I loved her strength in this story in fact I feel she stole the show , Antonio added the romance to this story but Billie made it a book My only complaint is the that book end [...]

    5. This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSummary Andrew Yates know that the time has come for him to be married soon His mother keeps pressing the issue, and he has been searching for the right woman but has yet to locate her He finally meets a young woman that meets the desired requirement and would be a companion, but he knows he will never love her On the eve of his engagement, a passionate Billie arrives with a toddler in her arms, claiming it is his son Billie has only loved [...]

    6. Destiny s Surrender comes after Destiny s Embrace, but it can stand alone very well as it has a self contained plot and a small cast of mostly unintrusive secondary characters This story is worth a look mostly because Beverly Jenkins switches things up a bit after falling into a formulaic rut in her last few books.Wilhelmina Billie Wells, our heroine, is a prostitute No, she s not a destitute lady on her first time out only to find happily ever after with her first client She s not a fake prosti [...]

    7. This one made me giggle all the way thru.And the funny thing is, I did not think I was going to even like this one at all n the beginning Jenkins is a great writer of family ties and the possibility of redemption or anew for anyone

    8. Surrender to the Best Historical Romance NovelDestiny s Surrender, the second book in the Destiny series by Beverly Jenkins Andrew Yates is ready to stop sowing oats and start a family But one last passionate romp with mistress whore Wilhelmina Billie Wells turns into Just when Drew finds a respectable candidate for wife, Billie shows up at Destiny Ranch with a one year old in her arms claiming Drew is the father Billie doesn t want scandal or Drew s wealth she is simply seeking a safe haven fo [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book I loved the story and the characters I m not a fan of prostitutes protagonist but this book was well done and I had fallen for it.And Wilhelmina Billie Wells That s a female protagonist So badass and awesome

    10. This story was awesome I actually felt like I went back in time with the characters I fell in love with the cast and my emotions were heightened throughout the journey At one point I felt like if Prince DuChance was a real person I could choke him with my bare hands I m looking forward to the next book

    11. Destiny s Surrender didn t disappoint The romance, pacing, lush setting and familial love was great I can t wait to read Noah s story Destiny s Captive A woman pirates please

    12. I am never disappointed when it comes to Beverly Jenkins Her books are always a joy to read I enjoyed being back in this world and I can t wait to read the next one.

    13. I finally read my first Beverly Jenkins book I was expecting it to be a five star book based on how people talk about her Now, I did enjoy this and will read Beverly Jenkins, but it didn t particularly grip me.The characters were interesting Billie was my favorite I loved how down to earth and realistic she was about her life And the side characters like Drew s family were fun They especially made me want to read the other books.The romance was different It isn t often that you see a prostitute [...]

    14. Really good Billie and Drew were very hot and great together There were rough parts due to misunderstandings and their contrasting occupations I was happy that it all worked out in the end On to Noah s

    15. Rating 4 1 2 starsWow.I ve always wanted to read a novel by Beverly Jenkins, any novel, and hey, it was worth it Her historical research and character development is superb The details of the history at this time for people of color was insightful, not preachy, just a reality for the times This author places specifics directly into the plot and how it affects the characters The hero is of Mexican American descent but he is battling laws and discrimination to practice as an attorney and the stone [...]

    16. Review for Destiny s Surrender Destiny s Surrender is the second book in the Destiny series by Beverly Jenkins Andrew Yates has a successful law practice and is ready to find a wife and while he wants a love match like his brother he has resigned himself to just find a nice woman He has been seeing a lovely whore for the past two years and while he likes her quite a bit he knows there is no way to even contemplate anything than their financial transactions Billie also enjoys the company of Drew [...]

    17. 3.5 stars This was my first Beverly Jenkins, and if you re going to pop your cherry with an author, why not do it with a screaming orgasm in the very first line Billie is a whore and a total bad ass, and she s apologizing for neither Love that she s an emotionally strong person, not just a sexy heroine She gets herself into trouble by doing two things falling in love with a client, and deciding to keep the child she s pregnant with, instead of aborting, though there s no guarantee it belongs to [...]

    18. This book is a first in a while that I have mixed feeling about it Billie as she likes to be called is a wh e, and she knows what she is, and she has had a hard life She been on her own since she was 10 yrs old, but when she gets to spend time with Drew, he makes her feel special and over the last 2 yrs she fell in love with him, but she knows a girl like her would never get to have a happily ever after She gets pregnant and when baby is born, she sees birth mark same place Drew has, now she kno [...]

    19. I have been binge reading almost all of Beverly Jenkins books and I have to say that this one is one of my favorites Jenkins books are always entertaining to me with their masterful blend of romance and history I m inspired and educated all at the same time In Destiny s Surrender the continuing saga of the Yates clan, begun in Destiny s Embrace, tells of son Andrew and his decision to finally start a family.Up until this point, Andrew has been content to see many different women, including a pro [...]

    20. This was my first Beverly Jenkins book, and she certainly has a way with words I love history, so learning about post war race relations in California through the eyes of a black whore and her white Spanish lover was a treat It definitely piqued my curiosity, making me want to research other cultures experiences during the gold rush This was definitely a story omitted from my history books Sure, it was soap opera ish Drama abounds But like soaps, this book was engaging from open to close I actua [...]

    21. Loved it, loved it, loved it.Once again Ms Beverly has you standing at attention as you turn the pages in this story You can t judge a book by looking at the cover fits the heroin Wilhelmina Billie Wells like a glove To Andrew Yates the man with the birthmark in the middle of his back she is Mina Call her by any name you want she owns up to who and what she is and could care less who like it As trouble lurks she seeks help from Andrew not for her self but for someone else I love Billie even thou [...]

    22. Ms Jenkins has given me an interracial romance set in early California history Billie is to Drew than just your everyday whore This is evident in the way he treats her from the very beginning all the way up to the end when he was on the verge of losing her and the family they built It takes a two year arrangement plus almost another tow for them both to realize this is beyond the arrangement they made for services rendered I will need to go back and read book one in this Destiny series.

    23. I do love a secret baby story This one was entertaining, emotional, and filled with conflict There were moments that made me laugh, and where I was worried for the characters HEA I also learned a lot about the situation in California at that time To the point where I want to do research, which rarely ever happens Billie s an awesome heroine, and I enjoyed seeing her relationship with Drew and his family develop.

    24. Destiny s Surrender by Beverly Jenkins Wow, I thought I loved Destiny s Embrace but Surrender just raised the bar higher I was a little conflicted with Billie in the beginning due to Rosaline, but boy oh boy did she win me over Again, wow, I LOVED LOVED LOVED it.

    25. A round of applause pleaseI absolutely love Ms Jenkins stories Historical romances are my favorite Mina was a great outspoken heroine And Drew was breathtakingly swoon worthy Love Him

    26. loved it, just what you would expect for Beverly jenkins I have read all of her books aand have yet to be disappointed.Gread read for recommndations thebooklady.typepad

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