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Loss De Plott, The Colour Red #2020

Loss De Plott The Colour Red Red is unlike purple or blue but brings dreams to life within a book of dreams given to Loss De Plott by a man in a very strange hat Now promise me Loss her grandmother said you will never draw any

  • Title: Loss De Plott, The Colour Red
  • Author: Stephan J. Myers
  • ISBN: 9780957322530
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Loss De Plott, The Colour Red By Stephan J. Myers, Red is unlike purple or blue, but brings dreams to life within a book of dreams given to Loss De Plott by a man in a very strange hat Now promise me Loss, her grandmother said, you will never draw anything in the colour red And whatever you draw must come from your dreams, where the things that you see are not what they seem
    Loss De Plott Chaussures Outlet En Ligne Soldes Boutique Chaussures Outlet En Ligne Soldes Boutique Pour Femme Homme Jordan,Vans, Reebok, Puma,Tommy Hilfiger,Converse,New Balance,Calvin Klein,Asics Livraison Gratuite Loss De Plott by Stephan J Myers Whimsical, fantastical, tantalizing and poignant, Loss de Plott is a confection of thoughtful perspectives, insightful commentary and glorious prose all wrapped up in mystery Myers melds Dickensian romanticism with modern fantasy and the result is nothing short of brilliant. Loss De Plott, The Colour Red by Stephan J Myers Loss De Plott The Colour Red is a rhyming book where the main character, Loss, is given a book that has blank pages after she draws a man with a red hat The flow is gently lyrical and the pictures give children plenty to talk about as they discover their imaginations at the same time Loss discovers hers. Loss De Plott The Colour Red A children s Dec , Loss De Plott The Colour Red is, at its core, about the creativity that lives in the heart of every child The blank page metaphor is apt children will fill the blank page with the most fanciful things given the opportunity and permission, as was given in the story by Loss grandmother. Loss De Plott The Colour Blue A Halloween Sep , Written for children, loved by Mums and Dads, the Loss De Plott series continues to become a treasured favourite amongst readers of all ages Read Read less Inspire a love of reading with Prime Book Box for Kids Customer reviews Loss De Plott Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Loss De Plott at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

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    1 thought on “Loss De Plott, The Colour Red

    1. Extended review available on MINA S BOOKSHELF minadecaro 2013 0The enchanting musicality of its rhymes and the evocative quality of its delicate watercolor illustrations make of The Colour Red a charming read for children of all ages and adults alike Weaving the magic of colors with a heartwarming winter theme, Stephan J Myers spins the intriguing story of a little girl who loves to draw, an enchanted book with nothing but blank pages, and a mysterious man with a red hat and a secret, for when r [...]

    2. I have been following Stephan on Facebook for a while as I find his illustrations magical I was delighted when I won a copy in a Giveaway.I read it aloud to my 2 year old daughter as soon as I opened it The rhyming words just flow off your tongue and you can finish the whole tale within minutes We spent a while pointing out colours and things on the illustrations amd explained what the little girl Loss was doing and seeing My little girl loved the pages with Loss praying and flying through the a [...]

    3. A beautifully illustrated children s book in rhyme about a little girl called Loss de Plott, a mysterious man in a red hat who appears from a drawing and a book of dreams where nothing is as it seems Almost certainly destined to become a bedtime favourite with both parents and children, the story is simple but engaging and has just the right amount of intrigue tinged with mystery to captivate the reader The world of dreams and the imagination is a great setting for a children s book and this is [...]

    4. My book review of Loss De Plott The Colour Red by Stephan J Myers is special to me because this book made me reflect what life would be like without color, without dreams and without hope And I m grateful that authors such as Mr Myers have the ability to spread creativity, color, dreams and hope as their words cover the blank pages Loss De Plott The Colour Red is a rhyming book where the main character, Loss, is given a book that has blank pages after she draws a man with a red hat The flow is g [...]

    5. Today it is probably much difficult to create magic than only twenty years ago The Harry Potter movies proved that these days film makers can create realities, which have never existed.Still, Stephan J Myers manages to create magic with a book that has all blank pages His magic character has a hat in the color of red, not blue or green but red.In his book description Myers promises A rhapsody of images and words for reader s young and old that will linger long after the last page is turned It i [...]

    6. I have read and enjoyed other books by Myers, but somehow this one had escaped me Glad that I picked it up The soft watercolor illustrations do not disappoint the reader is encouraged to use her imagination to explore every possibility The rhyming verse flows smoothly and lends itself beautifully to a read aloud for younger children.The plot involves a young girl named Loss who has drawn a picture of a man with a red hat A knock at the door admits that same character bearing the gift of a book W [...]

    7. After purchasing Loss De Plott The Colour Blue for my niece, I couldn t help but to get her The Colour Red This warm and enchanting tale left her wanting me to read it to her a few times after we snuggled up to it the other night She is already asking me when we can read it again together because she loves how I depict the story through Myer s endearing and unforgettable rhyme This tale is filled with endless childlike magic and wonder and we can t wait to see what this author has in store for u [...]

    8. Loss De Plott The Colour Red is a charming children s tale with beautiful watercolor illustrations that bring the colors of our imagination to life Encouraging children and adults alike to follow their dreams, the story is told with images that evoke warmth and intrigue As Loss discovers the magic in her book of dreams she realizes that nothing inside is as it seems Inspiring young children to capture their imagination, The Colour Red is a wonderful book to share with your aspiring artist.

    9. If you ve ever wondered what magic in a book looks like I can t imagine it any better than The Colour Red A book of dreams, magical colours and two of the most memorable characters in children s books The books in this series have a theme and the colours bring a special kind of magic out This is our second copy of The Colour Red and I would recommend anyone buying a copy to get the new cover as there are additional illustrations inside Never let the magic fade

    10. I recieved my copy of Loss De Plott, The colour red today after being a first reads winner it is a beautifully illustrated magical book that i am going to continue reading to my daughter throughout her childhood I am also going to purchase Stephan J Myers other books which i am sure are goin to be as spectacticular.

    11. I won this as a First reads on , it arrived today and I read it straight away What an enchanting little children s book with lovely illustrations.It is about dreams and the colour red.This will appeal to children or Adults of all ages.My Grandchildren will love this and I intend to get the other books in the series.A Fantastic little book

    12. Won this in a giveaway Thank you Loved it Pocket sized is so cute Lovely story about a book of dreams, brilliant illustrations and idea I d love a book of dreams, where nothing is as it seems Xx

    13. I love these books and love the illustrations My nephew now has all the books in the Book Of Dreams series and I have to read them every time I visit There really is a little bit of magic in each one ad I like how each of the books follow on from each other even though they are told in rhyme.

    14. One of our family favourites Just had to buy a couple for Christmas and thought it about time I wrote a review The illustrations are wonderful but it s the lyrical rhyme in which the story is told that makes it a classic

    15. I received the book for free through First Reads.This book is a sweet, enchanting rhyming story I will definitely be checking out the adults fable by the author.

    16. Excellent read for my 10yr old daughter she asked me to get the other books by this author so that she could read them.

    17. Sweet rhyming story Elements of The Snowman and The Magic Paintbrush.Lovingly illustrated.Short and enjoyable.

    18. This was a nice little story rhyming poem I loved it and so did my seven year old son he followed the story well and loved the pictures.

    19. I finally got around to reading this book I won it in a giveaway Even though it is a very short and illustrated book it did take me a while to get around too It did include lovely watercolor illustrations in the book And the copy I got came with a very lovely print I very much appreciated it But I m sorry to say that I didn t enjoy this book as much as I thought I would I did not find the plot to be intriguing surprising or fast paced The book was slow going and very wordy for a picture book Alt [...]

    20. Summary The Colour Red is a book in Stephan J Myers The Book of Dreams series The main character is Loss De Plott, a young girl who loves to draw and has a habit of meeting mysterious people with intriguing secrets In The Colour Red, a man with a red hat gives Loss a dream book with blank pages.My Thoughts I found this enchanting book to be absolutely heartwarming with its playful storyline, cutesy rhymes and delightful watercolor illustrations Although obviously intended for young ears, even ad [...]

    21. We read The Colour Red over Christmas along with The Colour Blue and The Prayer and love these books by Stephan J Myers Along the children s books are told in rhyme and are beautifully written with original illustrations They are all a big hit with my children aged 6 and 7 The colour Red is the first book in the Book Of Dreams series and introduces Loss and her bear called Ted All the books have a classic feel to them and The Colour Red is no exception.

    22. I received The Colour Red as a free giveaway through the authors site Having first read The Prayer by Stephan Myers this was a definite contrast The words and illustrations are whimsical and paint a vivid story as you read along My children are 5 and 6 and are booth now reciting passages from it The girls love Loss and her bear and seem a lot eager to go to bed since getting the book For readers 5 and over I would recommend it.

    23. Myer s has done it again, I ve not quite finished reading it yet but watch thi space, there s coming.

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