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Nijigahara Holograph #2020

Nijigahara Holograph Butterflies ominously proliferate as children whisper rumors of a mysterious creature lurking in the tunnel behind the school To appease its wrath they decide to offer it a sacrifice a human one But

  • Title: Nijigahara Holograph
  • Author: Inio Asano Matt Thorn
  • ISBN: 9781606995839
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nijigahara Holograph By Inio Asano Matt Thorn, Butterflies ominously proliferate as children whisper rumors of a mysterious creature lurking in the tunnel behind the school To appease its wrath, they decide to offer it a sacrifice a human one But this is only the beginning of Nijigahara Holograph, which takes place in two separate timelines and involves the suicidal Amahiko Kohta, the lovestruck bully their teacheButterflies ominously proliferate as children whisper rumors of a mysterious creature lurking in the tunnel behind the school To appease its wrath, they decide to offer it a sacrifice a human one But this is only the beginning of Nijigahara Holograph, which takes place in two separate timelines and involves the suicidal Amahiko Kohta, the lovestruck bully their teacher Miss Sakaki, whose heavily bandaged face remains a mystery and many brothers, sisters, parents, co workers, teachers, aggressors, and victims who are all inextricably linked to one another Ten years later, all will have to face what they ve done or suffered through and maybe the end of the world Nijigahara Holograph complex, challenging, and elliptical was named one of the most anticipated new manga at Comic Con International San Diego Hailed as a voice of the current generation in Japan, Inio Asano, whose Solanin was nominated for Eisner and Harvey awards and was made into a feature film , delves into David Lynchian territory with this psychological horror story.

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      338 Inio Asano Matt Thorn
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    1 thought on “Nijigahara Holograph

    1. A holograph is a document written entirely in the handwriting of the person whose signature it bears Inio Asano s Nijigahara Holograph is a very powerful comic Asano also did Solanin, which I liked very much, and that one is relatable and Solanin as a character is very likeable, but this one Holograph, which came out in Japan in 2006 , is stranger and disturbing by far and also powerful If you are tempted to think that comics are for kids, think again This is an artistic accomplishment of the [...]

    2. You won t come away from this story feeling good, or happy about yourself and the world around you It s unlikely that you ll close the book, turn to the one you love, and say, You know what I have a feeling that everything is going to be alright Simply put, the book won t let you It will take you gently by the hand, and guide you on a walk through a world of twisted and broken individuals, unable to recover from the pain and loss of the past, and perhaps unwilling to Through the eyes of the char [...]

    3. Well That was weird and depressing but also intriguing and disturbing.I d give it a 3.5 but not one that s strong enough to bump to 4.I think Thomas Hobbes would really like this book, were he alive today.Here s my quick introduction to this story An entire town is stuck in a loop of misery, despair, hopelessness, and butterflies.Arie was an emotionally damaged young girl and talked about the monster who would end the world, a belief her mother had voiced before she left with her son and married [...]

    4. This is one of those stories you tend to read over and over again just so you could make sense out of it and no matter how many times you read it, you find something different about it, something you never noticed was right there That is the beauty of Nijigahara Holograph, and the gift which comes from the genius mind of Inio Asano, the creator of the beautiful manga, Solanin.It s funny how the name, Rainbow Field Holograph, is somewhat of a contrast to the theme of the manga Where the title gi [...]

    5. An elegantly brutal and supremely confident narrative labyrinth, rewarding the multiple readings that it demands Highly recommended to fans of Kobo Abe, David Lynch, and Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

    6. Cuando encuentras un libro que te pone a pensar bastante, que te pone hacer conjeturas, hip tesis y armas rompecabezas, sabes que ser un reto de comprensi n lectora Pero cuando lo logras resolver, sabes que es un excelente libro por que te solicit tu verdadera madera de lector MI cabeza esta a punto de la explosi n, por lo que acabo de terminar de leer Para qu leer Nijigahara Holograph 1 Por que es una gran novela que combina perfectamente el realismo m gico, con la violencia infantil, los asesi [...]

    7. One reservation I have with a lot of manga is the episodic nature of its production, and how this dictates narrative decisions Like how there are episodes in Uzumaki which could be removed without any loss whatsoever to the whole, or the constant cycles of action that bear the reader along across many issues in even something as cohesive as Akira Even Taiyo Matsumoto s narratives unfold in a series of essentially compartmentalized sections I m listing all things that I like, or even love, here, [...]

    8. This might sound badBut I think he d be better off not waking up at all.A butterfly portends on Amahiko s rooftop reality confession, settling on a head there and corner of eye consciousness as he doesn t know if he is dreaming His decrepit wheelchair confined adopted father calls out someone s name, not Amahiko and not for now Everywhere butterflies, they only live a day and which is this They wish it had never happened, straight down from the gut Sometimes they are children again but without a [...]

    9. A disturbing and chaotic read This tale is based around a chilling myth that in the local area a young girl, who is repeatedly reincarnated, appears with the ability to predict the future and announces that a monster lives in a tunnel that will bring about the end of the world The townsfolk, fearful of this revelation, sacrifice the girl and her reincarnations to appease the creature, not realising that with each death it grows ever larger This myth and it s telling leads the main character, a b [...]

    10. Una pieza retorcida donde Asano nos muestra su talento para tejer historias desde todas las perspectivas posibles La paranoia generalizada del peque o pueblo en el que transita la historia, lo embarga todo y revolotea en torno a las v ctimas de un fuego cruzado entre lo monstruoso y lo luminoso.Recomendable hacer lectura y relectura para entender la relaci n entre todos los personajes Final destacable que, aunque se salta las leyes la l gica narrativa, funciona perfectamente en el circo de los m [...]

    11. A beautiful graphic novel in the vein of Ring and Akira, Nijigahara Holograph is one I d definitely recommend if you like school set stories or urban legends.

    12. Don t expect any pity from Inio Asano towards the reader because he will show you, very blatantly, the most weird, shocking and barbarian events Read of my review on my blog post nomuhjournal.wordpress 20 Follow my blog for book reviews, life updates and nomuhjournal.wordpress

    13. This is worth reading solely for the visual language the paneling and pacing is excellent, and Asano uses black space to striking effect The art itself is striking and effective, but the actual layout of the pages is what stood out the most.It s hard to comment much in terms of content I feel incredibly unqualified to really dissect the story It s one that invites multiple re readings Nijigahara Holograph is a patchwork story, and Asano slots it together well not neatly, but masterfully What sta [...]

    14. A striking and enigmatic work This is one of those books that one reads again and again, noting nuances and details each time that one never noticed before The tale is non linear with a fairly large cast There s a slow, dream like quality to this book It reminds me, in some ways, of the films of Peter Greenaway And, like those movies, at the end of it all, the reader may not necessarily understand everything, but the beauty, richness and import of the work are undeniable.

    15. Chuang Tzu so que era una mariposa Al despertar ignoraba si era Tzu que hab a so ado que era una mariposa o si era una mariposa y estaba so ando que era Tzu Chuang TzuAs de confusa adem s de dura es la historia de que Inio Asano nos presenta Es un relato donde es dif cil diferenciar los sue os y la realidad Y donde el pasado y el presente se unen.

    16. I need to talk about this book with someoneon The art is stunning Absolutely gorgeousThe effect is so well done in contrast to how crappy EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER PORTRAYAL IS I m not sure if I m amazed at the art or the the sophisticated storyline It s not that I m amazed at any stereotypical reasons like a comic being smart, etc I just can t believe that the coherence wasn t lost along the way You pay attention to such detail it detracts from the storyline you focus on the storyline, and you re [...]

    17. I picked up this manga based on the beauty of the cover art, and while I liked the art in this one, I did not understand what was going on for most of the story I knew going in that this was a horror story, and I quite liked how the author shows that what is often most horrifying is not some unknown bogeyman, but often the people around us There is clearly trauma of various types in this story, and some of those scenes are shown in ways that made me pause for several minutes However, I was confu [...]

    18. This is the first book I ve read by Inio Asano and unfortunately, I didn t enjoy it It s not a terrible graphic novel, I just that couldn t understand what was going in the story I found it even confusing with the way the story keeps switches from various time frames I couldn t tell who was the main character Also, was this a murder mystery, phycological thriller, both or something else Again, this is not a bad story, but I wasn t able to enjoy it because I couldn t grasp what was going on Ther [...]

    19. Es una historia un tanto extra a y al terminarlo no sabes muy bien que has le do, pero te mantiene enganchado y el dibujo es excelente Eso si, aparece cierto tema velado que me ha resultado sumamente desagradable, y que por desgracia es algo que sigue ocurriendo.En general no es una lectura para todo el mundo

    20. Incredibly bleak manga about a group of individuals trapped in a never ending cycle of violence Inio Asano cuts between timelines and withholds crucial information until late in the book to create a sense of dislocation The artwork consciously alternates between drab institutional interiors and desolate empty skies Jarring close ups and sudden, brutal violence add to the sensation of claustrophobia and hopelessness The puzzle box structure means you ll probably have to read this at least twice i [...]

    21. Este manga contiene dos novelas gr ficas a cual m s dura Trata con mucho realismo los temas de la violencia, el maltrato infantil y sus consecuencias al punto de ser un libro que no puede dejar a nadie indiferente Logra un equilibrio impresionante y hay que decir que no sobra ni una sola vi eta ejecuta con maestr a la econom a del arte Tiene saltos temporales y cambios de narrador que generan la sensaci n en el lector de estar frente a un rompecabezas que una vez armado le va a dejar rota el alm [...]

    22. El dibujo es impresionante, pero he terminado la historia sin saber bien qu he le do exactamente y ojo, que lo he le do dos veces Cuando lo public Ponent y ahora Siento que el autor ha ido dejando piezas para que nosotros mont ramos el puzle a base de met foras y flashbacks pero al final se le ha ido completamente de las manos Una pena, porque el tomo es una aut ntica delicia visual.

    23. Doideira Surreal O embrutecimento O abuso O horror Entrelinhas mal compreendidas Mas ser que eram pra ser compreendidas O mal estar, o sil ncio e o pensar e pensar depois dessa leitura L ko.

    24. Wonderful art and haunting characters definitely a story that would be less effective in a purely written medium.

    25. Just started this and really enjoying it.This is a tale of two perspectives There s a boy with glasses named Amahiko who thinks he met god and has an ability to grant one wish Amahiko is a transfer student who, in his last school, jumped fell or was pushed off a school building you see this in a quick cut sequence in the opening book segments The other perspective is Kohta, a boy with dangerous looking eyes who was the school bully He has some trauma in his past school life, and it s affecting h [...]

    26. Cruel, veraz, humano Una historia que se entrelaza en el tiempo, haci ndonos olvidar la liberalidad de este y mostrando las ramificaciones de un acto, un batir de alas Hay que prestar mucha atenci n desde el principio a todos los detalles, o bien hacer una segunda lectura como fue mi caso para poder entender por completo c mo transcurre la narraci n.

    27. Este es un manga muy raro.Si no te gustan demasiado las historias experimentales sin una estructura concreta desde luego este no es el manga para ti Es una obra que busca provocar y, a menudo, adem s de densa es desagradable.Pero, si est s en un estado mental concreto y puedes dejarte llevar, es bastante posible que te guste.A m me ha encantado.

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