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De geheimzinnige Mr. Quin #2020

De geheimzinnige Mr Quin Meneer Satterthwaite is een kleine onopvallende man die hunkert naar avontuur en romantiek Vooral onopgeloste misdaden fascineren hem En dan plotseling duikt Harley Quin op in zijn leven Niemand we

  • Title: De geheimzinnige Mr. Quin
  • Author: Agatha Christie A.E.C. Vuerhard-Berkhout
  • ISBN: 9789021828138
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • De geheimzinnige Mr. Quin By Agatha Christie A.E.C. Vuerhard-Berkhout, Meneer Satterthwaite is een kleine onopvallende man, die hunkert naar avontuur en romantiek Vooral onopgeloste misdaden fascineren hem.En dan, plotseling, duikt Harley Quin op in zijn leven Niemand weet wie hij is Niemand weet waar hij vandaan komt Maar hij inspireert meneer Satterthwaite tot het oplossen van onverklaarbare misdaden.

    • [EPUB] ↠ Unlimited ✓ De geheimzinnige Mr. Quin : by Agatha Christie A.E.C. Vuerhard-Berkhout ✓
      211 Agatha Christie A.E.C. Vuerhard-Berkhout
    • thumbnail Title: [EPUB] ↠ Unlimited ✓ De geheimzinnige Mr. Quin : by Agatha Christie A.E.C. Vuerhard-Berkhout ✓
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    1. According to me, this is one of the underrated gems of Agatha Christie, where she flirts with fantasy Even though none of the stories except the last one Harlequin s Lane cross over into fantasy territory, they are always on the borderline That Christie does this without straining our credibility speaks volumes for her mastery of the medium.Mr Harley Quin is a thinly disguised Harlequin, transported into modern England His specialty he allows one to solve mysteries by stripping away the unnecess [...]

    2. 4.5 Sentiment beloonged to his age It had no part to play in the modern world This is a Christie that is totally different from the one you and I know, or knew, or thought we knew Even in her most known and appreciated works, she always flirts with the supernatural and the mysterious, but, this time around, flirting isn t enough for her any this time, she abandons herself to it and yet without giving the impression of fully doing it It s a mystery in itself, how she did it, the main and the most [...]

    3. This is the only book of Harley Quin written by Agatha Christie and it is unlike any other Christie novel.A collection of 12 short stories where the recurring characters are Mr Harley Quin and Mr Satterthwaite Mr Satterthwaite is different from Christie s other side kick Mr.Hastings of Poirot series He is from British Upper class, is 60 years old and loves his comfort.Coming to Mr.Harley Quin, again very different from the famous Poirot or Miss Marple This was Mr.Quin s doing It was he was stagi [...]

    4. I am going to give this collection of short stories 5 stars because I truly cannot find fault with it I just reviewed The Labours of Hercules and remarked that sometimes Christie had to force the stories to fit the theme, to their detriment With Mr Quin, there is no such strain the overarching motif stories with a touch of the supernatural and the whimsical is elastic enough to accommodate a fine variety of excellent stories I think this collection is unique in that Dame Agatha had the chance to [...]

    5. Choose Your Own Adventure You are the Mysterious Mr Quinn You are ever so mysterious And yet you do not really hold a candle to Poirot or Marple or even the Tuppences Your adventures are boring your mysteries are trite You are an Unfinished Book.If you decide you want some hot Belgian action, choose review show If you decide some risky cougar type activities are in order, choose review show

    6. One of my favorite collection of short stories, all tied together around the realm of the harlequinade as experienced by the dapper, if wizened, Mr Satterthwaite.As others have mentioned, there s no sense of strain in these stories, no sense that the beloved by many, Agatha Christie, had problems matching Mr Quin to his supernatural side, by bringing in the ever curious Mr Satterthwaite to help bring walking spirits to rest, perhaps bring the guilty to justice, and even to help the lonely discov [...]

    7. If I weren t trying to read everything by Agatha Christie, I would have missed Mr Harley Quin So different than Christie Poirot and Marple books Christie mixes mystery and near fantasy with the mysterious Mr Quin and the elderly Mr Satterthwaite Quin shows up suddenly at key moments intervening on behalf of lovers and the dead utilizing the observant Mr Satterthwaite in this process Quin grew on me as I read through this book The stories become progressively fanciful and supernatural The last t [...]

    8. A charming collection of Agatha Christie stories, all revolving around a man with the unlikely name of Harley Quin.Mr Quin appears and disappears suddenly But if the protagonist, Mr Satterthwaite, sees him, he knows that something exciting is about to happen.This book focused on suicide than other Agatha Christie books I ve read Some stories didn t deal with murder or suicide, but the majority did.1 The Coming of Mr Quin Harley Quin shows up unexpectedly at a New Year s Eve dinner party and sol [...]

    9. Dame Agatha Christie pens a collection of short stories very different than her works featuring the precise, foppish Hercule Poirot or the intuitive but circumlocutious Miss Marple The stories deal with the interaction between a mysterious dark, saturnine stranger using the pseudonym of Harley Quin and a 69 year old meek, wizened bachelor named Mr Satterthwaite, a man sometimes sentimental and a bit of a fop but perceptive and a shrewd judge of character In the story titled The Soul of the Croup [...]

    10. I adore Agatha Christie She is a wonderful mystery writer in that she revolutionized the concept of what a non violent, cozy mystery could be with her psychological approach of what motivates a criminal Rather than focus on over intellectual concepts that excuse criminal behavior she allowed her criminals to be regular people that killed for human reasons love, hate, revenge The crimes, the criminals and the victims are relatable Both Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple rely on their knowledge of hum [...]

    11. nan lmaz Gizemli Mr Harley Quin ger ekten beni mest etti Buradaki g nderme ger ekten ilgin nk adam n bir arl ken oldu u, arl ken lokantalar nda yedi i, arl ken hanlar nda kald anlat l yor Arl ken bizim dilimizde soytar demekmi , san r m orijinal hali bariz bir ekilde Harlequin Bu k sma geri d nece im Bu gizemli Bay Quin ne zaman ortaya ksa Bay Satterthwaite kesinlikle bir eylerin d nece ini anl yor Senelerdir z lemeyen gizemler, cinayetler hep Bay Quin ile bir ekilde alakal Tek yapt ise Bay Satt [...]

    12. Who are you crazy people who like this book, think it memorable, or gasp among one of Christie s best works This book sucked ostrich eggs The only reason I kept reading it to the end was to unlock the mystery of Mr Quin, and to revel in Christie s spiral into the dark and supernatural Little did I know that this was Christie at her laziest The 12 interlocking, and often repetitive, stories featuring both Mr Quin and Mr Satterthwaite, are rough sketches of potentially intriguing mystery plot line [...]

    13. The Mysterious Mr Quin is not one of Christie s most well know books A collection of bizarre, bittersweet tales starring Mr Satterthwaite, an elderly observer of life He is a refined old gent who knows all about the complexities of life and love but has never experienced them for his own Mr Satterthwaite is haunted, not only by his barely realised sense of regret but also by a mysterious man known as Mr Quin, a man who speaks for the dead and comes and goes as they need him Mr Quin has a skill f [...]

    14. What did I think Answer Eww _ I ll say just two points 1 Christie wrote this book when she was a beginner 2 If not so, then my copy is not the original text p w a5tem klamy b 7asbya Allah w Ne3ma Alwakeel

    15. This is a little different than some of her other books It s got a bit of a magical feel to it That said, I enjoyed the outside looking in, style of the main character The stories are fairly quick reads, this would make a nice book for waiting in line or commutes.

    16. 1930, sentimental, slightly spooky short stories tied together very loosely via protagonists Harley Quin and Mr Satterthwaite and themes how meeting someone can change a life, at any moment, for almost any reason, sometimes just in the nick of time Not really a true novel, but an interesting grouping of stories that reflect popular philosophy attitudes at the time many of these now seem very innocent in tone, at least superficially don t be fooled Some stories are three stars, a couple are four [...]

    17. Agatha Christie does it again She cannot write a mystery and not make it mind blowing It s so easy to read an Agatha Christie book from time to time to dive into a world of mystery and intrigue The Mysterious Mr Quin is a collection of twelve stories featuring a very interesting character, Mr Satterthwaite who observes everyone and everything He is a person who knows everything , as described by most of the characters in these stories But I see things I may have been only a looker on at Life but [...]

    18. The best thing that Christie ever wrote.Mr Satterthwaite is our guide into an upper class world of murder, deceit and property An old man, he is Poirot without the little grey cells, or Miss Marple without the ability to apply his strong observational skills to problems, and is mostly content to be an observer of life rather than to take part in it.All this changes when the highly mysterious Mr Harley Quin arrives on the scene Odd and unusual, where he goes drama follows, leaving Mr Satterthwait [...]

    19. You should read this if you re quite familiar with Christie I say this as otherwise I think you d find this slightly underwhelming These are all short stories which all follow the similar pattern of Mr Satterthwaite, who with a lack of confidence solves mysteries with help from Mr Harley Quinn who only ever appears intermittently I found the first two stories VERY POOR but the rest seemed to pick up after My favourites were At The Bells Motley , The Soul of the Croupier , and The Man From the Se [...]

    20. I enjoyed this collection of short stories by Agatha Christie, featuring fussy little Mr Satterthwaite and the dark and mysterious Mr Harley Quin, who is always just passing by, and helps Mr Satterthwaite solve crimes and human dramas that unravel before him.Mr Satterthwaite is an older man, a bachelor, and a connoisseur He has always watched life pass by, and was content to do so But as old age approaches, he decides to participate in the little things that have passed him by He is happy to be [...]

    21. Harley Quin is one of my favorite Agatha Christie characters and her least known Along with his friend, Mr Sattherhwaite, they solve little mysteries.or do they Mr Quin suddenly appears on the scene no matter where it may be whenever Mr Sattherwhaite is faced with a problem such as murder or theft Is he real or is he a figment of his friend s imagination He suggests solutions and leads Mr Sattherhwaite to the solving of the crime s Christie implies that he may be almost a supernatural being as h [...]

    22. Recently re read it while sick with the flu This is one of my favourite Agatha Christie book a very different and unique take on story telling, fate, and the now out of fashion British Harlequinade Always a fun, if slightly melachcolic read.

    23. Jadi Mr quin ini cenayang atau detektif Tp kalo denger nama harley quin yg kebayang malah pacarnya joker

    24. my FAVORITE of the christie mysteries so originali ve never been as intrigued and made slightly uncomfortable by a mystery both at once.

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