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Asunder: A Novel #2020

Asunder A Novel Lyrical and haunting A beautiful portrait of urban loneliness and the pursuit of meaning amid the barbed comforts of solitude The Economist Marie s job as a security guard at the National Gallery in

  • Title: Asunder: A Novel
  • Author: Chloe Aridjis
  • ISBN: 9780544003514
  • Page: 413
  • Format: ebook
  • Asunder: A Novel By Chloe Aridjis, Lyrical and haunting A beautiful portrait of urban loneliness, and the pursuit of meaning amid the barbed comforts of solitude The Economist Marie s job as a security guard at the National Gallery in London offers her the life she always wanted, one of invisibility and quiet contemplation But through the hushed corridors of England s largest art museum surge cur Lyrical and haunting A beautiful portrait of urban loneliness, and the pursuit of meaning amid the barbed comforts of solitude The Economist Marie s job as a security guard at the National Gallery in London offers her the life she always wanted, one of invisibility and quiet contemplation But through the hushed corridors of England s largest art museum surge currents of history and violence For in this hall filled with paintings whose power belies their own fragility, there also lingers the legacy of Marie s great grandfather Ted, himself a museum guard Decades earlier, he slipped and fell moments before reaching the suffragette Mary Richardson as she took a blade to one of the gallery s masterpieces on the eve of the First World War After nine years on the job, Marie begins to feel the tug of restlessness A decisive change comes in the form of a winter trip to Paris where, with the arrival of an uninvited guest and an unexpected encounter, her carefully contained world will be torn open The follow up to Chloe Aridjis s charming and unconventional debut, Book of Clouds The Independent , Asunder is a captivating, cerebral novel Booklist of beguiling depths and beautiful strangeness, exploring the delicate balance between creation and destruction, control and surrender An oddly compelling tale Dark and peculiar, simultaneously sinister and playful, Aridjis modern gothic vision will charm those prepared to linger in her cabinet of curiosities Kirkus Reviews, starred review Dramatic and affecting, completely coherent and oddly irresistible It is a brilliant book Publishers Weekly, starred review

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    1. Onvan Asunder Nevisande Chloe Aridjis ISBN 544003462 ISBN13 9780544003460 Dar 196 Safhe Saal e Chap 2013

    2. A vague sense of foreboding persistently stalks the reader on every page of this narrative, as if something potentially dangerous and forbidding awaits one at the turn of the next page But then the pages fly by, nothing truly nefarious ever materializes and the feeling finally settles in that the substance of this narrative lies not in a likely event of cosmic importance or even in the anticipation of its occurrence but in the minutiae a reader usually glosses over Like the everyday happenings, [...]

    3. There is a brilliant review of this book on It says There are silly mistakes when talking about the gallery There is no gallery 88There is no gallery 67Human Resources haven t been based in the Gallery building for the last 10 years.Human Resources have nothing to do with picture movements and informing staff Other than that, the reviewer deems the book enjoyable The reason this review is brilliant is that it is almost metaliterary it feels like it s a review written by one of the characters st [...]

    4. This is the prose I love to read It is varied and interesting Unfortunately, this was not the book I anticipated based on the GR description and I feel as if that great writing was wasted Still, I kept reading, ready to see where the author would take me.It is told in the first person by a woman who is perhaps the most passive character in all of literature She is perfectly suited to her job as a guard at the British National Museum, where she looks and watches day after day The book doesn t sta [...]

    5. This is one of those very beautiful novels where very little seems to happen Marie is a museum guard at London s National Gallery, following in the footsteps of her great grandfather, who was on duty in 1914 when a suffragette vandalized a painting Aridjis ponders art, decay and the traces ordinary people leave behind.Like the protagonist of Ben Lerner s Leaving the Atocha Station, Marie is an almost anonymous wanderer She curates other people s stories, but barely seems to have her own Instead, [...]

    6. This novel is too precious Or, trying too hard Examples The protagonist, an intelligent 30 something woman slumming let s be honest as a museum guard, has a hobby creating diorama landscapes in which dead moths feature Her best friend, also a museum guard but at a different gallery, has a severe limp He acquired this limp mystically, having gone to a Hungarian hypnotist for severe headaches The hypnotist cured him of his headaches, but the permanent limp replaced them the same day.This is probab [...]

    7. I have already posted a quick note on this book when I read it a few months ago by far the best literary novel I ve read in ages and by far the best novel full stop I ve read this year I hope it gets some traction in America it has gotten good notices in the United Kingdom , and if you like anything you read about Asunder I urge you to read the book.As I said when I wrote something about this book elsewhere It is brilliant It is a slight book in terms of plot Marie, the narrator, works at the Na [...]

    8. This is one of those books where I m not sure if I m being incredibly harsh with my rating, or whether it really is a case of style over substance It just didn t manage to fully grab me as I read it, my interest kept drifting in and out But then again at the same time I find myself still thinking about it now and wondering whether or not I ve been unfair with my judgement.There is no doubt that Asunder is a beautifully written book Some of the description and imagery conjured up is seriously imp [...]

    9. A short take I loved this book for its quiet, intimate story that drifted from thought to thought like the meandering museum visits Marie witnesses day after day What a full and wonderful experience I had reading this on a winter s Sunday evening on the couch with my family and cups of coffee for company More thoughts I very much like how un dramatic the story is, which completely vies with the read on breathlessness of the book s silly description on the back which I only read upon finishing th [...]

    10. I felt like the book had promise that it didn t fulfill The writing was lovely, but I felt that it was a trifle dull I just didn t engage with Marie at all, felt that the Jane and Lucian storyline could have been developed Didn t see how they were relevant to the story except as foils to highlight Marie s character Jane or to shed a very little light on her past Lucian The whole thing felt stalled to me.

    11. So the Guardian s review said, Strange, extravagant, darkly absorbingrills with energy Where What energy Did I read the same book While the writing was well done and there was an undercurrent of something building, absolutely nothing came of it The only positive I can say for this book was that it was a quick 192 pages I wanted something to happen There were moments where I thought, Aha Something is about to go down Finally, the plot is going somewhere but I was let down every time This book is [...]

    12. Don t judge a book by its cover Well apparently I did The striking cover, a damaged female portrait, the parchment like feel of the pages and the suggestion that this short novel would be both psychological and disturbing, dealing with art and reality, built up my expectations for an intriguing read Unfortunately the book was a disappointment, as drab and unpleasant as its female protagonist whose obsession with destruction and decay disgusted me And the author s final image of a street artist u [...]

    13. I am working my way through the Whangaparaoa library and am currently on authors starting with A This was a strange book centred around a woman who works as a museum guard at the National Gallery in London It seems to suit her and a lot of the book focuses on her invisibility and thoughts Not a lot happens but I did enjoy the description of the paintings although I would go stark crazy doing that job.

    14. I received this as an electronic advanced reading copy from the publisher via NetGalley.Barely reaching 200 pages, Asunder is a short novel and a quick read, but it will linger in your memory long after completing those pages Its length is ideal, because it has precious little plot to stand upon, and a character who is largely defined in her commitment to inaction Instead, Aridjis fills her pages with richness of mood, with a style that ends up conveying themes in place of a plot that would com [...]

    15. Asunder was quiet and goofy and a little sad, but then the end was so victorious in its understated way that I m still soaring over it I feel like I know a secret.As a rule, I don t mark my books since it s a sullying I can t abide But then, I was on page 6, and I was so taken by a sentence of such acuity that I couldn t bear not being able to find it again on command So I turned down the corner And I kept turning down corners Chloe Aridjis must be some kind of genius for putting voice to the in [...]

    16. Chloe Aridjis first novel, Book of Clouds, featured a lyrical, deeply engaging narrative voice but ultimately left me feeling like it hadn t quite gone anywhere which wasn t dissatisfying Her second, Asunder, is equally if not lush in its prose but this time the novel while hardly plot or event driven does with the many images, ideas, and tensions set in motion Narrator Marie works as a museum guard in London s National Gallery, a life she has chosen for the way it allows her to exist in the m [...]

    17. A Solitary, Constrained LifeMarie works as a guard in the National Gallery in London Although most guards are older, often retirees, Marie is young She s been working as a guard in galleries since she dropped out of university It s all she wants to do She comes by the desire through her great grandfather, who was also a guard in the gallery and narrowly missed stopping a suffragette from taking a knife to Venus, one of the gallery s masterpieces On a trip to Paris with her best friend, Daniel, h [...]

    18. This is a gentle journey of a book that doesn t fail to be emotionally moving If you have ever wondered about the life of museum guards, this book will provide a soulful speculation Though she is young, the main character has accepted the static quality of her life, spending time creating eggshell works of art when she is not spending time with her one friend, an eccentric poet and fellow museum guard A trip to Paris with this friend eventually changes her view of her life One of the things I li [...]

    19. 10 Stars The best literary stunner I ve read this year Deeply textured and intricately layered, this literary gem is destined to become a classic studied by high school and college students everywhere.Marie works as a guard for the National Gallery in England Her great grandfather was also a guard at the same museum His story of his inability to stop an angry suffragette from vandalizing a painting haunted him forever Marie spends most of her life content to be an observer except for the tiny la [...]

    20. I have been looking forward to reading Chloe Aridjis second novel, Asunder, ever since I read her Book of Clouds previously reviewed The language of both novels is stunning Aridjis has a fabulous eye for description Asunder follows a young woman who is a guard at London s National Gallery At points, I thought she was connecting with Colin Whitehead s The Intuitionist and the warring factions of elevator inspectors Jane, the museum guard, is displaced, out of step much like Tatiana in the Book of [...]

    21. I really wanted to like this book I loved the description and was looking forward to experiencing a story with an introverted woman as the main character The only thing that I ended up being even remotely satisfied by was the quiet and almost eerie atmosphere that Aridjis painted You could really feel Marie s restlessness and dissatisfaction with her unremarkable existence as a museum guard Though I get why the plot wasn t very flashy, I found myself waiting for the story to actually begin I was [...]

    22. Beautifully written, atmospheric and evocative However, I felt it suffered from the absence of a clear narrative thread But I also think that feeling that proves that I m the kind of person that likes my novels ham fisted, with a PLOT and BACK STORY and A CLEAR CONCLUSION Perhaps this novel was too smart for me I kept feeling like I was trying to put my arms around fog The writing is wonderful, did I mention that But what the

    23. Reading Asunder is such an unusual experience, and remembering the characters and plot is much like remembering a dream This novel is a series of vignettes accompanied by beautiful descriptive language The narrator Marie is a museum guard at the National Gallery in London, observing paintings and visitors with a mix of tedium and passion Her grandfather did the same job for 40 years As Marie follows the routines of her life, and then its unexpected turns, her journey becomes life changing.

    24. A very good book Subdued but not detached, subtly unreal and always hinting at something just off the edge of the page It s a mood than a novel, but a compelling one, and sometimes deeply philosophical Aridjis reminds me of a accessible John Banville or Amelia Gray, though there are shades of a very European Murakami in her focus on daily life.

    25. In some ways Asunder reminded me of The Woman Upstairs Both books had a woman protagonist, in the 30s 40s age group, who lived a somewhat regimented life Both women were having thoughts that maybe it was time to change their lives Both were artists who created miniature worlds Both took a trip to France at the end of the story, where they both were jolted into realizing certain realities about their lives and their friendships including one very important friendship The lessons a reader might su [...]

    26. I m not quite sure how this odd little book wound up on my Kindle queue, but it did and I finally gave it a try Marie is a museum guard whose drifts through her own life as listlessly as the patrons who pass her by every day in the rooms of London s National Gallery on Trafalgar Square She has a roommate and an ex roommate who hook up with each other right before the roommates take an ill conceived weekend trip to a bed and breakfast She has a poet friend, another museum minder, who offers her a [...]

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