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How Do Dinosaurs Say I'm Mad? #2020

How Do Dinosaurs Say I m Mad Illustrations and rhyming text explore some of the things that dinosaurs might do when they are angry and how they should control their tempers

  • Title: How Do Dinosaurs Say I'm Mad?
  • Author: Jane Yolen Mark Teague
  • ISBN: 9780545143158
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Hardcover
  • How Do Dinosaurs Say I'm Mad? By Jane Yolen Mark Teague, Illustrations and rhyming text explore some of the things that dinosaurs might do when they are angry and how they should control their tempers.

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      168 Jane Yolen Mark Teague
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    1 thought on “How Do Dinosaurs Say I'm Mad?

    1. A special gift for Neo upon his graduation, Neo s kindergarten teacher might have been sending a subliminal message with this one Told in an interesting rhyme pattern, the story seeks to learn what a dinosaur might do if anger enveloped them Ignoring parents and tossing toys roaring and tantruming before learning the importance of apologies Neo thought that he never acted like these prehistoric beasts If only he could see the horns and roars that he seems to develop at the drop of a hat.

    2. My youngest absolutely loves this book He brings it to me to read to him at least 3 times a night.

    3. Another fantastic collaboration between Jane Yolen and Mark Teague in this perfect picture book collection for young readers How Do Dinosaurs Say I m Mad shows children just how silly a dinosaur would look when they scream, throw a fit or pout It s not a far leap for parents to ask How silly do you think you look when you do that Probably just as silly as the dinosaur A wonderful series that kids will want to read again and again Love it

    4. We all get dino rage once in awhilejust remember to say your sorry and everything will work out in the end.

    5. This book probably has some of the funniest illustrations I ve seen in a children s picture book I may have found them funny than my daughter did This book shows dinosaurs huge, HUGE dinosaurs throwing tantrums in various household situations That might sound off putting at first, but it presents an opportunity for a child to view these behaviors in a non emotional environment Does he roar,slam the door,yell at Momor at Dad accompanies a huge albertosaurus spinning madly through a playroom whil [...]

    6. This is another in the line of dinosaur books by Jane Yolen Each one touches on a different thing that children are learning how to do and helps them to determine the best way to act in each situation This most recent installment is about how to deal with the emotions of being mad It is a great example of many of the ways children generally deal with anger, and helps them figure out how to better manage their feelings.

    7. Toddlers as Dinosaurs What an amazing idea It s perfect The pictures in this book will capture your child s attention, and the outlandishly bad behavior of the dinosaurs that the two and three year old s you are reading to will instantly recognize as one of their own kind will leave an impression that will have them handing you this book to read to them again and again.This book is part of a series of books that uses dinosaurs to help toddlers cope with things like bedtime and learn how to behav [...]

    8. How do YOU say you re mad Do you yell or slam the door Do you kick things or give dirty looks In this latest offering from dynamic duo Jane Yolen and Mark Teague, the beloved dinosaurs show readers many different ways that anger can be expressed and often is, especially with younger children , but in an exaggerated fashion that makes it easy to see that certain behaviors are unacceptable A sauropelta flings a mug at the poor cat because he can t have any cookies Albertosaurus bangs the bedroom f [...]

    9. Jane Yolen s book is a perfect one for very young readers learning to appropriately manage their anger Using high interest characters of various different dinosaurs, Yolen explores how dinosaurs, or metaphorical children, might respond negatively in situations where they do not get their way Yet, at the end of the text, we see how dinosaurs really do react when they are angry by counting up to ten, breathing calmly and saying I m sorry This text can be used in a variety of settings at home, as a [...]

    10. Yolen, J Teague M 2013 How Do Dinosaurs Say I m Mad New York The Blue Sky Press.School Library JournalConcept book Emotion This book was good It showed a lot of differnt types of dinosaurs getting mad in different types of situations The dinosaurs throw a fit when told to go to bed, or sit quietly, or no cookies At the end of the book, it shows all the ways the dinosaurs can be good They count to ten, have a time out, breathe calmy, they clean up their mess, say I m so sorry, and give people hug [...]

    11. If you haven t ever read one of Jane Yolen s dinosaur books you need to These are so great And this is another in the series I love how these books explain different situations where a toddler might want to throw a tantrum But instead they show how silly dinosaurs look when being angry or whatnot Then they show just what a good idea might be when feeling angry or upset.Once again the text is fun And the illustrations totally make this There are so many great details in the background of the pict [...]

    12. Everyone gets mad sometimes, and little dinosaurs are no exception But how do they handle their anger Will they make the right choice It s hard to believe that there are still How Do Dinosaurs books that we haven t read, but there you are This one was fun and especially appropriate as kids get a little older and can choose a little how to react when they re upset or ready to throw a tantrum It didn t have quite the flow of text that I think some of the others have, and there are a couple of odd [...]

    13. This is one of my daughter s favorite books, and the one we are reading nightly Sometimes we have some temper tantrum issues and I love that this book is teaching my kids effective ways to manage their emotions when they get upset On top of that, my daughter is really sounding out the words and actually reading now, and this is her favorite book to read to Mommy and Daddy I love how her face lights up when she finishes a sentence I m READING , that s what she says Now because of this book, we a [...]

    14. A silly book about ways to deal with being mad and what that looks like for an animal The students will enjoy this book and be able to come up with funny things they can do when they are mad This book allows the students to use their imagination and bring that out The dinosaur did not respond to being mad in the ways that I thought he would he was very creative The students will see the creativeness and can come up with ways they can personally say when they are mad Using imagination is engaging [...]

    15. I would buy any book in this series for Mark Teague s illustrations alone They are surprisingly funny for being so accurately rendered I would also buy any book in this series for Jane Yolen s writing alone Her writing rises above the level of books in rhyme to the level of poetry And this charmingly poetic book is an excellent reminder for dinosaurs, big or small, on how to keep one s temper and remain gracious.

    16. A very sweet picture book that shows that overreaction, anger, and acting out are not good ways to handle anger Things like kicking chairs, yelling, sticking tongues out are not helpful they are mean It also aims to teach children that parents love you, no matter how angry you get This is a great choice for your child s bookshelf and is a funny and wonderful story you can enjoy again and again

    17. I love these dinosaur books When I have book dates with younger students for good behavior, I may possibly maybe sort of kind of lead them towards either the dinosaur books or the Skippy John Jones books.

    18. How do dinosaurs act when their mad Yolen portrays inappropriate behaviors and then has them count to ten, take a time out and breathe deeply to calm down Not sure if I ll try this at story time or not, but it is a popular series.

    19. Perfect book for reading to a group The pictures are big with easy to pick out details Each dinosaur is labeled with what type it is its breed , which is super cool A good way to explore anger with kids and how to deal with it properly.

    20. This book doesn t exactly follow the format set up int he rest of the series Yes, it starts with bad behavior and segues into good, but, in this case, even though she says that No, they don t behave that way, it s clear they really did, since the good behavior happens after they leave their time out The author even mentions picking up the cup the dinosaur threw at the cat So while this book provided a good opportunity to discuss how to make things right after a blow up, it isn t exactly honest w [...]

    21. This is a wonderful book for young children and a great way to discuss what the appropriate behavior is when you are feeling angry I have read the book with both of my kids They seem to respond well to it, perhaps because there s a bit of humor in with the life lesson Thank you.

    22. Book explains some of the things that make Dinosaur mad, and all his reactions Then, it shows Dinosaur using one strategy, calming down He then works to make things right Would have loved Dinosaur to have used than one strategy.

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