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Call on Me #2020

Call on Me Ali Mackay wants a nice man it s a shame she s dated some real losers in her search for a man who will love her for herself plus size and all Ty Ghost Sinclair regularly rides to her rescue he alwa

  • Title: Call on Me
  • Author: Angela Verdenius
  • ISBN: 9781301846979
  • Page: 496
  • Format: ebook
  • Call on Me By Angela Verdenius, Ali Mackay wants a nice man, it s a shame she s dated some real losers in her search for a man who will love her for herself, plus size and all.Ty Ghost Sinclair regularly rides to her rescue, he always has done ever since school.But after one unexpectedly hot encounter between the two best friends, can Ghost convince Ali to give their relationship a go, or will her fearAli Mackay wants a nice man, it s a shame she s dated some real losers in her search for a man who will love her for herself, plus size and all.Ty Ghost Sinclair regularly rides to her rescue, he always has done ever since school.But after one unexpectedly hot encounter between the two best friends, can Ghost convince Ali to give their relationship a go, or will her fear of changes ruin everything

    • [E-Book] ✓ Unlimited ↠ Call on Me : by Angela Verdenius ✓
      496 Angela Verdenius
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    1 thought on “Call on Me

    1. What is it with authors who write long dialogue instead of an actual story line I m tired of books being 75% one sentence dialogue and 25% character s thoughts I m starting to think that publishers have really lowered their standards view spoiler You know perfectly well what There s nothing to talk about Wrong Defensively, she folded her arms I don t want to talk about it We have to No, we don t Yes, we do He took a step closer Forget about it I can t He watched her lashes lower, covering her ey [...]

    2. Another nice read by Angela Verdenius While Ali was an interesting heroine and I liked her and Ghost was just perfect I loved him you hear that God, take notes, this is exactly what I want in a guy I found the chemistry between them lacking I enjoyed their friendship but I just didn t see them as lovers The jump from friendship to love didn t convince me.

    3. Friends to lovers theme check Hot hero check Curvy heroine with pluck check What can I say even though I set a high bar for this author s books she seems to always hit the mark She is a go to author for BBW CRs and her books and I just see eye to eye This is book 8 that I ve read of this author and I really thought that it would feel repetitive by now because all the heroines are plus sized and all but one so far have insecurities about her weight and most of the men are the fit, hunky, sensitiv [...]

    4. 4.5 stars, that absent 0.5 is there only because the heroine pissed me off at some point and yeah being a woman myself, I am pretty hard with heroines and I judge em fiercely because I just know how we think The hero was perfect as always, but with him being perfectly penned by Angela V we knew that already Read this

    5. This was a sweet read 3.5 stars,I liked this book, I liked the characters and it was a light shortish read with some erotic moments I liked that it was mostly about the relationship between Ghost, whom I adored and Ali whom I liked It followed the friend to lovers theme that I love in romance books and that part was done very well indeed The dialogue was snappy and entertaining Pacing of this story was too slow for my tastes and there was way too much time spent in Ali s head while she sorted ou [...]

    6. I always enjoy and friends to lover story This one with a two horror nerds and life long best friends is very sweet and unexpectedly spicy good when we get done to business They are really both struck out of no where with the lust love bug and that is fun as are the cats and the love of the scarey and the small town gossip fests.Less fun are Ali s self esteem issues and the fact that this book drags at first It is repetitive in the beginning and not that engaging However, it does redeem itself.

    7. I just love ghost He is everything you want in a man He s beyond caring and is always looking out for Ali I just love them together, plus ghost hunting is such a fun topic I love home they bond over that Plus Ali has some kick as fight in her You go girl

    8. sweet read, Ghost and Ali made a really cute couple, ghost sounded gorgeous with his soulful eyes and long hair, as usual the banter between the two was funny and the other characters were a hoot, looking forward to reading Ali s sister s book next.

    9. I ve read all of Angela s bbw books and liked them all very much But this book Best of them All I think that Angela has really found her voice This book created the cutest little Australian town that I totally want to go visit The hero, Ghost, was awesome He was possessive even when just friends but not OTT with it He was hot Who wouldn t love a writer who works out and has an awesome body He was the right mix of that book boyfriend we love to read about likeTravis, Kellen, and that dude from RE [...]

    10. Ali Mackay and Ty Ghost Sinclair have been best friends since school, the only person Ali is closer to is her sister But can the friendship turn into , or will Ali allow her insecurities to stop her from seeing that love is a lot closer than she thinks I love an Angela Verdenius book they are like comfort food without the calories I can sit back with one of her books and although I know what is going to happen, the sweet love story always has me reading From the start you know Ghost and Ali are [...]

    11. Aside from how annoyingly stubborn Ali is, I liked this book Yeah yeah the whole cliche best friend relationship is usually nothing too special since it s overdone, but Ghost was awesome He was so protective and so alpha male LOVED IT I loved the fact that he had weird interest like ghost hunting I think that s so fun and I want a friend like that I love people who have interest that are out of the norm The only thing that really bothered me about Ali was that she was desperately searching for l [...]

    12. Ali tries so hard to get a man maybe a little too hard lol and is always disappointed that they all end up being jerks But never fear Ty Ghost Sinclair to the rescue LOL They start to see each other in a different light after their sizzling hot encounter one night It was a great book But Ali got on my damn nerves with her repeatedly saying stuff about not change in their relationship, ugh Im like get over it already But other then that, I abso freakin lutely loved it D I especially loved the sce [...]

    13. Ghost is super sexy And their first time together OMG So hot However This being the third Angela Verdenius book I ve read, I m discovering a very annoying habit with her heroines In order to increase suspense I guess, they each have this tendency to avoid the issues And not just mentally either They act like children running away from problems The heroine in this story decides to avoid Ghost, and after arriving home and seeing him waiting in the window, backs the car out again and goes somewhere [...]

    14. Not exactly my favorite Sure, Ghost or Ty, is cute, very heroic and I m instantly in love with him and Ali s independent and very confident for a big girl, but there are moments where I want to shake Ali and scream get a grip On her face Haha It s a good thing, confidence, for a big girl characters It s hard to find on books and I think this book is perfect But the storyline s very, how do I say it, short Even though it is only 8 9 chapters, but on Angela s previous books, 8 chapters could be ve [...]

    15. I m a big fan of bbw books but usually the heroine tends to be weak or too insecure but Ali is a wonderful character with a strong personality that I loved almost from the beginning She s curvacious and I liked that eventho she s in a plus size, she doesn t put up with crap She s cute, spitfire, sassy and just so likeable that I found myself unable to put the book down.Ghost is pretty awesome too I loved that he s always been protective when it comes to Mackay sisters He s a sexy writer, honest [...]

    16. 4.5 stars Once again of my favorite authors did it again I seriously have to go to Australia Love me some Ghost and Ali It is true what they say living in a small town everybody knows your business but and the gossip from on little thing turns to a mile That is totally 100% truth It is not only you live with you family you also live with your neighbors among others Ghost was my hero from the moment I read this book Bravo to Ms Verdenius, can t wait to read Lori and Matt story plus can you probab [...]

    17. Wonderful This is an amazing story of best friends who realized that they love each other The beginning is showing how close they really are There is humor I woke my husband up giggling in bed Ali is afraid to take their relationship to the next level because of her own insecurities Ghost is ready This is an excellent building of their story and the journey as they realize the depth of their feelings I love Angela Verdenius stories I think I own them all I am re reading them because they are tha [...]

    18. Oh my I so forgot to mark this one as read I finished months and months ago It is a pretty sweet bookA really down to earth story with a real feeling to it, and that s what i enjoyed the most of it Anyone can relate to it, everyone has that amazing friend with whom at least u fantasize once hahahaha and thats what i loved about it, i felt it as my own while reading it Gotta love Angela Verdenius s books

    19. I really enjoyed this first book in the Mackay sister books I fell in love with Ghost a little bit in The Virgin Sex Queen and was dying to see him in another installment I was beyond thrilled when I saw that he was getting his own story Watching two best friends fall in love is always a joy It s one of my favorite romance novel plots Add in the humor of Verdenius and it s even better As a side note, I have to say that I absolutely love the cover art for this book It s always nice to see such a [...]

    20. I don t really know the right order of the books, but I loved Ghost from The Virgin Sex Queen I was looking forward for his story I think I m in love Angela Verdenius s booksI can t seem to stop reading her books Call on Me is a sweet stroy about best friends falling in love.

    21. After reading this book, I can only say.wow.A great friends to lovers book The characters are easy to relate to, there s no fluffy lovey cheap romance that we see in so many books nowadays, and the sex scenes were actually really hot This book made me immediately go after the sequel

    22. Omg Tuhle kn ku jsem na la plnou n hodou, ne n hodou byl to osud Tak rychle jsem dlouho dnou knihu nep elouskala A co mi kniha dala Trochu romantiky, trochu vtipu, nap t , slzKdy m ena sm lu na chlapy, je to t k Rand te s kret ny V jin maj asn ozna en Asshole A co kdy V s miluje n kdo, koho zn te tolik let a v vztah byl zat m definov n jen jako p telstv V ele doporu uji P.S Budete se ervenat

    23. A very funny and sweet read, with excellent characters, good chemestry, a nice plot, and just enough heat to keep things interesting I had a very good time reading Call on me and I m looking forward the next installment in the series PS I m french, so my English is somewhat lacking, and I must say the aussie slang glossary at the beginning of the book really came in handy

    24. I m a big fan of Angela Verdenius What I loved about this book is that the heroine was strong, intelligent and knew exactly what she was willing to accept.Ghost was easy to like and was never going to let Ali get away with running from the relationship.I think this may be one of her best I can t wait for next instalment.

    25. SensationalI absolutely loved this story I liked how Ali and Ghost were friends for years before they realized they should be together Ali being scared it would ruin their friendship was understandable, but I did like the fact that Ghost realized his true emotions before her I am looking forward to reading by this author.

    26. DNF at 54% The writing is not for me Started skimming and skipping pages at 17% but it never got better Ghost and Ali don t spend a lot of time together and the transition from friends to lovers was weak There s a lot of dialogue which I usually love but here it was repetitive and pointless There wasn t enough plot or chemistry.

    27. I really loved this book and can t wait for lori s book to come out Ghost was just so sweet and possessive Ever since I read Cop s Passion I ve checked Angela s website regularly for new books I can honestly say she s one of my favorite authors, I ve read all her BBW books and now i dream of moving to Australia and finding my own personal Hunk

    28. I ve gotten to the point where I automatically buy any books by AV because I like her writing style and her BBW heroines This book was good, and a nice setup to another series It just lacked a bit of drama It was a fairly straightforward romance with little conflict and as a result, was pleasant but not earth shattering Still, I am looking forward to the next.

    29. this is one of the best friends turned lovers kind of book _ it was quite a fun read and there was a lot yeah A LOT of intimate scenes with too much elaboration i only gave it three because i ve read something like this before and truth be told , there were some pages i skipped on reading p

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