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Letters to her Soldier #2020

Letters to her Soldier Can you fall in love with someone through their letters Bianca Gardiner s best friend Greta asks her to write a letter to her brother on the front line she just never expected a response Yet Caleb as

  • Title: Letters to her Soldier
  • Author: Hazel Gower
  • ISBN: 9781771304115
  • Page: 270
  • Format: ebook
  • Letters to her Soldier By Hazel Gower, Can you fall in love with someone through their letters Bianca Gardiner s best friend Greta asks her to write a letter to her brother on the front line, she just never expected a response Yet Caleb asks for Bianca uses the letters as a confession each week, pouring out her soul and divulging information she normally wouldn t share with anyone.Warrant Officer, CalebCan you fall in love with someone through their letters Bianca Gardiner s best friend Greta asks her to write a letter to her brother on the front line, she just never expected a response Yet Caleb asks for Bianca uses the letters as a confession each week, pouring out her soul and divulging information she normally wouldn t share with anyone.Warrant Officer, Caleb Sutten fell in love with Bianca through the letters she sent him over five years Each sweet word helped to keep him sane But every time he comes home for leave, Bianca goes into hiding.Not this time.From the moment they re together, their passion ignites Caleb will stop at nothing to pull her out of the dark and put her into his arms, where she belongs.

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      270 Hazel Gower
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    1 thought on “Letters to her Soldier

    1. This was a great short story that I wish was longer It s a great story about Bianca and Caleb Caleb is away at war and having a hard time so his sister asks Bianca her best friend to write him ,so she does and they have written each other for years And through those letters Caleb has fallen in Love with Bianca Bianca has always loved Caleb since she was a young girl spending time with his sister her best friend and his family She s been able to tell him things in her letters she has never told a [...]

    2. This short story is great It left me wanting ke a story for Caleb s brother, one for his sister and then one for Mathew, another for SamsonI m not trying to be greedyI just want to read books by Hazel Despite the letters to each other for the last six years, there is a lack of communication between these two wonderful people With help from Caleb s sister they get the opportunity to give themselves the time they needwhich isn t that long really, after all they have know each other a very long ti [...]

    3. Falling in love with a soldier has never been so sweet This was a well paced story that really puts you on a roller coaster ride of emotions The setting was perfect and with a little help from friends and family love was finally able to bloom for this amazing couple I loved Greta and the rest of the family and hope to read about all of them in future books Bianca was a sweet and beautiful woman who has been in love with Caleb for a long time Despite confiding in him through letters and feeling [...]

    4. I received this a copy of this book from an author giveaway.In Love with her Best Friend s Older BrotherIt was a slow start I know many plus size heroines feel bad about themselves and are down on themselves but the excuses she came up with why he would want her felt appalling and her accepting that it was ok for him to use her was just unacceptable They jumped right into the sex despite the fact that neither of them seemed ready She s supposed to be seeing the doctor at the hospital and he want [...]

    5. I liked it it had great promise The story line was great but I felt like the story was WAY too short I think we should have been given so much of a story everything seemed so rushed, we missed all the good stuff that happens up until they finally get together How about starting with the years where she followed him around and go to when she was older and he left for the army and then go through the years of the letters and her conflicting emotions when she realizes he s just a dream for her and [...]

    6. The story of Bianca and Caleb grabbed at me first because the heroine was plus sized, second the sexy soldier, and lastly, the art of writing letters Such a lost art form, that I loved to do but the internet and e mail make it too easy There is something about holding a letter that someone wrote in your hads that make it personally and that is what Bianca is doing for Caleb While he is bravely serving our country, Bianca starts to write him as a favor to her best friend and his sister Greta At [...]

    7. 3,5 stars, good but it s not really my favorite Because I don t really feel the chemistry between the characters You see, Bianca s been sending letters to her best friend s older brother, Caleb, when he s in his deployment with the army I actually enjoyed the plot, but what I don t really agree is that Caleb is treating Bianca like she s his girlfriend while there s nothing romantic in their letters Worse, Bianca went along with it I mean, I get it You ve been crushing your bestie s brother for [...]

    8. A great short story, Bianca is a sweet and giving person but doesn t realise how attractive she is or if she ll ever get her man that she loves cause she thinks he is out of her reach, that he is a fantasy that will never become real Caleb has just returned from war and wanting to win his women who he feel in love with through her letters to him that kept him sane Bianca has trouble believing she could be wanted by her dream man while Caleb knows what he wants but needs to show Bianca he is seri [...]

    9. thetbrpile.weebly 1 post 2I very much enjoyed this short story I m always so impressed when an author can cram well developed characters, a satisfying romance, some heavy steam between the sheets, all with some drama , in such a short story This book has all the elements you d find in a full length novel but never felt rushed You get a back story of how these characters knew each other in their childhood, who they are today, and the beautiful letters that brought them together.

    10. After I bought my first Hazel Gower book, Ours I became an instant fan Letters to her Soldier was a sexy, short read, perfect for when you have an hour or two and just want to squeeze in some hot romance Caleb and Bianca s story starts off with him coming back home After five years of letters back and forth between each other, Caleb knows what he wantsd it s Bianca I really liked how they both had such strong feelings for each other that developed over the five year period, leaving the reader aw [...]

    11. The story line was short and sweet and it moved very quickly Basically Caleb fell in love with his sister s best friend through letters that Bianca wrote him while he was off at war But whenever Caleb would come home on RR Bianca would go MIA for the whole duration of his stay until he went back This time Bianca can t run and Caleb and his sister put into play to make sure he can get her this time and she can t run Caleb has been in love with Bianca for about 15 years and now its time he gets he [...]

    12. I thoroughly enjoyed this story The premise was beautiful In a time when our military is shipped out for months and years to battle, it is very realistic that two individuals could easily fall in love via letters In this story, the characters already knew each other, but those letters are what bonded them and beautifully so

    13. SWOONS Who doesn t love a man in uniform This book hold a special place in my heart because of how they fell in love and also because dedicated Caleb was to make Bianca his when he came back home This was just the perfect love story.

    14. I like this author s style of writing, it is fun and compelling, and her novellas are a delight to read, always in a sweet, steamy and light hearted note.This book was hopeful and with a kind of deeper insta love which is quite satisfying to read.

    15. I really enjoyed Letters to her Soldier my only complaint is that it was too short I wish it were a longer book and that it had an epilouge that showed how this couple fared 1 to 2 years down the road.

    16. I found this book to be sweet I liked how Caleb was finally ready to stake his claim, but did think that things went a little too fast I also loved how Greta was in on things The family surprise party was funny, especially with Caleb s mothers actions.

    17. solid and good short story but loses a lot of points for how short it is compared to the cost.

    18. I haven t read an abundance of short stories but I have read a few so I know it is possible to write one without missing out semi important parts of the storyline This book felt rushed and disjointed I wish at the beginning we could have experienced the letter sending and receiving between the two MC s, we met them when they were already in love and so it was hard to relate when we didn t see that connection grow I read this a lot in short story reviews and almost roll my eyes but I really have [...]

    19. A soldier returns home to find the person who wrote him his letters and tries to get her to marry him It was really fast paced and too short for my liking But the story was alright in terms of the direction it was headed.

    20. I Loved the story Wished it would have been longer since the book was 3.99 and only 52 pages long

    21. Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews 3 starsI admit to having a strong affinity for military characters in romance books, so I was very drawn in by the blurb for this story I believe that two people under these circumstances could form a very powerful connection Bianca s letters to Caleb helped to keep him sane and provide hope in the face of unimaginable conditions, and they also provided an outlet for Bianca to share her daily life experiences in a way that was less intimidating than face to fa [...]

    22. Boring That s all I can say about this book I liked the idea of it and was really looking forward to reading it but it didn t work It was just too short and way too fast Everything was just kinda thrown together and wrapped up too quickly Didn t feel any connection with the characters, they all seemed fake The DAY he gets back from Iraq he kisses her, seduces her, and the next day asks her to marry him A book of this storyline needs to be longer if I m to take it seriously I honestly am shocked [...]

    23. The theme of older best friend s brother is what attracted me to this one The issue of a BBW with self esteem issues is what I didn t like about this book The story line was too short, it was moving at warp speed I would have liked a little detail to their relationship and a build up to this new phase of their relationship Also Bianca was supposedly seeing a doctor whom she was wanting to marry and then boom she is in bed with Caleb withing 2 hours of meeting him I liked the different POV, othe [...]

    24. oh heaven and hell what a wonderful story i wish my Peter would be like Caleb he was gone to war he already liked, no loved his sisters best friend Bianca calebs sister Greta convinces Bianca to write his brother and he falls hardhe wants her.but everytime he is on leavee avoids him but caleb wouldnt be Caleb if he wouldnt go after what he wants can he convince 10 years younger thats the same between Peter and me lol Bianca or not there is also another guy who is into her read it it is sweet an [...]

    25. This is a feel good book Caleb is in the army serving in Afghanistan and his going through a hard time His sister Greta convinces her best friend Bianca to write to him while away Bianca has had a childhood crush on Caleb for years and starts to write to him when she was turning 18 which resulted in Caleb falling in love with her over the years of receiving her letters.This is a short read but a good read

    26. I didn t realize it was going to be such a quick read, and to be honest I was hoping there would be letters rather than the whole book lasting all of a week where the two people did nothing but have sex, but for such a short little read it was sweet Not what I was looking for, but sweet nonetheless.

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