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Fall For Me #2020

Fall For Me Entertainment journalist Ryan Pierce meets the infamous bad boy rocker Dagger Drummond and walks away with a great interview and a scandalous news bit that has the potential to turn the music worl

  • Title: Fall For Me
  • Author: Ann Lister
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fall For Me By Ann Lister, Entertainment journalist, Ryan Pierce, meets the infamous bad boy rocker, Dagger Drummond, and walks away with a great interview and a scandalous news bit that has the potential to turn the music world on its ear Exposing the story would boost Ryan s career, but it would also come with the risk of ruining Dagger s privacy and possibly his Rock God status.The unlikely frEntertainment journalist, Ryan Pierce, meets the infamous bad boy rocker, Dagger Drummond, and walks away with a great interview and a scandalous news bit that has the potential to turn the music world on its ear Exposing the story would boost Ryan s career, but it would also come with the risk of ruining Dagger s privacy and possibly his Rock God status.The unlikely friendship that develops between Dagger and Ryan brings Ryan to question than just his journalistic oath to report the news It also forces him to take a look at himself and newly discovered feelings feelings that make Ryan blind to the risk of becoming front page news himself.Will Ryan find the courage to make a life decision to give himself true happiness with Dagger or take the path that would likely lead to heartbreak and destroy his career forever

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      Ann Lister

    1 thought on “Fall For Me

    1. Yeah, THAT This book has not been edited, or it has been edited by a poor ass slacker who needs to be bitch slapped The typos and grammar errors were really distracting, particularly the plentiful use of the wrong word sign instead of sigh, for example and the massively distracting utilization of the possessive in lieu of the plural He was scared to have his parent s visiting and The two girl s were all over him I m paraphrasing slightly, but you get the idea This made me want to scream and kick [...]

    2. DNF at 46% I will refrain from rating.Well, can t say I didn t try The synopsis sounded so promising, but unfortunately I never did find myself getting into the story.The writing style grated with me from the very beginning The POVs kept hopping from one to the other with no clear transition It made it confusing and very difficult to get into the story.As far the story goes Well, truthfully there wasn t much to it for me.Dagger is a sexy rock star who s gay but doesn t want his fans to find out [...]

    3. The bare bones of this story was really good, it s a trope that I usually like rock stars and gay for you out for you , but I found the execution sorely lacking.First of all, the editing absolutely sucked This author really needs to learn how to use punctuation, things like commas, apostrophes, colons, and semicolons I don t remember how many times I read things like he had two girl s on his lap , he took me to a sport s bar , his parent s wanted to see him , it was just bad And the comma hyphen [...]

    4. I have read almost all the books in this series except the mmf, book 2 and the Guarding the Gods series I have no idea why I skipped book one, but this is something I do from time to time and I must have had my reasons likely one of the books in this series caught my attention and I was too impatient to start at the beginning So I corrected my mistake, when Christelle reminded me about this book.Having read most books in this series, I already knew Dagger and Ryan So far I have actually liked th [...]

    5. 4 Stars Loved it 3 3I will admit that when I first looked at this book I was intrigued by the cover I LOVE badboy rockstars and judging by the cover this one was going to be perfect for me However as I began to read the book I was sad to discover that Dagger wasn t a bad boy like I had hoped I think he tried to put on this image for the public of being a drinking sexed up rocker but infact he was quite the opposite behind closed doors Even with this being the case I still loved it as I was able [...]

    6. This was book 1 in the Rock Gods series this was a really good book it was a little long but still very good Ryan Pierce is an entertainment reporter who goes to interview bad boy rock Dagger Drummond of Black Ice When Dagger first sees Ryan he is instantly attracted to him of course he forgot about the interview he has company in the shower with him and comes out in a towel Ryan who is at a crossroads in his life, his live in girlfriend Beth dumped him and his life has gotten boring Ryan get t [...]

    7. And things were going so well Despite some headhopping at the beginning of the story and a general need of editing, I was enjoying it It was heading for three stars until around 70% when view spoiler Dagger flies into a rage, hurls irrational accusations at Ryan, and fucking breaks one of Ryan s ribs How does Ryan deal with this He basically shrugs it off as no big deal because he doesn t want to make any problems for Dagger I can t even hide spoiler I was too angry to believe in the subsequent [...]

    8. DNF at 54%The writing prose, storytelling, etc is SO DAMN BAD There is no story here The repetition is wondrous The head hopping is perplexing The fact that someone who has no writing ability whatsoever got this published is astonishing And the ratings on this, nothing short of confounding.The moral of the story beware of bribed ARC readers and their misleading stars The author rated her own story five stars Had I seen that I wouldn t have even purchased it.

    9. I really enjoyed this story about Dagger and Ryan Dagger was great from the beginning, sexy and funny His taunting Ryan during their phone calls was great to read I didn t even mind the ex girlfriend Even with the instant attraction from Dagger and somewhat from Ryan, it was a slow build up of their relationship Even though the book was pretty predictable with where it was headed, it was still a good story with strong characters I m looking forward to the next book in the series.

    10. Esto Ejem Lo ten a en la balda DNF, pero me acabo de dar cuenta que me estaba equivocando con otro libro Y s , ste s que lo termin Vaya Pues la verdad es que casi ni me acuerdo de qu iba Mala se al Creo que no me disgust del todo lo acab pero me result bastante flojo Y ese nombre del prota Dagger, En serio Estas cosas s lo funcionan en ingl s, en espa ol hubiera sido El pu ales y, claro, no mola tanto

    11. I loved it From the minute they met their chemistry was crazy They were very hot and sweet together I loved them as a couple.

    12. Well, that was an experience.3.5 starsThis is my first ever M M read I ve read M F M books and I ve read books with M M scenes in, but never read a solely male on male book To be honest, it s not even something I ve really even considered a whole lot.I ve read and reviewed for this author before and when she asked me to give this a go, having really enjoyed her previous works, I readily agreed.And I have to say, I quite enjoyed it I didn t, like some people have said they did, forget that it was [...]

    13. I m not really sure what I should say about this The idea was really good and one I thought I would love Some parts worked well and others didn t I m giving this 3.5 but that isn t a very sure rating for me I m rounding it up and down in my head all the time.Things I liked The gay for you It was believable, I guess The chemistry between the two MC s The fact it s part of a series, but I won t be continuing it Had it worked , that would have had me very excited It has a HEA.Things I hated Yes, ha [...]

    14. No matter what we live or what we think, sometimes it takes just one person to come into our lives to make us challenge we believe This was a fabulous story about two men, Ryan and Dagger Ryan thought he would be alone for the rest of his life and not quite understanding why Ryan, an entertainment journalist, met Dagger, lead singer of Black Ice, and realized all that he thought was his life was not what it was Ryan always over thinks everything and needs logic in his life Dagger put his own dem [...]

    15. I had a feeling this was going to let me down Probably because I never have much luck with rock star stories I would have liked this a lot had Ryan been a bit less of a ninny.Seriously, how long does one person need to freak out about being attracted to someone of the same sex Get over it, dude, there are worse things Seriously You ve got a hot, rich rock star panting after you and you re just as attracted to him, but you re freaking out because he s a guy To make things worse, Ryan and Dagger [...]

    16. A great love story between two men unlikely to fall for each other One is a famous rock star living his life in the closet The other man is an entertainment reporter that has spent his entire adult life believing he is straight until he meets the rock star, and he s forced to face who he really is who he s always been.Fall For Me, is Book One in a new rock star romance series, The Rock Gods.

    17. The author provided me an ARC of Fall For Me in exchange for an honest review I knew a little bit about the book from the synopsis, of course, and I knew it was M M romance which is a genre I read and enjoy What I didn t expect how quickly I would fall in love with both Ryan Dagger I could veRyan Pierce is a journalist for a music magazine in LA His assignment was to interview Dagger Drummond the sexy lead singer for Black Ice a chart topping, award winning rock band Dagger is a sexy, sensual, p [...]

    18. Ryan Pierce is a journalist for a popular music magazine in LA He s interviewed rock stars than he can remember Unbeknownst to him, his next interview is going to turn his world upside down and make him question who he is Dagger Drummond is rock star gold Everything about him oozes sex appeal, from his striking good looks to his air of confidence The fact that he truly is a talented singer songwriter is just a plus Ryan gets a great interview from the meeting, but when he returns for something [...]

    19. reread review4.5 StarsSo, do you ever read a book and not particularly care for it, then go back and reread it and love it Well, that s what happened here Fall For Me was my first ever Ann Lister book and frankly, the first time around I didn t care for either of the main characters all that much But after two years and countless books by this author, after rereading the story, I saw the characters in a new light I always thought Dagger was far too pushy, and I m not sure why because all I saw t [...]

    20. I have read many rock star romance books which I have enjoyed but I must admit it is not my favourite genre I saw a review of this book on ggr review and was intrigued as it said this book was a perfect read I totally agree with that review Yes one of the main characters is a rock star and the other a music journalist but that s such a small part of this story This is about raw love from two intelligent guys that have to find the power and strength to deal with the past, the future as well as th [...]

    21. I finished this book yesterday and I can t stop thinking about it I absolutely loved it We meet rocker Dagger and entertainment journalist Ryan Dagger is a closeted rock star and Ryan goes to interview him From that very first meeting you feel the sparks between the two Problem is Ryan is straight They immediately strike up a friendship and even though Dagger knows Ryan is straight he never misses an opportunity to flirt Here is when Ryan starts to doubt his sexuality because he can t stop think [...]

    22. Wow This book was such a beautiful love story about how a journalist who always thought he was straight meets up with a rock star who he interviewed he accidentally found rock star Dagger was GAYThis story takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride with Ryan trying to fight his feelings for Dagger This is definitely a five star plus read its a must read you will not be disappointed

    23. All love stories are tales of beginnings When we talk about falling in love, we go to the beginning, to pinpoint the moment of freefall Meghan O Rourkeafter Black Ice s sold out performance at the Staples Center, Ryan Pierce, entertainment journalist for Music Spin, heads backstage to a private trailer for an interview with the band s lead vocalist Dagger Drummond before the night is over, not only does Ryan have a story to write but he also discovers a secret about Dagger that could shock the e [...]

    24. I did kind of enjoy reading this book, but there were several things that bothered me First of all, the premise seems rather stupid a rock star Dagger who s long known he s gay, but has to hide it, because it would destroy his career This story seems to take place right now there are smartphones present why would coming out as gay or even bi, since he also has affairs with female groupies damage a musician s career This doesn t seem believable at all Also, Dagger has lots of one nighters with ma [...]

    25. I ve been wanting to read one of this author s works for a while and so when the opportunity came about in a challenge I jumped at the chance to finally check out Fall For Me Overall I enjoyed the world building and storyline of this book that featured a rock god closet musician and a straight music industry reporter meeting up only to find there is a chemistry they can t deny There was enough angst and conflict to make things interesting while the erotic scenes hat some heat that is toe curling [...]

    26. The first third of this book I thought, This is just going to be another mediocre piece of fluff after that, this got SO much better It was pretty spicy, lots of angst, and actually emotional in some spots It the first 1 3rd of the book had been a tad better written, it would have five stars from me I am definitely going on to the 2nd book in this series even though I could do without the female involved I guess we can t have everything.

    27. I thought this was a pretty good book and definitely didn t read like it was 408 pages Typical in the closet rock star trope with a ton of editing errors but still entertaining Loved their sexy times but felt their final reunion was a little flat I needed some groveling or something Dagger got off way to easily I would have probably even read the next one if it didn t have girly bits in it.

    28. 2.5 starsThis was just seriously slow No real momentum ever built up and I felt like I was watching paint dry Even the climax and resolution, whilst faster, didn t satisfy me, nor answer all my questions.I have the next book so I will continue the series with the hope that the author s talent has developed.

    29. The famous rock star Dagger he s living his life in the closet and the reporter Ryan who has spent his entire life believing he is straight meet for an interview and fall in love.You re going to find everything in the book that makes it to a fun read Hot sex, angst and emotions.I guess I will continue reading the series at some point Thank you for a nice read, Ann.

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