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Francis, the Little Fox #2020

Francis the Little Fox Francis the fox enjoys everything about his Saturdays at Mr Li s Laundromat except for Mr Li s granddaughter Lily When Lily plays a dirty trick on Francis it s up to the little fox to clean up and

  • Title: Francis, the Little Fox
  • Author: Veronique Boisjoly Katty Maurey
  • ISBN: 9781894786409
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Francis, the Little Fox By Veronique Boisjoly Katty Maurey, Francis the fox enjoys everything about his Saturdays at Mr Li s Laundromat, except for Mr Li s granddaughter, Lily When Lily plays a dirty trick on Francis, it s up to the little fox to clean up and save the day.

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      275 Veronique Boisjoly Katty Maurey
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    1 thought on “Francis, the Little Fox

    1. TITLE FRANCIS THE LITTLE FOXAUTHOR Veronique BoisjolyILLUSTRATOR Katty Maurey GENRE AUDIENCE Children s Book Ages 5 and up REVIEW Oh, how I enjoyed the hijinks in this story I wanted to love it all Some pictures are Francis own drawings, and very cute Poor Francis has to put up with his little sister, and only has peace at the Laundromat with his dad except when LILY is there, playing pranks on everyone TWO DRAWBACKS 1 The first few pages of the book are something like a false beginning 2 One dr [...]

    2. Very cute art, especially the dapper little fox It s a bit long for a picture book, and has a narrative to follow, so it s a good choice for those slightly advanced readers.

    3. A charming story about Francis and his weekly visits to the Small socks laundromat Francis loves to spend this time with his dad and to share the different things they do every week, while waiting for their laundry to be done Killing dust mites, mixing patterns What Francis does not enjoy his the owners granddughter Lily Rainboots Lily loves to play tricks on customers and especially, it seems, on Francis The resident laundromat cat, Mouse, is also placed in jeopardy by one of Lily s tricks As i [...]

    4. I read this on my nook, which only provides black and white reading, and this greatly reduced my ability to enjoy a picture book I would have enjoyed it had I read it on my computer However, even in black and white, the illustration are delightful and very cute The simple drawings with pastel colors assumed so by the cover against white space are reminiscent of old postcards and give them an old timey feel The story is about doing laundry, which will appeal to children as an everyday activity t [...]

    5. So here s the thing The art here was great And adorable A bit twee even Many images herein would be perfectly love as prints framed on the wall And hooray for that But the story was, perhaps, a bit haphazard Perhaps it bugged me that it wasn t about Francis, really, or that it was a weirdly long 90 something pages when it was essentially a picture book, or that it didn t have a beginning middle end but rather a few meanders to one laundromat flooding debaucle back to some meandering I wanted to [...]

    6. This is an early reader book It has simple sentences just a few words on each page and full color illustrations all the way through The story itself is pretty cute and the illustrations still play a fairly big part in telling it.It is quite long, so it s best for kids that have moved past the initial stages of learning to read, but it s not so long that it couldn t be finished in a reasonable amount of time I think it took me about 15 minutes to read it to my kids, but obviously it would take lo [...]

    7. This is a book in search of a story It reads very much like a tale told by a sleepy mom or dad at bed time, half asleep and meandering through the mundane, barely sensible world of nonsense and nothingness, once in a while jolted awake and returning barely to the story the sleepyhead mom or dad intended to tell Did I say fox Cat Who s Lily Fine enough for the night time meanderings of a storytelling mom or dad, but too haphazard to heartily recommend as a book The book s saving grace, if there i [...]

    8. I like how the story shows Francis and his father going to the laundromat Books that show fathers doing household chores or spending time with a child one on one are always welcome additions to the picture book genre And this father even turns doing the laundry into an entertaining outing Kids will laugh at Lily playing tricks on Francis and nod their heads when she feels guilty and cleans up the mess she makes But the laugh out loud moment will be the discovery of the large underpants Those are [...]

    9. Full review here destinydawnlong.wordpress Gorgeous design, but text could use some trimming I also had a problem with the final joke of the book It seemed a little insensitive and while children are likely to laugh at it, I don t think it s something we should be encouraging them to laugh at.So, I m going with 3 out of 5 stars There was some really great stuff about this book But I m generally not inclined to recommend books that promote the mocking of overweight people It was a disappointing e [...]

    10. I really liked this book, but I can see why today s impatient readers might find it a little slow.The story is of young fox, his trip to the laundromat with his father, the troublmaking little girl and a Cat named Mouse chase It is translated from the French so the punchline is held all the way until the last page wait for it, don t skip to the end but it is a real charm if you take the time to absorb the feeling of a bygone era Certainly not for everyone, this book is a perfect match for others [...]

    11. This one was a really long one It was almost like a novel But it was a really good one, about this fox who likes to go do laundry with his dad because his sister makes too much noise And they have fun doing laundry and getting ICE CREAM but while they re out getting ice cream, a lot of things happen with people and cats who just want to cause trouble And it all works out in the end, but I don t want to give anything away, except that it s really good.It d probably be easier if they just went dow [...]

    12. A children s picture book that has wonderful illustrations, frame worthy even with not much of a story to accompany them The book takes us through one laundry day in Francis s life and I was waiting for something to happen as I turned the pages and reached the end of the book This is exactly something I might end up telling my kids as I fall asleep while I am trying to get them to sleep So, while the artwork is something I loved, I did not find much of a story in this book maybe lessons in resou [...]

    13. I received a copy of this for review through NetGalley.I couldn t resist this one, given my absolute love of foxes It was worth it, too The art was very charming, and the little foxes and the cat, Mouse were all very sweet The story itself was cute, as well.On the other hand, it really wasn t all that much of a story It was a fun, fairly quick read, but parts of the story were a little bit disjointed.Still worth a quick read, at least for the endearing art

    14. Totally delightful No one would expect the kind of mischief that faces little Francis and his father when they go to the laundromat until they meet Lily Rain Boots The everything becomes an adventure This is a delightful transitional book that is just perfect for children almost ready for chapter books the simple but delightful story is accompanied by exquisitely rendered watercolours that reminded me of Maira Kalman Wonderful

    15. There s not a lot of books out there about laundromats but this is one It s also about a lost cat that everyone bands together to find and a mischievous young lady Worth a read but I m that excited about it The story was just okay and slightly cute.A few other books about laundry facilities Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems, Maurie J Manning s Laundry Day, and The Day Jimmy s Boa Ate the Wash by Steven Kellogg.

    16. Cute story for younger children, except for some of the words used Some of the art is nicely done, while some of it seems drawn by a child, making for an odd mix It wasn t the sort of book I d purchase for my child as it seemed lacking substance I did ask him to look it over His response was It s ok, but don t buy it.

    17. The illustrations were okay, but the story was all over the place and WAY too long When I was ready to call it quits, I realized I wasn t even halfway done I stuck it out and it did get marginally better, but not enough to redeem it s confusing, meandering beginning Thanks NetGalley for the copy.

    18. This is a cute little book about how playing tricks can sometimes be good and not good It starts out with a massive disaster and the ending is a bit on the humor side I think that any child could enjoy this book, however it was a bit of a slow read for me It is nicely written and the illustrations fit the story well.

    19. The story is very unique and probably best for those at the older end of the picture book range Francis is a fox, but the other people in the city are humans which might bother kids The illustrations are darling.

    20. This was a cute little story Personally loved the cat named Mouse It was cute, fun and had some unique features about it I liked how there was hand writing on the pages and how they added sooo much to the story Very cute read I liked it

    21. A clever tale about a fox and an adventure at the laundromat A bit too long for younger readers, would be good for kindergarten to first or second graders.

    22. This is kind of a longer picture book that is really sweet and has adorable clean pictures problem solving and playing practical jokes are an enjoyable part of the story muted colors.

    23. It was entertaining although a little long The underpants reveal at the end may cause some disapproval for adults, but will be a huge hit with kids.

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