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Waiting for White Horses #2020

Waiting for White Horses Winner of a Benjamin Franklin Award Happiness always seems to elude Grant Thorson Witness his joys and sorrows as he learns to embrace the sometimes bitter struggle that is life

  • Title: Waiting for White Horses
  • Author: Nathan Jorgenson
  • ISBN: 9780974637013
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Waiting for White Horses By Nathan Jorgenson, Winner of a 2004 Benjamin Franklin Award Happiness always seems to elude Grant Thorson Witness his joys and sorrows as he learns to embrace the sometimes bitter struggle that is life.

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      436 Nathan Jorgenson
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    1 thought on “Waiting for White Horses

    1. I got this horrific piece of crap from my mother, who loved it, as did my sis Set in northern MN, where I grew up in Bemidji, it is essentially a romance novel for men All of the characters are craggily handsome, if male, and timelessly beautiful, if female Two best friends, who seem to have some repressed erotic longing for each other, duck hunt, talk emotionally and tenderly about their feelings, love madly their spouse, in one case, and long brokenheartedly for their dead wife in the other ca [...]

    2. My husband and I have both read this book It s about love, grief, self awareness, and family relationships Maybe the best part, the part that appealed to my husband, was the fact that the main character is a man Jorgenson did a wondeful job meeting men where they are according to my husband Done with reading this for the second time I really liked it both times I ll be interested to hear how our book club members like it To me, Jorgenson provided me a woman an intimate perspective of men s feeli [...]

    3. Emotionally draining but exquisitely moving story of a middle aged man as he faces and handles the deaths of three people close to him in a short time Tempted to withdraw fro life and love and he does for several months , he finally draws up the courage and hope to live and love again Very realistic Powerful backdrop of duck hunting and sportsmanship and the beautiful Minnesota lake country Very moving portrayal of the father son relationship as the father s physical health fades and he needs to [...]

    4. I read this book quite a while ago and everyone I lent the book to loved it also It was fabulous It was one of the first books that I read that I actually felt like I was really there in the scene i have read all 3 of Nathan Jorgenson s books and loved everyone of them I check from time to time to see if he has written any new onres

    5. This really is one of my favorite books It is funny and touching and interesting The characters are so vivid and lovely Not to mention, I m a native Minnesotan so I like to see local talent do well.

    6. I almost never give up on a book, but this one was so insipidly cliche with regard to everyone being good looking, handsome, or beautiful Barf Even the one protagonist who limps, so to speak, is still described as being drop dead gorgeous.

    7. I LOVED THIS BOOK I laughed out loud, I cried, I felt like I really knew the characters by the final pageIt was hard to get started as it felt like of a guy read, but once I got going, it was hard to put it down.

    8. Don t waste a minute of your life on this book I read it for a local book club and found it repetitive, unnecessarily crude, poorly edited and I hated the protagonist and his friends Yuck A tremendous waste of time in 492 pages.

    9. Grant Thorson has had a good life with everything seemingly going his way raised in a good loving family environment with a father he admires and respects, successful at college, a decent career, a beautiful and loving wife and a lovely daughter, and Will Campbell, his best best and life long friend But as we join him he is just getting over the first of the tragedies that will beset his life, the death of his wife.Grant leads a comfortable life, now living in the log cabin of his dreams set in [...]

    10. Well, this was an interesting novel It took about the first 100 pages to get into it As a woman reading a hunting fishing guy novel, it took a little bit for the characters to get developed Once I got into it, the book developed a little substance The topics of grief, loss, elderly parents and the impact of how you handle our emotions all got woven into the story While I believe this book should be properly classified as a romance novel for men, it was a great story about life up north in MN Ca [...]

    11. This tale s northern MN setting attracts male readers who know about duck hunting, hockey, dogs, friendship and romance Jorgenson s not only from up north it s set in Walker but is a Concordia grad, for goodness sakes He s not a major MN author but with three novels still selling, he s supplementing his dental practice income which is the occupation of Grant, the central character For me, the most compelling aspect of the novel is his portrayal of nature s influence on a man s character The tran [...]

    12. This is a great Minnesota book written by a Minnesota author I love it for this reason, a romance and a bit of a mystery all wrapped up into one novel around the state from place to place It takes Minnesota nuances, like a shore lunch and incorporates them into the book so well Heartwarming and charming, what is not to love about this book This is a great romance novel, that I probably enjoyed the setting and the author s love of northern Minnesota than the actual romance itself He has a great [...]

    13. Slow start Picks up at about page 162 Realistic life story of two Minnesota men and the trials and tribulations of life, love, and death I cried than I laughed, but the experience was well worth it This book taught me that the emotion that comes with loving and losing is what makes you know you are alive Simply put, to love is to live Hold your loved ones a bit closer and make sure they know just exactly how much you love them P.S Has anyone out there seen the movie, Jeremiah Johnson

    14. this book was not at all what I was expecting but turned out to be one of my favorite books it had me in tears and then laughing out loud not just once but several times it s a great read for men and women alike so glad a friend recommended it this will be one of my most recommended books the reason i decided to read this books is because the author grew up near my home town and i love to support local authors I m so glad i did thanks Nathan, for a great, heartfelt story

    15. Overall this was a great story of life and relationships The grief and sorrows we all go through and one man s coming to terms with all that life reflects.I could give it 4 stars but it is hard for me to do that as the dialogue is uncharacteristic of any men I know and I wonder if it is common to speak this way in the world of hunters or is it just my affinity to literature that is Inspirational and clean so to speak.

    16. A pretty good book It seems as though it has a pretty narrow audience, though It s rather like chic lit very relationship centered and I can t see too many guys really enjoying it I liked the chic lit mixed with northern Minnesota hunting and fishing, though I did have to force myself past the opening pages, though, as it seems as though the author doesn t actually duck hunt himself and there were some weird things going on Ah well.

    17. This book had a little hunting and fishing and all that goes along with that in it for me In one respect I appreciate the insight those passages gave to me because it is such a popular past time in this area and since the majority of the book takes place in Minnesota that was also interesting I thought the story line was somewhat predictable But the author does capture small, rural community life and relationships and wrote some very poignant passages.

    18. This book has been passed from mom to dad to brother in law to sister to friends with only good things to say about it My outdoorsy husband loved how well the author described the beauty of being in the open air, hunting The book made me both laugh out loud and cry Some criticize it for being too sentimental but I found it heartwarming.

    19. I would give this 20 stars if I could Such a good read Thanks Nate I loved the relationship developments, the joys and sorrows that come with those developments Nathan writes what he knows duck hunting, good friendships, the love of a strong intelligent woman and the companionship of a great dog.

    20. Pretty bad The author is a friend of my brother in law and I d heard great things about this book I made it all the way to page 188 before I decided to quit, ever hoping it would get better Too much dialog between the guys and their feelings as well as too many in depth narrating of duck hunts Bleh

    21. I wasn t sure about this when I started reading it My parents RAVED about it But is started out with alot of hunting stuff IT WAS FABULOUS Such a good story about love, loss, and friendship I cried my eyes out multiple times

    22. Excellent book, loved every minute of it Being a true Minnesotan, fishing, hunting, etc, I could totally relate to the author s references of Minnesota It was hard to put down, couldn t wait to get through it and on to the next one Worth every minute and every penny.

    23. This book started slow for me, but I am glad I stuck with it Like all good books, I became wrapped up in the characters and wanted to know what was going to happen to them I didn t want to like this book, but I do.

    24. I loved this book, a story about lifebut I would recommend reading his book, A Crooked Number first Even thought Waiting for White Horses is his first book, A Crooked Number is about his earlier lifery good books

    25. The woman who lasers my bikini line recommended this book to me, but reading this book was like getting zapped in my brain instead read my full review here bookreviewsbyclare

    26. A MN author s 1st book About a man in the north woods w ties to the President and Washington DC with a best friend and a new love in his life Great duck hunting stories Definitely a man s perspective into relationships.

    27. Living in Minnesota with a hunter I could really appreciate the bond between Grant and his best friend Will Jorgenson does a great job of bringing the reader into the special bond of male companionship as well as the emotional struggles Grant has as a father, a son and a widower.

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