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The First Time #2020

The First Time The year is and young women are bid upon at the Virgin Auctions a city wide event that allows wealthy men to purchase young brides for an exuberant price They are trained to be the docile and su

  • Title: The First Time
  • Author: Jenika Snow
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The First Time By Jenika Snow, The year is 2135 and young women are bid upon at the Virgin Auctions, a city wide event that allows wealthy men to purchase young brides for an exuberant price They are trained to be the docile and submissive wives that will please their future husbands Once they are bought, they are at the mercy of their ownersVeronica Dubois doesn t know what to expect when it is her tThe year is 2135 and young women are bid upon at the Virgin Auctions, a city wide event that allows wealthy men to purchase young brides for an exuberant price They are trained to be the docile and submissive wives that will please their future husbands Once they are bought, they are at the mercy of their ownersVeronica Dubois doesn t know what to expect when it is her time to be in the Virgin Auctions When she is purchased by Kristoff St Michaels, a man twice her size and age, Veronica fears her new husband is as cruel and heartless as the other wealthy men that come to the auctions When Kistoff reveals a part of him that goes against every horror story she s heard, she has hope that maybe her life isn t over.

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      500 Jenika Snow
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    1 thought on “The First Time

    1. Well it turns out the books 1 and 3 are almost the same but this one is told mostly by the heroine s POV Therefore, some of my review applies from book 3 Please note that this version is a relatively shorter version Also, I strongly suggest if you read this book you read it with book 3 or just book 3 instead Just reading this book might not give the full story Just a suggestion 4 BOUGHT STARS This is a futuristic reality book that touches on the subject of VIRGIN AUCTIONS Essentially, the poores [...]

    2. 1 5Safe read dead pregnant wife Virgin h Celibate H over 2 years so short no real story No epilogue No idea if it s HEA or HFN

    3. When I started to read The First Time it was not what I was expecting I assumed that the book would be a little dark Thinking how awful that this poor girl is being auctioned off as a wife to the highest bidder What I got was a beautiful, emotional story with two characters that just wanted to love and be loved I was really happy with how the story started and progressed to the end, so much so that I want and hope that Jenika will write a continuation to this story Kristoff St Michaels oh how t [...]

    4. Story from the h POV from her auction to her deflowering and that s it, no epilogue, nada m s view spoiler It doesn t work for me when the H or h loved before but that other person died He loved his Macie, who was pregnant when she died hide spoiler Just started reading book 3 and it s about these characters, probably add later

    5. SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDERSet in a future where young women are sold at the virgin auctions They are trained from birth to be docile and submissive for their future husband Family s sell their daughters, purely for the money they will get Each girl who is sold comes complete with a fully documented file on every aspect of their life history Only the richest men in society are allowed to buy these woman One such man is Kristoff St Michaels, the moment he sees Veronica Dubios he knows he must have [...]

    6. I wanted to read this from the minute Jenika shared the blurb Such an intriguing concept Now, I expected a hot read, but I got so much The author gave us a tortured, older hero, and a young but feisty heroine, who turn out to be just perfect for each other.Emotional, sexy, with a few surprises thrown in, and a hero to die for Loved this, and can t wait for the next in the series.

    7. This was a very sweet, quick read that introduces the readers to a future world where women are basically virgin slaves auctioned off to men as wives to be oh so perfect and obedient In this first book we are given a taste of how doe eyed and sweet these women are With a lead male that, refreshingly, doesn t want a doll he moves about at his whim, and that actually thinks for himself you have the beginnings of a very interestings storyline I really like that it is set in almost a Dystopian type [...]

    8. I thoroughly enjoyed this story I loved the premise and look forward to other stories under this series I thought Kristoff and Veronica were well developed for such a short read It is not easy to give characters such development in short stories, but Jenika Snow did it The characters were smoldering together This was a hot and sexy read

    9. How to pack a punch into a little story, that is what I love about the GRO books Even though Veronica is purchased as a bride, it is made clear in the story, she did end up with the correct husband as she the ability to think on her own She also is quickly attracted to her new husband, and he is than willing to indulge her passionate nature

    10. This was a really good short story, tapping into a particular type of fantasy Loved the style, loved the characters.

    11. Combine the edge and language of a contemporary romance, a storyline based in the year 2135, and an arranged marriage that resembles historical romance novels and you will get THE FIRST TIME I really didn t know what to expect from this story other than I knew it was a short story and it had a lot of the ingredients I like in a romance, albeit usually in several very different books I was really wondering how a virgin auction with purchased brides and a futuristic background would all come toget [...]

    12. This lost points for the cover when I realised that guy has tattoos and e book guy didn t He also appears 20 years older he s a bit younger than that and has blonde hair K.Next thing is the price Is 33 pages worth 2.99 No Now some people argue about prices for books not being enough, but we pay somewhere between 11 24 to sit in regular grade cinema in my town, I ve been to places as low as 6 and as high as 32, but 33 pages takes approximately 20 40 ish minutes to read, and considering I refuse t [...]

    13. Short and steamy smut In the year 2135, Veronica is up for sale at the virgin auctions She will become the wife of whoever buys her She s lucky that it s Kristoff St Michaels, who pretty much has a heart of gold and is obsessed with his new wife The chemistry is strong and they have some pretty steamy sex Although the hymen ridiculousness pretty much pulled me right out of the story when will authors learn that the hymen is not a barrier in the middle of the vagina This has prompted the addition [...]

    14. Stars 4Overall Auction off a Virgin anyone I wasn t sure if i was going to like this book because the beginning chapter when Veronica is at the block left a bad taste in my mouth I truly hope things like that do not happen in the future After Veronica meets Kristoff the book takes a steamy and romantic turn that i really enjoyed My only compliant is that i wish the books were longer There s such potential there for a good story Characters Veronica KristoffPage Turner YesSeries Cont Yes But i wis [...]

    15. thetbrpile.weebly 1 post 2There was good world building I liked the characters, Veronica was really great Everything was a bit rushed but it was still an entertaining read with lots of heat The sex was perfectly written, wicked and sensual I would have loved a longer story to get depth to the characters The First Time is a quick read that holds a lot of heat.

    16. Ksi eczka bardzo kr tka i przewidywalna, ale dosy gor ca M oda dziewczyna zosta a kupiona na aukcji przez starszego m czyzn , wdowca, kt ry okaza si bardzo czu ym kochankiem Bardzo szybko i przyjemnie si czyta o, sporo przyjemnych scen erotycznych, z pewno ci z ciekawo ci si gn po kolejna cz.

    17. I like Jenika Snow s other books but this one wowed me in a way that previous books hadn t I was expecting something dark and dirty What I got was an emotionally deep love story about two people that want to be loved and accepted.

    18. I have no compliants about the book other than it was way too short Expanding the soryline would have been great.

    19. I felt ripped off, as I read the fourth novel in the series first and it was so much better There wasn t any platform for the novel to stand on, it seemed rushed.

    20. beautiful story of two strangers who find themselves sharing love to one another Really interesting twist.

    21. Oh I wish there story is much longer I wanted of them What happen to their lives someting like that Oh how I wish Jenika its a bit much longer But nevertheless this is really good.

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