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Seven Unholy Days #2020

Seven Unholy Days A simple glitch in a power grid heralds the beginning of a madman s scheme to bring about a biblical apocalypse Written in a staccato style that will leave readers breathless and flipping pages long i

  • Title: Seven Unholy Days
  • Author: Jerry Hatchett
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seven Unholy Days By Jerry Hatchett, A simple glitch in a power grid heralds the beginning of a madman s scheme to bring about a biblical apocalypse Written in a staccato style that will leave readers breathless and flipping pages long into the night, Hatchett s.l, SEVEN UNHOLY DAYS, is a thriller not to be missed NYT international bestselling author James RollinsMatt Decker is a celebrity gee A simple glitch in a power grid heralds the beginning of a madman s scheme to bring about a biblical apocalypse Written in a staccato style that will leave readers breathless and flipping pages long into the night, Hatchett s.l, SEVEN UNHOLY DAYS, is a thriller not to be missed NYT international bestselling author James RollinsMatt Decker is a celebrity geek, designer of the nation s futuristic new power grid and a hero for lowering electric bills across the land He s a talk show favorite, rich, and living the American dream Until the power fails, everywhere, throwing the techno dependent United States into chaos.Decker s impenetrable systems have been breached in the worst way, and it s just the beginning The country is under attack from Abraham Hart, an eccentric and unstable man with nearly unlimited resources, a man who believes himself to be a bizarre hybrid of Christ and Antichrist Hart delivers a new attack each day as he works his way through his own personal version of Revelation s famed seven seals, and he makes it personal between him and Decker.

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      407 Jerry Hatchett
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    1 thought on “Seven Unholy Days

    1. American society has grown so dependent on computer and other electrical systems that we have created our own Achilles heel of vulnerability, ironically much greater than those of other, less developed nations When deprived of power, we are in many ways helpless, as the New York City blackout made clear In that case, power was restored quickly because adjacent areas could provide help But a large scale burnout would create a much difficult situation Jon Kyl Unready For This Attack The Washingt [...]

    2. Wow what an action packed end of days kind of thriller Give me a minute here, the last 20 pages just about gave me a heart attack Matt Decker is my geek hero Finally a leading man in an action packed book who is brains than brawn Don t get me wrong, I was very impressed when he had an occasion to get physical, but this guy is really a techno genius, and proud of it The supporting characters were fantastic, they all felt very real Almost no one was without suspicion, while I was racing to find o [...]

    3. The very first page after copyright page , it reads For those who ponder the unthinkable For years I have thought if someone can think it and write about it, someone can do it Intense action, believable characters, present day events that are so real and so very scary make this book hard to put down I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it as a book well worth your time to read I m not going to write a book report , I m just going to tell you to read it.Thank you, Jerry Hatchett, f [...]

    4. Action packed from the first page to the end Matt Decker is a hero with brains and he can kick a little butt.The villain is absolutely nuts and I had a hard time going to bed because I had to know what he would do next.This was great fun and I look forward to reading from Jerry Hatchett.4.5 action packed stars

    5. This book was really interesting It was definitely a page turner and I liked the unique premise For the most part, I liked the characters and enjoyed their interactions, especially Matt and Tark If I had one issue it was with Jana s character I liked her, but for a main character I felt like I knew nothing about her I wish the author would have spent time developing her Also, I feel like the author left the door open for a sequel I d read it

    6. FIVE STARSBest.Thriller.Everriod.Life had been as boring as it had ever been in my whole entire life since summer started I thought and knew that this summer was going to be as dull as the prior ones I was lying on a couch, watching Netflix, and waiting daydreaming about a hero who can save me from this hideous summer when Seven Unholy Days came in my mail box My gut tells me that something good was about to happen, that a hero that I d been waiting for had finally arrived And I m happy to say t [...]

    7. What starts out as an apparent unimportant mid west power outage soon escalates into Armageddon On a routine visit to the Yellow Creek Complex, a Great American Electric power station located near Iuka, Mississippi, Matthew Decker, president and CEO of Decker Digital is confronted with a breach in his network When the electrical power of entire states begins to shut down, Matt and the US government know something is very wrong This epistolary novel updates the reader by the minute as the seven d [...]

    8. Jerry Hatchett has the gift of putting his technical experience and creativity into a story that is powerful in its message and all consuming to the reader This story is centered around the Book of Revelation in the Bible specifically the Seven Seals Jerry masterfully creates a villain who is hell bent on fulfilling his destiny, as he sees it, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.Abraham Hart is a cunning sociopath who in the name of religion executes his plan of a total breakdown of the [...]

    9. Tech wizard hero with amazing sleuthing skills checkLovable uber religious sidekick checkBeautiful heroine who makes the hero go all weak kneed checkMegalomaniac checkToken foreigner checkConvoluted plot checkInteresting story not so muchThis book had so much potential with the backdrop of Armageddon, but ends up becoming a plot for the 1960 s Batman TV series, complete with a Riddler esque supervillain who revels in embedding clues to his scheme all over the place The hero contributes virtually [...]

    10. Very good story Suspense and action up to the very end Very enjoyable read.It moved fast and kept me turning pages It gave great details on all the specifics but it didn t bog down the action I d say anyone that likes a good faux endtimes scenario will enjoy this The bad guy was really a warped puppy that had some very creative ideas on how to end the world according to biblical prophecy.Non stop action

    11. Action packed, intriguing, thrilling, excitement, mysteryis book had it all and I suggest you read it this could happen, for real Really a 4.5, but not worth a GR 5, so a 4 star it is the drawbacks was the backstory of Abdul, which really didn t impact on the plot at all, and could have been left out.

    12. A cracking story that makes for a compulsive read Follow Matt Decker who has to overcome a variety of challenges if he is to help save the world Against an end of the world scenario, the beginning of the story gives you impression that Decker is a loner and as the story unfolds he comes to discover this about himself However, he comes to rely on others as much as he has to rely on them if they are win the race against time.

    13. Terrific ReadingSEVEN UNHOLY DAYS packs a real wallop This expertly written thriller meets all the requirements of the genre From the beginning, the tension rises in taut increments with plenty of plot twists along the way to a last second resolution I ll be reading novels by this author.

    14. Thriller that causes pause to thinkWell written A page Turner that instilled a fear or possible awakening to how fragile the world we know is.

    15. For seven days, the world, primarily the United States, is terrorized by a madman who can and will kill millions with no compunction Computer whiz Matthew Decker finds himself at odds with this psycho who taunts him at every turn, leaving the bare amount of a clue to figuring out his crazy agenda And if Matt Decker fails, the end of the world as we know it will occur, heralding a new kind of psychotic god.Even if you re not big on Christianity, don t let that make you skip out on this one Despit [...]

    16. An IT geek, Matt Decker, has created a futuristic new power grid for the United States A crazy mastermind gets into the electric system and shuts down power everywhere As this nut gains power by causing other catastrophes in the world and claiming to be The Messiah and The Devil from the bible Decker and his group of computer experts try there best to find this man and keep the power and other things up and running.This thriller moves pretty quickly The electric systems going down they way they [...]

    17. 2.5 Stars for this action packed Armageddon style thriller didn t hate it, didn t love it Most of the characters were decent enough, but I found the heroine underdeveloped and the evil adversary to be a bit over the top, especially with his penchant for leaving clues The plot was a bit formulaic our dependency on all things electronic being our undoing is becoming quite a popular theme, and probably for good reason.

    18. Loved itNot a good book reviewer but I will Definitely recommend this book Loved the plots and twists I have hard it in queue for a while and finally decided to read it and finished it in one day.

    19. EntertainingSuspenseful and quick read Very entertaining A present day detective save the world type story as told primarily through the thoughts of the lead character, who is a lonely computer wizard.

    20. Cardboard characters who don t even rise to the level of stereotypes, embedded in a plot that is beyond belief Surely the antagonist must have unseen help in the background someone with a wand reciting Bippity boppety boo perhaps

    21. Top rating for action and drama, thoroughly enjoyed it However at the end the author does the Star Spangled, Independence Day, Do your country proud twist, which hits a discordant note But that does not take away from the rock solid action drama

    22. Liked but perhaps not lovedA decent thriller to read on a long flight Decent but not truly relatable characters All in all, a decent read but not much

    23. Wild rideMan what a wild ride this book has action in spades and great characters with a good storyline to boot Definitely a great read.

    24. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so Shelley MA

    25. This book is a cliche That s one of the worst literary shortcomings a book can be guilty of People on the bus thought I was crazy because I kept laughing out loud while reading Remember it is not a comedy It was hilariously awful I only kept reading it so I could compile a list of problems I have with this story Here goes The Everyone Is Against Me cliched premise Matt Decker walks into the power station like, Hi, guys I m really excited about being friends with everyone, but first I need to tur [...]

    26. Great ReadThe book is well written and keeps you turning pages Great plot twists keeps you on edge Recommended read Looking forward to reading by this author.

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