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Scent and Subversion: Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume #2020

Scent and Subversion Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume Let Scent and Subversion take you for a whiff on the wild side of th century perfume Perfume has been and continues to be subversive By playing with gender conventions highlighting the ripe smells

  • Title: Scent and Subversion: Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume
  • Author: BarbaraHerman
  • ISBN: 9780762784387
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Scent and Subversion: Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume By BarbaraHerman, Let Scent and Subversion take you for a whiff on the wild side of 20th century perfume.Perfume has been and continues to be subversive By playing with gender conventions, highlighting the ripe smells of the human body, or celebrating queer and louche identities, 20th century perfume broke free from the assumptions of the prior century, and became a largely unrecogniLet Scent and Subversion take you for a whiff on the wild side of 20th century perfume.Perfume has been and continues to be subversive By playing with gender conventions, highlighting the ripe smells of the human body, or celebrating queer and louche identities, 20th century perfume broke free from the assumptions of the prior century, and became a largely unrecognized part of the social and style revolutions of the modern era.In Scent and Subversion Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume, Barbara Herman continues her irreverent, poetic, and often humorous analysis of vintage perfumes and perfume ads that she began on her popular blog YesterdaysPerfume The book features descriptions of over 300 perfumes, starting with Foug re Royale 1882 and ending with Demeter s Laundromat 2000.Lavishly illustrated with than 100 vintage perfume ads, it will also regale you with essays on scent appreciation, a glossary of important perfume terms and ingredients, and tips on how to begin your own foray into vintage and contemporary perfume Herman also looks to the future through interviews with scent visionaries such as odor expert and professional provocateur Sissel Tolaas, punk perfumer Antoine Lie, and Martynka Wawrzyniak, the artist behind Smell Me, the world s first olfactory self portrait.The perfect book for perfume aficionados aka perfumistas as well as connoisseurs of modern fashion and design, feminist and LGBTQ historians, and fans of vintage advertising.

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    1 thought on “Scent and Subversion: Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume

    1. If you re a serious fumehead, a word of warning about Scent and Subversion it will make you insane from craving what is reviewed in this book It will make you stay up late at night, hitting refresh on eBay looking for the perfumes listed, and for the gorgeous artwork this book includes as illustrations It will make you don black clothing and mourn the state of perfumery today, compared to what it once was in the 20 s, 30 s and 40 s It will make you realize with sudden clarity that blowing 40 buc [...]

    2. I am walking along the longest path of the world, searching for the book of my heart.Vien Tuc L tImagine a whole world where everyone smells of CK One You probably don t have to imagine you have probably been there as has Barbara Herman from Yesterday s Perfume One day Barbara rebelled against office friendly scents and went searching for the rude, the loud, the odd, the weird and the impolite What she mostly found was vintage perfume and then some cutting edge 21st century olfactive artists Thi [...]


    4. I ve been fascinated by scents for years now not perfumes, but everyday scents cedar closets, wet earth, cement, tea leaves, tree leaves, fir and pine needles, pencils, basements, matches, old books When I started learning about perfume, my interest was really solipsistic than academic I dreamed of finding the perfect concoction that somehow perfectly expressed my thoughts and moods Barbara Herman says we can see perfume as instructive, a bridge between the world and our oft neglected sense of [...]

    5. Scent and Subversion is essentially a catalog of vintage perfumes Herman reviews both the classics Shalimar, Chanel No 5 and so on as well as a lot of obscure perfumes and even some drug store brands like Jovan s Wild Musk Arranged by decade and then by year within each decade, this is a wonderful look at a century of perfume The book is lavishly illustrated with gorgeous vintage perfume ads Herman s a good reviewer with an obviously well trained nose obviously no perfume review can possibly co [...]

    6. I received the book for free through First Reads.At first, I thought Barbara Herman s book Scent and Subversion Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume was just a collection of notes on various scents, nothing than a catalog of perfumes or colognes and Herman s reviews of them But as I read of the book, I came to understand the context Herman was using for this information, the idea that these scents are an embodiment as well as a subversion of current s She focuses especially on how to read [...]

    7. So, I never complain about the price of books Books are magical and necessary and I would no sooner complain about the price of them than complain about the price of a critical medication.Having said that, I m a little irritated that I paid 18 dollars for this on the cover price is 24.95 There just isn t enough to it to justify the cost Herman analyses briefly 20th century perfume trends, from 1910ish to 1990 She lists maybe a dozen perfumes from each era with a brief description a mix of concre [...]

    8. I bought this after hearing an interview with the author on NPR I have to admit, most of the information in the book about how perfumes changed over the past century was shared in the interview The new information consisted of a short biographical sketch of all the perfumes the author tested, the fragrance notes, and once in awhile, some interesting trivia about it Her thesis is that perfume types changed as the role of women changed from the intentional, but subtle, seduction fragrances of the [...]

    9. If you are a fumehead like myself, you owe it to yourself to read this book I had to keep a little notebook next to me to add all of the new scents that I wanted to try A very well written and lighthearted review of fragrance that is documented throughout with those gorgeous vintage perfume ads I thought I knew a great deal about fragrance but I learned even from this book.There is also a chapter for vintage fragrance lovers that is so on target for newbies that I would highly recommend buying [...]

    10. I was so lucky to win a copy of this book from If you are a perfume lover, or if you know someone who is, this is a must have book It is a work of art, with wonderful descriptions of vintage fragrances, along with original, colorful print ads throughout the book i have a passion for fragrance, so I love reading about them I am finding myself lost in the pages of this wonderful book

    11. I vacillate between wanting to construct a shrine to this book that is filled with violet posies and clove studded pomanders, and wanting to buy all remaining copies so I can bury them in a 60 ft deep pit so the peasant Osmoth que in my linen cupboard can grow and grow and grow and grow forever and ever and ever unimpeded.

    12. I received this book through First Reads.First of all, the hardcover version of this book is a beautiful thing to behold With its femme fatale Marlene Dietrich dust jacket, its purple boards, and plenty of full color images of vintage perfume ads, the book as an object is as seductive as some of the perfumes it endeavors to describe I half expected it to smell like a Dior concoction itself Kudos to Lyons Press for this presentation.Now for the contents Herman, as a perfume blogger, has committed [...]

    13. I really wanted to love this book, since I love vintage perfume and Barbara Herman s blog, Yesterday s Perfume But, I found this book quite disappointing Many most of the perfume descriptions are taken straight from the blog I don t have a problem with that it would be fine to have a hard copy of the information in the blog, and support the author.But, the book s descriptions of perfumes are shorter and less in depth than the blog posts IMO, many of the most interesting anecdotes and description [...]

    14. I started reading this book hoping to look into evolving of perfumes from a cultural aspect, but nothing of the sort was expecting me The book starts we an introduction chapter, which is essentially a preface gone too long, and than anything points out that a adept editor was needed Chapter two, which makes the body of the book, is a catalogue of perfumes, arranged chronologically, with a paragraph or two at the beginning of each decade for describing the spirit of that decade and its impact o [...]

    15. This is a great book for a beginner perfume collector I say beginner, as much of the information in this book would have been a lot of fun for me when I was new to this whole thing Barbara Herman does a great job covering the history of commercial perfume in the Western world in a way that is concise, interesting, and easy to follow For those who have read Turin and Sanchez s The Guide, any of Chandler Burr s work, or just plain spend all day on perfume blogs, most of this will not be new inform [...]

    16. I received this book from First Reads, and I m very glad that I did This is a wonderful book with vivid and detailed descriptions of perfumes both familiar and obscure As evocative as the history and perfume details are, I have to admit that what I like best about Scent and Subversion are the reproductions of perfume advertisements Again, some are very familiar and others are ads I would not have been likely to see if it were not for there inclusion here I used to love wearing perfume, but can n [...]

    17. On the first page, this book mentions my most favorite no longer available perfume ever, 1998 s L Feau De Issey sorry if I butchered the spelling I don t speak French and calls it a masterpiece I was immediately won over Reading a bunch of little blurbs about vintage perfumes that I will probably never be able to smell, while interesting, is sort of a tease I wish there were modern niche perfumes described Even so, it was an enjoyable read for a fragrance obsessed person like myself This is a m [...]

    18. This is far than a list of perfumes, it is a journey into olfactory delights I loved the style of writing, the author s enthusiasm for perfume is infectious and I found myself getting back up to raid my dressing table and see if I agreed with the descriptions of the perfumes I have I loved the inclusion of old perfume ads and the descriptions of smells are great.The downside to this book is that I think I have found a new and expensive hobby

    19. Essays in the front end of this book are fascinating, provide anecdotes and primers on the essential components of perfumes throughout history.The bulk of this book is just a catalog, divided by decade It doesn t grip as much Only so many times a writer can list the notes There MUST be a way to create a story from a scent map.

    20. I LOVED this The connections between the social attitudes and events of each decade and the great perfumes that were created in each are so interesting I loved finding out about so many of my own favorites and remembering those of women in my past Also, all the ads which illustrate the book are wonderful I will go back and read this many times, I m sure.

    21. Love that this book was both and interesting and fun read The 70 s and 80 s section was funny because there are a lot of fragrances I remember my mom and grandmothers wearing If you love perfumes, this is a great read

    22. A little dry, but well written Barbara Herman breaks down hundreds of perfumes in the last century occasionally taking you through her perfumery memoir If you re passionate about perfumery and history, I d recommend this book It s perfect for perfume obsessives.

    23. I should be mad at this book for making me want to smell, oh, a million or so classic perfumes last available in 1957, but I m not Come back to me, vintage Jungle Gardenia, I promise to love you

    24. It s a huge collection that got me interested in the blog I wish it defined a few terms, but google helped with that.

    25. This is of a reference manual for a would be nose than something to read straight through But it s fascinating If you like perfume, which I do.

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