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Owls #2020

Owls Gail Gibbons explores the mysterious world and workings of owls in her latest nonfiction picture book She depicts numerous species of owls and discusses their biological similarities as well as their

  • Title: Owls
  • Author: Gail Gibbons
  • ISBN: 9780823420148
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
  • Owls By Gail Gibbons, Gail Gibbons explores the mysterious world and workings of owls in her latest nonfiction picture book She depicts numerous species of owls and discusses their biological similarities as well as their differences She portrays their ideal habitats, life styles, birth and development and environmental hazards that are threatening certain species As usual, her comprehensiveGail Gibbons explores the mysterious world and workings of owls in her latest nonfiction picture book She depicts numerous species of owls and discusses their biological similarities as well as their differences She portrays their ideal habitats, life styles, birth and development and environmental hazards that are threatening certain species As usual, her comprehensive text is accompanied by clearly labeled illustrations and diagrams Definitions are also included for additional clarity.

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    1. Owls by Gail Gibbons was an informational picture book all about owls This story was great because it explained all of the different aspects of owls life cycles, diets, and habits It also talks about all of the different types of owls which there are many I really enjoyed all of the fun facts that were on the pages It made the read so much interesting and informative all at the same time I am not interested in owls per say but I really did learn a lot from this book in a fun way I liked that th [...]

    2. Owls by Gail Gibbons gives the reader excellent quality information about owls regarding the different species of owls, what owls eat, where the different types of owls live, the body structure of owls, and the threats to the owls existence The front cover of the book does a great job at helping the reader visualize what an owl looks like The back cover of the book shows 3 different types of owls and this gives the reader the idea that there isn t just 1 type of owl The back cover s picture of t [...]

    3. I read Owls in my fourth grade classroom when introducing them to an activity we were going to do for science We were dissecting owl pellets, and this book was great because it was both a non fiction story and informative The story started talking about all of the different kinds of owls, Barn, Eastern Screech, Burrowing, Barred, Great Horned, and a Snow Owl After listing all of the owls and giving information about each, the book went on to talk about where owls live, what they eat, and how the [...]

    4. Gail Gibbons dives into the mysterious world of owls She writes about the different kinds of owls, what they eat, and where they live She provides detailed pictures and diagrams to help readers understand the wonderful world of owls.Owls is a book that will be loved by both children and adults that are interested in learning about owls The illustrations are clear and detailed and help the reader to understand about owls, their environment, their habits, and where they live She also gives kid fr [...]

    5. Simply gorgeous book Granted this is already a gorgeous animal It is steraight up a zoo tourguide type of book All the info you could ever want about owls and done so by a good writer Now the part that really shines is every description is accompanied by gorgeous paintings of various types of owls that match the descriptions doing everything said Very peaceful book.

    6. Gail Gibbons non fiction books are perfect for young readers This books has large, colorful illustrations as well as cartoon style artwork Owl fact abound

    7. Gail Gibbons is a children s Non Fiction author I read a lot to my third graders She makes the content accessible to them through her almost story teller voice even though it is non fiction Her books are also fabulous examples of non fiction texts that do NOT have Table of Contents, or chapters or sub titles It is difficult for children to decipher when the topic or sub topic is changing and Gibbon s books are a great place to start Typically her MO is to change topics on pages, not within pages [...]

    8. This is a non fiction picture book about owls The first part shows illustrated pictures of different breeds of owls in North America and describes owls general physiology and shows how the body design of owls help them be better predators It talks about owl pellets and explains how scientists study pellets to understand about the diets of different types of owls It then discusses the different hoots of owls and how they mate The book also talks about how there are fewer owls today than there us [...]

    9. This is a great picture book for children to be able to learn about Owls It gives you information about everything when it comes to owls It tells you what they eat, how they catch what they eat It talks about their habitats, where they live, how they act, and when they come out to eat Gail Gibbons, did an amazing job with this book, the amount of information given, and the details of the drawings are amazing They bring the book to life, and make you feel like you are watching owls in real life i [...]

    10. Owls by Gibbons Gail Genre nonfiction Reading level 1 3 grade Format good The book Owls talks about the different owls that exist all around the world Also the book gives a lot of information in how the owls raise their baby owls and how they survive Another thing the books talks about is how the owls prey, listen, eat, see and fly I enjoyed reading all the interesting fun facts about the owls because I had honestly never read a book about owls so learning all the new information I never knew ab [...]

    11. Owls by Gail Gibbons is a comprehensive informational text that introduces young children to these fascinating nocturnal creatures Her book discusses their physical characteristics, keen senses, diet, life cycle, and some of the environmental hazards that affect them through minimal text She includes labeled diagrams, definitions, and pronunciation guides that add clarity to her writing The illustrations are typical Gail Gibbons fashion boldly colored watercolor paintings with an almost murky ba [...]

    12. After thinking my son was perhaps done with his owl fascination, his best friend at school recommended a non fiction picture book, Owls by Gail Gibbons It was so nice to see him eagerly embracing his passion again.Gail Gibbons s book introduces owls, their life cycle, habitat and other facts to children Each page has a short easy to read paragraph with a central illustration Then below and to the side are smaller illustrations with important details labeled and vocabulary defined.Of most interes [...]

    13. Gail Gibbons books are always a treat My 12 year old picked up this book from a display in the library We all learned something from it I learned that owls cannot actually move their eyeballs That is why they turn their entire head around and or upside down to see.Gibbons has books on a vast array of topics and I recommend her books as a great leaping off point for young kids to learn about a subject they are interested in finding out something about for the first time Also, the language used in [...]

    14. Gail Gibbons describes facts about owls from the number of kinds at least 140 to the continents they live on all but Antarctica This nonfiction book gives great details about owl body and face shapes, where different species of owls like to sleep and live, and what they may be eating for dinner Children are introduced to new, exciting vocabulary, environmental facts, and beautiful illustrations to get them excited about these exciting birds of prey What a cool book While reading I kept going and [...]

    15. Want to know anything and everything about owls This book is for you It s contents are exactly what the title suggests everything you would ever want to know about owls It talks about the different 140 species of owls, their bone structure, how they hunt, how they hear, etc It is incredibly informative and would be perfect for a young child doing research for a short paper The illustrations are set up in almost a comic book style, and while the pictures are a bit realistic than a comic book, it [...]

    16. Paired with White Owl, Barn Owl for Library lesson Lots of interesting information with colorful illustrations Found it worked better in this lesson if I didn t read through word for word ,instead hitting highlights and building on info from other story I appreciated the pronunciation guides and word origin, as well as the quick look at a barn owl brood from clutch to fledge My kids seemed to enjoy the two page spread of owls of North America, being able to compare the different sizes and markin [...]

    17. We love Gail Gibbons Her books are always chock full of interesting facts and are very well written This book was so fun We kept saying I didn t know that or that is so cool or some other exclamation of surprise I do like to find actual pictures of the animals on the internet or in other books as the illustrations are just that, illustrations The kids learn a lot by seeing the real thing.Whenever we see a Gibbons book at the library we check it out And whenever we see one for sale we buy it.

    18. The book Owls is a book all about owls and what they are all about It details different species and their habitats, even hazardous things that are threatening certain owls Also the illustrations help readers see what is meant in the text and it comes together with the text to create a well informative and entertaining book This is a great book for children to read if they want to learn about owls or have any curiosity about them because of how much information it provides and because of the accu [...]

    19. This book is about owls and explains all the features of owls, different types of owls, and even how the owl gets its food It also explains how people can learn so much from owls by examining an owl s waste products It has a brief section about the life cycle and mating cycle of owls as well Large font and easy to understand syntax makes this quite an informational book for little ones Great book for studying owls and could even be used to compare different types of birds.

    20. This book about owls provides pictures of the different types of owls It informs the reader that owls are raptors and hunt their food The illustrations in this book compliment the text All of the illustrations are at night which is relevant because the author says the owl swoops down in the moonlight Students can write about owls Students can write about what they knew about owls previously and what they learned from the book.

    21. Book Title Owls by Gail GibbonsBook Description This book is about the various types of owls and their characteristics Focus Students will choose an animal they are interested in and write about the animal and their characteristics CCSS Connections W.2.2 Write informative explanatory texts in which they introduce a topic, use facts and definition to develop points, and provide a concluding statement or section.

    22. Grade 4 5, Roles of organisms, Classifying organisms into groups very informative book on owls owls are a type of birds dscribes the basic characteristics and needs of owls also descibes the many unique feeatures of owls focuses on the owls in North America

    23. I did not feel that this book was spectacular, but it gave very interesting and detailed information about owls.

    24. PB 10 this book is kind of sad because at the beginning with the field mice It s language is a lot easier than frogs to read Te pictures are really realistic though.

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