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Justice, Volume 1 #2020

Justice Volume Justice for All They are the World s Greatest Super Heroes But e members of the fabled Justice League of America are about to learn they aren t the only ones who can band together toward a common goal

  • Title: Justice, Volume 1
  • Author: Jim Krueger Alex Ross Doug Braithwaite
  • ISBN: 9781401209698
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Justice, Volume 1 By Jim Krueger Alex Ross Doug Braithwaite, Justice for All They are the World s Greatest Super Heroes But e members of the fabled Justice League of America are about to learn they aren t the only ones who can band together toward a common goal The deadliest criminal masterminds of our time appear to be acting in concert with a surprising plan that seeks to achieve good than the JLA ever could DC s pantheonJustice for All They are the World s Greatest Super Heroes But e members of the fabled Justice League of America are about to learn they aren t the only ones who can band together toward a common goal The deadliest criminal masterminds of our time appear to be acting in concert with a surprising plan that seeks to achieve good than the JLA ever could DC s pantheon of heroes is reimagined by fan favorite painter Alex Ross THE WORLD S GREATEST SUPER HEROES, KINGDOM COME and writer Jim Krueger Earth X, Universe X , with pencil art by Doug Braithwaite Paradise X painted by Ross in this fantastic new hardcover collecting the first four issues of the best selling maxiseries, plus expansive character bios, sketches and pencil art.
    Justice Vol DC Database FANDOM powered by Wikia This page contains information about Justice Volume Justice was a issue limited series published bi monthly once every two months , from October August It takes place outside of Mainstream Continuity, and closely parallels the Pre Crisis, Justice was a issue limited Justice, Volume by Jim Krueger Jan , Justice Volume takes everything we knew about in the DC comic world and turns it on its head The Intro note from the author is intriguing and well written, and poses a few great points, most importantly that a well written villain is acting right in his own mind, while a Justice, Vol Alex Ross Books Jun , Justice, Vol Hardcover September , by Alex Ross Illustrator Justice Vol DC Database FANDOM powered by Wikia Justice League, Volume Origin by Geoff Johns Justice League, Volume Origin was not mind blowing by any means It wasn t even really that great or original It wasn t even really that great or original A Justice Volume Vol by Alex Ross , Hardcover Find many great new used options and get the best deals for Justice Volume Vol by Alex Ross , Hardcover, Revised at the best online prices at eBay Free shipping for many products Justice League, Vol Origin The New Mar , Justice League Vol Origin Justice League Graphic Novel and millions of other books are available for Kindle Learn Enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

    • [EPUB] · Justice, Volume 1 | BY ↠ Jim Krueger Alex Ross Doug Braithwaite
      475 Jim Krueger Alex Ross Doug Braithwaite
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      Posted by:Jim Krueger Alex Ross Doug Braithwaite
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    1 thought on “Justice, Volume 1

    1. So this is the sort of thing that will be like, A totally irrelevant to most people, B a head nodder for some, and C a head shaker for the rest, but like, I m never really gotten the Justice League.I get Batman, you know, because I love Batman, and so I figure that if people can love other superheroes the way I love Batman, then sure, it makes sense for people to be big fans of Superman flying around having Superman adventures and Wonder Woman having Wonder Woman adventures and all the rest, in [...]

    2. If all the world s supervillains, or even most, were to band together, the heroes would be in trouble And that s exactly what happens in Justice Inspired by a dream of superheroes being powerless to save earth from catastrophe, and lead by Brainiac and Lex Luthor, the villains systematically target the heroes one by one, while at the same time using their abilities to benefit humanity Poison Ivy makes the desert bloom, for example Of course, they re up to something.Luthor himself raises an inter [...]

    3. 1 star for the artwork alone Great story Amazing artwork Worth the re read Some minor problems I ve had here and there with the story, and mainly with the whole chit chat that could be done in, say, 1 panel and not 5 6, but overall it s definitely a great JLA story

    4. Loved it Loved It.The story is great, but Alex Ross artwork really takes everything up a notch for me It s stunning On to Volume two

    5. Book Info This collection contains Justice issues 1 4.ABSOLUTE RATING 2.5 5 stars Rounded Down STANDARDIZED RATING 2 5 stars Survival Perhaps that is all I can hope for at this point Our potential was stunted when earth became the battlefield for the rest of the cosmos when the so called Justice League of America banded together because they were unwilling to allow us to bleed and suffer and learn how to defend ourselves when Earth and humanity became but suburbs to the conflicts of a galaxy And [...]

    6. Recently I have decided I must branch out my reading of superhero comics to include characters other than Batman The thought of going cold turkey terrifies me a little, so I ve decided to begin with a foray into JLA titles in which Bats is still present I got given the final volume of Justice a couple of months back and decided it sounded interesting enough to merit buying the preceding volumes Two weeks of scouring Ebay later, I had the whole set in my clammy hands First of all, I must admit I [...]

    7. When you write an antagonist, you always write him, in his mind, as the protagonist That means, every villain of a story, to be a good villain, must believe himself to be the hero Not the villain at all In his foreward in this book, Jim Kreuger speaks about how he writes a villain and what he has learned about writing effective villains This really caught my attention because this is what I have always believed when I read a book that features a pronounced antagonist I really can t stand to read [...]

    8. I m glad I got this out from the library, because I d have been pretty annoyed if I d paid for this utterly uninspiring and unmemorable piece of work.What is it about DC and Marvel that they simply CANNOT publish a memorable or well written comic or miniseries unless one of a very small number of writers is part of the project At this point, if it s not by Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman, my expectations are virtually nil.I read the whole series volumes 1, 2, and 3 What was it about The bad guys prima [...]

    9. Alex Ross, Jim Krueger, and Doug Braithwaite do the seemingly impossible and told the Super Friends first ever legitimately cool story.Can t really say how without spoiling it, so I ll just talk about the pictures.In Justice, Ross paints over Braithwaite s pencils but many of the characters especially their faces look like pure Ross This has me curious about the original pencils did Braithwaite draw the characters while aping Ross s style, or did Ross disregard Braithwaite s faces and do his own [...]

    10. Alex Ross s work is catnip to me even when he s painting over another artist s pencils , so I am predisposed to like this This volume is largely set up for the mysteries that will play out over the next two volumes, but it still manages to shoehorn in a ton of dynamic hero shots, some interesting character work and dialogue, and a very nice treatment of the trope of Lex as protector of humanity s drive for excellence This book also checks in on a ton of different Justice Leaguers and their foes, [...]

    11. Justice Volume 1 takes everything we knew about in the DC comic world and turns it on its head The Intro note from the author is intriguing and well written, and poses a few great points, most importantly that a well written villain is acting right in his own mind, while a hero is acting right in his own mind.That said, Justice begins with a thought provoking mindset The premise of the series is that the world s Super Villains decide to join together and do good in the world, kind of like the Ju [...]

    12. A superhero story in twelve issues, or three volumes About the Justice League.It helps to know the characters, I dare say There are lots of them, both heroes and villains It opens with a common nightmare plaguing all the supervillains, to draw them in the superheroes failing to rescue Earth from destruction And then showing their plots, capturing Aquaman, raiding Wayne Industries to use its computers, making the desert bloom, healing crippled people so they can walk which, as you can guess, lead [...]

    13. Awesome writing, awesome handling of the characters, and, as always, the life like art of Alex Ross seems to bring life to them than a lot of the current movies When Ross handles the DC Universe, particularly the icons Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, even the villians , I am often reminded of old Greek Mythology and how fascinating those stories and characters have always been Could our comic book heroes be the same to us as the stories of Zues and Hercules were in ancient times Hmm Modern Myth [...]

    14. This novel changed my views on Superheroesagine if the Supervillains are the cops and the authority, to help people in needd imagine if the Superheroes are the terrorists and murderers, it s crazy I know Spoiler d to actually witness the death of Superman, using ones imagination, really is unbearable to continue on a must for fans of DC Comics.

    15. I will give about a 3.5 for all three volumes These were recommended by a friend who was really impressed with the artwork I decided to give it a shot even though graphic novels are a huge stretch in genres for me The art was impressive, although I probably don t have enough exposure to comic book art to really appreciate it I was less excited about the story It peaked my interest in the first volume but Volume 2 included way too many characters Many of them were second stringers in the superher [...]

    16. I only read the first issue but its pretty good If the villains ever came together to overthrow the heroes would be all bad

    17. I read Kingdom Come first and really liked that, so when I found this I decided to check it out The art style is still great I love that the women are pretty muscular and how proportionate all the characters look all the guys are still a bit funny looking.Overall, the story was somewhat enjoyable It fell apart a bit over time Every issue seemed to be leading up to something and it kind of led to half second conspiracy explanations that were kind of off putting and a bit of a let down One of the [...]

    18. The bad guys are turning to good deed in order to out good the good guys That is the premise of this book One by one, the JLA superheroes are taken down by their opposite nemesis while the bay guys goes on the charm offensive to woo the people of their turning over a new leaf manifesto Lex along with the Riddler, Poison Ivy and Black Manta project themselves as mankind greatest reformers who now want to be the benefactor.

    19. I had this book hanging around for ages before I finally decided to read it and when I did, I wondered why on Earth I hadn t gotten around to it sooner.From the first page I was drawn in by the beatiful drawings the line art and paints combining perfectly to make panels that I happily spent whole minutes poring over before remembering there was actually dialogue to go along with the scene some of the most beautiful panels appearing in Aquaman s underwater scenes Which is not to say that the dial [...]

    20. Imagine that Earth s greatest super villains collectively known as the Legion of Doom courtesy of that great Challenge of the Super Friends series from back in the late 70s and early 80s decide to one up their heroic better halves by offering humanity a chance for a better life Yes, you read that right The premise of this brilliantly executed 12 issue series, now reprinted in three beautifully hardbound volumes, puts the villains in the spotlight as the promised saviors of humankind s ills and w [...]

    21. I almost loved the author s notes than the entire story because I found his discussion of what makes a villain quite fascinating and thought provoking His story, the story of Justice is told in three relatively short volumes so to be fair I think I will have to do a big review once I finish all three.However, I am done with the first volume and would like to share some of my thoughts On one level, the story is genius Why don t superheroes just makes the world a better place and try and solve th [...]

    22. Great artI don t wanna rag on the story too much cuz I haven t finish the series yet, but are we really supposed to sympathize with Lex and the other villains Aside from not really getting in anybody s head, except for Lex, their complaint isn t that sympathetic Those dang heroes, holding us back by doing too much for us, why don t they do But hey look at us, I know we ve been murderers, thieves, and terrorists all these years, but look, we just made some minor gestures towards helping the sick [...]

    23. A head s up for the true comic con ers, this review is from a newbie and a venture into my hubby s world First off, I was very impressed with this graphic novel I liked the story line, although I still know the catch is gonna come up it HAS to, and the characters Although I know pretty much all of the players, some were a little confusing I liked the bios after the issues, it cleared up the little I was behind about during the book The art was amazing Just great I think I may have spent time lo [...]

    24. It s hard to review this without being able to read the second half of the story Alex Ross art is, as usual, beautiful, and the premise of the story, that all the super villains have banded together to save the world, is very interesting.I assume that when this series ends, the status quo will be resumed, and the villains will again be working for the usual selfish or evil motives, but it would be interesting to see the DC Universe try to stick this out, with both villains and heroes trying to w [...]

    25. Everyone has talked about Ross s art and it s impossible not to, as the photorealistic painting is very striking But something is missing to make me like it in full comic format as opposed to a cool cover Perhaps the infux of details make pages too busy, or maybe it s that the classic costumes look goofy when so realistic.The plot is one of those Big Events where everybody and their brother shows up, so it jumps around and has lots of plates spinning So far it s interesting enough I do like the [...]

    26. It was alright I get that as much fun as it is for a kid to include all their favorite superheroes in one story, it is hard for grown ups to come up with a compelling reason why that many incredibly powerful people would need to be in one place at the same time Still I m not a fan of immediately imperiling the whole gang because you don t get a chance to see them being heroes.Still the art is good and the danger is believable, for what that ultimately counts for in comics It touches on a similar [...]

    27. I overheard a guy talking about this at the comic book store I frequent I thought it looked interesting and bought it without knowing much about it.First of all, it s a painted comic, and the artwork is stunning, if a little unusual But mostly stunning.The story itself is an interesting idea the villains deciding that the superheroes have committed a crime because they never used their powers to really make life better for people, whether by watering the desert or healing the handicapped or what [...]

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