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RASL #2020

RASL From the New York Times best selling author of BONE comes a stark gritty sci fi series about a dimension jumping art thief a man who races through space and time searching for his next big score and

  • Title: RASL
  • Author: Jeff Smith
  • ISBN: 9781888963373
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover
  • RASL By Jeff Smith, From the New York Times best selling author of BONE comes a stark, gritty sci fi series about a dimension jumping art thief, a man who races through space and time searching for his next big score and trying to escape his past Known only by the four letter word found spray painted at the scene of a crime, RASL stumbles across a mystery that spans centuries, and not only tFrom the New York Times best selling author of BONE comes a stark, gritty sci fi series about a dimension jumping art thief, a man who races through space and time searching for his next big score and trying to escape his past Known only by the four letter word found spray painted at the scene of a crime, RASL stumbles across a mystery that spans centuries, and not only threatens to expose his illicit activities, but could uncover one of the world s most dangerous secrets.Award winning cartoonist Jeff Smith explores a world of violence and corruption, mixing murder, passion, and folklore, with cutting edge physics.

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      443 Jeff Smith
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    1 thought on “RASL

    1. Extraordinarily disappointing.After the full characterizations and detailed world of Bone, I have been looking forward to reading the complete RASL since finding the first book five years ago Now I have it, have read it, have a profound sadness.The bones of the story are sound A research scientist playing at the fringes of Nicolai Tesla s last research finds a path into the Drift, a portal into other parallel worlds At that moment he realizes the danger his other research poses to our world and [...]

    2. There once was a giant comic book called Bone that I read and thought holy crap snacks, that is one awesome book, but I m a little ashamed to admit it because the main character is a little white bone creature and that s pretty childish and or dorky It really is awesome It s like the Lord of the Rings of comics And you probably thing I m a childish dork for thinking it s so awesome But it s awesome.Now there s a pretty big comic book called RASL And it s a lot of fun It s got the same impeccably [...]

    3. I reviewed the first part of this series, which I bought digitally, but I saw him signing the complete edition at Comic Con with only a line of about 3 people, and I just had to jump in on that Getting the book signed by the creator was a little awkward, because I spent most of the time complimenting Bone He mentioned that RASL was different, citing the noir inspirations, and I didn t have the heart to tell him about my issues with the first installment.Because at its heart the problem with RASL [...]

    4. I found this to be a problematic but enjoyable page turner I got the color edition and I m glad I did The colors are wonderful but I m sure it would be great in black white too I always turned my nose up at the color version of Bone and basically anything else, but maybe it s because I hadn t read much of this story before that I was ok with it being in color.The mood and the overall story of this is really enjoyable It s a somewhat confusing but fun adventure with some pseudo history baked in.T [...]

    5. The brilliant cartoonist behind Bone is back with this new serialized noir, Romance at the Speed of Light, and yet it suffers from similar flaws Smith seems to work out his plots to the Nth place, but tire of the project around toward the last chapter As a result, the ending comes across feeling a bit rushed Still, if you liked Inception or Memento, you ll have fun reading about RASL s adventures, and the art is top notch and typically suffused with humor page 258 Like the aforementioned Christo [...]

    6. The Brief Bibliography at the end of this book includes The Fabric of the Cosmos Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality, Parallel Worlds A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos, Secrets of the Unified Field The Philadelphia Experiment, the Nazi Bell, and the Discarded Theory, Paths of Life American Indians of the Southwest and Northern Mexico, and The Philadelphia Experiment.Smith weaves this tale around a parallel universe hopping main character hellbent on [...]

    7. Go to comicpow 2014 05 14 ra to see the review with images, this is a copy of my review on Comic POW A groundswell for Nikola Tesla has been building over the last couple of decades I d been hugely into science and technology, but other than seeing the Tesla Coil in Command and Conquer Red Alert, I hadn t heard much about the scientist I didn t know his lab was the basic for the Universal horror films Frankenstein laboratory which has come to be the default lab for any mad scientist The first ti [...]

    8. This sounds like such a great premise but it felt so flat to me and the only reason I liked it even a little bit is because I liked all the asides about Tesla Besides that it just seems like the main character spends most of his time hitting people and flitting between dimensions to have sex with slightly different versions of the same two women because uh, reasons Maybe if the author had used that page time to answer some of the 50 unexplained plot holes this would have been better, but as it i [...]

    9. This review can be read in full, with illustrations, here.He used to be a physicist, named Robert Johnson Like his namesake from the previous century, he achieved notoriety for his accomplishments, as well as the many moral compromises made while in their pursuit.Together with his childhood friend, he has cracked the most powerful mystery behind Nikola Tesla s boldest experiment He s also slept with his friend s wife, taken money and technology from the military, and sabotaged the lab he worked [...]

    10. Being a fan of Bone, I was eager to read RASL It sort of slipped by me, though, for one reason or another, but I was happy to find the collected edition available at the library I was quickly reminded of two Star Trek The Next Generation episodes The Pegasus and All Good Things , but also of The Prestige for its characterization of Nikola Tesla A dozen other stories also came to mind, and I confess that detracted from my enjoyment That s not to say that RASL is un original there are some interes [...]

    11. Written by Jeff Smith to show his range following his 12 year fantasy comedy epic Bone, RASL is an adult, film noir style sci fi tale of a teleporting art thief I love Bone, and so just seeing Smith s art style again was enjoyable He s brilliant at pacing each panel well, and he loves to experiment with tricks that generally pay off for him One scene in particular is great two men fight in an entirely blackened room, lit only by random flashes from a gun firing.Smith s attention to detail he spe [...]

    12. A love letter to Tesla, the plot feels like an excuse to write about the brilliant inventor than the story itself It s a really good plot full of intrigue, action, and mystery so it s a sure thing that any reader will like it despite the heavy science emphasis, but you ll learn about Tesla from this than from a basic high school physics class RASL is a great and complex character that I really enjoyed following along with and discovering his secrets and motivations The villain of the story is [...]

    13. It was ok A tough nitty gritty detective story feel to it It s sci fi with some Nikola Tesla pushed into the theory of the main guy, RASL s dimensional traveling I was just confused.There wasn t a lot of explanation or if there was maybe I just didn t get it I don t understand who the random characters were The God and the President I don t get why the guy chasing him looked abnormal and the parallel universes kinda got confusing Were they just blending together in the end A little thing that an [...]

    14. Years ago Jeff Smith won me with Bone However, this sci fi graphic novel I found irritating than engaging Scientist Robert uses the t suit he and co thinkers created to jump in time When drifting he becomes Rasl who discovers he also moves between parallel universes Such proves handy in his side skill of art thievery steal a painting in one universe, re sell it in another References to real and disputed projects, such as H.A.A.R.P the Philadelphia Project, and Nikola Tesla s journals, keep the [...]

    15. Bone is one of my all time favorite comics So when RASL came out I was a little unsure whether I would like it becasue it is so different However, I ended up loving it If you go in expecting it to be Bone, you ll be disapointed They are completely different, but very fun in thier own ways RASL is a noir scifi thriller with some historical elements in it The art is amazing I m pretty impressed with RASL, and I think it really shows Jeff Smith s depth to create something so different from his prev [...]

    16. If these club bitches don t like this one I m shitting in the cheese plate, I told McCleary who hasn t read this and has no opinion.This is a superfun adventure book packed with spoopy mystico science weird babylegged women, a hotbutted bighaired hero, and a those kangaroo guys from tankgirl but scarier faced bad guy I recommend it highly to all and sundry.

    17. Tries to tackle much than Bone did The art is incredible, especially the interdimensional mishmashes, but the content itself reaches a little too far and doesn t quite bring it all back together Overall, not bad.

    18. I was thinking 2 1 2 til I talked about it and it feels closer to 2 than 3 so I guess it ll stay here There were things I like, but none of what I liked added enough to what should ve been there.

    19. Not as good as Bone but worth reading if you re interested in Nikola Tesla or just like Jeff Smith s work I really enjoyed the art work and the whole concept of multiverses.

    20. This was an amazing graphic novel full of adventure, art, and science How can you go wrong with that combo

    21. It s a fun read, but nowhere near as good as Bone his previous work and the ending felt a little rushed Maybe my expectations were just too high.

    22. I love Bone, so when I saw Jeff Smith had another series out I was hyped I read the The Drift as soon as it hit shelves, but as things went I was never able to read the rest until now I ll saw this, if you re tired of Nikola Tesla in modern fiction don t read it, but Jeff Smith had Tesla s story in comics before Atomic Robo and The Oatmeal he was a Tesla fan before it was COOL Anyway, the art of course is beautiful no surprises there, but the story is about as far from Bone as you can get Be awa [...]

    23. I ve never read anything by Jeff Smith before, although I am planning to read Bone next year Can t say I am a fan of RASL, though It has an interesting premise, and it started out great, but got bogged down by unlikeable characters and their predictable relationships, and also the book felt too long and drawn out There was some interesting historical background on the life of Nikola Tesla, but it didn t quite fit with the rest of the story and slowed the pacing in the middle of the book even Ov [...]

    24. I am a huge fan of Bone, and I had the chance to hear Jeff Smith speak at an event this summer where he talked a lot about the making of this, his second major comic I went into it with very high hopes but this comic just didn t end up doing much for me I really wish all of the female characters hadn t been treated as complete disposable Having read this doesn t change my opinion of Bone but it will be a strong factor influencing how I think about his future works.

    25. This read was okay I think the biggest reason I rated it 2 stars is simply that I was extremely disappointed Bone is easily one of the greatest comics ever written I had high hopes for this book but instead I just felt dissatisfied at the end There s too many missing plot points to just ignore and when it s compared to Smith s other work it falls flat.

    26. Some bits of this book deserve a five and some deserve a one I dove into this book nostalgically hoping for a grown up version of the joy I felt reading the author s previous work, Bone And it s definitely grown up There s sex and violence and copious swearing, but also discussions of Tesla and our understanding of the universe and our place in it.

    27. One of the best sci fi comics I ve ever read This book was an interesting departure for Jeff Smith s signature Bone series that he worked on for several years I enjoyed every individual issue of RASL and was happy to re read it in a full color hardcover edition.

    28. The brilliant author behind the BONE seriesreturns with an amazing time travel universe hopping crime series

    29. This was interesting and not really what I was expecting The information about Tesla was fascinating, but the ending left me feeling confused and dissatisfied.

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