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Scalped, Vol. 1: Indian Country #2020

Scalped Vol Indian Country Fifteen years ago Dashiell Dash Bad Horse ran away from a life of abject poverty and utter hopelessness on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation in hopes of finding something better Now he s come back

  • Title: Scalped, Vol. 1: Indian Country
  • Author: Jason Aaron
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Scalped, Vol. 1: Indian Country By Jason Aaron, Fifteen years ago, Dashiell Dash Bad Horse ran away from a life of abject poverty and utter hopelessness on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation in hopes of finding something better Now he s come back home armed with nothing but a set of nunchucks, a hell bent for leather attitude and one dark secret, to find nothing much has changed on The Rez short of a glimmeringFifteen years ago, Dashiell Dash Bad Horse ran away from a life of abject poverty and utter hopelessness on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation in hopes of finding something better Now he s come back home armed with nothing but a set of nunchucks, a hell bent for leather attitude and one dark secret, to find nothing much has changed on The Rez short of a glimmering new casino, and a once proud people overcome by drugs and organized crime Is he here to set things right or just get a piece of the action

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      133 Jason Aaron
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    1. My first introduction to Jason Aaron s work was his hard boiled Southern Bastards series that took me right up in middle of the deep Souths heart Aaron s way of telling stories is to go to the darker side of something familiar, give us all the filth and ugliness that not so many dare to admit and explore But doing so, he has a great sense of respect towards the things he is writing about, and there is always the presence of truthiness within as the stereotypes always come from the realness of li [...]

    2. Thirty years ago Alan Moore changed the face of comics, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The Killing Joke we ve all heard the story before, and I ve certainly put my 2 cents in Now, he s not the only revolutionary comic writer out there Gerber was writing realistic superhero stories years before Moore, and Milligan has a complex, literary voice to rival Moore s But Moore is still the great inspiration, the ever changing, wide reaching face of comics as an art form And so he has become a touchpoint, a p [...]

    3. Dashiell Bad Horse returns to the reservation where he grew up with a pair of nunchucks and proceeds to start whipping ass This gets the attention of local honcho Red Crow who is getting ready to open a casino, and he gets Bad Horse a job as a deputy where he can legally crack the skulls of everyone interfering with Red Crow s plans Bad Horse also has to face his estranged activist mother who is protesting the casino,and there s also his old flame who doesn t let a husband stop her from banging [...]

    4. There have been 4 major turning points in my life when it comes to media when I first heard Slayer, when I first read Breakfast of Champions, when I first saw Pulp Fiction, and when I first read Preacher Those were major points that redirected and reshaped not only my tastes, but by extension, me as a person From there I found so much to love, that I could love, in all the media markets They prompted me to dig deeper and search harder and to not settle for mediocrity in my tastes, but to find [...]

    5. Hoka Hey You don t know this yet but Scalped is one of the best comics you ll ever read.I know because I ve read the whole series now and there isn t a weak link in the chain every single book is solid There isn t a lull in the middle, there aren t weird tangents that are pointless to the overall story there is simply one incredible book after another with writer Jason Aaron creating, alongside visionary artist and co creator R.M Guera, one of the most impressive literary achievements ever writt [...]

    6. A full speed, gritty, noir inspired book, in the somewhat unusual setting of a modern Oglala Lakota reservation The story takes off from the first scene, and rarely lets up It s rough, violent, and steeped in corruption on many levels.And I don t think it s for me I have no doubt of Aaron s skills, and I ve greatly enjoyed some of the things he s written But though I think that he s done exactly what he set out to do with this book, I m still not onboard I can t pretend that some of that isn t m [...]

    7. I ve been reading a lot of Aaron s work and so I was recommended Scalped a few times I ve avoided this title for a while because it just didn t sound all that fun to read, but I was wrong.I m used to reading image comics, so when I picked up this vertigo title I was a bit disappointed with the print No glossy pages and a dull printed colours for the artwork That aside, what a brilliant story It s a mature story than I imagined and I ve likened it to be very similar to the TV show or vice versa [...]

    8. A sleezy modern day crime drama with all the grittyness I loved in Southern Bastards, Vol 1 Here Was a Man.

    9. lk sayfalar itibariyle i ine zor girdi im, kurgusunu anlamak i in kafa patlatt m bir izgi roman oldu stelik Egemen G r ek gibi takip edip evirdi i her eyi okumaya al t m birinin eli de mesine ra men Ve fakat sabr n sonu selamet diyerek, srar ederek ilerleyince kurgu ilk cildin sonuna do ru kendini a maya ba lad Gittik e daha da acayip, derin bir mevzuya girdim Hemen ikinci cilde ge ece im Okuduklar mdan, g rd klerimden memnun olmaya ba lad m Al k oldu unuz t rden biraz daha farkl , dramatik bir [...]

    10. Indian Country is the perfect way to start a gritty saga There s the characters, the place called the Rez and the Indian country which seems to be hiding a horrible, horrible past Scalped starts with a young war veteran Dashiell Dash Bad Horse returning to Praire Rose Indian Reservation Nothing good has happened in the Rez In fact, things got a lot worse there And for Dash, it brings back to him so many nightmares of the past.The scenes are very cinematic and action packed that it may as well lo [...]

    11. I couldn t move while reading this It was that gripping Violent, dark, gritty with twists and turns and a story to be slowly revealed.A must read for all Jason Aaron fans Absolutely brilliant and terrifyingly unique

    12. This is my review of the entire series, not just this book Holy crap, what a ride.After five years and 60 issues, Jason Aaron and R M Guera s noir masterpiece, Scalped, came to an end a couple of weeks ago with the release of Scalped Trail s End, the tenth and final collection And just.wow.There is s spoiler below, just so you know, but it s given away at the end of the first issue If you absolutely can t stand spoilers, stop reading this and go read Scalped It s that good, just go read it inste [...]

    13. The first graphic novel I ve read on Kindle and it was a great experience They have a thing called panel view which allows you to read one panel at a time, making the experience so much cinematic.Now, the only real complaint I have against SCALPED is that it suffers a little bit of a baditude problem The protagonist Dashiell Bad Horse is such a badass, it barely feels like he s in danger at any time He just mows down entire rooms of people while sputtering one liners about hating his life Other [...]

    14. When Scalped first came out, I wasn t interested Maybe it was the description of the series in the sales pitch I don t know But somewhere along the line, I had the opportunity to pick up Indian Country , the first volume, for a steal so I shrugged and thought, okay, let s give it a try One of the best decisions ever Scalped turned out to be just about the most rough, raw and edgy crime story I ve read in a long time maybe ever On the surface, the plot is fairly straight forward Dash Badhorse ret [...]

    15. I have mixed feelings on Scalped On the one hand, I enjoyed its grittiness Despite not actually liking any of the characters, I was left wanting , which is kind of unusual for me On the other hand, I am bothered by the racist implications of some of it The title, for one thing And, of course, the book starts out with a scalping Also, the book shows only the darker side of reservation life, and an exaggerated version of it, at that So I m torn I know that dark stories like this have been told abo [...]

    16. Jason Aaron s Scalped left me a little on the half empty portion of my glass I was hoping that I would get something with a little substance However, Scalped is a little too clich ridden to be considered something amazing.The badass of the story Dashiell Dash Bad Horse skipped out on his shitty life on the reservation when he was 13 in hopes of finding something better He s an angry guy and butts heads with just about every person he comes across Why did he return I hope Scalped gets better I s [...]

    17. pinav , nekompromisn a v bec ne hloup drsn krimin lka z atraktivn ho prost ed , kter evidentn slou ila jako jeden z inspira n ch a nep iznan ch zdroj pro seri l Banshee Jedin co mi je do zna n m ry proti srsti , je mnohdy a k e ovit touha b t d sn cool skrze za ka dou cenu origin ln hl ky v ka d m druh m ok nku Na jednu stranu je obdivuhodn co autor p ekladatel zvl dnou vyplodit, ale v bec to tam nesedne tohle jsou hl ky do n eho ber stylizovan ho ve stylu Loba a nikoli do v n l tky.Ka dop dn ro [...]

    18. It s got punch That s for sure.Characters who stand out, no holding back, the kind of book that goes for it all, doesn t wait too long to try and get people talking, it starts right from the get go.Dashiell Bad Horse is a bad mother shut your mouth I like the grit of the art, I like the story, I like everything.More please

    19. Believe the hype Jason Aaron s tale about life and crime on an Indian Reservation is multi layered, uncomfortable at times and excellent The gritty slightly off kilter artwork complements the gritty slightly off kilter writing If you have ever wanted to read a great comic book story, this is it.

    20. NOTE This here is of a 4.5 star rating, and I ll explain why I didn t add the final half a star in a bit, but first I want to draw attention to the indelible Garth Ennis, who has emphatically encouraged potential readers to not only pick up SCALPED, but to also blog about it, to bug friends about it, and to write glowing online reviews about it I kind of added that last part, but, what can I say SCALPED actually IS that goodANKS GARTH ENNIS Thank you so very much Uh, I kinda jumped onto this bo [...]

    21. While this is just the first volume I can see why this title has the reputation of being Aaron s best work I read his Ghost Rider, and scanned through some of his X Men work, and while over the top fun including some near LOL moments they are nowhere near as serious as this title Here Aaron doesn t have to worry about company wide crossovers etc It his world and we are welcomed into the tale he is crafting.This is a crime story, but unlike most such stories it s not set in a major urban center T [...]

    22. This series starts off with a real bang Issue 1 immediately sets the tone and milieu for a whole lotta shit in a tiny, pressure cooker community of low lifes, shit kickers and double dealing snakes There isn t one redeeming character in the whole bunch of them, and it s fantastic.Dash, Shunka, Chief Red Crow, Gina, Diesel, Nitz and the shaman drunk all get introduced in the FIRST ISSUE, giving us a smorgasbord of meaty, compromised and shifty characters to chew on And gives us all the madness an [...]

    23. Jestli m te r di Vinnetoua, tak tohle ne t te ztrat te iluze o indi nech Jestli m te naopak r di tvorbu drs k jakoEnnis neboAzzarello, tak si to nejsp u ijete.Indi nsk rezervace Pr rijn r e rozhodn nen m sto, kde byste cht li bydlet, pracovat, nebo vychov vat d ti 80% nezam stnanost, alkoholismus, drogy, prostituce, kvanta st eln ch zbran a kasino za 90 milion dolar.Komiks je dost ak n , hodn se tu st l Je tu tak hodn historie, a u osobn , jednotliv ch postav, tak t americk t eba parafr ze p pad [...]

    24. So the start of this series just kind of gives you the bulldog treatment It clamps down its jaws and locks them, so be ready for that Not sure you can be Intense all around sex, meth, guns, gambling, the f bomb, and the works makes this a hard one for me to place on the library display without worrying about patron s ire, but I have to be honest when I say that I am somewhat skeptical of the direction this story will take and whether or not I find white people writing and talking about a native [...]

    25. I recently started reading Aaron s Ghost Rider run which is a blast , so I decided to check this out This book is very much in the Vertigo house style high concept, lots of cussin violence nudity , but it is very good at making that house style work for it I was a little wary of the project a white author is opening a can of worms when he decides he s going to tackle rez life, no matter how dedicated he is to research , but I think Aaron manages to pay respect to his subject matter even as he dr [...]

    26. A reservation Western full of guns , gore , cussing and resentment The story follows an undercover FBI agent trying to bring down a corrupt Sheriff and tribal president , drawn in a style that reminds me of Hellboy The story would ve been a lot better without the undercover angle, there s always that Et tu,Brute Vibe and back stabbing in undercover characters that holds you back from fully supporting them The setting in this book is similar to the 1992 film ThunderHeart starring Val Kilmer It s [...]

    27. Llevaba un tiempo centr ndome en cosas cuquis y, con Scalped, rompo esta t nica.Es un tebeo crud simo con una cr tica social inmensa y muy interesante Un solo volumen y da para hablar horas Aunque el dibujo es una pasada a veces me ha resultado un poco confuso En especial saber qui n estaba hablando en cada momento Por ltimo la edici n espa ola bien.Recomendable y estoy deseando continuar.

    28. Tayt sever pelerinli z rvalar bir kenara b rak p, iyi bir eyler okumak istiyor musunuz O zaman hemen ba lay n derim Scalped serisine Bir canavar n i inde do an ger ek insanlar n al malar n takip edin Brian K Vaughan ns z nden ufak bir al nt tas nda olsun bu c mle Vertigo ve izgi D ler e te ekk rler, sayg lar ve sevgiler yi okumalar.

    29. It seemed formulaic The beginning had constant reveals that hadn t been developed enough to really be a twist.I can t tell whether I think it s racist or not yet It s definitely written by a white guy, definitely with a number of cliches and tropes about Native Americans I feel silly for not knowing, but at least I know to ask the question, I guess Still on the path to being woke, and want to do my research.

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