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Aurora: Secrets behind Reality #2020

Aurora Secrets behind Reality Perhaps sometimes you catch yourself wondering why you re stuck to live in this ordinary world without magic wands superhero abilities or at worst vampire friends Perhaps you seek substitutes for t

  • Title: Aurora: Secrets behind Reality
  • Author: Marina Latcko
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Aurora: Secrets behind Reality By Marina Latcko, Perhaps sometimes you catch yourself wondering why you re stuck to live in this ordinary world without magic wands, superhero abilities, or at worst, vampire friends.Perhaps you seek substitutes for these amazing adventures unlikely to happen in this dull reality chasing uber trendy things, swooning over boys, and being like others.If you do, then we have very much in commPerhaps sometimes you catch yourself wondering why you re stuck to live in this ordinary world without magic wands, superhero abilities, or at worst, vampire friends.Perhaps you seek substitutes for these amazing adventures unlikely to happen in this dull reality chasing uber trendy things, swooning over boys, and being like others.If you do, then we have very much in common, at least until recently.Because you know one day my life was changed.That day when I got involved into my friend s love affair, I found out the reality was much thrilling than any artificial world ever invented.Far

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      Marina Latcko

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    1. I really liked this story It begins with Nikki, your typical teenage girl Her life is going along smoothly, well as smoothly as any teenage girl s life can, until the day her best friend asks her to spy on a crush for her From that point on, Nikki s world starts spinning out of control, ultimately leading to discoveries beyond her wildest imagination The story itself is incredibly unique that turned out to be very complex I m not really sure what I had been expecting, but it was a lot of fun wit [...]

    2. Aurora Secrets behind Reality is a young adult fantasy suspense romance novel I was given this book in exchange for an honest review, and I wish I could review it positively, because it seems to be a serious, well intentioned endeavor, and it contains some promising ideas The author is imaginative, and seems to have a feel for literature However, I think that Aurora requires substantial editing and revision before it can find its audience Indie authors often have limited financial means, and it [...]

    3. Prologue This is an impressive piece in that is written in English by a Russian author She is currently working on a revised edition that will be friendlier to an English speaking audience Kudos to you, Marina, for tackling this project and seeing it through to the end.Review This is a debut YA novel written in a second language English so it does come across as unpolished and, in some places, confusing I would not recommend this to the standard YA reader but would highly recommend it to educato [...]

    4. This book was not what I expected, and that was both good and different The good was that it took me on a wild ride It felt like a combination of the tilt a world and space mountain One minute I felt I was going up, the next I start spinning Then I plummented to the ground and start all over again The different is that is doesn t flow like a traditional American YA novel It is written by a Russian author and the main character is of Russian descent so sometimes the translation wasn t as smooth a [...]

    5. The first 2 pages of this book sucked me in, I immediately wanted to jump to the end, because the prologue was so suspenseful Unfortunately, after the prologue I felt like I was experiencing whiplash through Niki s experiences First, she s head over heels for Marc, a boy who humiliated her in class Then the next day, she s in Florida visiting her sick grandmother and is suddenly falling for her longtime friend Ricky and calling him her boyfriend and future husband Meanwhile she s being blackmail [...]

    6. Twists and turns is an understatementThis book had me second guessing everyone and everything Aurora is full of conspiracy, lies, sci fi, teen romance and some high tech gadgets It was nail biting right down to the end.It starts off with Nikki, a 16 year old, who goes to a school for very intelligent kids Nikki isn t as smart as the other children, but her mother is a teacher at the school Her problems begin when she starts following around her fellow classmate, Marc, for her only friend.Once sh [...]

    7. Aurora is a full length YA novel geared to a teenage audience with lots of twists and turns The main character, Nikki, is a 16 year old girl in America with a Russian mother and an American father When she was a baby, her father died in Iraq, or so she was told Then one day, while she is spying on the love interest of her best friend, she finds the first clue that sends her on an adventure where she slowly uncovers who she really is This leads to a deeper tale of intrigue and her fight against a [...]

    8. I received an ARC from the Author in exchange for an honest, impartial review.Aurora started soo well, had me hooked from the awesome prologue and i was intrigued to find out It started off a bit slow, i didn t get on much with some of the dialogue, it just seemed to forced and not the natural way you would say these things I was intrigued enough to continue though and I am glad I did as there were soo many twists and turns I could never anticipate what was going to happen next, and the further [...]

    9. At first I had a problem with the language It was obvious that the author wasn t English The way people and kids spoke to each other was very foreign That made it difficult for me to understand or like Nikki Her actions were strange especially when she fell madly in love with two boys in a span of a few days It was too strange, but it was explained at the end and actually made sense.Once I got involved in the story, the language issues seemed to vanish or maybe I got used to them It was an intri [...]

    10. Dear friends and readers,The work is done I am happy to say that the second, revised edition of Aurora is done and published.It would never have been possible without your invaluable comments, suggestions, critique, and support you all have been expressing so generously.In the darkest days of doubts you were so amazing in nudging me to go on.Thank you so much for everything Warm regards to everybody,Marina Latcko

    11. My feelings on this one are pretty mixed.The plot was a wild ride of twists and turns Although some things seemed easy to call, there was no point where I absolutely knew what was coming Things that struck me as incredibly obvious later turned out to be intentionally obvious for the most part and thus not very obvious at all I realize that statement is confusing, but it makes sense if you read Aurora.Nothing that you expect can be trusted The reader learns this lesson as Nikki does Every time sh [...]

    12. Mystery.Conspiracy.Out of this world TechnologyWell, that kept me reading.It was a stiff competition Rating this book got my hands sweaty I wanted to like everything about the book but the first part was a little bit slow I tried my best not to be disappointed with Nikki The latter part was coming out from a big haze I like the twist, mystery, betrayal, conspiracy theories incorporated in this YA book I was tuned in to what will happen and what future holds for her However, I didn t felt the gen [...]

    13. Great book Nikki decides to follow this guy for her friend and finds an iPhone So instead of turning it in she keeps it She goes to Florida to visit her grandmother on her death bed after getting a makeover She then does a Back to the Future kind of thing Then her time machine is stolen and she goes home A weird organization asks her to join and she agrees She then breaks into to organization after she gets back her time machine and finds out it is also a sort of identification card The identifi [...]

    14. It is true that Aurora is one of a kind.I like the storyline but the plot is a bit jumpy.I get lots of confusion at some parts but I m able to decipher it Hehe I don t really like the main character because she has a shallow personality and I thought that she will grow mature as the story progresses but unfortunately, she didn t.I love the other characters and the settings are good.However, the writing stylekes the storyline hard to get across to the readers mind.I had a hard time figuring out [...]

    15. I loved this book from the get go you read the first couple of pages and I was hooked It starts out as Nikki being the odd girl cause of her looks abd she has only on friend who uses her to get stuff she wantsd cause that Nikki doesn t know the world wind she her live will be throw in I love her great aunt T.B and how see treats Nikki I totally dislike RikkololI was given this book by the author as a free read its an awesome book one I would have got if I had gotten it for free I think the autho [...]

    16. Thank you Marina Latcko for allowing me to read your book I m sorry I can t give it any stars.Nikki was a protagonist that I just did not like at all And it was hard to feel anything for her or be interested in her endeavours I think the idea of the book was pretty cool but the dialogue was really hard to read at times, especially with all of the exclamation marks Keep writing cause your ideas are cool

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