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Inbetween #2020

Inbetween Since the car crash that took her father s life three years ago Emma s life has been a freaky and unending lesson in caution Surviving accidents has taken priority over being a normal seventeen year

  • Title: Inbetween
  • Author: Tara A. Fuller
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Inbetween By Tara A. Fuller, Since the car crash that took her father s life three years ago, Emma s life has been a freaky and unending lesson in caution Surviving accidents has taken priority over being a normal seventeen year old, so Emma spends her days taking pictures of life instead of living it Falling in love with a boy was never part of the plan Falling for a reaper who makes her cheSince the car crash that took her father s life three years ago, Emma s life has been a freaky and unending lesson in caution Surviving accidents has taken priority over being a normal seventeen year old, so Emma spends her days taking pictures of life instead of living it Falling in love with a boy was never part of the plan Falling for a reaper who makes her chest ache and her head spin Not an option.It s not easy being dead, especially for a reaper in love with a girl fate has put on his list not once, but twice Finn s fellow reapers give him hell about spending time with Emma, but Finn couldn t let her die before, and he s not about to let her die now He will protect the girl he loves from the evil he accidentally unleashed, even if it means sacrificing the only thing he has left his soul.

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      348 Tara A. Fuller
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    1. Your Life Has Just Begun, Again3.5 stars Finn doesn t fit the reaper stereotype This former WWII fighter pilot turned undead escort is just another guy stuck in the inbetween It s too bad the love of his life has been reincarnated back into the world of the living and she seems to be unable to avoid nearly missing death over and over I guess that s what happens when AP I can t say anything else or it will be a massive spoiler You ll just have to trust me that the plot twist is actually kind of a [...]

    2. When I started this story, I really had no expectations since I haven t read much of anything about Reapers I was guessing it might be a depressing story considering what Reapers do, thankfully I was very wrong Finn is a Reaper, someone who collects the souls of the dying for the Inbetween The Inbetween is a place for the souls of people who haven t yet established their place in the afterlife, whether they d go to Heaven or Hell is still to be determined So why do we have Finn urging Emma to fi [...]

    3. They say the dead can t sleep, can t dream But as I stood there lost with wanting, I couldn t help but wonder when I was going to wake up Wow What a pleasant surprise and huge shocker considering I ve never thought to pick up a book about reapers So glad I was invited on this blog tour because I truly enjoyed Inbetween by Tara Fuller Never have I thought I d fall this hard for a reaper I mean how can you drool or squee over a guy that wields a scythe and transports souls to their next destinatio [...]

    4. Review To Be Posted on K Books for the Inbetween blog tour in August For you For you I d do anything Wow I do not even know where to start with this book This book just completely blew me away I loved every single second of it When I started Inbetween I was heavily expecting a cute love story and it is But Inbetween is so much than just that It s fast paced action packed and had my heart racing so many times throughout the book.Emma has always has accidents Near missed with death and so she alw [...]

    5. A sweet, totally forbidden romance between a reaper and the girl he s been sent to reap not once, but twice Tara has written some of the best secondary characters I ve ever read that YAY will each get their own book

    6. 3.5 starsI m not usually into reaper boy human girl story I remember reading some but not many I don t really have problem with them but I wasn t really that inclined to pick them up Still, when I saw the blurb of Inbetween there something about it that had me hooked I was intrigued and interested and very curious to find out the story of Finn and Emma So I was really glad when I was able to join a blog tour for this book and got a review copy of it.The plot line of this book kinda reminded me o [...]

    7. FORGIVE ME, FATHER, FOR I HAVE SINNED I VE FALLEN FOR A DEAD GUY.OH MY GOD.I CAN T BREATHEI M FANGIRLING LIKE CRAZY FINN.EVERYTHING IS FINN AND NOTHING HURTS.Now, for the real review I L.L.L.L.L.Loved this book so much I read it in about a day if you take out the hours i slept and ate II don t even know where to start I just literally this second finished it My heart is racing My eyes nearly full with tears wanting to be shed Happiness That s what I feel At one point i won t spoil I wanted to cr [...]

    8. Words cannot describe how much I love this love story about life or the after life after death For me, INBETWEEN by Tara Fuller compares to the novels for What Dreams May Come or Wings of Desire City of Angels for teens.Full review to come on the blog on 8 23

    9. Three Stars A love story that defies the odds Finn feels the pull indicating it is time to reap another soul When he arrives on scene he instantly feels that something is wrong Then he sees her After seventeen long years he has found her again He can t take her soul, not after all this time A wicked laugh shrills through the air Maeve is here to steal back the body that should have been hers Finn begs Emma to fight to live Emma crawls from the car and survives Two years later, Finn has become he [...]

    10. My full review in all of its glory PLUS a lot of smexy Finn Easton photos can be found on my blog YUM WOW OMG HOLY FINN Hey Easton, give a girl a call wink wink Anaya you oooo girl Just yea I m watching you And Cash you can doodle me any time Love this bookYou know how you start a book and it starts with a girl in trouble and some sexy man comes and saves her then disappears and you are all like OH MY GOD What the hell Who is that He is so sexy, I want him And you read the book from the chicks P [...]

    11. I am hosting a tour stop today for Inbetween on my blog Can follow the link below to check the post which includes a video Tara created for the stop and also some awesome giveaways One of them is for a E Book copy of Inbetween and it is International The other is Tara s Giveaway which is for a 15 Giftcard and signed bookmark and Tara s is US only Tour Stop Link justinsbookblog 2012 0Review Inbetween was a really interesting book When I first heard about it, I thought it sounded good but I didn t [...]

    12. Good points At first, I wasn t going to even read this book Reapers I wasn t so sure But when I got a chance to read the e ARC, I jumped at the chance.And I don t regret it Inbetween was amazing I loved that it was from a girl s point of point, then a guy s And Tara did an awesome job of telling both parts 3Emma, even though her dad has died, and accidents keep happening to her, she still goes around, still trying to live life Finn was awesome The best hero ever I loved him And I can t see why E [...]

    13. This review will also be posted on my blog Doctor s Notes Oh where do I begin with this review There are just so many things I loved about this book from the swoon worthy characters to the amazing plot and the author s awesome writing style I got so sucked into this book and didn t want to let go I haven t read many reaper stories but this one to me was by far the best I loved the telling of this story and the fact that it was basically teens dealing with this situation I loved that this story w [...]

    14. I received this book in return for a honest review from Netgalley This is the story of Finn a reaper who is in love with Emma a girl he was supposed to reap two years ago Two years ago Emma lost her father in a car crash and since that day she s been in and out of a mental hospital because of her dreams Finn since finding Emma has been watching over here protecting her from an evil girl that he released on her Seventeen years ago Finn stole the second chance at a new life from Maeve another soul [...]

    15. Hot reapers Awesome story a whole lot of happy butterflies Loved the characters look forward to reading their stories as this series goes on Oh Easton is yummy I definitely want to see of that guy.

    16. Sweetly romantic.Utterly cute.Two lifetimes worth of memories.One soul to fight for.Everything on the line.

    17. Honestly, I don t even know how to begin Lately, every paranormal novel I ve read seems to be a cliche but Tara Fuller completely surprised me Scratch that, she blew me away Inbetween is a love story epic, timeless love story which has been pulled off perfectly only a handful of times in YA novels With all the fluff that I ve come across in the paranormal genre lately, while I expected Inbetween to be an engrossing novel, I didn t expect to be sucked in as much as I did The story begins with Fin [...]

    18. Check out of my reviews at Singing and Reading in the Rain Inbetween is the first novel I ve read where reapers are dominant, but after reading Inbetween, I was thinking Sign me up for reaper books Inbetween is gripping, romantic, and full of great writing and characters Tara Fuller has outdone herself in Inbetween and it is definitely worth the read I will be eagerly awaiting the next novel in the Kissed by Death series after the foreshadowing note of the end of Inbetween and the hint of what [...]

    19. Also posted jana thebookgoddess.cI was a bit reluctant to read this at first I mean, reapers Even the name sounds freaking scary And I m a little scaredy cat The only YA reaper book I ve read was Croak Gina Damico and I didn t like that one at all Didn t even finish it So before starting this I was like WHAT IF I DON T LIKE THIS TOO Well I can tell you I ve never been so wrong in my life Tara s debut INBETWEEN is definitely one of my most favourite reads of 2012 It has everything I want in a boo [...]

    20. Source I won a digital copy of this book Thanks to YA Buddy Readers Corner 17 year old Emma nearly died when she was 15 and she was involved in an RTA with her father What she doesn t know is that she was supposed to die though, and that Finn a reaper, saved her.Finn has been in love with Emma for 27 years, ever since she died in a previous life and he had to reap her soul He did something very bad to get Emma to where she is now though, and he s been protecting her constantly for the last two y [...]

    21. NOTE I received the arc of this book from Netgalley.I was very very excited about Inbetween because I d heard some awesome things about it And when I actually got it from Netgalley, I was super joyful The beginning was a bit slow to my taste, but once the story picked up pace, it became enthralling to the point where I couldn t put the book down until I was done with it Unfortunately the end came way too fast I breezed through Inbetween as if it were a 200 page book Yes, it was really good And b [...]

    22. From my blog Auntie Spinelli ReadsNot gonna lie, I really waffled on writing this review because I wasn t sure what I was going to say I liked it but it wasn t amazinge end Ha.I ve been looking for a good reaper book for a while, because I ve read a few in the past that I didn t care for at all This book didn t wow me like I had hoped, but it was a light and cute read I was a little overwhelmed at first, because I had some confusion with the world building It took a while for me to get to know w [...]

    23. Let me start off by saying that whatever you think this book may be about, think again I personally know the lovely Tara Fuller winks to bloggy sister and as authors, of course we can t help but talk about our stories even when peeps are no longer listening and we re just blabbing away because that s what we do And having known some about this story going in, I was surprised that she could be so humble about the amazing story she created The summary gives you only the tiniest glimpse of what is [...]

    24. I absolutely loved this book The story is addictive, and I was unable to put this book down once I started reading it Inbetween has an intriguing premise, an engaging writing style, and delightful characters Fuller offers a captivating take on reapers and the afterlife in this emotional paranormal romance for teens Every character in this novel is fully developed Emma is a sweet, likable character that readers will sympathize with Although Emma is a bit of a victim at the beginning of the story, [...]

    25. Inbetween is a fresh and exciting new take on reapers and true love Fed up of vampires and werewolves but still want to read a heart racing paranormal story Inbetween is for you.After Emma survived a car crash three years ago, her life has been filled with never ending accidents Right now, Emma is seventeen years old and trying to keep herself sane by focusing on school But when Finn turns up out of nowhere, Emma feels a tug of familiarity Finn is the boy who saved her from the car crash, a reap [...]

    26. This review is also available here YA VixensWhat a great start to a series I loved Finn instantly Emma was likable, but there was something holding me back from loving her The connection between Finn and Emma or lack thereof was frustrating at first, but my waiting paid off I enjoyed most of this book, and I had very few complaints.The thing I find most amazing about this book was how much I fell for the secondary characters, especially Emma s best friend Cash Usually the secondary characters ar [...]

    27. I haven t read many reaper books, so when INBETWEEN was announced, I was all over it I m pleased to say my instincts were correct I loved this story In the beginning, you really feel for Emma She s got all these crazy things happening to her and she has no idea why Worse, everyone thinks she s insane, and she s even spent a stint in the psych ward Lucky for her, she s got a best friend named Cash who supports her even when everyone else thinks she s nuts But, the story really gets interesting wh [...]

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