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After The Ending #2020

After The Ending The first book in the emotionally charged post apocalyptic series The Ending The Virus spread Billions died The Ending began We may have survived the apocalypse but the Virus changed us When people

  • Title: After The Ending
  • Author: Lindsey Fairleigh Lindsey Pogue
  • ISBN: 9780988715417
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • After The Ending By Lindsey Fairleigh Lindsey Pogue, The first book in the emotionally charged post apocalyptic series, The Ending.The Virus spread Billions died The Ending began We may have survived the apocalypse, but the Virus changed us.When people started getting sick, they thought it was just the flu My roommate, my boyfriend, my family they re all gone now I got sick too I should have died with them with the rThe first book in the emotionally charged post apocalyptic series, The Ending.The Virus spread Billions died The Ending began We may have survived the apocalypse, but the Virus changed us.When people started getting sick, they thought it was just the flu My roommate, my boyfriend, my family they re all gone now I got sick too I should have died with them with the rest of the world but I didn t I thought witnessing the human population almost disappear off the face of the earth was the craziest thing I d ever experience I was so wrong My name is Dani O Connor, I m twenty six years old, and I survived The Ending.The Virus changed everything The world I knew is gone, and life is backwards We ve all had to start over I ve been stripped of my home, my dreams all that is me I m someone else now broken and changed Other survivors memories and emotions haunt me They invade my mind until I can no longer separate them from my own I won t let them consume me I can t My name is Zoe Cartwright, I m twenty six years old, and I survived The Ending.We ve been inseparable for most of our lives, and now our friendship is all we have left The aftermath of the Virus has stranded us on opposite sides of the United States Trusting strangers, making sacrifices, killing we ll do anything to reach one another Fear and pain may be unavoidable, but we re strong we re survivors But to continue surviving in this unfamiliar world plagued by Crazies and strange new abilities, we have to adapt We have to evolve.And than anything, we have to find each otherIS BOOK CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT AND LANGUAGE.

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    1. After The Ending is book one in The Ending series by Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey Pogue You know, when I read a book, I want to be entertained, thrilled, romanced, kept on the edge of my seat This book did all of that and I loved this book I sort of turned starting this series into a project First I read all six of the prequel novellas which are now available in a compilation called the Omnibus Edition This was a delicious build up for me to start the actual series I fell in love with the preq [...]

    2. ____ you ever ____ a book and thought This _____ be good if there _______ so ______ goddamn holes in __ That s ____ book for me The prologue _______ with _ journal entry ____ one of our two ____ characters, Danielle She ____ out tells ____ that she s lost almost __________ and everything that she ____ held dear____her So, __________ premise and the ____ started out ______ enough, with just ___ vague hints of ______ getting sick and then ________ sicker and then people _______ dying One of ___ __ [...]

    3. What I learned about the apocalypse from this book 1 Your chances of survival will be predicated on the hotness factor ie how good you look in survival gear This is true for women than men Some less attractive males will survive but only to be cannon fodder because every apocalypse needs Red Shirts2 Normally intelligent women will become horny teenagers3 If the guy you are lusting after is sleeping with someone else, no problem, he is only sleeping with her for sex This does not make him a horn [...]

    4. arc provided by L2 Books through NetgalleyDNF at 20%What what was this This was published How Why Dani and Zoe are bff and they are at opposite sides of the country when a flu like pandemic strikes and kills almost everyone Their objective is to reach each other.Seems like a pretty good set up for a dystopia, right Girl power Friendship between two girls who ve known each other since they were kids taking precedence over the tired clich s of hunky dudes lusting after the main character.WRONG.The [...]

    5. 3.5 Ability Stars This series is different from the normal Zombie Apocalypse books I have been reading We don t have the dead waking up and wanting to eat brains, instead there are the crazies who just like to kill.Each survivor which is minimal has a special ability from mutated genes this group is full of drama, angst, love and determination.What didn t work for me I grew so frustrated at one of the heroines in this book Dani she was immature, annoying and stupid Where she should have been in [...]

    6. Disclaimer Got this book from NetGalley for a review.Where do I start I m sorry authors but this is just a clusterf ck of a book It s the most Mary Sue story I ve read since Twilight I wrote myself into a Harry Potter fanfic when I was 15 Yeah, that happened.I don t even god Okay, first off, this book is rife with typos and grammar errors, and believe me, if that was all I would have rated this much higher, I m not that much of a stickler Instead we have a story of two unlikely heroines fantasti [...]

    7. I love apocalyptic, end of the whole fucking world, what do we do now books Yet, once in a while a book comes along that makes me just say what the fuck Here s my synopsis of this book Virus hits Virus kills boyfriend Girlfriend cries for a minute Hot brother of BFF shows up Boyfriend who Blah blah blah blah Some other shit with the girl s friend trying to find each other Wham bam everyone who survived the virus suddenly has abilities To read minds And gasp communicate with animals Huh Well, her [...]

    8. This genre is normally one of my favorites Lately that seems to be changing though Cuz there is some crappy books coming out and shaming the whole idea of it This is one of them 2 BFF s gag email each other as they face the end of the world Everyone has the flu and is dying off Good idea for a book but this one squashed the life out of it I mean dang one of them loses her boyfriend and does it bother her Not She has to email said BFF and let her know as she drinks wine Please save trees and not [...]

    9. I have to start off by saying that I love post apocalyptic novels and this one sucked me in from the very beginning This story follows Dani and Zoe as the world as they know it ends Pretty much 90% of the world s population has died from a weird version of the flu Only the people that have already had the H1N1 virus seemed to have survived The girls are separated, trying their best to meet back up They correspond with email while the internet is still up, keeping each other up to date on the num [...]

    10. I can t believe this book is free on It is a freebie I m so happy It looks like a love it or hate it type of book but I m sure I m going to love it because it has some of my favourite themesDystopia, post apocalyptic setting with romance and everything else you can think of and expect to encounter in a survival story I have several books I m reading but I m making a space for this one Thank you Carol for encouraging me to try it, I can t wait to start this book and enjoy it as much as you did To [...]

    11. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Lindsey Fairleigh, Lindsey Pogue, L2 Books, Independent Book Publishers Association IBPA Members Titles, and Netgalley 26 year old Dani and Zoe have been best friends forever, but currently though they re separated Dani at College and Zoe working in her home town.A new flu virus is sweeping the country though, and people are getting sicker and sicker, and then they begin to die Dani and Zoe miraculously su [...]

    12. Scars remind us we can live life without fear because no matter what happens, we ll heal We ll get better.The wisest character in this book is a dead guy This isn t his story.Instead, we have the POV s of two girls Dani and Zoe They are 26, going on 15, and they are boy crazy, diary writing, slut shaming, mean girlswith superpowersEvery once in a while, I could like them for a few minutes, when they said something funny, or something funny happened to them Like when all of the animals came runni [...]

    13. After The Ending by Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey Pogue is exactly the type of book I had been wanting to read I m a huge fan of dystopian novels but you rarely come across books that begins at the start, or well, after the ending of society as we know it just when it starts to crumble.This book bounces between two characters, Zoe and Dani, who you really get to understand as they become very well developed in the story Aside from them, the other characters, major and minor, also feel really tho [...]

    14. DNF 37%There were just way to many issues with this novel for me to continue I was interested in the overall plot but the execution was just too painful for me to continue The reasons I could not finish this book are as follows Some parts are very realistic like making the decision to not help someone being selfish during the apocalypse and other parts were bafflingly convenient Finding surplus of supplies Also one major gripeI m not a techie or anything but how the hell do you have internet acc [...]

    15. I really liked the concept of this book There were a few things that annoyed me about it the emails seemed a little silly at times, the language was a little much, and the love scenes were graphic than necessary.Nice cliffhanger ending that I totally called from about halfway through, but I m really interested to see what happens in book 2 At times it reminded me of The Walking Dead and I liked the survivalist stuff I felt there were some plot holes that aren t very well explained, but overall [...]

    16. I have some bad news The world has ended Here s some bad news statistically speaking, you probably didn t survive If you did happen to hang on, you might have turned into a violent psychopath However, on the very small chance that you did survive and didn t turn into a feral sub human Crazy , then you are in for quite a ride Not only is the world a whole new place, but you might be a whole new you That s right, cool powers This is the setup of After the Ending by Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey P [...]

    17. A MA ZING Every once in a while, a book or movie comes along, that you don t expect much from, or maybe it s just that you don t know what to expect More often than not, these pieces of pop culture will be mediocre at best, but then there are the sleepers , the ones that surprise you in every good way they possibly can.Dani and Zoe are lifelong best friends, but college, life, and young adulthood find them living far away from each other Then a virus sweeps through the United States, decimating [...]

    18. For me, this book moved along briskly, alternating the story lines of Dani and Zoe Best friends since childhood, they make plans to join up again regardless of the difficulties they now face in a post apocalyptic world After the horrific plague wiped out most of the world population, the few survivors try to make sense of their new, changing circumstance As Dani and Zoe each journey separately across the desolate countryside their groups face many obstacles and encounter weird phenomena what is [...]

    19. Although post apocalyptic novels are a dime a dozen lately, After the Ending was brilliantly unique I haven t read anything else that has such relatable characters or that so vividly captures the terror of watching the world around you fall apart The authors also avoid two things that bother me in most post apocalyptic or dystopian novels and I loved them for it First, many books have characters who take too long to admit that something out of science fiction is happening I realize that I would [...]

    20. So, I m not going to lie This was a re read for me I read it last year, I believe, during the time I wasn t blogging due to my lack of a computer I read it again because I wanted the story fresh in my mind for the second installment, and because I wanted it fresh to be able to write this review Two birds, one stone.I feel like reading it the second time around was better because instead of rushing through to find out what happens next, I was able to appreciate the story even and pick up on thin [...]

    21. We are The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club, to know about this book, go to the post in our website After The Ending The Ending Series 1 by Lindsey Pogue and Lindsey FairleighIf you are interested, you can visit our website The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan ClubThe Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club s Review Review After the Ending may seem like all those dystopian books we are so used now to read about, but the scenery changes a little bit This is about two female friends finding each other, [...]

    22. The Virus spread Billions died The Ending began We may have survived the apocalypse, but the Virus changed us After the Ending, a joint venture by authors Lindsey Farleigh and Lindsey Pogue focuses on two friends, Dani O Connor and Zoe Cartwright, both twenty six, best friends since childhood, both struggling to survive in a new and terrifying world amongst strangers they must learn to trust and rely on Their goal is to reunite, hopefully in a new place that is a haven to re build in They are br [...]

    23. I m still unsure about my rating for this one.I love Post Apocalyptic books so after reading the synopsis I knew I d read it A world wide virus hits and within weeks most of the population is dead Dani and her boyfriend get the virus but he dies and she barely survives Zoe, Danis BFF, is hundreds of miles away and her roommate gets the virus and dies so she decides to send her brother to see if Dani is still alive he lives near Dani She is and they decide to meet up in this supposedly safe place [...]

    24. Thank you kindly to the authors for the copy of this book to review.The Virus spread Billions died The Ending began We may have survived the apocalypse, but the Virus changed us.Right, the first thing I need to do is apologise for the sitting on the fence feel to this review there were things I loved about this book and things I really didnt get on with This being my first foray into fiction termed New Adult it was the Post Apocalyptic aspects of this one that drew me to it This had a good if cl [...]

    25. I m always up for a dystopian noveld this was a good bookjust not very plausible in some instances What would you do if what you thought was the flu, killed 90% of the population What would you do if you got sick but didn t die, and ended up with new ability What would you do, to get to you love ones save your loved ones Well Dani and Zoe are about to find out I actually really enjoyed this book, most of the time The two main characters were fun to read, and really came into their own as the boo [...]

    26. This is one of those books where you really enjoy but you re not too fussed about the ending or what s to come as literally anything could happen The story is about people getting the flu and dying that is the apocalypse Zoe and Dani two best friends who live on the opposite side of the country need to find each other after the ending That is the jist of the book Basically people die and then they gain these abilities which are pretty much superpowers some can talk to you in your mind, others ca [...]

    27. Awesome read I m always up for a good apocalyptic dystopia and this pretty much fit the bill I admit, there were some holes in the plausibility factor, but I ll get to those I first considered this to be a YA, but towards the end the sex scenes are definitely too much for the under 18 readers This is the story of two friends, separated across country when a savage strain of flu virus nearly wipes everybody out Dani and Zoe have been friends since grade school and now they are working to find eac [...]

    28. I seem to be having a bout of bad luck with my fiction choices, especially in the post apocalyptic genre This one sounded like a quick paced, action filled thriller and ended up as one of the slowest books I ve read so far this year.There s just no way of sugar coating it the writing is bad Cringe worthy bad There are not only basic grammatical issues but also stylistic ones that make most readers want to fling the book away There is too much telling instead of showing and this gets in the way o [...]

    29. I received a copy of this book via Netgalley for review and the title and cover prompted me to request a copy.Although this may sound like a negative review it is not.I do not like this method of what I now call 50 shades rip off of telling a big chunk of information via communication in this case email in a whorld where nothing works apart apparently for 3 or 4G and Wi Fi This is never used to contact people other that our two girls In which they communicate almost daily but it never occurs to [...]

    30. AUTHOR S REVIEW After The Ending has many mixed reviews, and I m not surprised It somewhat breaks the mold of a typical science fiction novel and is one of those stories where the reader and author get to explore a world for the first time along with the characters Zoe and Dani are two younger women who are barely learning how to live a normal adult life on their own when the world goes to sh t and they re forced to recalibrate completely They aren t badass gunslingers They aren t warriors They [...]

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