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Silent Knife #2020

Silent Knife Celebration Bay is full of yuletide cheer but it s hard to remain festive when someone s out to slay Santa Tis the season but no one in Celebration Bay is feeling jolly The local holiday store has be

  • Title: Silent Knife
  • Author: Shelley Freydont
  • ISBN: 9780425252383
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • Silent Knife By Shelley Freydont, Celebration Bay is full of yuletide cheer but it s hard to remain festive when someone s out to slay Santa Tis the season, but no one in Celebration Bay is feeling jolly The local holiday store has been taken over by the new Trim A Tree store, know as TAT by the locals Their products are lewd, crude and plastic, not at all in keeping with the town s tasteful, traditionaCelebration Bay is full of yuletide cheer but it s hard to remain festive when someone s out to slay Santa Tis the season, but no one in Celebration Bay is feeling jolly The local holiday store has been taken over by the new Trim A Tree store, know as TAT by the locals Their products are lewd, crude and plastic, not at all in keeping with the town s tasteful, traditional celebration The manager, Grace Thornsby, is a bitter middle aged woman who gives new meaning to the name Grinch And worst of all, she s hired her own Santa to compete with the town s official and beloved Santa.But not for long someone is determined to get the town back to it s good old fashioned values if it kills him or anyone who stands in his way.

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      309 Shelley Freydont
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    1 thought on “Silent Knife

    1. Liv Montgomery, Celebration Bay, New York s event planner is excited over her first Christmas Liv has spent countless hours working with the store owners and vendors to plan the entire season to please the tourists and make Celebration Bay a destination spot There is even an agreed upon mandate that the town have only one official Santa Claus.Knowing how important having occupied store fronts are to buyers, and to the general health of the business community, everyone watched as the new leasers [...]

    2. Dollycas s ThoughtsI so enjoyed reading this snowy mystery while the temps outside were heading to the 80 s.Celebration Bay sound like a fun place to live or just visit The way the residents pull together to host all these different celebrations sounds like a lot of work but they sure sound like a good time Picturing the town square and the businesses lit up with twinkling white lights was very easy Liv Montgomery and her assistant Ted work together to be sure everything is coordinated perfectly [...]

    3. I like to read cozies because of the characters and not necessarily the mysteries themselves I don t need twisty, complicated mysteries, but a good cast of characters that I enjoy is essential I feel with Celebration Bay, I mostly get that I mean, I want to visit I m still not sold on this potential love interest I can see what suppose to happen, but ehhh, I m not really invested in it I actually want Bebe to date a nice guy I m also not a fan of this view spoiler potential positioning of a love [...]

    4. I couldn t find this book for the longest time at my bookstore, so I finally had to order it online to get back to Celebration Bay I like the premise of this series, and I enjoyed this book the most of the ones I read this far Didn t know who the killer was until pretty close to the end maybe because I didn t want it to be who it was.

    5. It s fine Freydont is a very competent writer, which isn t always the case in cozies I don t really love any of the characters, though, and I miss that aspect.

    6. It is the run up to Christmas in Celebration Bay and Liv and Ted are up to their ears in arrangements for various Christmas themed events The only down point is a shop called Trim a Tree or TAT as the locals have taken to calling it , it is stocked with shoddy and in some cases rather rude Christmas themed items and the owner manager makes the Grinch look like Santa Claus.On the evening of the big Christmas lights turn on all the shops turn their lights on just after the tree lights have been sw [...]

    7. Silent Knife is the second book in the A Celebration Bay Mystery series.Liv Montgomery is busy putting the finishing touches on Celebration Bay s holiday events, while her assistant and her Westie work on vocal skills Trim A Tree, which has undergone a change of ownership has started carrying gaudy and tacky items, in addition to having an anything but friendly Santa Claus, which is in violation town policy.After much cajoling, Liv is finally able to convince Grace Thornsby that her Santa has to [...]

    8. This was a very enjoyable holiday read.Liv Montgomery has recently moved from Manhattan to a smaller, upstate town to become the Events Coordinator As the book opens, things are at a fever pitch, getting ready for the town Christmas celebration to kick off the holiday season But the other shopkeepers are having issues with a new shop owner First of all, her displays are tacky and tasteless, and not really in keeping with the theme of the others Secondly, she is extremely rude, and everyone fears [...]

    9. Liv wants her first Christmas as the event coordinator in Celebration Bay to go well, but she s hit some unexpected snags First, Trim a Tree has opened with their tacky gifts Then the store hires a second Santa, a violation of town policy However, when that Santa is found murdered, Liv really has her work cut out for her.After enjoying the first, I was looking forward to revisiting this festive town for Christmas The plot got bogged down a bit in the first half, and I could not stand one charact [...]

    10. The second in the Celebration Bay Mystery series was a Christmas themed story Liv Montgomery is the town s events planner and the town is all set for a wonderful holiday with all the shops decorated, and all kinds of activities planned One shop is not with the program The Trim a Tree shop has cheaply made merchandise and tasteless window d cor The owner has even hired her own Santa which is against the merchants agreement Only one Santa and he comes to town in a wagon pulled by reindeer to start [...]

    11. 3.5 Stars This visit to Celebration Bay took place over Christmas There is a new Trim a Tree Christmas store in town that is home to tacky merchandise and an unauthorized Santa Santa is found murdered Liz is on the case to make certain nothing ruins the Christmas festivities I guessed the murderer fairly early on by chance but not the why Even after the why was revealed I would not have been able to guess The mystery is not the main reason I read these I enjoy the setting and characters I like t [...]

    12. Here we have another series with logical amateur action Our main character and her staff friends are taxed with running holiday events in a small town that depends upon the tourists who come for the attractions So if something happens it makes a lot sense for Liv and Ted to work on keeping things on tract and to do so they need to investigate the mysteries from their viewpoint The police are very competent and not as adverse to the amateur efforts as with main such series This keeps to stories [...]

    13. I like the town of Celebration Bay Most the people seem like they would be fun to hang out with I can t imagine being an Event Co ordinator, but Liz seems to do a good job If only she could get rid of the pesky habit of finding bodies during events.What I enjoyed the setting and characters Whiskey is an adorable dog, I love that Ted was trying to teach him to sing I m starting to warm up to ChazWhat could be better Liv always figures things out about 10 minutes too late which leaves her in dange [...]

    14. Liv is planning the Christmas events for the town of Celebration Bay, NY the tree lighting, the parade, Santa s Shop All the townspeople are enjoying the events and the shopkeepers are enjoying the sales The shopkeepers are decorating their shops, well, all but the Trim A Tree shop, who is not in the holiday even though they are a ornament shop When the town s second Santa is found dead in the Trim A Tree shop s back room, the town s celebration is dimmed a bit Liv must keep the events on track [...]

    15. This is a great series I love the town setting of Celebration Bay I had a little trouble remembering all the characters, but I think that was due to the fact that I didn t get to read the book as fast as I normally would that being said, all those characters did add to the story and the setting of a close knit small town I am Looking forward to reading about Liv and her dog, Whiskey, as soon as there are books out

    16. So far I have read 3 of the Celebration Bay Mystery books I m a huge fan of reading festive books around the holidays and Silent Knife did not disappoint It was a great christmas read All of the annual christmas events and decoration descriptions made me wish I was could visit idyllic Celebration Bay during Christmas The plot was good and I did not guess the killer And how can you not love a Westie in a red bow tie

    17. This book is the second in the Celebration Bay series I loved the concept of a town being centered around holidays I know it sounds sappy but I just can t help it Anyway it is the Christmas season and another murder has taken place The first murder took place over the Thanksgiving holiday This time the murder of a Santa brings the whole town into the search for the murderer It is a fun read but I would read the first one and then read Silent Knife.

    18. This was a great read Makes me believe I could live in a town such as Celebration Bay where the people come together to celebrate life The main character Liv, has caught the eye of than 1 man and I m hoping this doesn t turn into a tug of war for Livs heart, too many other series that follows this path I find changes the series dynamicse books become about these people instead of what brought the series to my attention Let s wait and see

    19. This is the first I ve read in this series and it was an enjoyable holiday tale Sometimes books set during Christmas can be tedious, but this one did a good enough job with the seasonal parts and the mystery I think Celebration Bay might be a fun place to visit during one of their many different holiday celebrations and will be on board for the next that s set at the 4th of July Recommend

    20. Celebration Bay in upstate NY likes its holidays Hiring a professional event planner was a good move Especially as she is observant So when the illegal Santa gets offed in the tacky Christmas store her organisational and observational skills come in handy A good Christmas read.

    21. Liv has my dream job Liv is so lucky to have found a place to call home, with so many friends who care about her and are willing to help when problems arise like finding a dead Santa sans suit.Ted is awesome As cool as AK seems, I think Liv and Chaz make a better couple.

    22. The Way Christmas Should Be Except for MurderSuch a fun read Truly the picture of a perfect Christmas, with the spice of an unsolved murder thrown in Plenty of twists to keep the reader guessing until the bitter end And inquiring minds want to know.Chaz or A.K.

    23. This is an excellent holiday cozy I enjoyed the wide range of characters and the holiday atmosphere was topnotch The only reason I gave this a four star instead of five star rating is that the ending was a bit farfetched Still, I enjoyed it very much.

    24. This was a perfect story for a plane flight It was light and had wonderfully quirky characters and a hard to solve mystery Very enjoyable dialogue and a nice setting.

    25. I thought the story was just ok I liked Shelley Freydont s other 2 series and hopefully will get into this series some with the next book.

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