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My Life as a Cartoonist #2020

My Life as a Cartoonist There s a new kid in Derek Fallon s class His name is Umberto and he uses a wheelchair Derek s family is still fostering Frank the monkey and Derek thinks it would be great to train Frank to assist U

  • Title: My Life as a Cartoonist
  • Author: Janet Tashjian Jake Tashjian
  • ISBN: 9780805096095
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Hardcover
  • My Life as a Cartoonist By Janet Tashjian Jake Tashjian, There s a new kid in Derek Fallon s class His name is Umberto and he uses a wheelchair Derek s family is still fostering Frank the monkey, and Derek thinks it would be great to train Frank to assist Umberto But Derek quickly realizes that Umberto is definitely not looking for any help Derek soon becomes the butt of Umberto s jokes On top of that, Umberto starts stealiThere s a new kid in Derek Fallon s class His name is Umberto and he uses a wheelchair Derek s family is still fostering Frank the monkey, and Derek thinks it would be great to train Frank to assist Umberto But Derek quickly realizes that Umberto is definitely not looking for any help Derek soon becomes the butt of Umberto s jokes On top of that, Umberto starts stealing Derek s cartoon ideas and claiming them as his own How did Derek get himself into this mess, and how can he find a way out before he is the laughingstock of school The answer may very well be his cartoon strip SUPER FRANK

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      319 Janet Tashjian Jake Tashjian
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    1. Have you ever encountered someone who you absolutely hate then then you become best friends well that happened in this story The genre is realistic fiction because the story is very very possible but the story isjust made up My overall opinion is that the book amazing the writing the lesson and the book was funny and great overall the book was a great pice of writing.This book is about a boy who loves to make cartoons and skate board with his best friend Matt and Carly They all are amazing frien [...]

    2. Tashjian, Janet My Life as a Cartoonist Derek and Matt meet a new student, Umberto, who is in a wheelchair Derek immediately finds himself at odds with Umberto, who steals his cartoon ideas and gives him a really hard time Derek, whose mother is a vet, is raising an assistance monkey, and thinks that Umberto could benefit from one, but doesn t understand why Umberto hates him so much Derek puts together a cartoon club at school, and several of his friends come, but so does Umberto Everyone else [...]

    3. Why is this new kid getting under my skin What s wrong with getting a nickname Aren t kids supposed to have nicknames What s so bad about being curious anyway Derek seems to be the target of the new kids bullyish ways Umberto, who s in a wheelchair, seems to delight in setting Derek off But why What did Derek ever do to draw the fire Umberto even shows up at Derek s after school cartoon club and makes things difficult At first, Derek takes the bait time and time again and his smart comments seem [...]

    4. Derek Fallons in school and a new handicapped kid named Umberto shows up is class He thought that he sould give him frank the monkey he is training to be nice and asks him if he needs or want frank He gets bullied in front of everyone and then it all started Derek was starting a club for comics and Umberto comes and makes fun of Derek and takes his ideas like super frank , mixes it up a little and calls it his own One day in class he sticks up to him and the teacher walks in and Umberto acts lik [...]

    5. I met Janet Tshjian last year at NCTE at a dinner When I ran into her again in the exhibit hall this year, I was delighted to see her and even happy that she remembered me The icing on the cake the 3rd book in the My Life as a Book series was out in ARC format and I got a signed copy Life is good I so enjoy this series, and have many students, especially boys, reading it this year They gravitate to the illustrations, either because they just enjoy them or it provides them enough support to make [...]

    6. Derek wanted to live a normal life and improve his comic strip skills, but then a new kid, Umberto, comes to their school and starts causing trouble for Derek Because Umberto is in a wheelchair meaning he can t move a part of his body , all the teachers and students at school respect him the most, but Derek doesn t like Umberto because they didn t happen to have good impressions on each other when they first met So, Derek happens to always get in trouble because of things that are actually suppo [...]

    7. A boy named Derek just wanted to live his life happy and improve on his cartooning skills But a new kid Umberto was in a wheelchair so, the teachers and kids treated Umberto good But for Derek Umberto was being mean and making front of him at school Umberto copied Derek s ideas in cartooning One day Umberto wanted to fight Derek after school and Derrek said yes When they were fighting a teacher saw them and saw Derek about to hit Umberto and thought Derek was bullying Umberto Then they both got [...]

    8. It is about how this kid draws his life as a cartoon and he draws everything that happens to him all the times.And some of the things he draws are funny and I could see it happening to me and it looks very weird and cool.I liked this book because it taking a story from real life and making it into a cartoon character.I recommend this book to people that like changing things into other things so they could look different.

    9. When Derek met a new kid at school, Umberto started bully him He started calling him nicknames, making fun at him, and also teasing him So one day, when Derek started bully Umberto, they started a fight They didn t hit each other because a teacher caught them I liked this book because it has drawings, and also has specific details about the bully I recommend this book to the 5th graders because so they could learn a lesson.

    10. This story was amazing I thought it was a great book because I felt like I was there and there were lots of emotions going on It was about a boy named Derek who had to deal with a bully at school, but the bully was actually in a wheel chair The bullies name was Umberto Derek always thought that he shouldn t get bullied especially by a boy in a wheelchair In the end of the story Umberto did something for Derek that changed everything They became very good friends.

    11. This book was about how there is a new kid in Derick s class who has a disability and he can t walk and he is always in a wheelchair Derick at first does not like him because of his disability but he learns something I liked this book because Derick saw that not all people don t have something wrong with them I would recommend thing book to Jairo and Cristian because this is a book that they would like.

    12. Yet another fun My Life As book A fascinating take on bullying, friendship, and school family life Derek is a victim of bullying The fact that the bully is the new kid in school, who happens to be in a wheel chair, only complicates things The characters are real and fun you have to enjoy the surf instructor called Heinz because he once drank a bottle of ketchup.

    13. I loved the book so much.I barely wanted to put the book to read It till through the book is bullying It s a really picture form the book till what happened and it show the kids wont to read the book.And This books makes a great simile from the Wimpy Kid series as there is cartoon they make But i am in joying this book so much about I really liked the book.

    14. The book was about how a kid dad wrote comics so he decided to write comics like his father.I like this book because it has a lot of detail in the book and it also has a lot of new words in the book and if you don t know the word it show you the definition I recommend this book to a 6 grader because it has some challenging word for some 6 graders

    15. I didont really like this book for alot of reasons This book is about a kid going to school and he liked to draw cartoons and then this new kid came and started bullying him and then at the end they became freinds and then he found the new kids good drawing skills and then they became drawing buddies I would recommends this to people who like happy endings, I dont but its an okay book.

    16. Loved this great characters, lots of emotion, and awesome life lessons that warm your heart Great, attention grabbing, engaging, fast paced book for reluctant readers.

    17. I enjoy this series as it follows Derek on his junior high adventures This time Derek is leading a cartoon club at school A new kid transfers into his school and makes Derek s life miserable If Derek retaliates he looks like the bad guy Derek and Umberto have to come to a compromise over their problem.I like Derek The drawings are still in the margins for words he does not understand Sometimes their definitions are broad but make the point I enjoy learning about capuchin monkeys and how they ar [...]

    18. The book, My Life as a Cartoonist, by Janet Tashjian is magnificent for kids The reason it s magnificent is because it sends a spectacular message, that is we do better when we work together The way the author shows this is how the two rivals, the main character, Derrick, and Umberto, are fighting for best cartoon From the moment you read page 10, you already know that the conflicts between these two main characters This goes all the way from Umberto crashing his club to Umberto challenging him [...]

    19. Really good book I would recommend this book to anyone from 3rd to 5th Has some words that even I couldn t figure out A new kid in a wheelchair moves into Derek Fallon s class and has a sick sense of humor But when Umberto starts picking on Derek, he cant hurt a kid in a wheelchair, or can he Read this book to find out

    20. It isn t really about a cartoonist, it is a regular kid that likes to draw I found the title misleading, it sounds like it would only be about cartooning It is like just the life of a regular kid, not a cartoonist.

    21. Read with Little Frog Workshop Despite the packaging, this turns out to be a meaty story, written well The plot and characters are deeply told The anti stereotype is fleshed out and not over the top One thing I especially like is the presence of parents in this book The main character s parents bug him sometimes, but mostly they provide support and respite from the confusing world of school and peers so refreshing

    22. Read this aloud to my 7yo, who enjoyed it He has enjoyed the Jedi Academy and Wimpy Kid series, so journal style books seem to be up his alley I think he was disappointed it wasn t really illustrated some relatively poor margin doodles and a few comic strips wasn t was he was expecting from the title, I think He would have enjoyed it , had it had pictures, I m sure.I haven t been a fan of the Wimpy Kid books we ve tried, because the kid in that is a weasel and a horrible human being In this one [...]

    23. I read the My Life As A series because my 9 year old daughter read them, enjoyed them and recommended them to me Each of the three are enjoyable to differing degrees and for different reasons All three are narrated by Derek Derek is your average 12 year old boy He is basically kind, has a good heart, dreads school at the end of summer vacation and often lacks the ability to project the negative consequences of his imaginative, sometimes well intentioned, plans.All three books are short, fun, eas [...]

    24. TED 8650 Children s LiteratureThe book here is My Life as a Cartoonist When I was a kid, my dream was to be a cartoon animator I thought it would be so cool to draw the pictures for cartoons I did study art throughout my life, but teaching was the right path for me Do any of you like drawing cartoons Students share One thing I love about this book are the vocabulary related doodles Open book The doodles are there to help you understand words that may be tough, such as renovate has a doodle of a [...]

    25. The story My Life as a Cartoonist by Janet Tashijan took place in L.A The main characters of the story are Derek,Umberto,Derek s parents,Carly, and Matt The story is about Umberto the transfer student who is in a wheelchair coming to Derek s school and Umberto comes and starts bullying Derek Derek didn t like that so he tried being nice to him Later, in the story they both got in a fight so they both got detention In detention they both had to team up to make a comic strip for their punishment T [...]

    26. Derek is getting a little older He is twelve right now There are things available to him in school, like clubs He decides to join the cartoon club and movie club His friend Matt likes movies and as a friend, you have to support them Their other friend Carly is taking up surfing She has a boyfriend and that makes Derek a little jealous As a twelve year old, they have a different teacher, Ms McCoddle There is also a new student, Umberto, who for some reason keeps picking on Derek This wheelchair [...]

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