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Charley Harper ABCs #2020

Charley Harper ABCs Charley Harpers incredible illustrations from A to Z

  • Title: Charley Harper ABCs
  • Author: Charley Harper
  • ISBN: 9781623260033
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Charley Harper ABCs By Charley Harper, Charley Harpers incredible illustrations from A to Z.

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      338 Charley Harper
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    1 thought on “Charley Harper ABCs

    1. Lovely geometric illustrations The collages on the opening and closing pages in particular are striking I wish that U, W and X represented animals like the rest of the letters since their associations interrupt the flow, but this is a minor quibble I like how a brief biography of Harper is included at the end along with a couple of pictures.

    2. Personal reaction I really like this book because children can learn from it three things which are different colors, alphabet, and different kinds of animals and letters Purpose use in the classroom,Read aloud for children whose age between one to six years old Children at those first years can learn different types of colors and animals like ape, monkey, zebra orange, blue, and red.Children in first grade can read it by themselves, and they can learn new words with the alphabet.Teachers and pa [...]

    3. As you d anticipate, the art is striking Most of it young children get Some if they don t For example, the aesthetic of O is for owl, P is for pig, T is for turtle, and Z is for zebra can be a big confusing, especially for the youngest children who are still working to recognize reality, let alone its abstraction Similarly, while the book doesn t claim to be an ABC animal book, it seems to aim for that goal, tossing in other bits of nature as needed N is for nest, U is for underwater, and W is f [...]

    4. Charley Harper s ABCs is one of many board books to proclaim D is for dog, but one of few to do it so beautifully that adults will be as captivated as children Published just after the artist s death, the book is as much a tribute to his art as an alphabet primer, with pictures that, though they still illustrate the words chosen for each letter, span a range of styles and will definitely merit second glances The large text and vibrant colors will captivate small children, while the fine detail w [...]

    5. Great book to help learn animals and letters My only complaint is that they have animals for every letter except for letters U, W, and X For you Charley said U is for Underwater , W is for web , and X is for How many X s can you find I wish he stuck with animals and put U is for Urchin , W is for Walrus and X is for X ray fish So that part of the book bugs me, but the illustrations of the book are great and I would still buy the book for my family.

    6. This book is a simple ABC board book with gorgeous animal illustrations for each letter of the alphabet by the iconic Charlie Harper I used to have his Big Golden Book of Biology when I was a girl, but now it s impossible to get unless you want to spend hundreds of dollars for a collector s edition However, small children s books like this one allow a new generation to see his beautiful geometric nature paintings.

    7. Ages 0 4 This nice chunky board book introduces youngsters to the ABCs and to a famous Ohio artist Parents, too, will revel in this stunning collection of Harper s animal and nature prints, featuring stark color contrasts and precise lines The association between the letter and the illustration is very clear, thanks to the simple text A is for Ape, B is for Bird and makes the book a great teaching tool.

    8. 24 months We already have a number of ABC books and I wasn t sure we needed another but three things sold me, the beautifully drawn graphics, the simple colored backgrounds that make the letters and words jump out and the 1 price tag at Goodwill I m glad I bought it It took ten minutes to flip from the inside cover, O was fascinated by all the images After we ve read this book a few times it will be a great crib book for quiet time nap time.

    9. ABCs by Charley Harper is a straightforward ABC book in the A is for Ape format Each double page spread features one letter and associated word on the left side and one of Charley Harper s animal pictures on the right side It s colorful, graphic, and appealing I d recommend it to anyone looking for a book with great animal pictures or someone who wanted an alphabet book.

    10. The artwork in this ABC collection will inspire the naturalist in every child Each page further opens the eye to the natural world around us I especially love Harper s ingenuity on letter X , where the reader is told to count the x s made by the criss cross of waterskippers legs skimming across the water.

    11. This was my introduction to Charley Harper, and I stood with it in my hands, dumbfounded that I had never before heard of this man I love his art My one qualm about this book which does not affect my enjoyment in the least is that it is actually too big and thick for infants toddlers to hold with their tiny little hands Luckily, I am not an infant or toddler Usually.

    12. A is for ape B is for bird C is for crayfish So starts this wildly creative ABC board book by the renowned Charley Harper There are lots of colors on each page and the illustrations are completely original The design person in me is always delighted to find children s book with a clean, but bold, aesthetic.

    13. On top of the classic animal illustrations and the creative diverse choices think crayfish, quail, vulture , this book is a work of beautiful design Don t forget to let your littles read the end papers And even though I m not the target audience, I can t resist noting that got a little thrill from the inclusion of an about the author for this board book.

    14. THANK YOU for not doing something dumb with X like X is for X Ray Charley Harper must not have ever drawn a Xantus s Hummingbird.I also think P is funny Even though P is for Pig, the illustration is of a piggy bank overlaid on the blueprints of a house.

    15. Since I enjoy Charley Harper s art I enjoyed this book It seemed a bit obvious that the pictures were not made specifically for this children s book but instead were just compiled from Harper s art Made for pleasant and different reading viewing with the little one.

    16. A pretty good alphabet book Each page spread has a solid colored page on the left with the letter and the word representing it, then a beautiful nature drawing on the right I did not like the X page that didn t really have word or nature drawing, thus interrupting the pattern.

    17. Charley Harper s art is very beautiful and seems to come from the perspective of a graphic designer Although it s just the ABCs and I m already quite familiar with the alphabet I find myself thumbing through this from time to time.

    18. Endpages are fantastic This book absolutely had me ready to go out and purchase it until the P is for pig page LAME And why is some of the art so very pixelated They really couldn t find an original to copy instead This lowered the quality for me significantly Bummer

    19. I did not think this book has good pictures to support the letters abc s The pictures were confusing I probably wouldn t recommend this book to children that are just beginning to learn the Alphabet.

    20. Beautiful, but boring I wonder if Charley Harper would have wanted his art to be compiled into a board book I m not sure the book would interest little kids ie A is for B is for , but it has beautiful illustations for kids adults to look at, and for that, I think it s good.

    21. I am pretty wild about the endpapers in this book I want them to be made into wallpaper so I can cover a whole wall with them.

    22. Absolutely the most beautiful ABC book I ve ever seen one of the most visually stunning children s books I ve seen period.

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